World Naval News Archives

31 May 2006

One man’s U-boat treasure

British navy was anxious about Nuremberg trials

Launch date set for first Astute sub

Investigation after reporter sneaks aboard British warship

Tension between Greek Coast-

Guard and Turkish Navy

US plans to use ballistic missiles against terrorists

Israel Navy to participate in NATO maritime exercise

Finnish navy to acquire

another missile system

Seeking better ties among African Navy

Indian Navy ship diverted to Jakarta

Pro-Russian opposition says USN ship threat to Ukraine

30 May 2006

The future has only two sorts of ships: subs and targets

Warship command for cleared sub captain

US urges African navies to improve surveillance

Asian navies asked to use U.S. technology to track ships

The Varyag Mystery Deepens

Raytheon SPY-3 Radar Successfully Conducts At-Sea Testing

World War II Sailor Remains On Eternal Patrol

Canadian subs' escape system could be deadly problem

India, UK play naval games in Goa

Indian navy starts hunt for ASW helicopter replacement

EADS proposes maritime variant of Airbus A319 for India

Congress balks at Pentagon 'war on terror' missile

29 May 2006

Indo-UK Naval exercises underway

Pak Navy to get first of four Chinese frigates by 2008

Race to find the flagship of John Paul Jones gains pace

India to host multilateral navy exercises

Pentagon Seeks Nonnuclear Tip for Sub Missiles

US. studies missile for nonnuclear quick strike

28 May 2006

The Mounting Chinese Threat

Indo-UK Naval exercises underway

27 May 2006

Navy shows off high-tech gadgets

Navy personnel complete WMD interdiction exercise

Sonar Operators Play It By Ear

Gov. Gen. praises submariners for asserting Canadian sovereignty

Multipurpose nuclear submarine Volgograd scrapped

Submarine funding up in the air

`Cadillac' of Navy subs comes to Georgia with new stealth mission

Russian sub launches satellite

26 May 2006

Rome speeds up departure of U.S. subs

Mission Possible: SEALs join SSGN

Boeing bids to sell P8 aircraft to India

25 May 2006

Navy shoots down a long-range missile

24 May 2006

Baseball & U-505

Seaborne missile shield passes test

Video: 60 Years Of Blue Angels

Serbia's navy left high and dry

A fascinating plunge into the mysteries of a Civil War sub

Nuclear submarine 50 years of the USSR to be scrapped

Russian submarine to launch satellite for quake detection

23 May 2006

Chinese Aviation Goes Amphibious

China to build F-22P frigates for Pakistan

Video: USS Texas returns from sea trials

22 May 2006

Gene Fluckey now on eternal patrol

India to order 3 frigates from Russia

Video: USS Texas Alpha trials

Former spy ship now teaching merchant sailors

USS TEXAS Gets "Clean Sweep" During Sea Trials

Taiwan proposes cross-strait buffer zone

Kansas dedicates highway to submarine vets

Navy's role in Afghanistan grows

Bangladesh Navy to procure submarines, patrol aircraft

EU 'building navy by stealth'

Russian Pacific Fleet submarine crew receives awards

21 May 2006

Joint Indo-UK Naval Exercise

Southeast Asia Maritime Security Exercise

Full steam ahead: Brussels draws up plan for 'EU navy'

20 May 2006


19 May 2006

Navy details huge unmanned aerial vehicle program

US Navy to beef up presence in Asian waters

PCU Texas Returns From Sea Trials Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Preparations Continue for UK's New Aircraft Carrier

Navy Divers Get Look at Sunken Carrier

A trip aboard the USS Florida

Video: "Oriskany"

Courtesy, footing and food key in the deep-sea world

"Submarine life is nothing like in the movies"

Go Down Below Aboard USS Florida (includes video)

18 May 2006

Photos: Experimental special ops ship Stiletto in action - 1, 2, 3, 4

Pakistan increases its warship arsenal

Russian navy plans 'very serious' global exercises

UK-India joint naval manoeuvres

Boat does yard proud

Sub Texas Ends First Round Of Sea Trials

Algeria Buys Kilo Subs

Columnist learned all he needed for sub ride from the movies

Subs surge for Global War on Terrorism

Liz's Used Discount Submarines

17 May 2006

Ex-Aircraft Carrier Sunk off Pensacola

USS Texas Gets 'Clean Sweep' During Sea Trials

Oriskany’s day arrives

French Toxic Ship Clemenceau Returns Home

USS Texas set for sea trials

Slow moving Ambush

Documentary cameras will follow carrier's descent to ocean bottom

New charges expected in plot to steal Navy secrets for China

Russia, China to ink deal on amphibious ASW aircraft

James Bond, Captain Nemo lurk off Dubai's coast

Indian Navy's Harriers to operate from British carrier in joint exercise

Admiralty Shipyards to ink submarine export contract in June

16 May 2006

National Geographic video: USS Virginia

Russia getting rid of floating Chernobyls

Shipyard launches new corvette for Russian Navy

Russian Navy to continue guarding oil exports

Crimson Tide: Unrated Extended Edition

Why The Navy Hates Northrop Grumman

Bill could force ex-Cole skipper into retirement

Australian navy under fire over abuse claim

RAN ships loiter off East Timor

RN finds unexploded 500lb bomb

Video: Controlled detonation of a terrorist fishing boat

15 May 2006

US Destroyer Joins French Task Force in Arabian Sea

Navy sonar range stirs fishing concerns

Two Groton subs on intelligence mission

HMAS Tobruk prepares

for deployment to East Timor

Pakistan Navy chief to leave for China on week-long visit

USN tries to curb suicides among sub crews

Israel Navy: Easier for terrorists to smuggle arms by sea

14 May 2006

Video: USN testing new stealth

destroyer on Lake Pend Oreille

Russian Defence Minister presents new commander of Baltic Fleet

Can. Navy technicians blew submarine's electrical system

Sunken US carrier

an economic treasure

Canadian submarines sinking in a sea of red ink

13 May 2006

Smaller Sub Fleet Projected 10 Years Down The Road

Major naval battle off Sri Lanka

Book Review: The Sinking of

the Lisbon Maru

UFO back to Caspian Sea?

