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31 January 2006

Sub Spying in Latin America: An Incredible Story

Pirate group threatens new measures

U. S. Navy, Coast Guard on Lookout for Piracy

Somalia is world's new pirate capital

High-sea hijackings increase as Iraq becomes new piracy hotspot

Russian Navy chief reveals submarine-fleet modernization plans

QDR Speeds Navy Programs

Russia to buy new mini-sub equipment overseas

Advanced Missiles to Equip S.Korean Destroyers

$1.1 Billion for Virginia Class Submarine Procurement

Russia Navy commander to hold conference on submarine fleet

30 January 2006

History prof studies sailors' foul mouths

Navy hands over 10 suspected pirates to Kenya

US Navy sorry about dumped rubbish

Raytheon Delivers Submarine Combat System to Royal Australian Navy

Major military exercise underway

Indian Govt asked to approve nuke submarines

VIDEO: Giant Octopus Attacks Sub

Great white now a "sub" species

29 January 2006

Sub commander fighting to clear name

Ceremony to rededicate HMS Cornwall

Sea Service Members and Vets Invited to Enroll in Navy Log

Aircraft carrier in hot water over garbage

S. Korea to equip Aegis destroyer with homemade missiles

Honolulu's namesake submarine to retire

28 January 2006

USS Forrest Sherman Commissioned

The big ship Navy is back

Drawing a line in the Arctic

Safecracker finds alcohol on sub

27 January 2006

France Is Becoming Another Nuclear 'Rogue State'

U. S. Navy bids farewell to Sea King helicopter

Torpedo adds to underwater arsenal

Revealing WWII Sub's Secrets

Russia to build another fourth-generation, Borey-class submarine

SEAL Ship: Silent But Deadly

Korea Offers to Sell Subs to Indonesia

Trident subs will fight terror

German U-15 Hits Bottom

Ace safecracker to try his hand on WWII sub

26 January 2006

QDR will boost submarine building

Pentagon to Shift Navy Forces to Counter Rising China

Video: USS Winston S. Churchill seizes pirate vessel

Navy to Commission New Guided Missile Destroyer Forrest Sherman

Falklands’ war veteran sub decommissioned

Harper tells U.S. to butt out when it comes to Canada's Arctic

Navy Emphasizes Anti-Submarine Training

25 January 2006

DARPA seeks 100-knot supercavitating submarine

U.S. Navy Ships Surge in Support of Maritime Security

Canada's Tories plan $5.3b boost to military, navy spending

Previous Nuclear Submarine Commanding Officer Becomes Author

New South African submarine malfunctions during training

Indonesia mulls submarine purchase

Wave of layoffs at submarine builder

24 January 2006

France joins naval project for £140m

USN renews plan to cut carrier fleet

Movie review: Annapolis

India fishermen find sonobuoys and unexploded rocket

Spy fact meets spy fiction

France balks at carrier bill

New jets let fingers do the flying

US Navy looks for global strike

Sailors Recall Boarding Suspected Pirate Ship

'Father of the submarine' recalled

Gujarat coast guard takes over coastal patrolling from Indian Navy

Movie: USS Norfolk's maiden deployment

23 January 2006

MPs scout brothels

as US steams into Brisbane

RN fingered in whale's death

Indonesia to buy

12 Russian submarines

French "asbestos aircraft carrier" heads to India

Battle to save last U-boat

German submarines to be powered by fuel cells

On land, under sea — they began in B.C.

S.Korean defense minister opposes expansion of Navy operation

UK sticks to its guns in AMEC quarrel

RN denies killing Thames whale

USS Ronald Reagan trains to find silent threat

Advanced diesel submarines grab U.S. Pacific Fleet's attention

22 January 2006

France to press UK on carrier deal

Virginia shipyard to have three carriers at once

World's first speedboat drone keep seas, sailors and shorelines safe

Advanced diesel submarines grab U.S. Pacific Fleet's attention

USS Virginia's 'Incredible Story'

USS Ronald Reagan trains to find silent threat

New Navy chief holds fate of subs

Norwegian torpedo boat 'birth defect link'

Two Indian Navy ships on display in Mumbai Fest

Scuttle the Calypso

as scuba diving reef

Iran 'detains' Iraqi coastguards

S.Lanka's navy, fishermen nervously eye each other

21 January 2006

Russia to help NATO navies police Mediterranean

US Navy captures pirate ship
Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Indian Navy wants Scorpenes to become more lethal

