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30 November 2005

China may gain upper hand over US Navy in five years

Navy data given to China


29 November 2005

Women Welcome On Submarines

Navy Conducts Public Hearing on Undersea Training Range

Russian shipyard tests new generation submarine

PLA warships on

a goodwill mission

The UK Trident decision

U.S. alters nuclear weapons policy

Building an undersea colony

Photo: Guppy class submarine still on active duty

US expeditionary strike group 8 transits Suez Canal

Uruguayan victims reject navy tale

HMS Belfast salutes

commonwealth sailors of WWII

Getting the USS Slater shipshape

28 November 2005

Indian Navy to commission UAV squadron

Battleship film revives Japan's

pride in wartime generation

WWII movie clip: Full Fathom Five

Silent Steel: The mysterious death of the USS Scorpion

Russian Navy visits Vietnamv

Philippine Navy holds anti-terror training

Chinese warships arrive for naval exercises

Missing WWII Japanese midget sub found

Q: What do you get when you cross a tambourine with a submarine?

Inventor's submarine project aims deep

£3.6bn UK carriers deal faces delay

27 November 2005

Battleship film revives Japan's pride in wartime generation


German govt won't let Thales buy Atlas-magazine

Work on fourth RN Astute nuke sub could start next year

Russian Delta-IV Ryazan to get service lifetime extension

Korean navy leaders visit Pacific sub force

India Navy using flying hovercraft of IIT engineer

US to close nuclear sub base on Sardinia

26 November 2005

India's nuke sub project crosses major milestone

Netherlands to lead

Task Force 150

Russian Navy commander begins inspection of Pacific Fleet in Kamchatka

Gensan Navy command undertakes counter-terrorism excercises

Bangladesh Navy arrests 52 smuglers

UK chief for allied navy Gulf forces

HMCS Chicoutimi crew honoured

The cry of

the dolphin

History: Locked in a sinister embrace

25 November 2005

Ocean City adopts Hyman G. Rickover

Work on fourth Astute sub could start next year

Delta-IV sub ”Ryazan” to get service life extension

HMCS Chicoutimi's crew praised

Photos: China-Pakistan naval exercise

Underwater robots get smarter

"Good Morning America" Highlights Submariners

Last of the midget subs

HMS Daring

cutaway movies

Nearly swamped US research sub has been repaired

Foul-mouthed parrot is ordered ashore by Royal Navy

Russia hands over upggraded submarine to Indian navy

Damaged Can. sub will return to sea

US to shut base in Italy that aids nuke subs

24 November 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

To You All

Indonesia's navy to exercise near disputed island

Scorpene submarines to cost $4.11 billion

Korean Navy Leaders Visit Pacific Submarine Force

Royal Navy Commodore Assumes Command of Task Force 58

Virginia Returns for Thanksgiving

Video: Environmentalists welcome closure of US Navy base off Sardinia

UN says sonar threatens dolphin, whale survival

Israel is the next country to buy a fuel cell submarine

Fast catamaran transport

program moves forward

Modern pirates not stuff of movies

New US DD(X) destroyer sails ahead

RIP: Lt-Cdr Andy Chalmers

USN to remove forces from Sardinia

USN submarine makes first launch of underwater glider

Live video and cellular service from a submarine

23 November 2005

US Navy's DD(X) destroyer sails ahead

Photos: USS Scranton at top of the world: 1, 2, 3, 4

Navy Submarine Makes First Launch of Underwater Glider

Sardinia hails U.S. subs' departure

India to host naval exercise in Malacca Straits

U.S. closing sub base at La Maddalena

Malaysian, Singapore Starts Naval Exercises

India-French naval exercises in Gulf of Aden

"Good Morning America" broadcast live from submerged nuclear submarine

Germany may sell 2 more

Dolphin subs to Israel

$77M outlay to support active US subs

US Navy - Washington Report

22 November 2005

SA Navy to have all newly acquired corvettes and submarines by 2007

Sea life and sonar

Missing WWII submarine 'found'

Pacific Fleet recognized best in Russian navy

Indian Navy to gift fast-attack patrol vessel to Maldives

SA Navy sets up special ops for Africa

An underwater response: More German subs for Israel

Thatcher 'threatened to nuke Argentina'

