World Naval News Archives

30 June 2006

Major Pacific exercise underway with N. Korea in background

Another major sea battle in Sri Lanka

Navy Claims Exemption for Sonar Use

US: No plans for permanent Navy presence in Black Sea

Narwhal Ropes Torpedoes

Coed Aussie sub visits Saipan

CVN 21 Cutaway

Russian Sub Test-Fires Ballistic Missile

Russian yard to build two Kilo submarines for Algeria

Students dive into quest

RN surgeon decorated

for submarine rescue

RN Trident subs could be scaled back

USN thrown in deep end over sonar exercises

Russia test-fires ballistic missile from Barents Sea

USA has no plans for permanent navy in Black Sea

Indian fishermen injured by Lankan Navy

In pictures

Belfast Maritime Festival

Feel Good submarine movie

29 June 2006

China sent sub commander to observe major U.S. exercise

Cow travels steerage with the Royal Navy

Japan recalls destroyer amidst North Korea missile fears

Scant return on RN £1.2bn frigate sale

Lankan navy reinforces bases after LTTE attack

Indian warships on goodwill mission to Israel

USN sued to stop sonar near whales and dolphins

India's navy adopts BrahMos anti-ship cruise missile

28 June 2006

Video: USS Blue Back

Groups sue to stop Navy from using sonar

Navy responds to questions about new force

India's navy adopts BrahMos anti-ship cruise missile

Russia & China Building Littoral Warships

Netherlands WASUB-II

on its way to the USA

Damaged US submarine to get a new nose at Bremerton shipyard

RCN to get three new supply ships

USN teams with army

for Joint humanitarian exercise

US wary of Chinese Navy's might

US to use sonar that could hurt dolphins, whales

Blueprints of USS Croaker welcome addition to display

Lanka navy clashes with rebels near base

US Wary of Chinese Navy's Might

RIMPAC navies get go-ahead for sonar

Shark-Shaped Sub Is Latest Cousteau Vehicle

Indian Navy tracks new Chinese subs

HMCS Chicoutimi becomes spare-parts bin

27 June 2006

China treated to a sight of US might

Another step towards UK Super Carriers

Royal Navy history at the click of a button

Israeli Navy in first NATO exercise

Smartest Fish in the Sea

Canada's Navy will get three new ships

Russian Sub Sinks in the Pacific

26 June 2006

Life in the Faslane

Video: Remains Of USS Lagarto

Soldiers' fathers fight for Cole commander

Damn the torpedo: Canadian Navy loses practice weapon

Philippine Navy to train in Spratly Islands

Russian Navy to have Atlantic, Mediterranean drills this summer

24 June 2006

Pearl Harbor lands new sub Texas

Submarine San Francisco
USS San Francisco to get nose transplant

Navy agrees to restrict sonar for war games

Sea lions and dolphins may join war games

Canadian Navy tells sub bidders to try again

Missile Defense Test Yields Successful 'Hit to Kill' Intercept
Missile test

Weather improving for N. Korea missile test

23 June 2006

Video: Last Of The Barbell-class Subs

Valiant Shield wraps up amid North Korea tensions

U.S. Navy test intercepts warhead

22 June 2006

Mother is Royal Navy's oldest recruit

Do UK nukes make military sense?

US warship built from 9/11 steel

Lockheed Martin rides wave with unmanned subs

China pleased after watching U.S. wargames

Combat Carrier UAVs Delayed

21 June 2006

Former Defense Officials Urge U.S. Strike on North Korean Missile Site

India, Russia to hold naval war games

India to buy Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft for Navy

India's Naval Chief flies MiG-29

China watches US Navy maneuvers off Guam

Russia to conduct fifth Bulava test in 1-2 months

U.S. Navy deploys ships to detect North Korean missile

20 June 2006

Perfect Vision, via Surgery, Is Helping and Hurting Navy

Navy sinks retired destroyers Comte de Grasse and Stump

Northrop Grumman Delivers Texas Submarine to the Navy

McCain a 'Valiant Shield' Against Submarine Threats

U.S. prepares for N. Korean missile test

Report: U.S. activates missile defense system

U.S. begins massive war games in Pacific

19 June 2006

US warns North Korea against 'provocative' missile launch

Captain experiences the Full Nelson

"Gorshkov to be given on schedule"