World's first nuclear sub launched 52-yrs ago today

Admiral: Guam's carrier bid strong

Navy to name ship after astronaut Alan Shepard

Russian navy says lighthouse incident creates bad precedent

Book review: Red Star Rogue

Ins and Outs at Faslane and Portsmouth

20 January 2006

Terrorist whale swims up Thames

Video: New Undersea Warfare Training Range

General Dynamics Begins Littoral Combat Ship Construction

Australia's Next Generation Naval Ships Reflect Rich History

Gamer wonders if war is worth dying 79 times for

'Swearing like a sailor' gets Navy man in trouble

French carrier Clemenceau

on its way to the breakers

US EB chief lobbies for increased submarine construction

Hunley team discovers clue to legendary sub's disappearance

Greenpeace Commends China For environmentally friendly submarine

Sonar references deleted from US whale report

Next generation RAN ships reflect rich history

19 January 2006

Navy's newest destroyer honors Stockdale

Sub captain cleared of bullying

Fire Scout UAV completes first

autonomous ship landing

USN shipbuilding plan called unrealistic

Giant octopus tries to devour a ROV

Submarine radiation advice leaflet issued in British town

Alberta diver to search for u-boats off Can. Coast

Indian Navy's sureveillance capabilities get a boost

Photo: Submarine

or Surface ship ?

18 January 2006

Egypt Closes Suez Canal to French ‘Asbestos’ Ship

Countdown begins to Launch of world's most advanced warship

South Africa Navy's submarine arm resurfaces

USS Kearsarge LHD-3

saves the USN money

Ukraine may charge more for Russian navy base

Spanish police arrest Navy hacker

Russia to buy British robot rescue sub

Russian Navy command keeps eye on lighthouse situation

Sensitive RN paper found in pub

Police searching for metal thieves find submarine part

17 January 2006

U.S. May Arm Trident Subs With Conventional Warheads for Quicker Strike

Black Sea Fleet dispute escalating

French Ship Ordered To Stay Clear Off India Until February

Indian Navy Receives Upgraded Il-38 Patrol Plane

Navy Riverine Force to Report for Iraq Duty in 2007

Navy Reshuffle Will Move Thousands Of Sailors to Brown-Water Duties

Navy Log Offered Free to Sea Service Members, Veterans

Royal Navy red-faced after pub find

Iran-Iraq Naval Clash Leaves One Iraqi Dead, Nine Captured

Torpedo boat 'birth defect link'

Falklands Warning in Stronger Navy Plea

Iranian Navy 'detains' Iraqi coastguards

16 January 2006

Video: East coast undersea warfare training range

Video: Sea-based X-band Radar

Sub captain cleared of bullying

Undercover troops face added danger as special sub is scrapped

15 January 2006

Iran's Search for New Big Ships

Russia's Black Sea Fleet beefs up security after lighthouse seizure

Russian Navy warns Ukraine

French navy's floating dustbin sails into trouble

RAN Seahawk helicopters to get upgrade

Algeria seeks naval upgrade

Photos: Commissioning of the

USS San Antonio

Russia navy action on Ukraine outpost

14 January 2006

Russian navy fails to take back lighthouse from Ukraine

Egypt closes Suez Canal to French asbestos ship

Algeria seeks naval upgrade

USN commissions amphibious transport dock San Antonio

Ukraine seizes Russia’s

Black Sea Fleet control center

U.S. Rep. urges boosting sub production

Thales to replace French Navy's mine warfare surveillance system

USN's only floating dry dock assists in submarine maintenance

Hunley team discovers clue Sub's disappearance

13 January 2006

Video: Submariners Have A New Tool In Their Arsenal

Taiwan Receives U.S. Warships

Swedish Sub Plays Important Role in U.S. Navy

Japanese participant in mini-sub rescue receives Russian award

First Converted Trident Sub Coming To Kings Bay

Russian Navy calls lighthouse seizure "provocation"

