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31 December 2005

Cyclones Join the Brown Water Navy


Indian Navy increases presence in world's oceans during 2005

Clemenceau casts off for last time

30 December 2005

U.S. reveals war plan to invade...Canada!

England steps aside as secretary of the Navy

Russia to supply India with Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft

Erich Topp
2nd July 1914 - 26th December 2005

Local Officials Take Trip On Nuclear-Powered Sub

The Top 10 Stories of 2005

28 December 2005

Spain: Frigate not involved in combat

Indian navy successfully launches short-range ballistic missile

Researchers explore naval diet during Napoleonic wars

Hunley scientists find clues to vessel's demise

27 December 2005

Congress Backs DD(X), Littoral Combat Ship

Report: Israel's subs have nuclear-armed Harpoon missiles

26 December 2005

Pakistan to take over CMS command in April

Malaysian navy detains 31 Indonesian fishermen

American SSGN Enters Service

Olly the sub set to follow SuperTed

25 December 2005

Measure closes fight over Navy battleships

Thyssen, EADS poised to buy sonar firm Atlas

Merry Christmas to All

From the SUBSIM crew

24 December 2005

For Russian carrier Gorshkov, Indian Navy pilots head to US for training

Can: Navy ships are needed, but threat isn't other states

Philippine Navy gunboat rescues 49 at sea

USS Pasadena returns from Western Pacific deployment

23 December 2005

Congress sinks hope for battleship supporters

Kidnapped penguin 'in RN dock'

Send Australian navy to watch whalers

US helicopter crewman died in ''Supermanning'' stunt

China's phony submarine fleet

LTTE destroys Lankan naval craft

USN chaplain on hunger strike outside White House

Can. tories want armed ships to patrol Arctic

12 sailors killed in Sri Lanka mine blast

HMS Bulwark heads

to the Middle East

U.S. Navy's 2005 Darwin Awards candidate

Navy to get back loaned patrol ships

Russians Sing the Shipyard Blues

Icy reception awaits U.S. subs

22 December 2005

SSGNs Take Significant Step Towards Rejoining the Fleet

Kids get submarine named for N.H.

Defense bill places cap of $2.3B per DD(X) ship

Royal Navy left 'ill-equipped'

Russia Builds Chinese Navy

Israel, Saudi Arabia Eye LCS

Ohio SSGN shines in sea trials

Don't mess with Canada

Bulava missile launch successful

Trident D-5 nuclear

SLBM production and support

Scientists find sand on seafloor

Sri Lanka Navy, Tigers in gun battle

Canada talks tough on US subs in Arctic

Remembering the US submarine S-4

USN's Last 2 battleships to be decommissioned

21 December 2005

HMS Spartan bows out

on a high

S-Korean navy successfully tests ship-to-ship missile

Putin signs submarine dismantling bill

Russian Typhoon submarine test-launches Bulava missile

RN carrier order 'behind schedule'

20 December 2005

Northrop-Grumman building replica of Civil War ironclad, USS Monitor

Submarine work is completed early

House bill would keep JFK afloat

Japanese WWII battleship sails into theaters

Martin's tough talk prompts rebuttal by Tories

Under pressure: Submarine life

Photos: Spanish frigate Extremadura

Two killed in explosion on board navy Spanish frigate Extremadura

Sub-Lieutenant Rod Dove: Human Torpedo Veteran

Midget sub discovery a red herring

USN to test Norwegian stealth vessels

19 December 2005

Canada will take 'necessary measures' to stop U.S. subs in Arctic

U.S. sub may have entered Canadian Arctic zone

USS Kennedy appears safe until fall

With the 5th Fleet (Part 8)

Russian navy will not get Delta-IV Tula this year

First Italian Navy serial production

NH90 takes to the air

USS Salt Lake City will be put to rest

Probe fails to back

Aussie/Jap midget sub claim

Sub sailor's diary reveals horrors of war

Aus. govt fails to find wrecked WWII sub

18 December 2005

Sharky-shaped submarine

is latest Cousteau star vehicle

USN chopper crashes near Colombi

Remains of Pearl Harbor victim 'X-2' get a name

USN sailor rescued in Persian Gulf

USS George Washington completes shipyard work,

17 December 2005

Air Force Special Tactics team trains on submarine

Photos: German 212A

class submarines

Chile incorporates Dutch frigates

China's navy flexing `soft power'

Photos: Taiwanese Kidd-class

destroyers commisioned

Costing the USN CVN-21

SF city offered option to bid for WWII battleship Iowa

India, Bangladesh plan naval exercises

16 December 2005

Thales, DCN announce French naval defence alliance

Taiwan To Commission Two Kidd-Class Destroyers Tomorrow

Royal Navy set to launch 'D' Class destoyer

Taiwan confirms plan to build Spratlys airfield

Iran developing longer-range missiles

Veterans' groups to restore submarine memorial damaged by Katrina

Sub will be put to rest

Dutch Submariner Leads Combined Task Force 150

15 December 2005

Voices from the deep

Cutting down on bad smells in submarines

On the hunt for HMAS Rankin

Submariner stars in Iraq

UK's future aircraft carrier project moves into next phase

A step forward in the Navy's study of its past

Taiwan to build airbase in disputed Spratlys

Mysterious 'Alligator' mound may not be Civil War sub

Britain and Spain still disagree on submarine repairs

Santa Claus stands watch onboard USS Key West

Amphib ship San Antonio makes landfall in Norfolk

The Royal Navy’s Super-Carriers

South African Navy tests missile defence system

CNO to brief Congress on shipbuilding plan

Navy modifying USS Kearsarge to accommodate Ospreys

First Block-B Osprey signals MV-22 fleet ready

CVN 21 program advances with successful system requirements review

Kilo SSK

special pictures

14 December 2005

China's navy flexing `soft power'

