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28 February 2006

UK's largest warship heading Arctic war games

USS Hopper Supports Ballistic Missile Defense in “Sky Hunter”

Why The USN Wants to Lose Two Carriers

Turkey and Russia partake in joint military exercises

Pearl Harbor subs gain in Navy shift to Pacific

Singapore-India joint naval exercise started

27 February 2006

Help sought to break final Enigma codes

Navy shifts Atlantic subs to Pacific

Navy's sonar range plan draws public comments

RN frigate joins French task force

Russia, Turkey Black Sea naval exercise

U.S. Navy Forced to Sink Its Ships

Lockheed-Martin offers refurbished P3C Orions to India

26 February 2006

Deal proposed to revive Taiwan's interest in Connecticut subs

India and Singapore begin joint naval exercise

24 February 2006

Navy ‘firmly committed’ to keeping 10 carrier wings

Royal Navy gets world beating submarine detection system

Guam still in running for carrier

Video: The Centennial Seven

Troubled Canadian sub under quarantine

Submarine 'hunts' Navy ships

China's new sub base to make waves

Commander says JFK should be retired ASAP

Submarines in training for underwater warfare

23 February 2006

Stiletto: On the high-tech seas

Lawmaker: U.S. should sell diesel subs to Taiwan

Russians Perplexed By Military Day Billboards Featuring US Battleship

New submarines may be built in Australia

Fisherman to be paid for snagging sub

22 February 2006

U.S. Dangerous War Scenario Denounced

Indo-US naval exercise off Sri Lanka coast

USS Ronald Reagan joins 5th Fleet in Middle East

India eyes 3 more Russian stealth frigates

South Africa’s newly-equipped, streamlined navy shipshape

U.S. lawmaker urges action on Taiwan subs

20 February 2006

Four carriers to exercise in Pacific this summer

Court war looms over Scorpene kickback

RN plan for nuclear sub berths raises safety fears

Canadian warships set to train with U.S. Navy

Indo-Russian pact for submarine modernisation

19 February 2006

Unique Submarine items at benefit auction

RN helicopter takes to the road

Volvo Ocean Race Viewer

Live On Your Computer

18 February 2006

Video: Launching pigeons by torpedo

NOAA blasts USN over whale-killing sonar

Pirate case: US Navy Lt testifies against Somalis

Retiring USS Kennedy proposed

Chicoutimi fix-up may cost $100m

Shrinking sub fleet stirs fears

US Navy's F-14 flies its final mission

New Zealand's new MRV


$31.8M in combat control systems for 7 US Virginia subs

USN sonar range plan challenged

Amid China threat US to hold mammoth naval operations in Pacific

USN halts flight operations on aircraft carrier

£9m aircraft carrier for sale at theme park

Indian nuke sub project finally moves ahead

17 February 2006

Canadian navy vessels, fighter jets to exercise with U.S. navy

Video: Seahorse unmanned underwater vehicle

Three services to have BrahMos missiles

Russian naval shipyard to service Indian submarines

India Buys What Russia Cannot Afford

The $66,000,000 Smart Bomb

New fleet chief vows to combat piracy

PACFLT Discusses Rising Role in Pacific

Russia will not agree to higher Black Sea Fleet rent

Report: Russian fleet to leave Crimea in 2017

No Nuke Submarines?

16 February 2006

SA Navy gets new corvette, SAS Amatola

French govt faces headache over "toxic" ship

Sale: Aircraft carrier (with Ferris wheel)

Attempt to Ram Navy Ship Brings Coke Bust

Today Is Declared ‘USS Greeneville Day’

Photo: China's Jianggezhuang Submarine Base and underground sub facility

Somali pirates run away from U.S. Navy ship

Carrier Enterprise tagged for Pacific cruise

Top U.S. cruiser Japan-bound

Navy gets final approval to sink retired aircraft carrier

India considers acquiring UK Sea Harriers

Pakistan Considering Equipping Subs with Nuclear Missiles

Photos show Chinese nuke buildup

Teddy Roosevelt Traps Last Tomcat from Combat Mission

Ohio rejoins fleet as first SSGN-class submarine

Navy signs submarine systems deal with Raytheon

NATO: World’s largest submarine exercise tackles terrorism

Pentagon preparing devastating submarine-launched ballistic missile attacks against Iranian nuclear sites?

USS Roosevelt Coming Home!

