World Naval News Archives

31 July 2005

Labor party demands action on subs

Report details Aussie submarine defects

Powerful navy guarantee of Russia's future

Service remembers RN torpedoed ship

HMAS Brisbane retires

as diving delight

Lloyd's classifies Malacca Strait as warzone

US Midshipmen dive into sub week

30 July 2005

USN stays with catamarans

Steven Seagal and
“Submerged” irritate Uruguay

Government 'to blame' for navy report

Submarines are safe, insists Hill

Colombian navy intercepts 1.7 tons of coaine in Caribbean Sea

RCN supply ship's electrical problems

First female USN skipper a Nevadan

Indonesia says Malaysian navy stopped poaching arrests

Royal Navy war ship to visit Colombo

Indonesia plans naval shake-up

Royal Navy drops anchor for race

US carrier makes 'Stealth' appearance

Australian submarine safety issues addressed

29 July 2005

Cover up over submarine danger denied

Navy secrecy threatens sub culture

Enlisting in the Navy for the Uninformed

Russia to keep military presence in Kurils, boost Pacific Fleet

Superyachts of the CEOs

Indian Navy on alert for NKorean ship

Australia's subs "riddled with risks"

Admiral confident of India's future

Romania, US to hold joint navy exercises

New nuclear submarine to equip Russian fleet in Far East

Boeing ahead of schedule with P-8A

8 admirals speak up for subbase

28 July 2005

Crash sub San Francisco to leave Guam for repairs

U.S. House Members, Experts Air China Concerns

Report shows navy knew of sub fault

Navy to Commission New Guided Missile Destroyer Halsey

Key Lawmaker Says China Bolsters Case To Keep Sub Base Open

Navy riverboat team assists U.S. missions in Middle East

New patrol vessel to be built in St. Petersburg

Defending China's rightful sea territory

Taiwan repels China attack

27 July 2005

Why is the U.S. Navy Leasing a Swedish Submarine?

Video: USS Albany Hosts UAV Test Launch

Naval European Assets Deploy to Black Sea

Midshipmen Dive Into Sub Week

Navy to navigate digitally by 2009

Navy officer warns of Chinese subs

Collins subs safe, navy tells crews

Submarine drill

in East China Sea

Belgium buys used Dutch frigates

HMAS Anzac visits Simonstown

26 July 2005

Collins subs safe, navy tells crews

Russia launches production of

4th generation diesel-electric subs

Royal Navy issues Trafalgar 200 DVD

A carrier, from the bottom up

Decisions loom for DD-X

Kakadu defence exercise starts

Multi-national maritime exercise launched in Australia

Submarine docks at Lennon airport

25 July 2005

Photos - Sea Fighter underway: 1, 2, 3

Damn the torpedoes, I want a batphone

Indian Navy on alert for N Korean arms ship

Crash submarine San Francisco completes round of sea trials

Labor seeks answers on submarine flood

7th Annual Undersea Warfare photo contest winners

China's new destroyers feature Aegis tech copied from U.S.

Victory replica set for torching

Kursk Researcher Is Frustrated By Conspiracy Talk

Indonesia, US hold annual military exercises

Canada, Denmark at odds over Arctic island

RN unveils Britain's biggest ever ships ..but there's not enough sailors to man them

24 July 2005

Sailors of the USS Indianapolis honored

China resurrects ancient mariner as new image of its emerging power

Flood fix for subs 'a band-aid'

Think-tank says Aussie subs safe despite 2003 ‘incident’

Navy may torpedo BAE jobs

Governor expects new sub at Pearl

Memorial service honors Navy Vice Adm. James Stockdale

23 July 2005

Russian Nuclear Subs Launch Major Naval Exercises

Sea diplomacy: Indian Navy to 'exercise' its might

U.S. To Deliver P-3C Orion Aircraft To Pakistan

The Chinese military threat

Adm. Clark: unconventional

officer led with a unique vision

Controversy over Australian navy accident

No cover-up of sub flood

22 July 2005

Mystery Subs in the Great White North

USS Pennsylvania completes 50th strategic deterrance patrol

India's Scorpene deal to be re-negotiated

US offers warships to India for first time

India has no intention to patrol Malacca Straits: Naval chief

Top sub officers objected to closing base in Groton

Troubled ship San Antonio joins Navy's fleet

Australian sub was 20 seconds from death

Hunting For Monster Sharks…2000 Feet Down

Today Show to feature USS Cobia

21 July 2005

China: "Japan's provocation in East China Sea very dangerous"

