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31 July 2006

Aug. 3, 1958: Underwater, on top of the world

Iran Helped Hizbullah Attack Israeli Navy Ship

Russia remains great maritime power - navy chief

Avio signs agreement for spanish submarine autopilot system

49 years ago: First nuclear sub reaches North Pole

RN nuclear sub docks in Southampton

Linux to power USN aircraft

Canada waving the flag

in Arctic waters

Documentary: Sub Hunt....and the secret of the lost warships

30 July 2006

Plaque to remember Russian cruiser wrecked off Scotland in 1920

Russia Defence chief stresses

importance of Navy readiness

USN leader urges scientific basis for sonar use

Navy Day celebration begins on Russia Pacific Fleet ships

Das Boot - The Original
Uncut Version


29 July 2006

Tomcat fighter makes last carrier launch Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

RIMPAC 2006 Exercise Concludes

Iranian officer: Hezbollah has a commando naval unit

Fiji Navy finds its sea legs

GD to put finishing touches on USN sub Texas

USN midshipmen get wet

in Sub Trainer

Lebanon crisis: Indian Navy evacuates 1,869 people

SAS Isandlwana officially handed over to SAN

New-generation Russian sub to enter service soon

NORAD to turn out lights on Cold War headquarters

RAN unveils new patrol boat

28 July 2006

Senate Threatens U.S. Navy’s LCS Plans

US clears two-stage path to Taiwan submarine deal

US sub tester surfacing for last time

New torpedo for RAN Collins class subs

Wreck of Graf Zeppelin

found in the Baltic

BrahMos missile delivered to Indian Navy

MMEA to cooperate with US Coast Guard

RIP: Carl Brashear, 75, first black USN diver

27 July 2006

Lost Nazi ship likely found off Poland

50 Million Man Hours Onboard Britain's Boomers

Trident missile launch video

Honoring the silent service Cold War subs

Search for John Paul Jones' Warship Going Well

26 July 2006

Russian Nuclear Submarine Springs Radioactive Water Leak

Russia to start new submarine sea trials in 2007

Minister of Defense welcomes new submarine to Chile

Transfer of Dutch frigate to Chile

Russia's 1st museum inside submarine to open in Moscow

Save the Whales!... From Sonar?

Indian Navy to send expedition to South Pole

Israeli boats fire warining shots at evacuation ferry

Canadian warships conduct trials, test weapons

Royal Navy airlifts cows trapped on cliff

Israel blames warning shots at Turkish ferry on lack of coordination

Commander of the Pakistani fleet visits the pride of the SAN

25 July 2006

UK nuclear submarines mark 300th patrol

24 July 2006

Navy's use of big carriers again being questioned

23 July 2006

Navy's $815M radar returns to Hawaii

Shipbuilding Costs Lurk Behind Airplane Ardor At UK Show

Brahmos missile to join Indian military by September 2007

22 July 2006

USS Rushmore Unleashes AAV Raid for RIMPAC

Midshipmen return to USS Constitution

Tomahawk Cruise Missile Falls on I-95 in the Bronx

Canadian navy returns to Northwest Passage

Japan plans to deploy two more Aegis warships

Russia to Modernize Strategic Submarines

21 July 2006

'Operation Bold Step' Begins

Mystery of the sunken Sydney

Joint task force exercise held off mid-Atlantic coast

Minister of Defense welcomes new submarine to Chile

Israeli Navy probe blames faulty intelligence for missile ship hit

Hezbollah's unexpected firepower

US Navy helps finance Israeli "rotorless" helicopter

Taiwan Holds Largest War Games in 20 Years

Naval exercise involves thousands from five countries

20 July 2006

Divers find WW1 British submarine

Sub engineers off to the races

Lithuanian millionaire buys "Widowmaker" sub K-19

No plans to commission Belgorod nuclear submarine

19 July 2006

1,600 working on Boeing jet to hunt and sink submarines

Fuel cells for Spanish Navy's S-80 submarine

Submarine Used To Transport Cocaine

India, Russia sign contract for three warships

Royal Navy leads Lebanon evacuation

USS Alaska Departs Bangor for Final Time

India, Russia sign contract for warships and cruise missile

18 July 2006

USS Enterprise visits South Korean port

Indian Navy eyes 100 new aircraft by 2020

Virtual reality aids submarine manufacture

Iran's War Games

Germany pays €170m advance on submarines for Israel

17 July 2006

Royal Navy ready for evacuation

Israeli Navy: We didn't know what kind of missiles they were

U.S. committed to security in Malacca Strait

Russia May Send Navy Ships to Lebanon

U.S. sends cruise ship and navy destroyer to evacuate Americans

Warships sail in for ‘biggest evacuation since Dunkirk’

Motor for Proposed U.S. Navy Intermediate-Range Missile Tested

N.Korea May Have Tested New Longer-Range Missiles

Possible Step Forward for Taiwan Submarine Deal

16 July 2006

British warships move closer to Lebanon 'precautionary'

