World Naval News Archives

31 December 2006

India's six indigenous Scorpene subs to be ready in Jan

Half of Royal Navyís ships in mothballs as defence cuts bite

Chinese focus on navy leaves big political wake

US navy names dead submarine crew

30 December 2006

Video: Stiletto experimental craft

Ford name on aircraft carrier ultimately is up to the Navy

Ford saved 700 lives as Navy lieutenant

Japan's Navy Denies Practice Invasion

Israeli firms bid for Turkish sub project

Gulf states to counter Iran with largest exercise ever

Submarine tragedy inquiry starts

29 December 2006

British coast guard says 2 U.S. sailors die after falling off submarine

Two U.S. sailors die after falling from submarine

China ties military move to Taiwan

Vietnam, China launch joint navy patrol

China defends military rise, says faces threats

Russians face SSBN disaster

28 December 2006

Gerald R. Ford, Former President and Sailor, Dies

N-ice one! Royal Navy men make South Pole

China's Hu calls for powerful navy

Navy to Commission Third Large Amphibious Ship INS Shardul

'Underwater Express' gets a push

Russia Dismantles Nuclear Submarines on Schedule

27 December 2006

Navy gets attack submarine USS Hawaii

Futuristic sub was scrapped in 1936

The X1 - The silent killer that never was

Secret base played a vital role in the Cold War

Chinese president calls for strengthened, modernized navy

Royal Navy gives US submariners a means of escape

Rocket Flop Threatens Russia's Rearmament Program

26 December 2006

Third test of Bulava missile failed

Russia's space chief plays down ballistic missile launch failures

Disneyland bringing back sub ride

25 December 2006

BAE Systems to demonstrate new ASW sensor

India did not sink Pakistani sub Ghazi

Russian seeks passenger for homemade sub

SSN724 Shooting Tomahawks at Iraq

23 December 2006

Second U.S. carrier sets sail for the Gulf

China's leaders bid farewell to former navy commander

Aloha Moment For EB And Navy

EB Delivers Sub With Time To Spare

France to build 6 Barracuda subs

Super Software for Seeking Silent Subs


22 December 2006

U.S. sought to avert exile attack on tanker

India-Russia deal could service Chinese warships

Monster of deep makes a rare camera appearance

It's all go for Astute

France Orders Six Nuclear Subs

21 December 2006

New Navy ship to be commissioned in Milwaukee

Navy takes delivery of USS Hawaii

U.S. Navy orders a second Trimaran Littoral Combat Ship

Saipan returns from its last mission

Navy's "Fire Scout" UAV Makes Debut Flight

U.S. and Britain to mobilize in Gulf

US to discuss UK Trident lifespan

The ghost of Scapa Flow

Video: Deactivation of USS Rickover

20 December 2006

USMC, Navy JSF assembly reaches milestones

Abizaid Wants Additional Navy Carrier in Persian Gulf

19 December 2006

Pentagon Mulling Show of Force to Iran

White House Refuses Comment on Iran Report

Britain wants new nukes for "insurance"

Experts recommend burying U-boat that sank off Norway

Lightning strikes crucial deal

USS JFK to make final voyage to Boston before decommissioning

Report: Pentagon planning Navy buildup as 'warning to Iran'

Skills shortage 'threatens UK nuclear deterrent'

18 December 2006

The mother of all Spruances now sleeps with the fishes

Name of new carrier a matter of some debate

17 December 2006

US Navy Submarine Mounted By Giant Sperm Whale

Zipper Control Shakes Up SSBN Community

How hearts of oak sunk Britain

Tomahawk Turned into Reconnaissance UAV

Photo: Nuclear submarine Rickover retired

16 December 2006

F-35 test flight deemed a success

USS John F. Kennedy to Make Final Voyage

Indian navy buys Sea King helicopters

Five years after 9-11 attacks, NATO-patrolled Mediterranean is 'safer'

Video: Experimental Ship May Become A Museum

New Zealand Navy to remember one of the blackest days of the war

Navy's original Spruance-class destroyer sunk

Rickover Deactivates From Service

15 December 2006

Refit of India's Russian aircraft carrier delayed

Russia navy ships make almost 20 cruises in 2006

Russian Navy to Stay in Ukraine Till 2017

US-UK deal paves way for navy's new carrier jets


German 'signals' mystery deepens

Scorpene submarine Carrera arrives in Chile

14 December 2006

Video: History Of USS Hyman G. Rickover

Indian Navy Needs $25 Billion Over Next Five Years

Sub USS Growler follows Intrepid to New Jersey

Indian Navy Chief of Staff: Maritime surveillance capability needs to be strengthened

