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31 March 2006

Photo: US, Russian cruisers sail in formation

Iran tests new stealth missiles

Goldsmith tells of submarine trip

Analysts Are Skeptical Of Navy Shipbuilding Plan

Submarine Base To Coordinate U.S. Undersea Counter-terrorism Training

Spring brings shipbuilders, suppliers to Capitol Hill

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Iran to launch massive naval wargame titled "Holy Prophet"

Major Russian naval exercise to be held in Pacific

Blue Monday for HMS Torbay… and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…

Photos: Loading of SEAL Delivery Vehicle on USS Dallas - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Honolulu Bids Aloha to Namesake City Submarine

30 March 2006

Mafia built submarine to run drugs

29 March 2006

Das Boot - The Original
Uncut Version


Pathfinders get sub training

U.S. Navy Memorial to Honor Submariners on April 10

Indian summer for HMS Illustrious

Royal Navy waves goodbye to Sea Harriers

Precision Attack Missile missile test was a success

The Return of the U-boat

$1bn submarine calls city home

Wanted: New home for a Soviet submarine

Submarine cutbacks under fire

US Navy says submarine building industry stable, design force at risk

28 March 2006

Russian naval group receives warm welcome at U.S. base

Indian navy launches third-largest landing ship

Taiwan steps up defense capabilities with US-built amphibious assault vehicles

Mafia drugs submarine seized

Special Ops Sub Becomes Hub for Irregular Warfare

27 March 2006

Why Black Boats Got the Blues

U.S. Navy tests Norwegian KNM Skjold

US, Russian navy to conduct assistance, disaster relief drill

Russian naval group visits U.S. base in Pacific

Korea Feels Ripple Effect in Chinese Navy’s Wake

The navy’s message: no miracles in Canada's sub program

India, France begin naval exercises

Russia thanks Norway for submarine rescue attempt

Video 1982 - One of our submarines is missing

26 March 2006

Video: USS Bowfin museum

Indo-French war games take off


State-of-art Navy ship makes history — twice

Rimpac returns, as does sonar debate

Up periscope: fancy a life underwater?

Sinking feeling forces Canadian Navy to recruit new submariners off the street

Merchant Vessel, U.S. Navy Ship Collide in Persian Gulf

25 March 2006

Iran's Navy Goes Underwater to Win

24 March 2006

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Charles De Gaulle to face Viraat in Varuna-7

Clyde base for new £1.2bn submarine

Mod Unveils Latest Image Of New Royal Navy Super Submarine

India, France to conduct naval exercise

Indo-French naval exercises begin Monday

China celebrates maritime achievements

NATO Stages Major Naval Exercise

23 March 2006

Rolls Royce at helm of Royal Navy flagship

USA capable of wiping out Russia’s nuclear capacity in single strike

Raytheon awarded $346 million for Tomahawk missile production

Construction begins in Russia on new fourth-generation sub

Aircraft carrier returns to its final resting place

Recruiting Game Geeks for War

Russia, U.S. have rough parity in naval nuclear forces - Russian expert

When Piracy Isn't Piracy

Australian F-111s sink NKorean heroin ship

Canada's military could arm coast guard ships for Arctic sovereignty mission

Momentum For Hike In Sub Production

Video: Ocean Surveillance Ships

22 March 2006

Four years later, Indian Navy still to deploy UAVs

Video: U.S. Navy's Integrated Undersea Surveillance System

21 March 2006

Photos: Trafalgar Class Submarine - HMS Torbay – More Stealthy

U.S. Navy prowls Africa's coast for pirates

What's fishy about India's Scorpene deal?

India defends submarine purchase

New Russian Boomers Reach the Finish Line

Taiwan defense ministry outlines new proposal on submarines

20 March 2006

Video: Navy ships return fire on suspected pirates

Navy's newest carrier beginning to take shape

Russia upgrading ballistic missile submarine fleet

Coast Guard eyes Navy's LCS

We all live in a Blue submarine

Captain praises crew's actions in pirate skirmish

Piracy remains threat in SE Asia

Opposition alleges kickbacks in Scorpene deal

Russian Navy to fly ROV to submarine disasters

3rd Atomic Submarine of the 4th Generation to be Ready in 5 years

19 March 2006

Somali Pirates Deny Shooting First

Photos: US Navy battles pirates - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Bad move: Pirates attack 2 Navy warships in the Indian Ocean

Aussies to rescue American Civil War sub

Lawmakers: Lagging sub production is security threat

Electric Boat's troubles felt across nation as sub building dwindles

Russian shipyard starts building new nuclear submarine

Russia marking 100th anniversary of Submarine Force

18 March 2006

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The Incredible, Inevitable Shrinking Russian Fleet