15 February 2006

Patricia Cornwell Aids Hunley Sub Mystery

Ship’s crew was beaten by pirates

US to hold mammoth naval exercise in Pacific

General Dynamics Receives $1.35 Billion Submarine Contract

President spend time in Submarine

13 February 2006

Indian Navy looks East toward China

CNO: Keeping JFK Would Eat $2-$3B From Shipbuilding

U.S. Navy fighting terrorism under water

Navy's show of strength impresses Kalam

French warship's fate remains in limbo

Kalam reviews naval fleet, calls for more powerful submarines

Indian Navy in process of modernisation

India's Prez goes 300-ft below sea level

US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites

India's submarine arm a professionally skilled force

11 February 2006

Reagan landing before Bush

U.S. Navy Steps Up War Against Somali Pirates

Shipbuilding Plan Features a Bigger, More Capable Fleet

Russian Navy ship sinks due to rust

Indian and US navies to stage carrier drill on Valentine's Day

Russians go after Virginia subs

10 February 2006

Ivanov receives NATO Secretary General on missile cruiser

Taiwan's defense minister may sue newspaper over submarine story

Sea Harriers' last dogfight

Navy ships off Yemen try to block escape of suspected terrorists

Royal Navy hailed as ‘Gay-Friendly’

China, ASEAN agree to safeguard peace in South China Sea

Taiwan claims US Navy is sabotaging SSK plans

Dutch logistic support vessel

Pelikaan launched

Euro Navy seeks to develop regional security plan with African nations

USS Ohio (SSGN 726) conversion

US Ships troll Yemen coast for fugutives

Britain prepares to outsource

Royal Marine Auxilliary Service

UK Sea Harriers fly with F-15s one last time

09 February 2006

Collision tragedy’s anniversary marked

Return of the Gators?

Royal Navy Searching For Gay Recruits

Russian naval ships arrive in Sicily to join NATO drill

U.S. ships block Yemen coast

USS Ohio, 1st Guided-Missile Platform, Rejoins Fleet

Navy Leaders Budget for 21st Century Sailor, Future Force

A Submarine in the Desert

Canadian Navy not exactly shipshape

NOAA Approves Grant to Aid Search for John Paul Jones' Flagship

Russian Navy plans to order 40 corvettes

Indian Navy 'spooks' new Chinese destroyer

08 February 2006

Navy’s top admiral says cost-cutting will be focus

Navy to Christen New Guided Missile Destroyer Gridley

DD(X) slated to get $2.6 Billion

Pentagon official voices China-Taiwan concerns

Pacific needs greater Navy presence

Navy again seeks to eliminate carrier

US Sub anti-aircraft missile passed test

Kalam set to sail on naval submarine

Russia launches project to create next-generation nuclear sub

Israel building underwater wall

Owner of historic U-boat in vital talks

US Navy chief offers fleet expansion plan

07 February 2006

Bush Budget Seen As Lean On Sub Funding

Navy submits plan seeking more ships but one less carrier

Remembering another victory over the French

QDR “Vectors” Navy to New Skills and Missions

Top admiral endorses shift to Pacific

Expert: Raising U-boat pricey

Free 2006

Navy Kalender

USN proposed 2007 budget calls for eliminating one carrier

Pak to get Orion aircraft from US next month

Navy cuts 'put UK security at risk'

06 February 2006

Sub anti-aircraft missile passed test

Enlisted sailors get shot at a seat in the cockpit

Russian Ships Enter Mediterranean for NATO Operation

Raytheon tests submarine-launch for AIM-9X Sidewinder missile

Owner of historic U-boat in vital talks

05 February 2006

Video: USS Ohio conversion

Sonar debate stays on the radar

Experimental Vessel for Special Ops Launched

04 February 2006

India says no to US P-3C Orion aircraft

Pacific central to Navy's defense plan

SSGN "Tactical Trident" Subs: Special Forces and Super Strike
SSGNs are reality

Submarine Lovers United

First Trident conversion completed

Navy to take over security role at Kings Bay

Military Wants More Subs

Navy report: 6 submarines heading west

03 February 2006

Photo scrapbook: Submarines-Russian Underwater Shield

India to hold Presidential Fleet Review

Video: Seahorse from Sea Fighter

Pentagon Review Will Affect Sub Fleet's Size

U.S. Navy budget includes 7 new ships

02 February 2006

British Navy spoils sailors with iPod docking stations

U.S. Sub-Building Capacity Eroding?

Destroyer Daring makes history

Experimental SEAL boat "Stiletto"

U.S. Navy puts maritime pirates on notice

Russian Navy to acquire new aircraft carriers

New warship is 'quantum leap forward' for the Royal Navy

Indian Navy still keen on early warning aircraft

Russia to Scrap 17 Nuclear Subs in 2006

Russia meeting schedule on aircraft carrier for India

More changes to the Navy's SSBN fleet may be on the horizon

Video: USS OHIO Returned To Service

Gorbachev suggests nuclear sub crew for Nobel Peace Prize

Video: Numa Numa song

01 February 2006

India, Israel Will Jointly Develop Long-Range Barak Missile

Tula submarine is back from overhaul

HMS Chatham prepares to take on Glasgow

U.S. Decision to Deploy Latest Type Nuclear Carrier in Yokosuka Assailed

Video: Taiwanese submarine

Photos: US Navy's Seahorse Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - 1, 2, 3, 4

Malacca Strait attack would rock world economies

Launch for cutting edge warship

Russian navy plans 20 new frigates

Navy’s proposed sonar range creates concern

Navy snubs Electric Boat