Texas marks a new beginning for shipyard

Pakistan Navy to pack a ‘real punch’

Photos of the USS Lagarto wreck

USS Indianapolis' captain's exoneration sparks debate


Hawaii SSN 776 christening

Gotland forever

Costly patrol boats for Bangladesh Navy

India to buy more navy spy planes from Russia

Tamil Tigers were on mission to destroy helicopter vessel

Sri Lankan police probe Tigers' use of new mines against navy

Indian Navy intensifies patrol on Palk Straits

USN searching for smaller motors

Russia, India talk expansion of naval ties

Foreign navy ships arriving

for German Kieler Woche

Protection for HMT Lancastria welcomed 66 years after sinking

18 June 2006

'We feel like we've found our fathers'

Students are told about submarine life

'Bitter Ocean' elegantly written account of naval warfare

US submarine fleet welcomes Hawaii

Agony of war memories is shared

Fast-attack submarine Hawaii officially launched

17 June 2006

USN divers confirm

WWII wreck is USS Lagarto

USN focuses more on Africa

Tigers clash with navy in Sri Lanka, boats sunk

EU gaffe could expose the RN's chart secrets

Canada: Expect less navy as it gets updated

Divers begin search for underwater 'Atlantis'

3 SLN boats sunk, 12 troopers killed

Long-lost World War II US sub likely found

Somali warlords flee to USN ship

16 June 2006

Swedish Gotland submarine extends US Stay for Another Year

Gulf states prepare for blockage of Hormuz Strait

USN develops jet-zipping combat ship

Pak Navy officers conferred French Knight titles

US sea-based missile system works

RN helps stricken merchant in Gulf

USN sinks

retired destroyers

15 June 2006

U.S. Navy’s Submarines Find No Shortage of Tasks

Gulf States Prepare for Blockage of Hormuz Strait

Conventional Trident missiles will aid terror war

Navy to christen submarine Hawaii

14 June 2006

Navy Official Balks At Speeding Up Sub Building

Divers to inspect presumed US WWII submarine

Russia to build world's first floating nuclear reactor

Top officer USS Columbus loses post

Japanese mayor drops opposition to US Carrier

Australian frigate upgrade a costly waste

German U-33 Type 212A


HMS Clyde first ship built in Portsmouth for 40 years

13 June 2006

Submarine HMS Onyx makes

move to new home

Brilliant Ships, Commanded by Morons

US students are told about submarine life

LM to Provide High Altitude Launch Capability to Mk-54 Torpedoes

Blessing in Connecticut

set for submarine USS Hawaii

A well-kept secret

Dunkirk hero given admirable salute

Government not rushing to sell Australian Submarine Corp

Daewoo picked to supply S-Korea's 2nd Aegis destroyer

Captain USS Columbus relieved of duty after hazing scandal

RN ratings get their marching orders to apologize

Investigation shows that deadly Gaza blast not caused by IDF navy

Royal Thai Navy 21 gun salute

India navy chief will visit Russia to review defence projects

Portsmouth RN base has 19 warships in mothballs

12 June 2006

Return of the ironclad Monitor

Courage of RAN sub's Johnny Crazy

Romania and Britain investigate ships deal

New: The US NECC - Navy

Expeditionary Combat Command

US Coast Guard, Navy, FBI to team up for security exercise

USN developing smaller, faster warships

11 June 2006

S-Korean Navy

launches 1800 ton sub

USN chooses smaller shipyards to build newest littoral combat ship

Navy Sailors to Dive on WWII Submarine Resting Site

A Navy town 350 miles from the nearest ocean

Tall ships to sail into Chicago in August

10 June 2006

Battle of Midway

June 4-7, 1942

Somalis expect US, Ethiopian intervention

US carrier makes port call in Hong Kong

Royal Malaysian navy commissiones new generation patrol vessel

09 June 2006

France wants industry to cut submarine costs

