World Naval News Archives

30 September 2005

U.S. might cooperate with Spain to build subs for Taiwan

India seeks to protect new sea lane to Pacific

General George Washington visits USS George Washington

USS Chafee — destroyer with a difference

Putin touts new Russian ICBMs

Ten-day Indo-US joint naval exercises enters second phase

Russia successfully tests another sub-launched ICBM

Russian submarine carries out test launch of ballistic missile

29 September 2005

Russian Sierra-I nuclear sub back in service soon

Video: Cruiser Vella Gulf practices tracking subs

‘New’ RN Submarine Museum Opens its Doors

India-U.S. submarine warfare exercises begin today

China sends navy vessels to disputed East China Sea

India-US navies show off newfound synergy

Second phase Malabar-05 joint Indo-US naval exercise begins

New Russian Ballistic Missiles Are 'Unrivaled,' Putin Says

Pentagon gives Osprey production go-ahead

No changes in Russia's Northern Fleet

Singapore considering Swedish subs

More than expected achieved during Indo-US naval exercises

Taiwan legislators say US submarines too expensive

28 September 2005

Indo-US joint naval exercise enters 2nd phase tomorrow

Coalition Navies Sharpen Swords During Bright Star Exercise

Indo-US naval exercise to continue till Oct 4

Russian Defense minister praises Bulava missile system tests

Faslane submarine base 'vulnerable to terrorists'

Arctic ice 'disappearing fast'

Sonalysts Wins Sub Imaging Contract

Sub Collision Investigation Hinges On Right-of-way

Navy's Last Spruance-class Destroyer Decommissioned

Russian Test of New Sub-Launched ICBM Successful

Face to face with Captain Nemo's old foe

Russian Armed Forces to Adopt Invulnerable Missiles

Nimitz Strike Group Concludes Arabian Gulf Operations

Fifth Trident Sub Leaves Kings Bay For Good

China boosts its military might, with U.S. in mind

27 September 2005

Monster of the deep caught on camera

Russia test-launches intercontinental ballistic missile

Indian, US Navies conduct joint exercises

Russian Sub Launches Test Missile

Dispelling a myth of dangerous Navy dolphins

China warns U.S. on Taiwan arms sales

India and France to sign Scorpene Sub deal on October 6

Chinese commission new class of warships

Russia to deploy new hypersonic missile systems - Putin

India, U.S. Hold Joint War Games, Avoid Nuclear Issues

WW II Navy Vet Reflects On Days As Code Breaker

Strategic ballistic missile launched in White Sea

Fighting Téméraire comes out on top

Swooping to conquer

Retired aircraft carrier survives Hurricane Rita off Texas coast

Historic Russian Admiral Named Patron Saint of Nuclear Bombers

Korea Seeks to Open Naval Hotline With China

The Navy's Fish Story

Indian, US exercise, Malabar 05, continues

26 September 2005

History Buffs Search for Hulk of Civil War Submarine

French deal could kill India's nuclear submarine program

Russia plans war games with India next month

Indo-US joint Naval exercise begins

German Navy Pursues Sub-Launched Missile

Japan defense plan notes risk of "attack by China"

Taiwan Navy to give subs Harpoon missiles

Russia to Raise $122M to Decommission Nuclear Subs in 2006

Russia, India to Hold Joint Wargames

SAAB to provide missile system for German Navy

Germany to Upgrade Navy’s Frigates

Navy begins developing new AUV

25 September 2005

New Russian Subs to Form Baltic Fleet Flotilla

Taiwan to boost submarine force

'Submarine Captain' Chronicles A Life At Sea, Wartime Experiences

Venezuela may buy Russian subs

24 September 2005

Russia's Replacement for the Kilo

China protests at warship attack

Musharraf appoints new Chief for Pakistan Navy

Indo-U.S. naval exercise off Goa coast

Mammoth India-US naval exercise begins tomorrow

23 September 2005

Flying Submarine Spotted in Nassau

Business lurks in war game

US to Fund Azerbaijan Radar Stations

Indian, US aircraft carriers go head-to-head in war games

India, U.S. to hold joint naval exercises

Iraqi Navy Making Progress

Malabar 05 : Indian Navy - US Navy aircraft carriers to conduct joint exercise

Russian Submarine Vets Call For Release of Accident Reports

22 September 2005

Tomcat Takes Final Bow At Air Show

USS Philadelphia Skipper Relieved Of Command Following Navy Probe

China urges Jakarta to rein in navy after shooting

China condemns Indonesian navy attack on fishing vessel

Pakistan Navy capable of radiating combat power in all dimensions

Saab to Sell Missile System to German Navy

Nautilus museum gives glimpse into submarine history

21 September 2005

Kursk - A Goldmine For Conspiracy Theorists

Sub commander relieved of duty following crash

Hunt for Civil War-Era Sub Continues

HMS Manchester heads for the Med

Ancient Roman navy soldier found

‘Navy can deal with maritime terrorism’

