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31 August 2005

Navy ships and maritime rescue teams are sent to hurricane region

Eyes from the Deep

Periscope history of the USN

Two U.S. navy destroyers damaged in storm

History: The Brazilian navy’s atomic bomb ambition

USN sending ships to Gulf Coast to help with hurricane relief

Life on German U-boat recalled

Battleship Park sees extensive hurricane damage

USN Bataan, other Norfolk ships await call to help

US and Japan plan floating runway

30 August 2005

Hans off my island

Russia-China drills put U.S. Navy on notice

Taiwan cuts Patriot from arms budget, keeps subs and Orions

Russian firm designs mini-sub to dive 21,000 feet

USN guided missile destroyer intimately tied to Panama City

Call to save RN

warship from scrapyard

Sexual misconduct at US Navy academies persists

World War I ammunition washed up on beach

India close to acquiring French submarine

Sri Lanka Navy to get new Commander

Diving instructor dies near German u-boat

RN submarines are sharing periscopes

29 August 2005

U.S. Navy, Shipbuilders Await Post-Storm Assessment

Call to save warship from scrapyard

Still Fighting World War III

India close to acquiring French sub

Ukraine Wants Russia’s Black Sea Fleet out of Crimea

Nelson's Victory burnt to ground

Russia conducts naval exercises in North Atlantic

Need For New Subs Unclear

US and Japan plan floating runway

Navy Ships Sortie to Evade Katrina

Canadian Navy Headed Towards Hans Island, Sort Of...

Northrop Grumman to Study Maritime Surveillance Concepts

Satellite to keep watch over Arctic

No timetable for dismantling ELF

Singapore, New Zealand begin naval exercise

28 August 2005

'Tin can' molded sailors into men

Kremlin to honour sub heroes

USS Monitor's cat mystery

Navy changes course with smaller, faster vessel

Everything went right way in BRAC voting to save base

27 August 2005

Carter under fire in Ga. for backing Groton site

Panel votes to keep open 2 submarine shipyards in New England

China's navy prompts US concern

Next: The Family Submarine

26 August 2005

Russian submarine crew thank Scots who saved them

Sub fleet’s fate still unclear

"Peace Mission 2005 ends in blaze of glory"

More Than Just Simulators Will Defend US Navy Ships in Port

Diving deep in Scapa Flow

Russia's Northern and Baltic fleets to conduct drills

Venezuelan navy plans to buy 3 submarines

US Navy takes wraps off

electric ship demonstrator

USN christens destroyer prototype

GAIA to rpovide ThyssenKrupp with large battery technology

Let us fly to Germany and pick up our sub

Russian submarine crew thank Scots who saved them

25 August 2005

DD(X) demonstrator debuts

Video: Chinese, Russian troops stage landings

China, Russia wrap up military exercise

Denmark unworried by Canadian warship

Navy takes wraps off electric ship demonstrator

Joy At The Sub Club

Georgians lament subs not coming

Sensitive data leaked from Indian navy's war room

Al-Qaeda says it attacked US ships

$11.8M for HMCS Chicoutimi

submarine phase II repairs

Wanted: US submarines to fill rescued sub bases

USN Los Angeles class subs get anti-terrorism security simulator

New RAN ships on the way

International force bids Glasgow farewell

24 August 2005

Submariners Use Video Game to Learn Anti-Terrorism Tactics

Canada Makes Show of Force Over Disputed Arctic Territory

China, Russia War Games No Threat — Rumsfeld

Analysis: Sino-Russian War Games

Photos: Sea Jet Advanced Electric Ship Demonstrator: 1, 2, 3

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard spared

BRAC Commission Saves Groton Naval Submarine Base

Two USN ships collide during exercise off Florida

Sail Amsterdam

Photo gallery

Designer selected for Australian air warfare destroyers

Surviving crew members of the German U-505 recall the war

Canada sends navy to disputed Arctic island


'Peace Mission 2005'

No barnacles on us, thanks to UK Type 23 frigate's new coating

Russia to present 100 models of naval engineering at Venezuela exhibition

23 August 2005

Russia-China War Games Photos

Troops Start Final Stage of Exercises

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia to enhance naval cooperation

Chinese, Russian troops conduct maritime blockade drill

Australian Navy grounds entire helicopter fleet

China-Russia games in final stage

Chinese, Russian troops join war games

Surviving crew members of the German U-505 recall the war

They're sing the Navy!