Royal Navy made sacrifices to fund new warships

Navy's newest warship came at a steep price

WWII sub a safecracker's dream

U.S. approves surplus ships for allies to help secure Suez

With the 5th Fleet (Part 7)

Photos: USS San Antonio (LPD 17): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Pentagon plans major cuts in V-22 Osprey program

Indian Navy wants rapid deployment force

Little Boat, Big Problems

13 December 2005

Das Boot

Italy, Russia Move Ahead on Joint Diesel Subs

US Navy considers Global Hawk deployment

Egyptian navy goes on high alert

US Navy reins in costs to fund larger fleet

US Navy to test Norwegian stealth vessels

Indonesian navy holds exercises near disputed waters

Iran tests surface-to-sea missiles

Congressman: Submarine Issues Need More Focus

PF naval squadron to return to Vladivostok

Sub base group turns its focus to Groton's Electric Boat

Navy's plans for fighting terror call for smaller ships

11 December 2005

Saudis Seek Suitable Smartship

Two Kidd-Class Destroyers Arrive in Taiwan

With the 5th Fleet (Part 6)

Japan finds pride in suicide ship

Sub plans surface at Maritime Museum

Australian Navy to purchase Aegis combat system

Submarine war breaks out among super-rich

Shkval-E underwater rocket promoted for harbour role

09 December 2005

Video: Navy's submarine promo from Army-Navy game

U.S. Navy's last 2 battleships may become museums

Australian Navy's destroyers to get $1b upgrade

Israeli Navy quits sending ships through Suez

Chilean Navy receives first of two state of the art submarines

Navy Wife Carries Mannequin in Place of Husband

ASDS Woes & Electric Boat Layoffs Leading to Rebidding Pressure

Singapore navy launches fifth stealth frigate

ASW Squadron Receives Navy's First MH-60R Helicopters

"Pak-Navy fully capable to defend maritime interests"

Sea monster devours German submarine

08 December 2005

With the 5th Fleet (Part 5)

Pentagon to Kill Navy Cargo Ship

Pakistan Navy To Get American Spruance Class Destroyer

07 December 2005

Electric boat, submarine fleet face uncertain futures

Survivors gather at Pearl Harbor

Safecracker to tackle old U.S. sub

More submarines sought as EB slashes jobs

U.S. Navy edging nearer to foreign shores

New Kidd-class destroyers set to arrive in Taiwan this weekend

Mini-subs for SEALs

Decades of silt obscure wreckage of midget sub

Iran claims production of midget subs

06 December 2005

With the 5th Fleet (Part 3)

Carrier announcement draws mixed reactions in Japan

With the 5th Fleet (Part 4)

German Navy to retire last torpedo boats

Open-ocean voyages battering coastal vessels, Canadian Navy discovers

Indonesian Navy to buy Harpoon missiles

ASDS Mini-Sub Program Taking On Water

Analysts say Navy ship plan faces uncertainties

Indian, Russian Leaders Seal Defense Deal at Moscow Summit

Russia to lease two nuclear submarines to India

Submarine builder to cut workforce

05 December 2005

Russia offers small subs to Middle East

British Debate Trident Replacement

Pentagon Stalls Mini-Sub Program

U.S. Shipbuilding Plan To Cost 20% More

Russia To Test Fire New Submarine Based Ballistic Missile

Marines fear scuttling battleships

U.S. Navy seeks to expand fleet

04 December 2005

Submarine plans are on course for Maritime Museum

The Pearl Harbor Avenger

03 December 2005

Navy to Base First Littoral Combat Ship in San Diego

Carrier Washington to be shipped off to Japan in ’08

Film offers rare account of attack before Pearl Harbor

With the 5th Fleet (Part 2)

China received U.S. Navy ship data in music files

02 December 2005

Cousteau's Shark-Shaped Submarine

India unveils naval blueprint for Indian Ocean dominance

Russian navy to get new submarines and ships

At the sharp end

Analysis Casts Doubt on Vietnam War Claims

Russian Navy to test Bulava-M missile

India studying Chinese navy's 'intentions'

Indian Navy showcases its prowess

India's naval buildup

Indian Navy seeks 3 more Russian frigates

Canadian sub returns home, slightly battered

USS Charlotte Achieves Milestone During Under-Ice Transit

01 December 2005

Photos - Advanced Electric Ship Demonstrator undergoes sea trials: 1, 2, 3, 4

What lives in the ocean and goes 'boing'?

Video: ANNUALEX 2005

Extra punch for Collins boats

With the 5th Fleet

The Royal Navy's two-minute wonder

Indian, Chinese navies conduct bilateral exercises

HMAS Rankin put to star in TV sea saga

Mini-sub bugs: noisy, shaky and years late

India to get Russian aircraft carrier in 2008

Pakistan to get P3C Orion aircraft from US