World Naval News Archives

29 April 2006

Sailors celebrate USS Kitty Hawk’s 45th birthday

Senator Enters Bill To Retire U.S.S. Kennedy

Submarine sonar suspected in mystery death of 400 dolphins

USS Cleveland Tests Anti-Torpedo Technology

28 April 2006


Indian court demands answers on submarine kickback charge

Repairs to fire-ravaged submarine delayed

US House wants to speed submarine construction

Work begins on first Scorpene submarine for India

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27 April 2006

S Korea warns Japan over islands

Pakistan takes steps to strengthen its navy

Navy to Base First Four Littoral Combat Ships in San Diego

RN's Top Officers inspect Iraq’s Navy

Submarine officer earns Bronze Star

26 April 2006

New warheads to guarantee Russian security until 2030

Pakistan takes command patrolling Straits of Hormuz

Terror attack has scuttled a Navy career

Enterprise strike group likely headed to Persian Gulf

U.S. Navy to shrink submarine costs

German submarine sets world record for conventional dive

USS Connecticut, USS Seawolf headed for Bremerton

CNO Calls Shipbuilding Plan Top Budget Priority

Diesel Subs OK for Others, Not U.S.

25 April 2006

Families come together in sunken sub's memory

Pakistan Navy assumes task force command

Israel’s Navy a Quiet Defender of the South

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Korea to Launch Unmanned Submarine

24 April 2006

Photo: Iranian submarine

Iran's High Speed Torpedo Scam

Photo: Iranian one-man submarine

ThyssenKrupp Marine delivers third fuel cell submarine

SOCOM Submarine Scuttled

22 April 2006

Panama sub discovery

Australian Navy rescues 17 from Tongan islands

No US Navy agreement on pirates

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21 April 2006

Pentagon builds up forces in Pacific as check on China

Deadly serious war games

Canada scrambles to assert sovereignty in Arctic

20 April 2006

Iran's military: We 'can block oil exports whenever necessary'

French navy turns scarlet over expensive loss

Costs sink Navy minisub program

Russia's LCS Eater

Survivor of Iowa blast salutes 47 victims before retirement

Turbulent times in Norway

Video: USS Florida's Conversion

Cost Cutting the Super Sub

19 April 2006

New Mexico Native to Command Namesake Submarine

France Loses Part of Expensive Sonar in the Sea

U.S., Canada Strive for ASW Excellence

Surface Strike Group Makes “Surge” Deployment

Russia stages large sea maneuvers

U.S. Navy extends hunt for Swedish sub

Unmanned subs would revolutionize warfare

18 April 2006

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INS Kirpan turned and fled'

1942: Queen Mary's deadly drama at sea

USN works to shrink submarine costs

US to help tackle

Somali pirates

17 April 2006

USS Honolulu says aloha
to namesake city
USS Honolulu

US to Find Airstrip Replacement on Japan

Invasion: Could It Happen?

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Coast Guard veteran patrolled for German U-boats in Caribbean

Giant deep-sea volcano with "moat of death" found

A Very

To You All

Dutch and US warships sail after pirate call --> false alarm

Scandals afloat in the Dutch Navy

Whatever happened to . . . the woman who fought the Navy and won?

