World Naval News Archives

30 September 2006

Torpedo attack changed city woman's life forever

USN may deactivate Kennedy sooner

Movie: Thai Navy tests chinese C-801 missile

29 September 2006

Russia, NATO preparing submarine rescue exercises

Navy Announces Reading Program Book List

Last U.S. Service Members to Leave Iceland Sept. 30

Navy to stand up new helicopter squadrons

Navy announces hearing on sonar range environment studies

Pentagon in second-stage planning for Iran strike

Navy Nixes Candy Tradition

Can you build a stealth submarine?

Ark Royal Ready To Return to Sea

Action Ahead For Royal Navy Amphibious Task Group

Safety problem forces navy ships to dock in Darwin

Top Gun: New simulator takes flight at Navy museum

28 September 2006

Russian court postpones K-159 submarine hearings

Japan finds radioactive matter around U.S. submarine

Amphibious task group arrives in Gibraltar

Russian ships leave for Japan

Trident missile costs 'immoral'

German Type 212A deal bolsters submarine force


U.S. should patrol Arctic, scientists say

USS Eisenhower to deploy to Mideast

US Navy Says No Danger From Submarine Radiation in Japan

USS O’Kane Conducts Anti-submarine Warfare Exercise

27 September 2006

Russian aircraft carrier to rejoin Navy by end of 2006

USN confident of defenses against North Korea's missiles

Pakistan navy ships arrive at Bandar Abbas (Iran)

German navy signs fuel cell submarines agreement

RN veterans reunited 61 years after war ends

26 September 2006

Video: The Launching of LCS-1

Video: F-14 Final Flight

Baltic Fleet submarines to be moved

Russian strategic subs should be ready to operate in Arctic

Tomcats Officially Retire

Welsh's Enigma: A cryptological collection

US to transfer amphibious

navy ship to India

USS Frank Cable hosts first multinational sub talks in Malaysia

USN giving away once top-secret ships

Chinese navy ships visit Canada

Israel Navy eyeing new US warship

USN looks to donate 12 warships

USN approves Hunley conservation plan

Discovery of submarine solves
mystery of Davenport’s Dick Paper

25 September 2006

Boeing Delivers First EA-18G Growler To U.S. Navy

Romanian Navy "shows the flag"

Awesome Or Off-Putting: USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects)

Russia to participate in NATO Mediterranean operation

USS Freedom
christened and launched

US submarine bell gets new luster

Ministry using navy ships to send sugar to Sabah, Sarawak

Sri Lanka says sinks 11 rebel boats in naval clash

24 September 2006

Navy battling shipbuilding cost overruns, delays

Bolivia's proud navy lacks only an ocean

Nuclear sub bound for Guam

The US value of submarines

US Submarine career men make case for growth

Movie: USN Tomcat last flight

US and Chinese navies conduct joint exercise

23 September 2006

First Littoral Combat Ship Freedom launched

Breadth, depth of diesel sub's career recalled

French trawler possibly pulled down by Dutch sub: lawyer

USS Dolphin completes final underway

Lankan Navy arrests 47 people trying to flee to India

USN aims for coastal warship plan by mid-Dec

HMS Richmond Rejoins the fleet on time

22 September 2006


CTF 12 Challenges Boxer ESG with Submarine Threat

USS Tucson Returns From Western Pacific

Chinese Navy Departs San Diego After Goodwill Port Call

U.S., Chinese Navies Complete Search and Rescue Exercise

Navy retires F-14, the coolest of cold warriors

Navy helicopters help catch speedy drug smuggling boats

British subs linked to French trawler sinking

B-17 flight takes veteran back to Battle of Atlantic

A trip back in time in an old Brazilian submarine

Submarine rescue exercise Crown Eagle 2006

Stand by to Copy

Navy moving submarine tender from Italy to Bremerton

British subs linked to sinking

21 September 2006

War Signals

US general warns Iran could cut West's oil supplies in event of war

US Navy saying goodbye to venerable F-14 fighter

UK coast a graveyard for lost subs

British subs linked to sinking

Navy moving submarine tender from Italy to Bremerton

Submarine clean-up

History of the Hunley submarine

20 September 2006

On Eternal Patrol - Photos of USS Wahoo (SS-238)