RAN's drugs cocktail a prescription for disaster

Nigerian navy arrests vessel with stolen crude oil

Photo Essay

USS Cole deploys

Lockheed Martin finishes work SPY-1F Aegis for Norway

China's maturing navy

North Korea Warns against S. Korean Warships' Intrusion

Navy holds world's biggest pizza party

China's DF-31 missile will enter service soon

USS Cole begins first Middle East deployment since bombing

Conventional Trident Missiles Will Aid Terror War

S.Korea launches new sub

08 June 2006

Moscow plans first post-Soviet foreign port — in Syria

US, Singapore navy conduct missile and gun firing exercise

US One-stop sub shops called impractical

Facts: Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen class frigate

Venezuelan navy performs drills of foreign invasion

Kenya navy to train with Indian coast guard

Navies ready to patrol Malacca Straits against sea piracy

07 June 2006

RN Life on the subs that never sleep

the captain's story

Fire forces Spanish submarine back to base

Malaysian warns underwater mines could be terrorist tool

Yemen coastguards to be trained by British Navy

Thai Navy confident of smooth sailing for Royal Barges

Indian Navy awaits regional nod for patrolling Malacca Straits

Electric Boat chief pushes for increased USN submarine production

Photo Essay: USS Iwo Jima strike group deploys

USS Iwo Jima strike force deploys

06 June 2006

June - 6 - 1944

D-Day - Lest We Forget

US Submarine Force: Future in declining numbers

Bomb blast rocks Sri Lanka navy base

Polish navy in BALTOPS 2006

“Iron Lady” HMAS Diamantina 1 has made her final voyage

Swedish navy orders

training vessels

05 June 2006

Cold War sub USS Florida refitted to launch Tomahawks and transport Seals

Life on USS Florida is anything but 'routine'

Review: Crimson Tide

unrated extended edition

Russia denies seeking Mediterranean naval base in Syria

Russia to build naval base in Syria

No gift of old Pakistani submarines for Bangladesh

04 June 2006

War brings baby boom for USN and marine families

British navy chief visits Trinco harbor

HMS Chatham is en route to the Falkland Islands

03 June 2006

High alert extends chef's stay on sub

Texas sails through second wave of trials

British naval ship zrrives in Lagos

Auxiliery jet propulsion system

for USS Kitty Hawk

Troubled HMCS Victoria faces another delay

USN tug collaborates with Bulgarian navy

Video: Building prototype boat for USN seals

USN discovers centuries-old Spanish ship buried in sand

Nigeria uUnveils navy's new colours

USN apologizes to Japanese people in wake of conviction

02 June 2006

USS Cole to deploy to Middle East for first time since bombing

Pakistan to gift old submarines to Bangladesh Navy

Troubled submarine faces another delay

U.S. To Sell Harpoon Block II Missiles To Pakistan

Poor planning hinders Southeast Asia's navies

Portugal to sell used frigates and aircraft

Indonesian navy cadets on sailing ship to Jakarta

Indian navy ships

arrive in Brunei

War protest intensifies, but navy ship sails on time

USN's top security officer joins talks on security in Africa

Japan jails US sailor for murder

01 June 2006

US navy and coast guard join forces in Persian Gulf

Royal Navy asks children to design warship

Navy Links Hornet Simulators on East/West Coasts for Training

Royal Navy honors the fallen of Jutland

Why are US shipbuilding costs rising?

Launch date for new RN nuclear submarine

The night

war came to Sydney

Pentagon developing a new weapon to obtain absolute predominance

Pakistan navy to get first F-22P frigate by 2008

British navy was anxious about Nuremberg trials

Wullar mishap toll 24, navy says sorry

Israel navy steps up

to security challenge

Indian navy is world class