BAE set to win spyplane deal

Three Type 23 Royal Navy frigates for Chile

Royal Navy's two vanguards

15 July 2006

Israeli Navy was unaware of missile threat

PRC's new 'Type 094' submarine has no bite

Israel: Iran aided Hezbollah ship attack

Iran denies supplying rocket that hit ship

U.S. plans $1 billion arms sale to Australian Navy

Nuclear advancements lauded

Royal Navy ships head for Lebanon

FLASH: Israel says Iranian-made missile struck navy ship

Hizballah Brings out Iranian Silkworm to Hit Israel Navy Corvette

Clue found in mystery of Civil War sub

Congressman fights to prevent submarine plan from sinking

US clears two-stage path to Taiwan submarine deal

PRC's new 'Type 094' submarine has no bite

US clears two-stage path to Taiwan submarine deal

Submarine COD Reenacts Unique Rescue for Dutch Community

Scientists: Hunley's Hatch Was Unlocked

14 July 2006

Black Knight to shine again

13 July 2006

"U.S. Reckless War Scheme under Fire"

Video: Future USS Freedom

Navy unlikely to continue crew swap experiment

India's submarine dreams hit roadblock

Israel navy blockades Lebanon

Pakistan to get third Agosta class submarine

12 July 2006

Army pathfinders find their sea legs

Russian Hopes For a Military Revival

Navy career produces sub thriller

Simmons fights to prevent submarine plan from sinking

11 July 2006

US Vietnam vets advise

on swift boats for Iraq

US Sea TALON anti-sub system tests well

New USS Green Bay a better fit for all aboard

Angola navy celebrates 30th anniversary

Russian navy chief's jet crashes on takeoff

Q. Are submariners given any coaching on how to cope with claustrophobia?

Indian navy destroyer visits Nuku'alofa

Royal Navy minehunters

return to Scottish coast

Pakistan to launch submarine Hamza in August

Agosta submarine will enhance Pakistan navy’s capability

10 July 2006

Church Bishops say Trident is 'anti-God'

Vietnam vets' experience on boats utilized in Iraq

BAE to develop naval railgun

09 July 2006

U.S. striving to detect diesel submarines

US show of power in the Pacific aimed at the Chinese

Pirates of the Galapagos: British submarine seized

Photos: George H.W. places

wings under 'his' island

Book review: 'Miracles on the Water'

Thales Thales UK offers to sell sub-systems for India's N-subs

USN guided missile arrives in Japan

USN limits sonar in training to help whales

USN swift boats to return

RN tests crew after TB outbreak

RNZN multi role vessel heads to sea for trials

08 July 2006

Pakistan to build and sell submarines in the international market

Congress rips Navy's spending

High-Tech Missile Destroyer Sails to Japan

USS Buffalo to join Guam fleet next year, later than planned

Pakistan Navy will be provided frigates, subs

From Stem To Stern: Malasian Submariners' Adventure

Submarine Life: Cramped Quarters, Arduous Hours

Sailor convicted of hazing to be demoted

Navy and Whale Advocates Settle Sonar Suit

Pakistank can market French submarine Agosta 'at a later stage'

07 July 2006

Russian K-19 crew get medals

for preventing nuclear disaster

RIMPAC 2006 photos

Russian navy to buy new deep-sea rescue vehicles soon

Three more stealth frigates for Indian navy

The Mythical Indian SSN goes to sea

Tango Bravo project to drive down sub size

USN shifts military might

to shallower waters

USN revives an old anti-insurgency weapon

06 July 2006

USA spends $9.4M for

photonics mast spares

Russia denies leasing of nuclear submarine to India

RN Trident missile convoys carry risk of nuclear blast

Did the Russians 'hit' the submarine Warspite in 1968

SAN yacht gets its first woman

RAN announces patrol boat names

USN seeks agreement over whales, sonar

NZ, Singapore to conduct maritime exercises

WWII vet's decorations lost at park

05 July 2006

How to make a watermelon submarine

Anniversary of Russian 1961 nuclear submarine K-19 accident

From Stem To Stern: M'sian submariners' adventure

A tourist submarine is detained at the Galapagos Islands

Coming at you

from underwater

Russian Black Sea fleet to hold submarine rescue exercise

Teen builds sub out of pig trough

Nigerian Navy at 50 . . . Is it Golden Cheers?

Russian navy refuses to comment on North Korean missile launch

For USN women, sailing has gotten smoother

SAN riddled with despondent, disgruntled members

Northrop Grumman paints '77'

designation on carrier's island

USN forced to change sonar plan for exercise

MRH 90 to replace RAN Sea King

04 July 2006

RIMPAC to Continue Without Mid-Frequency Active Sonar

UK nuclear submarine in Gibraltar

Russia marks 45th anniversary of K-19 nuclear submarine tragedy

Japanese freighter fights off pirates

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