Indonesian Navy fires on China fishing boats

Russian Pacific Fleet Moving South

Blunt Warning for Taiwan Over Defense Spending

The Amfibidiver: an amphibious submarine

Navy, Coast Guard will conduct joint exercise at Kings Bay

German firm to bid for Indian submarine contract next year

20 September 2005

Wargames light up Mediterranean

Midget submarine mystery surfaces in Australia

The Emirates Thames Nelson Flotilla

"Flags of our fighters"

Indian Ocean Gets Modern Subs

Navy's newest sub, USS Virginia, deploys for war

Taiwan slammed on lax defense

Destroyer report stays under wraps

Russian ships leave for India

19 September 2005

Russian naval squadron to set out on cruise to Indian Ocean

Cold War spy satellite program declassified

Not needed, Canadian warships head home

Naval Submarine Building Program Gets New Head

Pacific Fleet Warships To Take Part In Russia-India War Game

Nations seek cooperation in sub rescues

Bright Star-05 multinational exercise underway

18 September 2005

Shifts in Pacific Force U.S. Military To Adapt Thinking

Conference Brings Asia Pacific Submariners Together

Chinese sub sighted in June: Taiwan MND

Cold War thriller is for real, author writes

17 September 2005

UK options for a strategic nuclear deterrent

NR-1 sub at shipyard for repairs

DD(X) Destroyer Successfully Completes Critical Design Review

Chinese attack sub encounter puts Taiwan's navy on alert

16 September 2005

Grim Reaper comes calling for F-14 squadron

801’s Harriers swap to Illustrious

Admiral Nelson, British Naval Hero, Honored in Thames Flotilla

Canadian deployment to Gulf likely to be short

15 September 2005

First Sea Lord is chief mourner at Nelson's funeral re-enactment

Hi-tech weapon will protect RN ships from attack craft

U.S. Navy aviator joins the RAAF

Video: U.S. Navy's Grim Reapers go out with a bang

Defense Experts Differ on Value of Submarine Fleet

U.S. Air Force Eyes Demo Program On Anti-Ship Weapons

Australia may patrol Malacca St

Coast Guard seizes submarine-like vessel with 2 tons of cocaine

Russia to Expand Baltic Sub Fleet

Maritime concerns drive Southeast Asia war games

Indian Navy keeping close watch on Pakistan's Gwandar port

Navy ships begin a new era of electronic navigation

P-8A Blazes the Acquisition Trail with Live-Fire Testing

CNO Stops at SUBASE New London, Outlines Navy's Future

Navy Wargame Expert Peter Perla to Keynote 2005 Serious Games Summit

Navies learn from Russian mini-sub rescue

14 September 2005

Indian Navy to shift major units to new naval base

US offers India 8 P-3C Orion surveillance aircraft

Russia offers naval planes to India

Portugal’s Navy Modernizes To Meet New Requirements

Deep sense of learning Invincible

Navy moves to protect ships against terrorists

Top admiral speaks up for sub force

Sub rescuers reflect on ties that save lives

13 September 2005

Canadian Navy Arrives in Pensacola

Photos: US Navy destroyer visits Qingdao

Indian Navy upbeat over Scorpene deal

Stout Deploys to Relieve Gonzalez in Sea Swap

Reid insists no decision yet on replacing ageing Trident

Found submarine stirs memories of man

France confirms India's submarine purchase

India confirms submarine orders

11 September 2005

Tensions rise as Chinese warships appears near disputed gas field

No, you’re not gonna need a bigger boat

10 September 2005

Ancient Boat's Crew Vows to Try Again

Gulf Coast Invaded...With Kindness

Chinese warships make show of force at disputed gas rig

Japanese Navy spots five Chinese navy ships near disputed gas field

It’s a bargain: six Scorpene submarines at $1.5 billion

Damage To USS Philadelphia Is Worse Than Expected

Senator Wants Copter Pilots' Careers Protected

Congressman Says Silent Service Has Been Too Silent

Chile receives Scorpone class sub

09 September 2005

Diver receives Queen's commendation for bravery

Science turns fun in hunt for sub

Indonesian Navy captures North Korean oil smugglers

China, Russia to expand military cooperation

Battleship Iowa to house gay museum?

