World Naval News Archives

31 January 2007

US Strike Group Transits Suez Canal

Navy, Congress Mull Nuclear Ships

Canada to get rid of navy's supply ships

Royal Navy opens new recruiting website

Plan afoot to raise WW2 U-boat

30 January 2007

New sensor developed for submarine detection

Report cites pilot error in Navy jet crash on carrier Reagan

Navy, coastal panel disagree on sonar standards

Northrop Grumman wins Navy destroyer contract

29 January 2007

Another sub commander fired

Northrop Grumman Delivers First Navy Mine Detection Pod

US stepping up naval strength in Gulf

Cheney: U.S. carrier to Gulf sends "strong signal" to Iran

BrahMos Aerospace goes deepwater fishing — for a submarine

Escaping From The Deep

India sets sights on cruise missile market

How the navy helped end slave trade

Own Your Own Yellow Submarine

Stand Down and Shape Up

28 January 2007

India ready to fire BrahMos from submarine

Indian Navy begins work on nuclear deterrence capability

First crew change for SSGN Ohio

27 January 2007

Happy Birthday Hyman Rickover!

NASA eyes Navy missile for research

US Navy uses sea robot to track soldier's body

Navy’s NATO commitment unwavering, Canada says

Vengeance is her name

26 January 2007

Money shortfall keeps Canada's warships out of exercises

Canadian Navy displays mine-seeking skills

Another 'Drug' Submarine Found

Naval Ambush in Derby

Ukraine’s ex-navy commander accuses Russian Black Sea Fleet of occupation

Video: First Truman jet landings

Indian Navy`s new MiG-29K to have superior capability to SU-30 MKI

U.S. Navy Announces "Venom Penetrator" Countermine Projectile

Navy’s oldest sailor ends service with ceremony

German movie recalls Allied torpedoing of refugee ship

25 January 2007

Listening Sticks: US Navy Sonobuoys

P-3C Orion to enhance Pak Navy

Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group to Surge Deploy

The War Against U.S. Submarines

Don't try this at home

24 January 2007

Video: Mine Countermeasures Exercise

Mine Countermeasure Ship Arrives in Bahrain

Tomahawk IV Flight Test Success

Navy can use sonar through '08 Rimpac

India-made BrahMos to hit global arms market

SSGN Crew Swap Underway

USS Ling needs a new home

Historic Submarine On The Move

Submarine gets 'shave and haircut'

23 January 2007

Navy funds upgrades to research robots

Royal Navy's latest warship makes waves

On DVD: The Atomic Submarine

The logic of U.S. deployments

U.S. tells Iran to back off in Gulf

Ukraine attempts to seize Russian navy navigation system

BrahMos power for submarines now

Indep. Film: "Das Toilette" Sweeps Sundance

Project-677 submarine set for final sea trials

22 January 2007

First MiG-29K for Indian Navy takes off

Russian diesel-electric sub to undergo deepwater tests in the Baltic

French, U.K. Defense Chiefs To Discuss Carrier Program

Russia to offer MiG-35 fighters to Indian Navy

Trident toll plan a 'gimmick'

The Deniable Hero

Navy told to do more to protect whales

Inside Mo’s big guns

British to help raise Russian nuclear sub

Submarine Robot ‘Flies’ Off the Antarctic

21 January 2007

Jan. 21, 1954: Up Periscope

Navy base at La Maddalena may close months earlier

Sunken WWII sub found by accident near Java

Search is on for lost submarine

Iran Plans to Conduct Missile War Games

20 January 2007

Royal Navy hero was a villain after all

Stennis Strike Group Begins Transit Toward 5th Fleet

Navy soon to resume river-patrolling mission

Google blots out British bases

19 January 2007

Sub skipper sacked

Sub commander relieved after deaths of two sailors

Singapore, Brunei conduct naval exercise

Navy plans to send Reagan to Pacific instead of Stennis

18 January 2007

US Naval Officials Deny US Vessel Hit By Iran Missile

Secdef, commanders ready buildup in Gulf

Pakistan Navy gets P-3 Orion aircraft from U.S.

Jan. 18, 1911: Clear the Deck

Sleek and sneaky, this new ship could be force for good or evil

Cost Increases, Stop-Work Order Put LCS Under Microscope

Canada's naval fleet docked

Canada's defense department wants funding doubled

Testing times for Ark Royal

Navy patrol can go ahead, O'Connor says

India acquires first US built warship

17 January 2007

Shipyard expected to win big sub contract

U.S. Buildup in Persian Gulf Takes Aim at Iran

'Star Wars' Weaponry Gets a Trial Run

Surveillance of coastal areas top priority of Indian Navy

16 January 2007

Navy Names New Aircraft Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford

USS John C. Stennis Deploys with Carrier Strike Group 3

Navy Could Sink Light Bulbs

U.S. bringing second carrier to Mideast for first time since Iraq invasion

Trident move 'will increase nuclear threat'

