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30 June 2007

Highly decorated WWII ex-admiral
Eugene Bennett Fluckey, dies at 93

UK and France team on new 65.000 ton carrier

Hijacked Danes "run out of supplies" off Somalia

Highly decorated WWII ex-admiral, Eugene Bennett Fluckey, dies at 93

Resistance man who smuggled submarine plans dies at 86

Two injured in fire on HMS Echo

FAU team falls short in International Submarine meet

New era begins for USN research sub

Russia may export up to 40 new diesel subs by 2015

SBIR tries to think like a sharky

29 June 2007

Super Hornets Show Off

Pacific Fleet role expands

Technology helps Navy hit its mark

Radiation monitoring of sunken sub begins in Barents Sea

Venezuela negotiating Russian subs purchase

Submarine-launched version of BrahMos cruise missile under development

Spy submarine is blamed for sinking trawler in war games

28 June 2007

For Sale: Warships for Short People

Will the North Sea give up America's most prized naval treasure?

U.S. extending ship-defense missile range

Russia tests sub-launched missile

Something fishy about wartime U-boat scheme

Warship on track for launch

Exercise shows all's well with our Navy

New Zealand Navy's Ship Arrives

Russia may export up to 40 new diesel submarines by 2015

F-35 Navy Version Readies For Production

S Korea's new patrol boat

A Russia without nuclear submarines?

Canadian submarine heading to the Arctic

27 June 2007

Safety record of Nimitz 'outstanding'

India seeks to dispel fears over U.S. carrier visit

Navy Ships Key to Missile Test Success

U-boat to resurface as attraction

India Ready To Help With Security In Straits Of Melaka

U.S. Shipbuilders Seek Design Stability

Sea Fighter Seeks a Back Door

Navy downplays chance of LCS cancellation

CNOís Vision of '1,000-Ship Navy' Tested by CARAT Exercise

US-Led NATO ships visit Portsmouth

HMS Ocean Foils Airborne Drug Smugglers of the Caribbean

26 June 2007

More Subs, Fewer Boots
on the Ground

U.S. ship to anchor outside Chennai

Venezuela Targets Eight Russian Submarines

25 June 2007

North Korea's Navy Fully Ready to Go into Action

USS Trenton now a 'hippo' in India's naval fleet

A Shark of a Ship for the South

Time capsule from the sea

Photos: Chinese naval ships practice underway replenishment

Smooth sailing for Aussie shipbuilder

Venezuela's Chavez Considering Submarine Purchase

Chavez slams criticism of possible sub purchase

A new enemy patrolling our east coast?

D-Day looms for Daring

23 June 2007

Destroyer intercepts missile in Hawaii test

Sea-Based Missile Defense "Hit to Kill" Intercept Achieved - Photos: 1, 2, 3

Russia will build nuclear-powered aircraft carriers

Indian Navy Commissions INS Jalashwa at Naval Station Norfolk

Warship is symbol of growing India-US partnership

USS Decatur is First Destroyer to Shoot Down a Ballistic Missile

US Navy Sees Foreign Interest In New Littoral Combat Ships

22 June 2007

U.S. hosts 3 foreign navies in exercises off Atlantic coast

Iran's Hormuz fleet includes more than 1,000 heavily armed speedboats

French navy eyes better links with Chinese

Aggressive stance by Australian navy

Fleet commander discusses expanded role for Navy in the Pacific

Australia's Next Generation Air Warfare Destroyer

Indian Navy adds punch with its first US warship

Brothers Close To Solving WWII Submarine Mystery

USS Minneapolis-St. Paul is being decommissioned

21 June 2007

How ex-Navy chief urged Maggie to recapture Falklands

Australians repelled Iranian navy

Report: A third US carrier is speeding towards the Persian Gulf

Navy shifts its priority away from the North Atlantic

North Korean Navy "Fully Ready" to Face South's "Reckless Acts"

France test launches sea-based strategic missile

Down Under: Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Successful at Talisman Saber

Royal Navy sub visits Kings Bay

Indian Navy wants Brahmos in submarines

Navy needs more SEALs

NATO to inspect wrecked Russian sub

20 June 2007

RAN, US ships prepare for Talisman Sabre

HMAS Waller returns to sea

Boeing offers 'optionally manned' jets for US Navy

The Jolly Roger flies again

Australian Navy unveils $11b warship contract

19 June 2007

The Strait of Hormuz, Iran and the risk to oil

'Shortcomings' allowed seizure of navy personnel

Spanish armada for warship contracts

18 June 2007

Venezuela to buy Russian submarines, air defense systems

Britain marks Falklands War anniversary

New Hot War, Old Cold Warrior

UK shipyards may share aircraft carriers order with French

Australia, US Launch Wargames

17 June 2007

Navy: Super Hornet rep for problems untrue

Australian destroyers could get Tomahawk missiles

Photo: USS Seawolf departs New London for West Coast

Gorshkov deal has run into rough weather

Expert torpedoes book on USS Scorpion

16 June 2007

Destroyer design splits Aussie defense

Photos: The Russians are coming! ...And the French and British, too!