UK's oldest living submariner celebrates 100th birthday

Russians issue report on botched missile launch

New “Sea Fighter” Ship Shakes Up American Admirals

Northrop chief: Money is real issue with DD(X)

Analysts Question Cost Of New U.S. Navy Destroyer

New Mine Countermeasure Systems Are Hitting the Water

Woman to command U.S. Navy's newest destroyer

Vice-Admiral Sir David Brown, 77

Turkey invades Cyprus, again

The Admiral Levchenko returns home

Pentagon ready to counter China military with help from India and Japan

Some In Sardinia Want U.S. To Leave Submarine Port

20 July 2005

Royal Navy Video Gallery

Pride of the Australian fleet

CNO to Congress - Fund DD(X)

Finland wants U.S. Navy to return fighter plane

Navy officials defend need for new destroyers

Canada in wait to use its mine-clearing drones

South American future for HMS Norfolk

Royal Navy exercises with U.S. giant

Sea piracy drops worldwide

Operation Brewing Storm

Did your ancestors serve at Trafalgar? Find out!

Coming soon: 'Finding Nemo' Submarine Voyage

Its Not Yellow, But It Is A Submarine

19 July 2005

New Zealand Frigate on online auction block

Debate expands over Groton submarine base closing

Royal Navy ships

'robbed' of equipment

Indian Navy takes pride in indigenous shipbuilding

DD(X) development at critical stage

U.S. Navy launches free game

Indian Navy Carrier Group To Visit Malaysia

Submariners Are Criticizing Base-closure Decision

Navy stands firm on base closing

18 July 2005

Lockheed Martin Wins Japanese Contact for Sea-Based Missile Defense

US Navy plans to bolster counter-insurgency role

Navy sails catch winds of diplomacy

Miss USA Tours Submarine North Carolina

17 July 2005

Russian navy may get new plane in 2007-2008

Talks start with US on Trident's successor

Mickey News: The Subs Are Back!!!

Sardinia Says It's Time for the U.S. Navy to Leave

Join the Navy and see the world

"Japan's dangerous move in E.China Sea"

15 July 2005

Slideshow: USS Jimmy Carter

Indian Navy to train with US, French, Russian fleets

China protests Japan's move to drill in E.China Sea

China steps up surveillance of East China Sea

Report spotlights ship's problems

Multinational Exercise Strengthens Security in Adriatic

Operation Active Endeavour for the Caspian Sea

Singapore Navy's fourth frigate RSS Tenacious launched

Navy Says San Diego Sub Base Spared ‘For Strategic Reasons'

Georgia, Connecticut battle over base closing plans

14 July 2005

Divers recover main cannon from wreck of CSS Alabama

U.S. Navy Finds Osprey “Suitable and Effective”