Canada sends navy to Arctic north

Prime suspect arrested in rocket attack on Navy ships

Chinese journalists visit "Marshal Shaposhnikov"

22 August 2005

US and allies brace for weapons trafficking on high seas

Russia, China Enter Third Stage of Joint Military Exercises

Jordan Progressing in Aqaba Rocket Probe

Analysis: Sino-Russian war games

Russia, China prepare to fight wars

Spending on war games justified - Putin

Putin receives presents from Air Force, Navy officers

Indian Navy to focus on terror fight this year

Oldest active duty Navy SEAL retires at 60

Sea Fighter is the 'key to the future'

21 August 2005


San Francisco rejects famed warship in antiwar protest

Russian-Chinese military exercise entering 3rd stage

Pentagon report sounds warning on China's submarine advances

India secretly building nuclear submarine

Ignoring China's Growing Sub Force

Submarine memorial set at Marquette museum

Synergy: Sub base and Electric Boat make unbeatable pair

20 August 2005

Tyngsboro native called to duty in rescue of Russian submarine

Carter Backs Groton Sub Base

Contract awarded to repair damaged submarine

Jordan finds launcher for attacks

In Jordanian Port, Militants Fire Homemade Rockets

19 August 2005

Royal Navy's "Fighting Sausage" feeds solo rower

China, Russia start joint military exercises

Video: Jimmy Carter on Jimmy Carter

Al-Qaida group fires rockets at U.S. Navy ship

Russia-China exercise piques interest of Pacific Fleet boss

Adventurer plots arctic rendezvous with sunken sub Nautilus

Schoolgirls set to torch Victory

Chinese-Russian Military Exercises Begin

Carter Offers Support For Groton Sub Base

Attackers Fire Missiles at U.S. Navy Ship

Unprecedented war games

18 August 2005

Warship built with steel from Twin Towers

Putin oversees Northern Fleet's drill

Message seen in joint maneuvers

The bear and the dragon forces start war games

U.S. 'very interested' in Russian-Chinese military exercises

Russian-Chinese war game meant to boost bilateral partnership

Russia, China Kick Off Military Exercises

USS Louisiana Leaves For New Home

17 August 2005

Russia's Northern Fleet begins exercise

Putin takes lead-role in military exercises

India's "Project 75" submarine plan

Russian sub launches ballistic missile in Barents Sea

16 August 2005

Russian fleet in Crimean doldrums

Denmark, Canada agree to negotiate over disputed island

Aussie Navy plays 'baddies' in exercises

Russian prosecutors investigate submarine incidents

Nuclear subs on lease from Russia to India

Taiwan to get warships from US by year-end

Australia looks to the U.S. for destroyer designs

15 August 2005

Russia plans major military exercises for August

Denmark won't provoke Canada over disputed Arctic island

Japan Apologizes for World War II, and then starts World War III

Royal Navy takes delivery of advanced new air-defence missile

Sub on wheels

China And Russia To Hold First Joint Exercise

Australia funds search for WWII warship

Medals submarine rescuers snagged by protocol

70,000 people crowd to see Italian sub

Russian officer blamed in mini-sub probe

14 August 2005

Former Soviet Navy's Decline Revealed By Submarine Saga

Original Blue Angel Dies

Canadian veterans remember grim Pacific war

A Submarine Navigates the Streets of Milan

13 August 2005

Advance Construction Begins for CVN 21

Submariner joins JCS

12 August 2005

Is China building a carrier?

The P-3's at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii wear two hats (video)

NATO Exercise Provided Practice for Russian Mini-Sub Rescue

Royal Navy's "greenest" ship

Italian sub rolls down Milan street

In pictures: Kursk remembrance

Japan hosts year's largest military exercise

Australia Approves Designs for Amphibious Ships Project

Russian Navy Plays Down British Help In Sub Rescue

Russian Navy Ships Arrive in China for Joint Military Exercises

Mini-sub crew may be decorated with Orders of Courage

Sailors remember fallen Kursk crew

Former President Takes Dive

Aboard Sub Named After Him
- Photo

Russian admiral criticises bungling in sub rescue

Russia remembers the Kursk submarine disaster

11 August 2005

Underwater photos of mini-sub rescue: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Congressmen: Sub Threat Builds Case To Keep Groton

Navy's Fire Scout UAV successfully fires weapons

Taiwan highlights China threat in virtual war game

Putin: Exercise evidence of closer Russia-China ties

Navy officials reveal details of Russian submersible rescue

Pakistan tests its first cruise missile

Mystery phone call to radio station saved Russian sub

Navy Memo Is Seen As ‘Smoking Gun'

Rest easy: Collins submarine fleet ready for action ;-)

Pentagon report warns of China's growing submarine fleet

10 August 2005

Russia to Create Two Navy Shipbuilding Holdings

Indian Navy to hold joint exercises with 3 countries

Pentagon aims to bolster security in Caspian Sea region

Derelict fishing gear poses global threat to oceans

Russian sub's saviours near end of the line

Red-faced Russians may make scapegoat of submarine captain

09 August 2005

Russian warships leave for joint exercises with China

Royal Navy Museum to create online archive

Mathematician reveals flaws in IJN war code

Canadian Navy's sovereignty patrol will avoid Hans Island

Russian Mini-sub Was Caught On Huge Listening Device

Thailand may join Malacca Strait patrols

Russian sub crew were to be left for dead

Russia Opens Criminal Probe in Sub Fiasco

Rescued Russians Get Cabin Fever

USN new warship faster, more agile

Russia to buy submarine rescue vehicles from Britain

Dismay at state of Russian navy

Sea robots play critical role in Navy

Russian navy failed to set up effective rescue service

08 August 2005

Pentagon OKs continued design work on DD(X)

