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30 April 2007

Submarines a top priority in China

WWII Torpedo Boat Rises From Sea

Constant vigil needed to guard Indian coast

Trade old flag for the Pueblo, senator says

Destroyer sent near inter-Korean sea border to counter possible clash

Former Iran captives back on ship

Iran navy ready to resist aggressors

Newest Navy Aircraft Unveiled

April 30, 1945: New Generation U-Boat Too Little, Too Late

South African Navy gets second submarine

Nemo's submarine hits the road

29 April 2007

Terror at sea: India-Russia joint naval exercise to weed them out

My part in sinking of the Belgrano

China's Submarines

27 April 2007

Sub dives into future with digital navigation

Kauai missile test successful

Second of Three New Submarines Arrives in South Africa

Building of aircraft carrier owned to China's strategic needs

Pakistan Navy orders AIP systems for its subs

New Zealand's frigates break down at sea

Malaysian navy planning second test launch of Sea Skua missile

Score 2-0 as Navy intercepts missiles

South Africa's navy shows off its newest sub

Photos: Russia, India hold naval exercise

Chile's long lost Flach submarine - Almost there!

Six names shortlisted for Malaysia's first submarine

26 April 2007

Australia recruiting 'child submariners'

Waller wows Australia's PM

Nemo Submarine Takes To The Road

Destroyers Disappear

Damaged U.S. sub home from Gulf

Sub home after icy mission

Fishing for Answers

Submarine version of BrahMos test next month

Navy Littoral Combat Ship catches fire during construction

Navy may get shipbuilding boost from Congress

Most Complex Navy Missile Defense Test Ever

US offers Aegis missile system to India

25 April 2007

U.S. exercise prepares for Iran attack on the Fifth Fleet

The Incredible Mutating Carrier Class

Concern in Delhi as Moscow delays aircraft carrier delivery

Divers hope to explain WWII sub's sinking

Aegis radar sold to Spain, Aussie navies

Video: New Sub North Carolina Is Christened

Turkish Navy to buy US torpedoes

Navy plans new missile test

India and Russia begin naval engagement off Vladivostok

Harbor pilots criticised over sub deaths

Australian Navy plays down submarine rescue fears

24 April 2007

Russian Navy tests Panther Plus submersible

British Navy resumes ship boardings

Is the Royal Navy shipshape?

Submarine rescue plan breaks the surface

Sunken sub rescue vessel recovered

Pakistan may aquire up to three U-214 submarines from Germany

Computer says Taiwan could win war with China

PRC's navy faces issues with carrier protection

Navy joins forces with Neptune’s finest

Navy set to keep 30-year-old ships in service over £3.6bn carrier delays

Russian, Indian navies start anti-terror drill

23 April 2007

Royal Navy uses Clyde to get shipshape

Report: Navy can’t afford proposed fleet

Costs snag new Naval combat ship

Navy's newest fast-attack sub, North Carolina, is christened

BrahMos cruise missile test-fired successfully

20 April 2007

Raytheon and U.S. Navy Team for Standard Missile Improvements

Congressman wants NKorea to return USS Pueblo

Russian navy to get new nuke sub Alexander Nevsky in 2009

India gives positive response to U.S. navy proposal

Chinese subs upgrade training

19 April 2007

Holland delivers fourth multi purpose frigate to Chilean navy

Time to begin planning replacement subs for Australian navy

Russian admiral says submarine safety improving

Indian Navy flotilla heads for naval exercise with Russia

Giambastiani: Submarines Critical to Current, Future U.S. Operations

Soviet era sub sinks in Providence

18 April 2007

US seeks India's good neighbourly relations to realise its 1000-ship Navy dream

Navy Announces Christening of Submarine North Carolina

Explosion aboard the Kootenay

Submarines: Why China Takes Its Time

Pravda: Submarine sinks during storm

US Navy seeks access to Indian ports

Why A 1,000-Ship Navy Will Be The Navy Of The Future

Russia rebuilding strategic submarine force

Navy faces ‘losing its ability to be a force'