SA Salisbury Island to stay naval base

Report: Ocean Noise Harms Dolphins, Whales

Chinese ships arrive in Karachi for wargame

21 November 2005

Book Review: Red Star Rogue


FREMM project formalized

Researchers may have found missing Japanese midget submarine

Now, Kerala to introduce tourist submarine soon

India to transfer naval patrol craft to the Maldives

Retiree heads opposition to US nuclear carrier

INS Chilka gearing up for Navy Week celebrations

New German subs could give Israel 2nd strike capability

20 November 2005

JHSV program moves forward

Navy plans to move carrier George Washington to Japan

Indian Navy will examine US offer

Small islet wields significant clout in Pacific waters

Walking softly and sticking to big carriers

Japanese defense chief wants talks with China before 'military threat'

New German Subs Could Give Israel 2nd Strike Capability

Soviets plotted war, K-129 to fire missile at Hawaii

Germany to sell submarines to Israel

Whitehall torpedoes RN project favourite

Chilean sub

on sea trials

19 November 2005

1942 Japanese sub mystery may be solved

USN, orca scientists compromise on sonar

Germany to sell Israel submarines at discount price


Fighting Ships

18 November 2005

Video: AEGIS Ballistic Missile Intercept Test

Typhoon nuclear submarine Arkhangelsk refuelled

World's fastest submarine might be dismantled

Terror threat from "Scuds-in-a-Tub"

Europe’s largest Naval Program Launched

Pranab denies seeking Russian help on nuke sub

Fact file: RN Trident missile

US Navy tests

Sea-based missile defense

Fishermen oppose sonar range off US coast

USN plans to move carrier George Washington to Japan

Drama in the Barents Sea

17 November 2005

Aegis Missile Intercepts Challenging Ballistic Missile Target

Smooth sailing for U.S., Japanese naval training

Welcome back Collins

P-8A MMA team completes major design review

Navy team debuting new NASCAR weapon

Aegis to target warhead launched from missile

Former officer uses sub experience to craft first novel

For Philadelphia, An Eventful Trip

16 November 2005

Submarine involved in September collision returns home

Pirate Attacks Still Frequent at Sea

Remembering the USS Boston

France, Italy sign multi-billion-Euro frigate deal

Photos: Ospreys on USS Wasp -- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Veterans Day - a time of reflection for a submarine captain

Russia to help India develop nuclear submarine: Pranab

Preparations Continue new US super-carrier

Royal Navy at the heart of the nation's remembrance services

Can EB save ASDS?

Taiwan Navy wants to hold 'decommissioning party'

Bill would batten down hatches more at seaports

China spy 'agents' charged in US

Veterans Day Ceremony Highlights Newly Found USS Lagarto

15 November 2005

UK submarines exempt from Scotland's smoking ban

Northrop upbeat on Navy mini-sub program

USS Jimmy Carter Arrives at New Home

''Growler'' officially a new name in anti-radar warfare

US okays sale of P-3C reconnaissance aircraft to India

BAE's ship comes in with £3bn Navy deal

China, Pakistan planning naval exercise

Australia's Collins Class Subs, Submariners On Track for Upgrades

Russia, U.S. to discuss submarine disposal

14 November 2005

India to lease P-3C Orions from US

Tories attack ‘incompetence’ over aircraft carriers delay

Japan honors navy architects 140 years later

New torpedoes and combat system for Collins-class submarines

The Idea of A Common Military Force In the Caspian Sea

Let’s go to War

US poised for innovative ship design experiment

How Royal Navy sharpshooters helped capture a £200m drug smuggler

Dodgy Russian warhead

Australia Needs Submariners

Indian Navy's submarine strength to dwindle

13 November 2005

Who will own the russian nuclear cruiser "Admiral Ushakov"?

Indian Submarine SINDUGOSH Bound For Home

12 November 2005

Opposition surfaces against cuts to Navy destroyer program

Wild ride for navy tanker

Pirate 'mother ship' spotted

Vet recalls war at sea

Sub lost with 10 Ohioans remembered

Penn and Teller put on a show underwater

11 November 2005

This Vet Served Under Water

Battle of St. Lawrence brought war home

Sea Warriors: Walk through history on three great U.S. Navy ships

Calling on Santa in a nuclear sub

10 November 2005

Royal Navy launches "Shipmates" on BBC

Video: USS Wasp Conducts V-22 Familiarization Training

Senate confirms new secretary of the Navy

Pak Navy team to visit US for P-3C training

USS Norfolk (SSN 714) Deploys

"First After God": Underwater Angst

U.S., Japanese navies tackle anti-submarine warfare drill

Gov't Inquiry to Probe Australia's Navy Shipbuilding Ability

INS Vikrant to anchor fashion show

"Shipbuilding Needs to Be a National Priority"