Chinese, U.S. warships train off San Diego coast

Navy Christens Littoral Combat Ship Freedom

Ultramodern Diesel Submarine To Be Tested In Russia

Bonhomme Richard Tests UK Torpedo Countermeasures System

Chinese Navy makes a rare U.S. visit

Iran-Made PT Boat Launches Mission

Divers clean-up the Royal Navy's first submarine

19 September 2006

U.S. Navy certifies Aegis 3.6

US Navy plans for war with Iran "dismissed"

U.S. submarine visits Malaysia

Chinese Sailors Invited To Join Exercises With U.S. Navy

US Navy boosting security off W.Africa

Photo: USS North Carolina under construction

Peering Into Undersea Grave of 1930s Dirigible

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day

Video: USS North Carolina comes together

Chinese Navy destroyer visits San Diego

Stennis Strike Group Takes ASW From Classroom to Ocean

India's Jaguar fleet to be armed with anti-ship missiles

Malaysia To Rely On Allies For Submarine Rescue

18 September 2006

Military Orders Suggest Iran Attack

U.S. Imperialists' Reckless Arms Buildup under Fire

Norway Fires Evolved SeaSparrow Missile

Meet the in-your-face Navy

U.S. May be Preparing For War Against Iran

17 September 2006

Sunset for the Tomcat

India to build new navy base

15 September 2006

Dolphin Completes Final Underway

USS Dolphin Pins Last Silver Dolphin

USS Stephen W. Groves Scores 8.1 Tons of Cocaine

Ukraine court orders Russian Navy out of Black Sea lighthouses

Stealth ship available as memorial

Wisconsin not part of Navy future, admiral says

Conferees back submarine provision in Defense bill

Full steam ahead on submarine's construction

14 September 2006

Drug runners caught after Royal Navy chase

Shift in construction for submarines

Another Virginia-class Sub Nearly Ready For Sea

`North Carolina' Submarine Comes Together

Video: Chinese Navy visits Hawaii

TLAM Video

Ship with N. Korean weapons seized enroute to Syria

Net widens for Aussie submariners

Australian Navy’s eye in the sky

First Sea Lord Waves a Last Farewell to the World’s Oldest Serving Nuclear Submarine

Action Ahead For Royal Navy Amphibious Task Group

Russia cautions Ukraine against fleet property seizure

Going in search of the Macon

A sad yet proud day for the Sovereign

Reverend sickened by seamen

Christians begin march against Trident replacement

Churches unite to 'end Trident'

13 September 2006

A call for men of Talent

Nuclear sub sails for last time

Navy Christen's New Guided Missile Destroyer Sampson

'Gay orgy' on Navy warship

Newest Arleigh Burke Destroyer Named USS Gravely

Pak. navy re-activates P-3C aircraft

Churches unite to 'end Trident'

Hatch Opened in Confederate Submarine

Pioneer Consulting Finds Surging Demand for West African Submarine

12 September 2006

Tribute to great lady

Navy Names Newest Arleigh Burke-class Ship USS Gravely

Northrop proposes UAV submarine launch

Russia tests missile from under ice-bound sea

Second hatch on Hunley being removed

11 September 2006

Naval Air Station Keflavik Closes After 45 Years

Ready for combat, river style

ASW system handed over to Indian Navy

UN details massive US arms sales to Taiwan

Northrop proposes UAV submarine launch

10 September 2006

Canadian Navy wants a submarine in the Arctic

Iranian video of missile test called a fake

First Lady Laura Bush Welcomes USS Texas To The Fleet

Defense minister: Russia successfully test-launches ICBM from North Pole

'Man our ship!'