Persian Gulf under Iranian Navy’s full control: admiral

A better buoy

Submariners dive into simulated control room

Computer malware put U.S. subs at risk

John C. Stennis Completes Operations with Charles de Gaulle

17 April 2007

Taiwan drill simulates Chinese aircraft carrier attack

Rehearsal for the Defense of Taiwan

Destroyers Disappear

Pearl Harbor may get Navy ship group

Russia trains seals for submarine defence

Iran navy says it will launch Iran-built destroyer

Iran to give crushing response to any aggression: Navy commander

Distress call for Russian sub after storm

Bath Toys for Big Boys

China's subs accused of fuelling Pacific arms race

U-Boat captain who shot down VC winner found

UK carriers contract on hold

Russia, India to hold anti-terror drill in Sea of Japan

The Remains of Kursk Submarine (20 photos)

16 April 2007

Doolittle Raiders mark 65th anniversary

Taiwan a factor in military buildup for Guam

LCS row scars Navy, Lockheed Martin

US naval chief: No plan to attack Iran

Russia to build 7 floating nuke plants

UK expert to outline how carriers will be built

N.Korea May Return Captured U.S. Navy Ship

Indian Navy exercises with US, Japan

15 April 2007

RCN spends $4M to clean destroyer, then sink it

India, China Navy begin joint exercises

Bulava ballistic missile to be test launched in June

India to develop submarine-launched version of Agni III missile

Eight Borei-class submarines to be built in Russia by 2017

Russia launches new generation nuclear submarine

New Russian most powerful submarine emerges from shipyard’s shed

Iran's navy prepared for threats

Mothballed RN ships

for sale to a foreign navy

French frigate La Fayette to visit Savannah

German leadership of UN navy in Lebanon extended

Flawed USN ship will cost $36 million

USN Dolphins, Sea Lions Often Misunderstood

14 April 2007

Cavalla Donation: Family’s big gift deserves another;
By Heber Taylor

13 April 2007

A brotherly bond keeps submarine loss alive

U.S. withdraws damaged sub said by Iran to leak radiation into Gulf

SubVets Honor Lost Submarines of World War II

007 With a Snout?

Torpedo test for Trenchant

British warship shows off new refit

Cavalla Historical Foundation receives $1 million grant

Canada's submarine officers to train on land

Navy cancels Lockheed Martin's LCS

Pakistan to get four F-22P frigates from China

12 April 2007

U.S. Participates In NATO ASW Exercise

Navy shows off its terror-fighting dolphins

Russians’ submarine request torpedoed

A Friday the Thirteenth sailing that proved tragically prophetic

Australian Navy's first flagship found off Sydney

11 April 2007

US Navy denies Iran claims over sub

Indonesia Interested In BrahMos Cruise Missile

Russian General: U.S. Continuing To Prepare for Attack on Iran

Internet battles for navy recruits

HMAS Waller set for sea trials

Search resumes for Chile’s first submarine

Lockheed makes new proposal to reduce LCS cost overruns

Pakistan to modernise its naval fleet

Controversy over sunken submarine

China Could Use "Antiaccess" Strategies to Counter U.S. Military Superiority

Report: How the U.S. could lose a war with China over Taiwan

US Navy Plans Huge Presence in Pacific

Iran: "US sub forced from Persian Gulf "

10 April 2007

Intrepid shoves off toward restoration

Sub building gets boost

Sub's sail could surface in Indianapolis canal

Royal Navy Bidding War Begins In Earnest

USS Thresher (SSN 593) - April 10, 1963: 129 men lost

U.S. continues sub missile life extension

Navy modifies Zumwalt contract

Navy planning 3-carrier exercise off Guam

09 April 2007

Knives, info might have saved 2 submariners

Russia to launch new nuclear submarine Sunday

USS Boise represents Broncos atop North Pole

Korea, New Zealand conduct joint maritime drills

Go Nemo in your own

personal luxury submarine

Iran releases new video of British navy crew

RN Iran officers deny media cash aim

Canadian Destroyer To Go Down In Blaze

Navy thinktank pushes for whale research

Video: Doolittle One

Navy Secretary Pledges ‘Tough Love’ for Shipbuilders

08 April 2007

Indian Navy Exercises Strategic Capabilities

USS Minneapolis-St. Paul to be Retired

Sub-Launched Tomahawk Missile Test A Smashing Success

Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group Concludes 7th Fleet Operations