As US warships ply the waters, China rises on the horizon

Indian navy ships 'save' Lanka troops

Fishermen say no to USN sonar

Repair attempt overloaded Canadian sub

HMS Vigilant: Dive, dive, dive

East Timor awaits Australian

Navy ships briefing

12 May 2006

First glimpse of Ambush submarine

Israel Mulls Pilotless Mini-Submarine

More 'Exomos submarine' photos

China's Navy prefers good-looking, tall and polite recruits

Russia's LCS Eater

$513B defense bill would keep carrier Kennedy

U.S. Plans for Nuclear Warhead Replacement Irresponsible — Russian Official

Starling is the darling of Drake

Romanov invites Russian nuclear sub heroes to cup final

Movie review: Poseidon gasps for air

USN shows off new, fast gunboat

RAN 'deploys'

near East Timor

Video+Pics: German S77 DACHS fires RAM in recent exercise

Sri Lanka rebels sink navy attack boat in sea battle

Israel: Raising Motivation for the Navy

11 May 2006

Romanov invites Soviet sub heroes to cup final

WWII sub outfitted with 21st century gizmos

Tale of jet tail begins off Florida, ends on Irish coast

US, Indian navies should go beyond 'exercises': US admiral

Navy's new defense is small but mighty

Stealthy SSGNs Slip Into Special Ops

Taiwan planning to purchase SEAL Delivery Vehicles

Indian Navy seeks Russian ‘stealth’ warships

Russia's Bulava SLBM undergoes fast-track test program

10 May 2006

Now revealed: How Australian Navy helped rescue Russian sub

Russia to commission teo strategic missile submarines in 2006

Disney - Submarine Voyage

park photos update

SA Navy submariner critical after falling three metres

Royal Navy's last 'human torpedoes' tracked down

Singapore Navy launches sixth stealth frigate

Israeli Navy seizes explosives haul

Indonesian navy not worried about Timor Leste unrest

Piece of Navy jet that crashed off Florida washes up in Ireland

09 May 2006

Indian Navy wants Israeli Barak

Senate Committee Emphasizes New Ships

Canada remembers The Battle of the Atlantic

Singapore Navy launches new frigate

Swordfish-2006 video: Sinking patrol a boat with missiles

Two RAN patrol boats

arrive in the Solomon's

Twilight for US WWII stories

Venezuelan President warns against US Navy in Caribbean

Indian Navy wants Israeli Barak missiles on all warships

08 May 2006

The Believers. Mission --> Save the Seas

USN Swift provides quick

delivery in North Persian Gulf

On Pacific Patrol As U.S. Warships Ply The Waters, China Rises On The Horizon

Admiral Defines Changing Role Of Submarines

Iranian General Reveals Preparations for Naval War with the U.S.

Culture of risk leads to terrible loss for underwater crew

Interview - Wolfgang Petersen, Das Boot director, about his newest movie.

Photos: 2006 Air and Sea Show

Fort Lauderdale, Fla

Nigeria to host African Navy

Secretive, lethal rebel ‘navy’ a big factor in Sri Lankan conflict

Veterans remember Battle of the Atlantic

07 May 2006

Farewell to a once-mighty

USN ship

US, Russian navies plan more cooperation next year

Russian frigate prepares for first NATO operation

Rumsfeld unable to learn fate of Navy pilot shot down in '56

06 May 2006

India's PM watches anti-missile system in action

Photos: Exomos midget-

submarine factory in Dubai

Suspected discovery of lost US WWII sub brings relief at last

Unmasked: Bogus earl is American navy spy

Nigerian Navy parades youths for attempting to blow oil platforms

Sri Lanka navy and air force sink rebel boats

US Navy jet tail fin washes up on Irish shores

The naval review by the Israeli Navy

05 May 2006

Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group exercises with French Navy

Memorial Service to Honor
USS Lagarto Crew

Collins subs to get improved comms

A day at sea for India's PM

04 May 2006

Russian navy to join hunt for terrorists in Mediterranean

US, Russian Navies Plan More Cooperation

USS Louisville Surges to Western Pacific

Canadian crewman died from inhaling hot gases on sub

Excerpt: 'Miracles on the Water'

Scientists seek to determine why hundreds of dolphins washed up dead

South Korea to unveil unmanned explorer sub

Aso says Japan reestablished 'navy' after war

Modernization of Russian submarine fleet a priority

US reports progress in Iraq Navy

More harm seen in USN sonar range proposal

03 May 2006

Relations With Iran on High Seas 'Courteous, Professional'

Biography of a gentle seaman

South African navy Super Lynx 300 first flight

A giant leap for the Norwegian navy

Christening first German

type K130 corvette

01 May 2006

'Ring of Steel' Encircles Iraqi Oil Platforms

Boeing’s Third-Generation Harpoon Attracts Navy Support

Indian Navy commanders seek to enhance maritime prowess

‘Last of a dying breed’ – Farewell to the Sea Harrier

The Big E carrier group set for upcoming mission

House subcommittee wants to speed submarine construction

S-1: A Surprising Submarine Made For Air And Sea

Taiwan War simulations reveal communication problem

New Zealand Navy looks forward to new, faster vessels

Delay of repairs raises doubts HMCS Chicoutimi will return to sea