09 November 2005

German navy 'protecting cruise ship off Somalia'

Turkey upgrades monitoring of straits against terror strikes

Israel deploys unmanned patrol ship

Mexican navy to get more muscle

East Mediterranean 2005 Exercise Of Turkish Navy

Navy to Commission New Guided-Missile Destroyer Bainbridge

It’s Official: The U.S. Navy’s ‘Growler’

Chinese fleet leaves for exercises with Indian Navy

India's Navy looks across the Pacific

USS Buffalo to arrive in Guam in '07

"Taiwan must fix defense gaps to avoid future war"

Taiwan MND defends P-3C procurement

Sale of Submarines to Taiwan Stirs Controversy in US

Indian submarine leaves Russian shipyard, bound for home

Search for Civil War submarine causing a stir

08 November 2005

China acquires Russian carrier Varyag

Which aircraft carrier should the US send to Japan?

Chinese Navy starts flexing its strength around the globe

Australian submarine builder closer to being privatized

Cruise Ship Blasted Pirates With Sonic Weapon

Chinese Naval fleet leaves to visit three Asian nations

U.S. Navy boards ship after pirate attack

Five Shipyards Too Many?

Taiwan lawmakers cut budget for arms procurement

Wallops Island considered for Navy sonar plan

Civil War sub may be found

Chinese spys had data on US submarine silencing methods

07 November 2005

Chinese spy ring sought Aegis, nuclear submarine data

Maulers An Important
Asset to CVW-1

China showcases nautical hero's shipyard


Plan For Securing Malacca Strait In Final Stage

On patrol with the Navy in the Pacific Ocean

Russian Pacific Fleet ships pay first-ever visit to Singapore

Cruise ship docks after pirate escape

Russian Hovercraft Landing at Inchon

Attack on Ship Shows Pirates Emboldened

'Go-Fasts' Are Drug Traffickers Ride of Choice

Singapore's Super Subs

06 November 2005

Navy Breaks Ground for New Submarine Escape Trainer

Group goes deeper with submarine search

North Korea Ogles Russian Naval Weaponry

Beijing accused of stealing US naval secrets

U.S. Destroyers In Pacific See Long Deployments

Canadian naval hero Desmond Piers dies

Singapore buys two second-hand Swedish submarines

SA Navy brings Submarine S101 into service

Nuclear war may no longer be inevitable, but that hasn’t stopped ...

05 November 2005

Four charged with scheme to send Navy secrets to China

USS Alabama Offloads Last of C4 Trident Missiles

Pirates attack US cruise ship off East Africa

Navy reviewing use of 'shouldering' tactic used to intimidate enemy ships

04 November 2005

U.S., Canadian navies conduct training in Gulf of Mexico

SA Navy brings Submarine S101 into service

Navy Captain to Retire After 42 Years

New England region's shipbuilding in jeopardy

Four Accused of Stealing U.S. Navy Secrets for China


Controversy Over Navy War Game Plans Off Virginia Coast

Eisenhower Up and Flying Again

Singapore to buy two subs from Sweden

03 November 2005

Close-up tour of Hunley to be auctioned

South Africa Navy receives first new submarine

Strike group set to begin six-month deployment

USS Salt Lake City Retires from Active Duty

Nassau ESG set to deploy

USS Buffalo moving to Guam

Repairs to Chicoutimi likely to take 2 years, cost $20 million

02 November 2005

Warship “shouldering” tactic under scrutiny following collision

Navy's Global Hawk Tests Ability to Detect Airborne Targets

01 November 2005

Russian, US Navies Sign Joint Agreement on Prevention of Submarine Incidents

US Navy may sharpen EA-18G Growler’s bite

Engine Problem With Global Hawk Delays Navy Test Program

The Royal Navy, Nelson and Gibraltar

The Great Indian Chessboard

Indian Navy revives 1971 war memories

Drugs bust 'a sledgehammer blow'

Pissing It All Away

Japan Welcomes Nuclear Powered Carriers

Is The U.S. Navy is Too Small?

Moby and Ahab on a Plutonium Sea

India building its first indigenous warship

Another Canadian submarine has troubles at sea

Lawmakers seek Navy's position On Taiwan Subs