US warships kill 'pirate' after attack off Somalia

Navy to relieve ground troops in Iraq

Keeping subs going could cost Canada $1.5 billion

U.S. Navy Ships Return Fire on Suspected Pirates

Submarine unveiled at Dubai boat show

Museum buys Cdn. submarine for $4

17 March 2006

Video: USNS Impeccable Hunts Subs

Lincoln Carrier Strike Group Conducts Undersea Warfare Training

Monument in memory of submariners unveiled in Vladivostok

Production Wrapping Up on Navy's Newest Carrier

Dolphins shorten sonar session

Raytheon Awarded Contract For Block IV Tomahawk Missile

Submarine Builders To Navy: Let's Make A Deal

RN sub repairs are moved to Scotland

Royal Navy may get 'gay drama training'

Rebel Submarine Seized Off Colombia's Pacific Coast

Museum buys Canadian submarine for $4

Fleet of cheap submarines could replace RN's Trident

16 March 2006

Video: Royal Navy submarines

Gay Royal Navy officers to march with pride

Navy's top admiral chides shipbuilder for cost overruns

Russian sub fleet starts centennial celebrations

15 March 2006

Russia Has New Nuke Submarine

Putin names Navy’s modernization among Russia’s priority tasks

NATO-Russia Maritime Training Completed

U.K. probes costly tech failure for submarines

Russia to build an elite submarine group

Enigma project cracks second code

Taiwan opposition can't agree on US arms deal

4,000-ton class destroyer to be launched

Exomos showcases retro-styled Nautilus

Mini Robosub Joins the US Navy

14 March 2006

The Hills have Ice

13 March 2006

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Secret scientific project may prolong life of Trident

Russia and Nottingham play board games

Video: USS Port Royal's New SQ-89 Sonar

U.S. Navy plans to put more subs in the Pacific

US Navy seeks rapid-strike missile system

Navy's plans for nuke-less Trident missiles stir worries

Sub lead problem a puzzle

Ship tugs at men's memories

US Navy Submarine Completes Successful UUV Test

Retelling Nemo

US to move bulk of attack-submarine force to the Pacific

12 March 2006

Navy's 'Top Gun' Jets Complete Final Combat Mission

Colombian Navy Takes Sub in Smuggling Bust

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11 March 2006

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10 March 2006

Connecticut congressman takes aim at mini-sub program

UK- French Future Aircraft Carrier Agreement

Maritime security cut

Video of new Iranian submarine (see clip #1065)

China to build aircraft carrier to develop navy fleet

U.S. Navy Forced to Sink Its Ships

Lieberman: Sub count to even out

Ukraine ties Black Sea rent to Russian gas

09 March 2006

Video: USS Toledo in Sicily

Senators fear budget may shortchange Navy shipbuilding

USS Scranton Completes Successful UUV Test

San Francisco gives battleship the heave-ho

DoD Defends New Sub-Launched Missiles

Britain and France Build Robocarrier

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08 March 2006

India's Navy Holding Maritime Patrol Aircraft Competition

Pentagon Seeks New Force Of Conventional-Warhead Trident Missiles

Indonesian Navy holds anti-terror drill in the Malacca Strait

India requests proposals for long-range patrol aircraft

HMS Spartan - She will be mist

Weaponizing the Shark and Other Pentagon Dreams

Video: "Rattler", Revolutionary Approach To Time-Critical Long Range Strike

07 March 2006

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Lockheed upbeat on MPA contracts

Iran boosts Gulf presence with locally-made submarine

HMCS Victoria health scare over

USS Honolulu's Last Aloha

USS Cape St. George Helps Maintain Security in Persian Gulf

Chilean Navy incorporates two refurbished frigates

£3bn Anglo-French aircraft carriers deal is sealed

'Top Gun' fighter jets ending final combat deployment

06 March 2006

Big guns of RAN called in to catch Pong Su

HMS York’s globe-trotting pig

The Navy wants you, but not with that tattoo

U-boat's Enigma Cracked With PCs

Australia to destroy North Korean drug ship

The TacAir Empire Strikes Back

05 March 2006

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Argentina is menacing Falklands, say Tories

04 March 2006

Pearl Harbor Sub Participates in Undersea Warfare Exercise with ESG

Video: USS Port Royal Deploys

We All Live In a Black, Nuclear Powered Bad Ass Submarine

Navy Plans Flying Submarine

03 March 2006

Navy Seeks to Avert Precipitous Decline in the Size of the Fleet

Navy fends off Hill pressure to accelerate sub purchases

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USN resists pressure to order more subs

More Submarines Coming To Kitsap Sub Base
USS Conneticutt

Cold Warrior Confessions

Trident submarine is refitted for new role

01 March 2006

HMS Bulwark Assumes Duties as Flagship in North Persian Gulf

New generation Russian subs to be armed with Bulava missiles

Royal Navy ship damaged in fjord

Warship to host gay wedding for Royal Navy officer

Lockheed Upgrades US Submarine Acoustics

India Looks to Modify Scorpene Subs With AIP Propulsion

Submarine can launch new robot aircraft

Russia Recognizes Two U.S. Officers for Help in Sub Rescue