Vortex generators could mean better underwater travel

Successful Test of Raytheon's Block IV Tomahawk Cruise Missile

Russian navy official blames submarine crew

13 December 2006

U.S. redeploying warships to the Persian Gulf

Submarine Rickover to be retired after 22 years of service

Navy seeks to enhance undersea surveillance

Type 214 Submarine Stumbles Into Greece

The Super Supply Ship

US Trident tests cast doubt over UK design claims

Indian navy to issue shortlist for reconnaissance aircraft

Back to School for Navy Sub Commanders

New diesel U-boat for Brazil, nuclear goal fades

USS Hyman G. Rickover to be deactivated

India to launch Scorpene submarine production this week

Small submarine, big questions

Sailing home for Christmas

11 December 2006

Ike arrives in Persian Gulf

Made-in-India Scorpenes to debut soon

Celebrating the creator of Cobol

Indian Navy puts up a fiery display

Indian Navy Issues RFI for Stealth Frigates

Trident protesters blockade base

Remembering a Captain and his men

Why a patriotic teen joined the Navy and then turned to espionage

10 December 2006

Testing Sea Based Anti-Missile Systems

More muscle for Indian Navy?

In defence of Navy Captain M.N. Mulla

Tridentís Footprint

Three Navy Astronauts Await Discovery Mission

09 December 2006

Where the nukes are: 20 miles from downtown Seattle

Navy Orders Second Trimaran Littoral Combat Ship

08 December 2006

Kauai missile test aborted

Royal Navy left 'ill-equipped'

Two Trident II Missiles Launched In US Navy Test

MPs back Blair over new sub fleet

Maintaining the Vanguard

Toxic shield guards U-boat's secrets

U.S. Trident missile passes test

Navy missile intercept test fails

Pak Navy exercise enters war phase

US Navy on the T-AKE

Submariner remembers Dec. 7

Lockheed-Martin to build TB-34 Next Generation Towed Array

China Moves Ahead on New SSN

07 December 2006

Pearl Harbor, 65 years later

Greece Refuses Delivery Of First Type-214 Submarine

Mini Sub Achieves World First with Weapon Launch

06 December 2006

Navy Causes Controversy With Sonar Exercises Off Florida Coast

Australian Navy granted power to shoot at illegal fishers

Costs still rising on major Royal Navy projects

US Navy Conducts First Escape Exercise From Nuclear Sub

Korean Navy Postpones Submarine Buildup

Chinese fast developing advanced submarines

05 December 2006

Indian navy on shopping spree

USS Intrepid freed from mud on 2nd attempt

Indian Navy set for war games on foreign shores

Navy submariner admits he offered military secrets

Manís Best Friend Buried at Sea

Submarine construction to resume at India's Mazagon Docks

Drug Smugglers Go Underwater

U.S. Navy Takes Over Gulf Taskforce

Tugs try again to move carrier from NY pier

Navy: Aegis-equipped shipís move not tied to missile defense

Blair pushes to revamp Britain's nuclear subs

Submarine rescue in Western Australia

'Astute' plans to update and build the next nuclear subs

04 December 2006

Waller rolls out from refit

Australian Navy's anti-submarine skills tested

Indian Navy's maritime prowess lauded by Chief on Navy Day

Sailor faces life for selling laptop secrets

Phantom ships - Swedish navy's Visby class

Blair's statement on Trident

Indian Navy to go in for long-range spy planes

'Sino-Indian rivalry over Indian Ocean out in open'

Canadian Navy tests system that allows remote firing of shipís guns

Secret sub could boost BAE jobs

Court martial set for Navy submariner

Blair 'to renew nuclear deterrent'

Protests start ahead of Trident decision

03 December 2006

Indian Navy sees red in Chinese projects

Sinking of INS Khukri: Was it Avoidable?

Indian Navy gears for energy security role

Revealed: UK's new nuclear force

Royal Navy's Trident fleet could be built abroad

Hawaii Passes Test In First Of Sea Trials

02 December 2006

India shortlists P3C Orion, Boeing for maritime patrol

Indian Navy opts to induct rotary-launched UAVs

Navy rejects San Francisco for warship commissioning ceremony

India: Nuclear-powered subs still a long way off

Future subs could hit 100 knots

Video: A Maritime Strategy For The 21st Century

Video: USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Turns 45 Years Old

Submarine skipper's error in judgment suspected of causing collision

RN battle on the high seas against drugs

Exclusion zone established around midget sub wreck

Indian Navy alert against terror threat to Coast

'Pentagon exaggerating China's military threat'

Bulgaria's Navy's Time Running Out

Blair to signal possible cuts to nuclear fleet

`Increasing role for Navy in destiny of nation`

China shaping the maritime battlefield

01 December 2006

China building second Yuan-class submarine

Mud cleared from USS Intrepid

U.S. Navy honors Aegis mastermind

Gorshkov to be inducted into Indian Navy in 2008

Persian Gulf security a key issue for Iran

Indian Navy has stepped up surveillance of coastal assets

Nuclear stockpiles cut to placate Trident opponents

Sub Sign Lettering Takes Temporary Detour

Military recruitment, beach party-style