Royal Navy boarding 'will resume'

Three-way battle for UK submarines industry

US Navy sends warship to Australia in bid for destroyers

Secrets beneath the Sound

RN captives can sell stories

07 April 2007

Lockheed, Navy could reach deal on ships

Hardcore SAN sub becomes a love boat

Review: Run Silent, Run Deep

Repair bills RCN torpedo navy sonar system used to patrol seabed

USN builds Stingray-esque base in Indian Ocean

Sailors and Marines speak about their detention by Iran

The rise and fall of navies

06 April 2007

Navy to Use Laser Minesweepers

Opening Date Surfaces for Disneyland's Nemo Subs

Cutaway poster of the Virginia Class

First UK Type 45 Destroyer

gets its eye in the sky

Photo's: The sinking of Sea Diamond

Submarine holds ferry terminal hostage for hours

Fishermen asked about sunken boat

Sri Lankan Navy, Tamil rebels clash at sea

US Army, Navy and Air Force

shoot down test missile

ANZAC effort bails out yacht

Ex-Contractor Sentenced for Sabotaging Navy Subs

British navy suspends boarding operations in northern Gulf

In pictures: Navy crew returns

Sailors: We survived ordeal by staying 'together as a team'

Inquiry begins into Iran navy capture

Virginia gets a nose job

05 April 2007

Navy Scales Back LCS Procurement

Global Strike Still on Pentagon Wish List

Submarine ready for its first splash

US Jets Attack Tehran!

Blair gives Life Peerages to Iranian captors of Royal Navy hostages

Navy defends sonar use

Indian Navy Strengthens Surveillance Along Sri Lankan Border

British Navy Crew Arrives Home From Iran

Smut-swapping sailors leak secret missile specs

Deadliest Diesel Boat in the World Goes to Sea

Chile to resume search for old sub

04 April 2007

Cost overruns could derail navy's modernization efforts

The U.S. Pacific Fleet Is Missile Defense Capable

Aussie subs get U.S. technology

Bittersweet Return for Submarine That Lost Two

Iranian Leader Says He Will Free Britons

Navy chief pushes for shipbuilding overhaul

Last WWI Navy Vet Dies

Royal Navy's anti-Slavery campaign remembered

Boeing spies chance for new jet contract

US Navy ponders robot carrier planes

Estimates on Navy ships unrealistic, official says

03 April 2007

Russia's top general warns against strikes on Iran

Does the Navy need more attack subs?

U.S. Navy Awaits Laser Minesweeping

Nimitz Carrier Strike Group Deploys to U. S. Central Command

Argentina planned to blow up warship in Gibraltar during the Falklands War

'The Falklands are Argentine'

New submarine ready for sea trials

Refitted subs now world class

Plans for an Underwater Express

02 April 2007

Arctic submarine blast 'unique'

ICEX 2007 Camp Inhabitants Battle Harsh Arctic to Support Underwater Exercise

China is accused of fuelling Pacific arms race

Rescue the crew of the submarine boat “Kursk” on your mobile phone

Submarine crew praised after fatal blast

"We couldn't handle another invasion"

Website opens in support of more subs

Argentina honours fallen marine

Nimitz heads to Gulf today

China Focuses on Surface Power

Arctic blast submarine back home

Turkish Navy Modernization Built on Submarines, Corvettes

Indian Navy Exercises in Asia Pacific

Bids are in for U.S. Navy's UCAS-D

01 April 2007

F-930 Leopold I

commissioned in Belgian Navy

N. Korea Deploys Air Cushion Warships

About HMS Cornwall

USS Dubuque Docks In Mumbai on goodwill mission

Iraq navy self-sufficiency expected by 2011

Will shipyards be left high and dry

as USN shrinks in size?

LTTE hand behind Indian fishermen killing cannot be ruled out

Power struggle in Iran over RN hostages