USS Texas grandly welcomed aboard

Saluting women of the King's navy

Navy’s 6th Fleet to increase presence in Africa

Navy Sea Bees help school build a trail

'Texas' officially back in the Navy

09 September 2006

* USS TEXAS Commissioning Video *

First Lady Leads
Commissioning Texas Sub
Laura Bush sponsors USS Texas sub in Galveston

France: International fleet won't use force

This Texas lady is a high-tech killer

Submarine crew prepares for ceremony

08 September 2006

U.S. Conducting Joint Naval Exercises with Pakistan

U.S. to return La Maddalena base to Italy

Video: Periscope shoes

La Maddalena base to close, subs to move

Russian defense chief touts new submarines

Pakistan has acquired capability to construct nuclear submarine

USS Columbia Recognized for Last Deployment, Departs for Another

France’s Armaris Offers Sub to Pakistan

Russia's latest naval tragedy

Inside the USS Texas

UN says Lebanon sea blockade over

Video: Fly into the clouds with the Blue Angels

Big Brothers of the deep

Mishaps leave Russia's navy all at sea

07 September 2006

USS Texas Crew Pays Respect With Ceremony

Lebanon air blockade lifted; naval stays

U.S. Navy tests new 'super' helicopters

Russian ballistic missile test fails after White Sea launch

Chinese destroyer arrives in Pearl Harbor

Video: USS Constitution

USS Texas crew embark on community activities

Brunei launches Exocet missile `attack'

Fire on Russian nuclear sub kills two

Chronology of worst nuclear submarine accidents

06 September 2006

Israel Lifting Sea Blockade of Lebanon

USS Enterprise aircraft destroy Taliban targets (with video)

US Navy said mulling missile, amphibious ship cuts

Lockheed to upgrade Royal Navy sub sonar

Chinese warships to visit U.S.

French shipyard wants to sell Canada a sub maintenance plan

Texas Arrives In Galveston

Houston area welcomes the fourth Navy ship to carry the state name.

05 September 2006

Filling the space above the Navy's fleet

Indian Navy's ambitious expansion

US-Pakistan Naval Exercise Launched Close to Iran

Submariners land for USS Razorback visit

Welcome to the Texas crew

USS Texas arrives in Galveston

New Navy submarine arrives in Galveston for commissioning

A new Texas comes to Galveston

04 September 2006

Galveston welcomes nuclear submarine Texas (with video)

Australia's submarine fleet 'should go nuclear'

Annapolis meets Annapolis

The Last Cruiser

Pakistan-US naval exercises begin in northern Arabian Sea

Old Subs Do Eventually Die

USS Texas Arrival Monday 0930: Live Webcam

03 September 2006

Houston port security up

Extended scope of Navy’s technology: USS Texas

Get a glimpse of new sub from island spots

Sri Lanka Navy in 9-Hour Sea Battle

02 September 2006

A Few Good Nukes

Benedict Arnold's Navy

'Graf Spee' rises into a diplomatic storm

USS Seawolf’s visit to Yokosuka draws onlookers

City forges link with new warship

Anniversary of Sinking of U.S. Aggression Ship Observed

Russian navy needs 3.7 trillion rubles in next 10 years

Sri Lankan navy in fierce clash

Tough task ahead for India's new Navy chief

01 September 2006

U.S. Sends AEGIS Cruiser To Japan Amid Possible N. Korean Nuclear Test

Navy Awards Detail Design Contract for DDG 1000

Video: Russian Typhoon submarine

Video: Battlestations Scenario

Video: PCU Texas

Video: Operation Repel Boarders

Russian Navy receives stealth gunboat

Sub North Carolina's pressure hull finished

German Chancellor Angela Merkel aboard U33 submarine

Pakistani and US navies to hold joint exercises

Electric Boat Awarded $14 Million Contract Modification

USS Texas makes its mark