Typhoon damages Japan navy ship

Scorpene seal at Paris meet

A Navy Second to None

Fishing Captain Describes Possible Run-in With Submarine

Canadian aid ships divert to avoid new storm

08 September 2005

More ships move to digital charts

4 countries set to launch joint air patrol of Malacca Strait

India to announce French submarine deal in "very near future"

Navy: Iraqis Know MIA Pilot's Whereabouts

Chile signs contract for UK frigates

NKorea may return USS Pueblo

Royal Navy gets its Yellow Submarine

07 September 2005

Navy Reprimands Helicopter Pilots For Rescueing Hurricane Victims

Pro-gay approach tried on battleship skeptics

Indian government okays mega-submarine deal

INS Betwa: India's first warship with integrated combat data systems

Putin fires navy chief and brings in tough-talking successor

Russia’s New Navy Chief Vows To Stay the Course

U.S. Sub Not At Fault In Collision (But captain may still be disciplined)

Taiwan flexes military muscle

Spain's S-61 'Delfin' sub has already been visited by 152,220 people

06 September 2005

Indian sub completes tests in Russia's north

Submarine torpedoes frigate - Photo

CNO Calls for New Definition of Sea Power

Indian government approves Scorpene subs purchase

British Naval Base helps Katrina survivors

Relief mission tests boat and crew

Video: Sea Jet experimental ship

Battleship Memorial Park damage worse than thought

Canadian ships sail from Halifax to aid Katrina

Trafalgar victory news comes home

Japan to withdraw its warships from Indian Ocean

USS Philadelphia Collides With Turkish Freighter

Taiwan stages naval exercises

Spent nuclear fuel unloaded from Russian Alfa sub

Mini-submarine accident - result of violation of instructions

Russian Defense Minister: Stronger U.S. submarine grouping won't destabilize region

05 September 2005

Russian navy Su-33 fighter crashes in North Atlantic

U.S. diverting nuke subs to Pacific to keep China in check

Russian Admiral's Tangled Legacy

Russian navy: No money for rescue vessels

New Navy Chief Vows Discipline

U.S. nuclear-powered submarine collides with cargo ship in Gulf

Russian Navy: professionalism takes over

Israeli Fast Navy patrol boat

sinks in Eilat

Small Israeli navy ship sinks in Eilat port

Reid wants UK yards to build eight Royal Navy destroyers

US sub collides with cargo ship in Gulf

USN squadrons to the rescue

04 September 2005

Putin sacks Russian Navy chief

Submarine workers served their nation well

USN turns to Halliburton for help on damaged bases

USN ship nearby underused

The greatest submarine stories

ever told

Nautilus 'was his boat'

03 September 2005

Indonesian Navy to install radars along Strait of Malacca

New U.S. Navy Chief Wants ‘1,000-Ship’ International Navy

MoD told: Safeguard sub jobs

Def. Secr. visits team building

first new RN type 45 destroyer

Hurricane Katrina slams battleship memorial park

Air Independent Propulsion - Historical speed and modern stealth

Air Independent Propulsion

NOAA will search for USS Alligator

Divers tell tale of mystery German u-boat

Desperate victims turning combative towards coast guard

02 September 2005

Canada ready to send Navy to New Orleans

U.S. to sell Perry-class frigates to Pakistan

Another USN hospital ship heads to Gulf

Two years after the K-159 tragedy

the submarine remains at the bottom

Navy pilot says `a lot of people' still trapped

Sunken USN plane found after 60 years in Clear Lake

F-14s deploy to Gulf for last time

UK's carrier project will go ahead

COMSUBFOR Commemorates Peru Submarine Force's 94th Anniversary

Indian Navy's plans, designs and data on ships leaked

U.S. Navy Study Will Help Army Pick New Spy Plane

Experience the Submarine Force

Capitalizing The Fleet

Australian Prime Minister not taken by a Chinese submarine

RAN takes on Swedes over subs

Pakistan Navy to soon test fires cruise missile

Torpedo Hit

Listen to the mp3 as well

Katrina's Aftermath: NAVFAC on the scene

More USN ships headed to the Gulf coast

Future RN missile fly's

01 September 2005

Norfolk ships deploy to support hurricane Katrina relief efforts

RAN confronts sub designers over faults

Pakistan gets eight Orion patrol aircraft from US

Two warships join Iranian navy fleet

New-look RN Seawolf

bares its teeth