USS Virginia Tune-up Begins

U-505 renovated exhibit

lets visitors explore WWII

Norwegian participation in AMEC could be dissolved

Inside the USN's newest ship

Nigerian navy boss assures rescue of kidnapped oil workers

USN tests Look-to-Talk device

NSA confirms Israel USS liberty attack was accident

Can. Navy Athabascan leaves port

12 January 2006

New Destroyer Honors Vietnam War POW and Medal of Honor Recipient

Inside the Navy's newest ship

San Diego could receive first of Navy's new Littoral Combat Ships

Kilos of cocaine hidden on Dutch frigate

Sub captain made Navy officer cry

DD(X) program getting top priority

Protest against asbestos warship

Advanced combat system for Spanish S-80A diesel subs

Covert High-speed Attack and Reconnaissance Craft

Schelde signs Thai Navy contract

for Multi Purpose Vessel

Picture: Russian cruiser Aurora

USS Dolphin return to sea

Thales signs contract for TBMD sensor demonstration with RNN

RN commando's test Puncher patrolcraft

11 January 2006

Navy Tests Look-to-Talk Device


Navy Commissions Amphibious Transport Dock Ship San Antonio

Dangers of cussing like a sailor

Navy Sticking To One New Sub A Year

Commander in Chief: Sub Enchanted Evening


Indian Navy chasing buccaneers

French Navy ship to visit Ghana

Captain's tirade left submariner in tears

Spotted by a Radio Room member

L.A. Class submarine

400 year old submarine

Can sonar, sea life mix?

Can. Navy seeks designs for barrier

Deadly attack on Sri Lanka navy

Pakistan Navy launches burnt in Gwadar

10 January 2006

Sea-Based X-Band Radar Arrives in Pearl Harbor

SOUTHERN OCEAN: Military May Defend Japanese Whalers

Indian Navy's Malacca plan approved

Indian Navy chasing buccaneers

First Converted Trident Sub Coming To Kings Bay For Training

Korea Boosts Submarine Project to Double Fleet

Commission Wants to Bring Sub to Valley

Captain's tirade left submariner in tears

Electric Boat wins $85 million contract for sub work

General Dynamics completes first Trident submarine conversion

09 January 2006

Taiwan leader pushes US arms deal

'Brown water' navy takes shape

Captain's tirade left submariner in tears

Video: Submarine Training Facilities

Southampton down South

General Dynamics Completes Conversion of USS Ohio

U.S. Navy Submarine Museum To Do The Docent Thing

Phoenix wants sail, rudder of namesake sub for memorial

08 January 2006

Japan movie salute to wartime sacrifice strikes chord with youth

A Year Later - A Look Back at the Grounding of the USS San Francisco

07 January 2006

Israeli UAVs do Maritime Recon

Indian Navy's first UAV squadron in place

Pentagon, Navy Debate Use of Battleships

Navy prosecutes officer for a 'crude' remark

Hunley findings bring surprises

Sub commander 'bullied crew' on secret mission

06 January 2006

China sees India as naval partner

Somali piracy is worst in world

Indian Navy commissions its first UAV squadron

War Plan Red

Taiwan defends Spratly airbase

Battleship to reopen Monday

Nuclear sub 'drunk' claim probed

Anger at high cost of sub protest

05 January 2006

Exploring the ocean depths in the lap of luxury

Cornelis Drebbel built three submarines in the 1620s

Deep Flight submarine

Indonesia to buy warships, subs from Russia and Germany

SSGNs hit milestone

Museum simulators let everyone fly

New Korean submarines

Australian helo ends weapons testing

Rescue crew relive undersea drama

04 January 2006

Amanda dives deep

We won a cold battle beneath the waves

China gets more Russian warships

China on the move

USS Reagan Preps For Its Maiden Deployment

France takes delivery of new spy ship

USS Iowa could be minority museum

Pentagon committed to Taiwan weapons package

Korea to Double Submarine Fleet

03 January 2006

UAE seeks Indian help to set up submarine force

Nine navies in India military exercise

India`s Prithvi missile goes to sea

Bye Bye Battleships

Indian Navy's first UAV squadron to be commissioned on Jan 6

Pennsylvania has a navy?

India rejects proposal for ship-based Hawkeye

02 January 2006

Pakistan Navy decommissions four submarines

Greenpeace fights sea battle with rival anti-whaling ship

Software firm makes video war games for the pros

Rhyming logbooks enliven ships

Heavy seas stall French warship tow

Commander of Sea, Myth and Tea Towel

India to host joint naval exercises

Arctic convoy veterans hit at film's KGB brothels 'slur'

01 January 2006

Indian Ballistic Missiles for Ship Launch


Rows and red tape almost halted Priz rescue