Indonesian Navy to get four new warships

Bridging the Waters: Strengthening ties with maritime neighbors

On This Day June 16, 1952

Problems In Russian Aircraft Carrier Deal: Antony


Venezuela downplays Russian submarine purchase

14 June 2007

Navy Unveils Newest Ship Simulator

USS Michigan Returns to Service

Call for sub experts to go Down Under

Venezuela strikes deal to buy Russian submarines

Navy, Disney team up on training simulator

Aussie-made warships to cost more

Korea Launches 2nd Advanced Attack Sub

Seawolf to leave Groton base

Venezuela mulls purchase of Russian submarines

13 June 2007

SKorea accuses NKorean warships of intrusion

SKorea launches new sub amid naval tensions with North

Navy plane targets Iraq's roadside bombs

Canada's lone sub quietly went on way

Chile to form Scorpene club with India and Malaysia

USS Michigan returns as a guided-missile sub

12 June 2007

British, Russian, French warships head to Norfolk for exercise

Castro: New attack sub will sink Britainís prestige

Passing the battle flag

Technical problems delay sub launch

11 June 2007

New Kidd on the Block

Mine hunting torpedoes

Capital ship visits the Capital City

Sub skipper admits responsibility for collision

Trident submarine Michigan refitted for cruise missiles

Russian, British warships meet for joint exercise in Atlantic

Video Tour of USS Hawaii

U.S. Navy Braces To Mix JSF With Older Aircraft

Royal Navy could still liberate Falklands

China building military to challenge US

Admiral Gorshkov to join Indian Navy soon

INS Vikramaditya induction by 2008?

10 June 2007

Britain launches nuclear sub that can hear a ship from across the Atlantic

USS Kidd (DDG 100) Honored in Nighttime Galveston Commissioning

Civil War sub still awaits own museum

Lack Of Submarine Production Brings Dangerous Risks

Australian Navy faces the $10 billion question

Navy has come to dominate high-profile military posts

U.S., Norway and Spain to train warships together

Hard-up Navy orders ships returning to port to cut speed to save fuel

Indian Navy to buy 40 warships , Gorshkov to join by next year

Submarine ride returns

Nuclear sub that listens to mobiles

Iran slams new UK nuclear sub

The Chinese Nightmare

Battleship, submarine to share more than a name

08 June 2007

Gates Taps CNO as New U.S. Joint Chiefs Chair

Astute submarine launch photos

Royal Navy's Biggest and Strongest Submarine Launches

New UK nuclear submarine launched

The Royal Navy launches a mighty submarine

07 June 2007

Tonight on CNBC: The Prospect of War With China And/Or Russia

Navies to watch out for whales

"Spoil Sport" Plan Could End Blue Angels Flight Shows In San Fran

U.S. Navy works to keep lines open to Iran

Cuts follow submarine 'work dip'

Warships muster for Astute's launch

U.S. Navy Ships Conduct FAC/FIAC Exercises

U.S. Navy Rescues Disoriented Illegal Aliens

Navy to Commission New Guided Missile Destroyer KIDD

Russia builds monument to K-19 Soviet sub

06 June 2007

Iran Adding Attack Boats in Gulf

Russia, U.S. to hold joint navy exercises in Sea of Japan

US Navy fires at pirates in Danish ship hijack

U.S. wrapping up war games off Iran

New Submarine Rescue Vehicles Arrive

Taiwan naval officer skipped subs for strippers

Skipper, You're Fired

New Nimrod visits its future home

European design house looks at UUV-Submarine integration

Missiles everywhere

05 June 2007

New Class of USMC Aircraft Carriers

Three plead guilty to leaking US submarine secrets to China

Japan police raid navy bases over leaks

Indian Navy heightens vigil against Tigers

Video: The Battle of Midway

04 June 2007

Royal Navy denies reports of topless pic ban

Big Risks For US Navy Ship Purchase Plans

Submarine Voyage at Disneyland set to launch

General Dynamics to Develop Advanced Submarine Maneuvering Technology

Royal Navy painting ships green

Royal Navy sailors livid over topless 'Page 3 girls' pics ban

Veterans to mark victory at Midway 65 years ago

CSS Alabama yields a sailor's remains

Norway commissions second Aegis frigate

03 June 2007

U.S. Navy Seeks To Expand Presence in W. Africa

Virginia interested in building ballistic missile submarines

Taiwan Stages ASW Drill

Midway Demonstrated Carrier Importance

U.S. Navy to Lead Gulf of Guinea Maritime Security Initiative

Fresh fears over Nimrod safety

Ceremony set for America's latest attack sub

02 June 2007

Truxtun Christening Commemorates a Founding Father of the U.S. Navy

Destroyer at sea after grounding, Navy says

Submarine backers claim momentum in Congress

American Navy Pounds Somali Camp

01 June 2007

U.S. Navy strike reported on Qaeda suspect in Somalia

Casualty of war MoD tried to hide

Falklands Flashback: Old Sub against the Odds

China spending big for weapons to check U.S. defense of Taiwan

Surviving a Falklands 'suicide' mission

Ark is handed the baton of command

Northrop Grumman hoping to go ballistic