16 April 2006

US yacht said attacked by pirates off Yemen

USS Hawaii nearly complete

India govt rejects call for cancellation of Scorpene sub deal

Royal Brunei Navy welcomes NZ warship

Mass whale deaths tied to USN sonar, report says

14 April 2006

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USN mini-sub plan scuttled

Joint navy exercise with Malaysia and Philippines

Indonesia refurbishes their U-Boats

13 April 2006

SSGN USS Florida

readies for full operation

Silent Nuclear Submarines Add to Iran Tensions

Russian Navy to deploy Bulava-M missile in 2008

Saab wins order for command and control systems on four Swedish Subs

Boeing bids to sell Indian Navy eight P-8A aircraft

USN drilling for geothermal energy

2 Royal Malaysian Navy boats arriving in Zambo

Russia plans to modernize its missile forces by 2015

Boeing bids to sell Indian Navy P-8A maritime aircraft

Russia denies submarine fire reports

12 April 2006

Multimission-Capable Sub Readies for Full Operation

Why SeaRAM is Superior to Phalanx

DDG 1000 And a Century of Destroyers

Joe Buff: Taming the Shkval

Iranian navy exercises

in the Gulf Sea

Pakistani and French forces hold exercises

Promo video South Korean Navy

11 April 2006

US praise for Collins subs

Video: Australian military sinks NKorean ship Pong Su

New Navy force will take the fight upriver in Iraq

S.Lanka navy says rebels kill 11, hurt foreigners

Dodging depth charges aboard the USS Thresher

Disaster in the Deep

Israeli version of littoral combat ship studied by US

‘Tin can sailors' talk about time in the USN

US patrol boat now a memorial

10 April 2006

Navy Goes Under Sea To Aid War On Terrorism

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A Banner Day For Subs

Analysts size up Iran's defenses

Red Rose helps inflammable Hulk

Damage Control Training at Submarine Training Center Pacific


home at last

Pressure increases for answers on whale deaths

India Scorpene submarine deal: PIL seeks CBI probe

Hunley restoration could launch technology industry

Lost On This Day

In 1963

09 April 2006

Gunning for Iran

Shipyard marks anniversary of Thresher loss

Canada upgrading sub fire-control systems

SAS Manthatisi

arrives in Simon's Town

SA’s new generation of submarines

Column: USN uninterested in efforts to build more submarines

Iran's Navy goes underwater to win

RN divers explode netted mine

South Africa`s new submarine arrives in Cape Town

08 April 2006

U.S. Drops Northrop Mini-Submarine Project

Navy seeks crest for new sub New Mexico

Warrior queen arrives in Simon's Town

Video: Maritime Security Operations In 5th Fleet AOR

Boeing tests new UUV for LA, Virginia-class subs

Swedish HMS Nyköping embarks on sea trials

Northrop Grumman's newest submarine comes to life as crew moves aboard

Tales from a watery grave

story of CSS Hunley

Former India navy chief files PIL against Scorpene deal

IDF Navy gunboats bombard northern Gaza

USN renames DD(X) destroyer as Congress debates funding

Canada's top-notch new coastal radar is mired in red tape

The future of US ELF is up in the air

07 April 2006

Navy Designates Next-Generation Zumwalt Destroyer

Sex sank Navy in spy scam

Australian Military Recruiting 'Serious Game' Posts Stats

Memorial Service To Mark Anniversary Of Sub's Demise

Ukraine pays tribute to sunken Komsomolets submarine crew

Canada upgrading sub fire-control systems

Iran's New Weapons: More Flash Than Force?

South Africa Gets Its First German Submarine

US Navy trying to stall sub deal with Taiwan

Indonesian navy operates spy planes to patrol RI-Australia border

US and ROK navies perfect skills in Foal Eagle 06

Winners announced

in RN photographic competition

Navy works to stall submarine deal with Taiwan

Sailor of K-19 submarine nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Submarine nearing end of its journey from Germany

06 April 2006

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T-time in Plymouth lasts till 2022

World’s Smartest Pirates

Ghostboat's hidden depths

Blackseafor exercises held in Black Sea

Russian Who Prevented Nuclear Sub Explosion Nominated for Nobel Prize

It Looked Good On Paper, and Better in the Papers

Refitted submarine about ready to return to service

Navy sub comes out on top in sea tests

South African's S101 Maiden Voyage

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle to operate from tubes of USN sub

James Bond submarine

for sale

US Navy ship returns with 61,000 pounds of cocaine

Royal Navy mini submarine lost in recovery mission

05 April 2006

Dutch navy fires at pirates off Somali coast

Is Iran's carrier-killer a squib?

Iran touts new weapons; experts suspect bluff

Coalition Ships Challenge Hijackers On S.Korean Vessel

Navy Names New Littoral Combat Ship Independence


Indonesia steps up navy patrols

Navy: Pirates Hijack S. Korean Ship

James Bond Submarine goes under the gavel

U.S. Navy chief challenges shipbuilders

Royal Navy submarine lost in recovery mission

Iran Says It's Ready To Fight

04 April 2006

Iran tests stealth 'flying boat'

More on the Iranian 'Flying Boat'

New Russian Boomers Reach the Finish Line

Iran says tests ‘flying boat’ in Gulf wargames

Photos: Iran holds military maneuvers

Russian Roots for Iran's "Underwater Missile"

Iran's High Speed Torpedo Scam

Dangerous Waters Makes Waves

Navy ship being built with WTC steel

03 April 2006

Iran tests 'super-fast' torpedo

Iran fires new torpedo in major oil passage

Video footage of Iranian torpedo test

Iran to fire new torpedo again today

Photo of Iranian supercavitating torpedo test

Iran's "Hout" underwater missile

British Subs Debunk Conventional Fashion: Is Blue the New Black?

Iran conducts second torpedo test

Navy to center submarine counterterrorism training in Groton

Kings Bay Gears Up For New Submarine

Pentagon To Retire USS Honolulu Submarine

Iran calls test of new missile successful

02 April 2006

EBay bidders push Enigma Machine over $US30k

Iran calls test of new missile successful

U.S., Coalition Forces Conduct At-Sea Training Without Leaving the Pier

Iran claims successful missile test

Does Iran have Shkval?

Stealth sub to give Royal Navy's SAS a hidden edge

Indo-French joint naval exercises off Goa coast

Joint Indo-French naval exercise "Varun" begins today

USS Honolulu set for its final sail

01 April 2006

A lethal combination of stealth and strength

Navy's plan to add ships makes waves

USS Nevada completes test launch exercise

2000 Copies of Dangerous Waters Purchased by Iranian Navy
Dangerous Waters for Iran?

Sailors honoured for sub heroism

"Penn and Teller: Off the Deep End" on DVD!

Torpedo boats like 'David and Goliath'

Navy to center submarine counterterrorism training in Groton