India to deploy carrier group to South East Asia

Problems on New Ship a Bad Sign, Analyst Warns

13 July 2005

Sorbet Royal 2005

Swedish sub heads to sea, readies for mock battle

Portsmouth and Pearl Harbor are main rivals in yard survival

Simmons says Groton shouldn't 'poach' Norfolk's subs

Huntsville man reflects on 1969 test voyage in tiny sub

12 July 2005

Lockheed Martin to develop conventional missile for Trident subs

Australian sub's cup runneth over

Navy seizes fishing boat's strange catch

Russia's secret submarine base

US cruiser in

Grand Harbour, Malta

Indian naval chief warns shipyards against slow pace of production

Indonesian navy launches anti-piracy operation in Malacca Strait

Indian frigate INS Beas joins navy

Japan, Russia to begin next phase of nuclear sub dismantling plan

S. Korea launches multipurpose ship

Russia's secret submarine weapon gets exported

Indian Scorpene deal not clinchedb

11 July 2005

Russian guided missile

corvette Tarantul class

Japan set to continue atomic submarine scrapping program

Fire in docked Taiwanese navy frigate causes damage

SOSUS vigilance from the cold war to terrorism

Thai dive shop owners deny they want to rob US war grave

Multinational force in ‘Shark Hunt 2005’ did OK, but could be better

Photos: Indian guided missile frigate warship Beas commissioned

France offers to absorb the inflation in India sub deal

Breakthrough in Japan for Stirling AIP

RN river sisters

to the rescue

$1m in drugs 'smuggled in' on US warship

Indian Navy favours F-35 fighters

Fire in docked navy frigate causes damage

Sub called war grave

Photo: South Korean LPX almost completed

10 July 2005

Russian Pomornik class

amphibious landing craft

Japanese visits Russia to discuss utilization of atomic submarines

Divers in Thailand seek US approval to explore WWII sub wreck

09 July 2005

Russian Project 677 Lada

class diesel submarine

RN warship crew's march through city

Navy Takes Possession of Fastest Experimental Ship

Antisubmarine exercises held Black Sea

Yellow Submarine moves to John Lennon Airport

Pakistan invites China to hold 2nd joint naval exercise

Malaysian pirate’s tanker captured

Photo: Supplies for German U-16

French deal stuck; Germans make submarine pitch

Mystery as Deep as the Ocean

Photos: IFOS 2005 & Trafalgar 200 Fleet Review

08 July 2005

Navy postpones decision on Pacific carrier

Submariners See Double Aboard USS La Jolla

U.S. Navy to establish 'brown water' expeditionary and riverine forces

From Russia, with love

Russia to complete tests on sea-launched ballistic missile in 2006

Russia to build up navy in Caspian

Navy rescues 200 from blazing Philippines ferry

German firm keen on Indian submarine bid

Iranian subs get cruise missiles

RN dummy deck is Harrier milestone

Pakistan to get Chinese frigates by 2013

Singapore Navy News - latest issue

07 July 2005

Underwater sub detection

think like sharky

Trafalgar dispatch is on its way

Russia opposes outside navies in Black Sea

Indian Navy commissions Sea Harrier training squadron

US Navy in Gulf of Guinea

USN ship docks at Kenyan port

Cuts in RN warships diminishing navy's global role

China and Russia to hold joint exercises

UK lifts ban on sale of spares to Argentine Navy

Russia upgrades Iranian submarines

HMS Invincible to be mothballed early

Work resumes at UK sub leak dockyard

Troubled RN nuclear sub set to return to service

Found US WWII sub may finally tell seaman's fate

Russian Kilo: Too cheap and effective

06 July 2005

Boeing ScanEagle UAV Completes Sea Trials Aboard U.S. Navy Ship

Cuts in the number of warships diminishing Royal Navy's global role

Sub fleet's future hangs on BRAC decision

Bulava missile flight tests to conclude in 2006

Veterans group honors crew of first missile-launching sub

Royal Navy to have just one carrier

Navy life 'is no walk in the park'

U.S. Navy's Littoral Surface Craft Successfully Completes Sea Trials

China, Russia to hold joint military exercises next month

Vice Adm. James B. Stockdale, 81

05 July 2005

Pakistan launches project with China to build frigates

Russian, U.S. Navy units begin combined exercise

Troubled nuclear sub set to return to service

Carl Vinson Strike Group Concludes Persian Gulf Operations

Fourth Submarine of the 212A Class for the German Navy

04 July 2005

Researchers working on underwater secret agent

Dutch WASUB submarine

beats them all

Russia will equip Iranian subs with missiles

Protestors blockade RN sub base

S. Korea to launch large-deck landing ship

Rescue of Crew of WWII Dutch sub to be Celebrated

Japan investigates strange water vapor plume

Japan closely watching Chinese navy

RN ship returns after 530 days

US marines invade Sydney

03 July 2005

4 Groton subs In Mediterranean ‘Shark Hunt'

Why Groton is wrong USN base to close

Swedish sub HMS Gotland

arrives in San Diego

Indian Navy faces torpedoes shortage

02 July 2005

‘Efficiency’ cited in panel
request to add Pearl Harbor to closing list

Admiral says he saw Israeli sub Dakar sink

Sorbet Royal submarine

rescue photo page

Sri Lanka Navy's live fence executes Gurunagar fisherman

Russian and USN exercises off Vladivostok

Mexican Navy receives two Eurocopter Panther helicopters

German U-34 launched

01 July 2005

Japan orders Thales

optronic submarine masts

Falklands RN ships had nuclear arms

Swedish submarine HMS Gotland arrives in San Diego

Divers discover WWII U.S. sub in Gulf of Thailand

Photos: International Naval Show

Russia to dispose mothballed nuke subs and ships

Internaitional Naval Show in St.Petersburg

’Whale’ blows USFK Escape-from-Korea drill

Submarines: Russia's secret weapon gets exported