Sub’s top officers reprimanded in deaths

British Navy Ships Move to Counter Iran

Turkey to purchase ghost subs

15 January 2007

Mid-range sub missile booster tested

Russian Admiral Says U.S. Navy Prepares Missile Strike on Iran

Arab Times: U.S. To Attack Iran in April

Iran denies Iran-U.S. clash in Gulf region

Navy Issues Stop Work Order for Littoral Combat Ship 3

Stand Down and Shape Up

14 January 2007

Pak Navy to get first of eight P-3C Orion from US

BAE teams up with Carlyle for submarines

The strange death of the Royal Navy

13 January 2007

Phalanx Fitted With Laser Passes Test

Floating radar leaves Honolulu

Missile-shaped research robots combing Antarctic waters

USS Ronald Reagan to fill in for Pacific Fleet’s Kitty Hawk

Ford name returns to seas in 2015

Jeanne d'Arc arrives in Pakistan

After two accidents, Navy orders all its subs to stand down

Navy halts work on LCS, citing overruns

New Warhead Could Siphon Funds From Sub Builders

12 January 2007

Carrier Reagan to deploy to Pacific ‘within weeks’

Clear Vision From Below

Chinese Navy's Building Boom

LCS hits ‘considerable cost overruns’

Iran nuclear facilities feared to be US target

Navy Seeks Part of History for Posterity

California to limit Navy's use of sonar

Royal Navy’s anti-slavery campaign celebrated

The Russians Are Coming -- at 40 Knots

Iran: U.S. Sub Was Spying

Royal Navy ships Rust In Peace

California Requires U.S. Navy to Use Common Sense

Russian tycoon buys the biggest yacht in the world

11 January 2007

Gulf maritime security operations in full swing

U.S. Navy Torpedoes YouTube

Damaged sub makes Bahrain

'Safety stand-down' ordered for Navy's submarine force

Video: Navy Model Ships

Video: Virtual LCS Training Program

Submarine Force Announces Operational Stand Down

U.S. presses China on submarine encounter

Frigate loses rudder at sea

Sturgeon attacked over Trident demo

10 January 2007

Charles de Gaulle gets more punch

China capable of building aircraft carrier

German sub menaces the North Sea 61 years after its sinking

Japan presses for investigation after U.S. sub, Japanese ship collide

Navy: Speed of tanker sucked sub up to surface

Poor sonar conditions possible cause of U.S. submarine collision

09 January 2007

US sends aircraft carrier to Somalia

Sub Accident: How Could This Happen?

P-8A Renamed Posiedon

UK lacking skills to develop new nuclear submarines, warn MPs

The 3d-class Destroyer

U.S. sub, Japanese merchant ship collide

08 January 2007

Royal Navy 'Promotion Freeze' and Navy 'Cuts'

Future evaluated for Navy training range

Royal Navy Cock-A-Hoop As Magic Stunt Goes Wrong

Carrier battle groups will add muscle to India's naval power

06 January 2007

Royal Navy resizes

Indian Navy wants more Barak missiles

Deaths Of Submarine Crewmen Swept Overboard Called Very Rare

'Seabird' phase-II to start soon

RN blocks promotion for top staff

Answers are few in sailors' deaths

U.S. Navy searching for terrorists trying to flee Somalia

Navy will weigh impact of more offshore training

Submarine victims 'trapped in safety harnesses'

Hatch first part of Hunley to be restored

05 January 2007

Indian Navy to have 2 aircraft carriers beginning next year

China's Nimitz-Class Carrier?

Aircraft carrier built from 300,000 lego bricks

Iran to get U.S. show of force

Safely Dismantling the Soviet Fleet

Govt to focus on indigenisation of Indian Navy

Barak missile impresses India's Defence Minister

Barak missile powers Indian naval excercise

From Royal Navy to coastal defence force

Half of British Royal Navy to be mothballed

Royal Navy ships to be scrapped

Landing Ship INS Shardul commissioned

India's Defence Minister gets to see navy's strategic capabilities

Sub moving into rougher waters when sailors fell off

Expert says 'tragic coincidences' could have led to sailors' deaths

04 January 2007

Aircraft carrier headed to Persian Gulf

Navy tries to block fleeing jihadists from Somalia

INS Shardul dedicated

Navy funds ninth Virginia-class sub

03 January 2007

Navy to name aircraft carrier after Ford

More money for subs

U.S. Navy vessels head for Somalia coast

US warship 'Trenton' to join Indian fleet

The Shrinking U.S. Sub Fleet

Britannia Flees the Seas

Video: RN shows off guard vessel

Sky Sailors : Navy pilots in Kuwait contribute to OIF

Indian Navy to commission new warship

China focuses on naval development

Raytheon Partners to Support MK48 and MK54 Torpedo Requirements

Shot Across Our Bow

Navy's new anti-sub planes headed to Hawaii

Turkey to hold tender for new submarines on January 31st

Safety lines contributing factor in submariners' deaths

Ferry survivors found on oil rig

02 January 2007

China’s defense build-up merits closer attention from Navy

Maritime Domain Roadmap Seeks to ID All Vessels

Robots Ready to Rule the Waves

A warm welcome for the new kid on the block

Hu's navy

Scientists studying USS Arizona's trapped oil

Colombian navy trains its sights on shark hunters

01 January 2007

India plans joint naval exercises with Russia

Man Builds 15 Foot Aircraft Carrier Using 300,000 Lego Bricks

Wanted: 20 ships for artificial reef, any condition OK

China Signals Intentions of Naval Development