World Naval News Archives

31 October 2006

Royal Navy ship calls at Muara port

30 October 2006

New Missions for Littoral Ships?

No more Atlantic Fleet?

Navy hires General Dynamics for sub work

28 October 2006

Al-Qaeda Submarine Threat?

USS TEXAS submarine

Israel denies its F-16s fired on German ship

Collins upgrade to keep their combat edge

Gulf threats receive increased ‘focus’ from Navy

Ark Royal back after £20m refit

27 October 2006

Ark Royal returns to service

Malabar-'06 gets underway

Royal navy sent to protect Saudi oil facility

Coalition Navies on Watch for Oil Attack

Group tracks North Korea WMD in murky waters

N. Korean Ship Sailing Without Inspection

Whiskey on the Rocks: 25-year Anniversary

Navy puts moratorium on Web

US war games shift to offensive

Submarine Texas Arriving Today — Two Days Early

Belated honour for Arctic heroes

U.K. Navy Papers Give Few New Clues to Cold War Diver's Death

Buy more arms, US urges Taiwan

Indian, U.S. navies conduct exercises in Arabian Sea

France reaffirms upcoming Barracuda SSN deal notification

Naval Submarine School Attack Center Trainer Comes Online

Submarine rescue system takes top honours

26 October 2006

China to Buy Su-33 Fighter from Russia

India, United States to hold Special Forces exercise

Indo-US `war’ at sea

Ship that saved hundreds at Normandy, still proudly sails

England expects and the RN remembers

UK's "Tupperware navy" to protect Gulf oil route

USS Texas Due In Homeport Sunday

Joint India-US navy exercises begin

"Bulava" Rocket Dunked Again


25 October 2006

US joint maneuvers in Persian Gulf dangerous: Iran

USS Seawolf arrives in Guam

Chilean Navy establishes closer links with France

Israeli jets clash with German warship near Lebanon

Russian missile explodes after test launch

Japan to postpone military contingency decision over N. Korea crisis

Anti-DPRK War Exercises Assailed

New strategic nuclear subs to join Russian fleet soon - Putin

New strategic sub will join Russian Navy in 2008

France to order six Barracuda-class nuclear submarines

Submariners can breathe easy

New Russian ballistic missile fails

Russian Navy officially confirms failure of Bulava missile

350 Companies taking part in Euronaval arms show

Russia, Italy present new diesel submarine at Euronaval 2006

Rumor: US Navy to buy Russian sub?

24 October 2006

Sub slips home to warm welcome

Raytheon's next-gen destroyer steams ahead

Congressman predicts increase in submarine construction

HMS Victory Hosts Commemorative Ceremony for Trafalgar Day

Navy gets earful on sonar range

Ferry receives US warship warning


India plans joint naval exercises with U.S. and Russia

23 October 2006

M51 Gives France More Flexible Deterrent To Meet Changing Threats

Engineers Shed Light On Crash Of The USS Macon

Japan to check ships near Okinawa, Tsushima Strait

Canadian navy ship wrecks sonar gear

Destroyers to arrive in Taiwan

Australian Navy could police N Korean ports

22 October 2006

Indian Navy to restore Sea King choppers

Video: NASCAR driver visits USS Texas

Japan may deploy navy to help in searches of NKorean ships

Taiwan to commission last two of four US destroyers

The Trials Of Fasting Underwater

21 October 2006

The Indian Navy Turns East

Contest To Name Malaysian Submarines

20 October 2006

North Korean ploy masks ships under other flags

U.S. Tracking North Korean Ship

Japan Considers Military Role in Possible North Korean Ship Inspections

General Dynamics Awarded Contract for Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Navy Tests New Class Of Silent Subs


HMCS Victoria back in drydock

Famous Groton submarine sign defaced

Russian Navy's nuclear waste poses Arctic threat

Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group joins US build-up off Iran

19 October 2006

Signs point to Korea blockade

U.S. has 23,000 sailors deployed in Mideast

US Sends Warships to Iran, Pre-Election Attack Possible

SKorean Navy to Launch 6th Stealth Destroyer

Chicoutimi to be stored at dockyard

Indonesia to buy Russian submarines

18 October 2006

Northrop Grumman to propose Global Hawk for new Navy mission

US completes deployment for Philippine war games

Kitty Hawk Strike Group Gets Underway

More respect for Arctic convoy heroes demanded

The shape - and size - of things to come

Harrier GR9 officially in service and ready for action

Australia worried about North Korean nukes arriving by sea

Researchers piece together pioneer submariner’s life

Indian Navy's weapons imports under the gun

Georgia Says Russia’s Navy Maneuvers Part of Blockade

German Navy Orders 2 More U-212A Submarines

Photos: PLA navy holds maritime exercise

In every respect a Superb effort

Navy warfare destroyers 'not enough'