Russian navy under fire

Aviators Celebrate A Nuclear First — Sort Of

Russian Defense Minister Demands Improvement of Navy’s Rescue Capability

Russia’s Top Navy Commander to Be Sacked

Royal Navy team given Russian wristwatches for sub rescue

Missing WW II U.S. sub found off Thailand

Sub's rescue dogged by shortages

Mini-sub survivors talk of thirst, cold

What the Russian papers say

Kremlin gives thanks to Britons who saved Russian submarine

Navy rescuers hope to meet sub crew

Is Sea Fighter the new

breed of USN ship?

Cost for new US attack submarine may rise

Seaplanes bring new lifelines to Greek islands

07 August 2005

Has the Navy Learned the Lessons of Kursk?

Putin orders inquiry into sub accident

Russians saved in deep-sea rescue

Praise for UK role in sub rescue

Scorpio 45: The UK's deep-sea rescuer

American divers' role in rescuing stranded Russian submariners

In pictures: Russian sub rescue

Russian sub surfaces; All seven crew alive

Russian submarine crew saved

after British rescue intervention

Trapped Russian mini-sub, crew rescued in Pacific

06 August 2005

Sea Fighter could be forerunner of faster, agile Navy ships

Rescuers succeed in pulling up mini-sub, start raising it

Russian admiral slams appeal to NATO for help in rescuing sub

Russian navy: NATO help in sub rescue no threat to secrets

Russian navy to attempt lifting sub, and surveillance system

Rescuers race to free trapped sub

Submarine Rescue Teams prepare to use explosives to free vessel

The Truth comes out: Mini-sub tangled in cables of Russian underwater surveillance system

Submarine Accidents

Help arrives as Russian mini-sub remains stuck

First attempt to rescue Russian mini-sub fails

How did British historian praise Zheng He's voyages?

Nations rush to rescue

Russian submariners

U.S., British rescue teams Land in Russia

05 August 2005

Oxygen dwindling for seven in Russian sub

Sea Robots Play Critical Role in Navy

Russian Sub May or May Not be Hooked

Russian mini-sub under tow to shallower water

Russians attempt deep-sea rescue

Sail Bremerhaven

Germany, 2005

Bathyscaphe Priz: 24 hours of hope

US Navy submersible joining Russia submarine rescue

FLASH!!! Fears grow for air supply of Russia mini-sub crew

Navy Operations Chief Calls For Shipbuilding Study

FLASH!!! Russians race to rescue sailors

FLASH!!! Rescue of Russian bathyscaphe from sea bottom underway

FLASH!!! Russia scrambles to rescue trapped submarine

04 August 2005

Danes send warship to Hans Island

Danish navy ship steaming towards disputed island

Japan, U.S. to simulate defense for outlying islands

China, Russia excercise peaks U.S. interest

China 'full steam ahead' to master the seas

Royal welcome for Nelson dispatch

Cost of submarine Texas up 24 percent

Man who raised the Kaiser's navy

Indian Navy desperately seeks spy planes

Ceremony greets new navy flagship

S.Korea to develop anti-sub missile

03 August 2005

Nautilus First Nuke Aircraft Carrier? Aviators Say Yes

Sea Fighter Makes San Diego Home - Video

Surface ships: Weakest Link?

Accident prompts Navy to replace submarine hoses

Escape from a Dutch sub

Sorbet Royal , June 2005

Buster Crabb was joined by Navy in spying missions on Soviet cruiser

New Zheng He Temple unveiled in Semarang

China's naval exploits trouble Japan

Second worker dies after blast in scrapped Russian nuke sub

Event marks end of HMS Invincible

HMS York visits Colombo

RAN to fix risky Collins subs

3 nations to join in Malacca air patrols

Malacca Strait nations regret "war risk" rating

02 August 2005

Files detail UK spy divers' mission

Russia to keep Black Sea naval base

Photo series

Littoral Surface Craft-Experimental

Vets from Cold War submarine collision meet again

China, Russia to hold joint war games

RN Invincible warship

comes home to retire

Japan defence paper urges vigilance on China's navy

01 August 2005

Fire kills one at nuclear submarine recycling site

Admiral Zheng He

The admiral that time forgot

Blast on Russia nuclear submarine

US resumes training for the Saudi Navy

Explosion on scrapped Russian sub leaves one dead

Russian Navy sinks own flagship with demonstration mine

Photo series

sinking HMAS Brisbane

Australia sinks decommissioned navy ship

Theft in Indian Navy war room sparks probe

A Cuban wooden sub chaser

sinks a German submarine

Australian Labor demands action on subs

Navy Day celebrations begin in Vladivostok