17 October 2006

Film depicts action against North Korea

New Era for Navy Submarine Tender

Navy SEAL's Final Act Of Bravery

US Navy Introduces The Poseidon

Swedes arrested at UK submarine base

Check non-state actors in Indian ocean: Pranab tells navy

China draws the line at boarding ships

Mixed support for heroic Russian seaman

Indian Navy's Trishul missile project extended till 2007

Video: USS Rickover homecoming

Nato forces in Scottish exercise

North Korea may be preparing a second nuclear test

US insists on right to intercept North Korean ships

Canadian Navy takes lead role in NATO mission

Japan to develop high-tech sub to prepare for future threat

16 October 2006

Crisis heightens as China attacks use of warships to intercept cargo vessels

Korea bomb could be sent by sea, analyst warns

Russian Heavy Bombers Back In Business

Navy begins flight-testing JSOW Block II

Probe cites Navy's failures in attack on INS Hanit

Radio operator reminisces aboard sub after 6 decades away

Australia may join N. Korea blockade

Japanese MSDF may put priority on North Korea

New Sports Car For Open Road, Open Water

German Navy Takes Control of Lebanese Waters

India's navy chief defends Barak

Torpedo receives seal of approval

Gulf states joint U.S. naval exercises targeting Iran proliferation

India to stop work on Trishul missile

Britain's obligation to blockade North Korea

Royal Navy 'too weak' for big role in Korea blockade

Royal Navy taskforce will be forced to rely on France and America

Firm to repair Canadian submarines

India's navy drops another anchor

13 October 2006

Swedish Harpoon Lands in Poland

USS Enterprise aircraft deliver lethal sting

Navy pulls chaplains off most combat ships

Expert says more subs not in the picture for the Navy

Fifth Fleet commander notes Cole anniversary

Emergency video system for U.S. destroyers

Indian Navy rejects British Harriers

New jump jet enters service

Rapper Sean P joins U.S. Navy

Trio offer solutions to Greek Navy's ASW need

12 October 2006

Korea role for Australian navy

Paris stonewalls probe into Taiwan frigates scandal

Indian Navy gives Barak full marks

British town to U.S. Navy: Take your ships back

Russian shipbuilder to start making 4th-generation submarine

Second Heaviest Day of Strikes for Enterprise Strike Group

Upgrade Program Boosts UK's Harrier Jets

Russia-Japan naval exercise ends

Video: USS Bush christening

Bush wants Bush in Florida

Honour for heroes of the Arctic

British Navy wants USS Barry to join UK strike group

Submarine Rickover is home at last

11 October 2006

Nuclear hotbed

10 October 2006

Scams crippling India's armed forces

Attack sub Rickover coming home for good

A new dawn for Royal Navy's 800

Pentagon mulls N. Korean options

U.S. military refines its plans in case blockade is ordered

New version of jump jet unveiled

'Pak navy poses no threat to India'

Proud heritage of the seas

Canada will join amphibious exercise off U.S. coast

09 October 2006

South African Navy gets helping hand

Photo Gallery: Building the George H W Bush

Thales to Upgrade British SSN Sonars

Frankenships Shunned By All

San Francisco Fleet Week Kicks Off With Parade of Ships - Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

08 October 2006

The day Bermuda escaped becoming a Chernobyl

US, China, India flex muscle over energy-critical sea lanes

Thales to upgrade British SSN sonars

INS Mumbai visits Kenya

U.S. project could start atomic war, experts warn

The quietest sub in the world

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07 October 2006

George H. W. Bush Christened At Newport News

Sea dogs vs Boney? No contest

Bushes Celebrate Christening of Carrier

F-14 simulators debut in Pensacola.

WWII vet recalls Flasher memories

06 October 2006

USS Cole returns to Gulf 6 years after attack

Russia, Japan conduct naval exercise off Japanese coast

Canada to borrow U.S. assault ship for exercises

05 October 2006

BBC News Q&A: Trident replacement

Proposal would retire carrier USS Kennedy

Pentagon reviews Navy destroyer program

Carrier strike group departs from Norfolk

China-Studies Unit Created At U.S. Naval War College

US Navy denies nuclear sub leaked radiation off Tokyo

INS Prahar captain sacked by Indian Navy

German navy arrives in Cyprus for Lebanon mission

Indian Navy to increase fleet strength

Nicaragua plans rival canal route

USN denies radiation leak from nuclear submarine

New aircraft carrier to be named after President George H.W. Bush

Shadowy object may by lost USN WWII submarine

Georgia urges Russia to halt navy drills

04 October 2006

Britain Still Rules

North Korea planning nuclear test

Really Smart Robotic Mini-Subs

U.S.: Iran navy not prepping for war

Affordability Will Be Concern With Fleet Size, Navy Vice Admiral Says

Russian Pacific Navy Ships visit Japan

Indian Navy says 3 years needed to replace survillance aircraft

The Ark is Back

Georgia urges Russia to halt navy drills

Indian Navy to increase fleet strength

Robot to the rescue in sub disasters

Private submarine tested in Florida

Navy to Christen Aircraft Carrier George H.W. Bush

Subsim rumor mill: Did USS Texas run aground?

03 October 2006

UK's oldest submariner dies

US Navy Sees Global Interest In International '1,000-Ship Navy'

Old Carrier Will Be Sunk, Not Donated

'INS Prahar' captain sacked

In search of a submarine

Eisenhower Strike Group leaves for seven-month deployment

USN plans to study effects of sonar training on environment

Russia hands over destroyer to China

US attack submarine visits Saipan for the last time

Overhauled carrier USS Eisenhower to deploy after six years

Kuznetsov, only Russian carrier, back in service

Studying a USN relic

undisturbed for nearly 60 years

Pakistan Navy: Capable in all dimensions of maritime warfare

Russia to display new naval missile systems in Greece

Italian Navy takes temporary job off Lebanon very seriously

02 October 2006

HMS Ark Royal Returns to Sea

Midgets of war now stand tall

New home for a Cold War submarine

Submersible Boat Gains Speed

Navy launches high speed gun

Shadowy object may be lost WWII sub

Georgia Warns Russia about Navy Maneuvers

Russian ships join Turkish security operation

Russia to display new naval missile systems

A Life In Submarines

01 October 2006

Futuristic naval devices tested

Updated Ark Royal sails back to sea with new muscle

Defense spending bill includes more pay, more ships

Navy plans to study effects of sonar training on environment

"Old Ironsides" Hosts Medal of Honor Recipients