World Naval News Archives

30 June 2005

France's favour to the British

The Human-powered Submarine

Munsch turns over command of USS Albuquerque (SSN 706) to Douglass

US warships to visit Russian port of Vladivistok

29 June 2005

Dutch Submarine Dolfijn

in Sorbet Royal

28 June 2005

Britain marks 200th anniversary of Trafalgar Battle

Doctor's diary: Nelson's greatest enemies were inside himself

Trafalgar 200: Reporter's log

Tall ships visit Port Angeles

China makes huge strides in shipbuilding

27 June 2005

Did Hunley use electric weapons?

Base congested with subs a likely terrorist target

Navy blocks release of documents on Belgrano sinking

Joint naval exercise completed

USS Montpelier crew bids farewell after yearlong stay

25 June 2005

Foreign warships mass off British coast


Nelson's impact around the world

24 June 2005

Lord Nelson

Face of the Week

Canada’s Newest Headache



After 258 years, U.S. Navy still admires one of its early heroes

Russian ship to take part in Battle of Trafalgar anniversary

Navy numbers all add up for Kings Bay

Submarine Kursk torpedoed by the United States?

China can strike US from its coast

23 June 2005

Australia's new destroyers set to 'excite'

Exercise Neptune Warrior concludes

Photos: Navy SEALs deploy from submarine - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Former foes in Trafalgar tribute

From the depths, a mystery no longer

HMS Sovereign replaced by HMS Trenchant at Fleet Review

Rocket Launch From Sub Went Properly - Russian Navy Commander

China refuses to give details on missile tests

U.S. confirms China's test-launch of ballistic missile from submarine

22 June 2005

China advances missile program

Pakistan-US naval exercise begins

House pushes Navy to buy more ships

Lockheed designing new submarine-launched missile

Swedish Sub Expected To Enhance U.S. Navy’s ASW Primacy

U.S. wants new Iraq navy afloat by year’s end

Russian ships participate in NATO submarine rescue exercise

Russian Navy Lieutenant Crowned Beauty Queen
Hot mamma

Gunboat diplomacy useful

‘We Need DD(X)’ Top U.S. Navy Leaders Say

'One-month stint on board US Navy destroyer an eye-opener'

Trafalgar Pageant 'Shows Sea Power's Vital Role'

21 June 2005

Video: Sorbet Royal Submarine Rescue Exercise

Scientists Discover New Stealth Feature on H.L. Hunley

Taiwan frigates sent into disputed waters

A tradition as old as British naval mastery itself

200 years after Nelson's victory, the world's navies celebrate Trafalgar

Russian sub launches solar sail spacecraft

Russian solar sail launch fails because of engine failure

U.S.-Pakistan Naval Exercises Begin

Were they one of Nelson's men?

Frigate to defend Taiwan fishermen

Sidelining Canada's sub program unnecessary: navy report

Sunshine-propelled Craft To Sail In Space

New Submarine Concepts To Be Studied

20 June 2005

`Friendship flotilla' sets record for Taiwan's navy

Navy engineers found other subs safe within a month of Chicoutimi fire


US Navy develops submarine technologies

19 June 2005

Grand Central of Subs

Israel to participate in NATO submarine drill for the first time

First Solar Sail, to be Launched from Submarine

Divers to raise Lusitania’s secrets from the deep

18 June 2005

Admiral Says Subs Bring Plenty To War On Terror

Israel to participate in NATO submarine drill

17 June 2005

China test-fires new submarine-launched missile

Scorpene deal for India not far off

Nuclear subs in the dock over safety fears

Video: P-3s in Shark Hunt 2005

Video: Ospreys on Bataan

Pirates board supertanker

Indian navy on the crest of a wave

The day of the submarine has not passed

Connecticut hires Washington firm to lobby for submarine base


China's aircraft carrier gamble

16 June 2005

Russian rescue ship Shakhtyor to take part in NATO exercise

Sorbet Royal submarine rescue exercise to begin June 17

Sub disaster's 50th anniversary

Fleet cutbacks have left Royal Navy 'unable to react swiftly'

Malaysian Navy goes high-tech with computer-simulated war games

Secrets of a Civil War Submarine

14 nations to take part in submarine exercise

China denies aircraft carrier rumor

Surviving a kamikaze attack

Holland Club welcomes 60 new members

Submarine Had Skylights

14 June 2005

Britain flags up Trafalgar bicentenary spectacular

Great 1st year for P-8A MMA design team

HMS Victorious has makeover

Skunk Works: Sub-launched UAVs

Importance of Pacific Rim growing for U.S. Navy

"Red October" sub visits Saipan

Video: American technology on French carriers

Victory gunpowder runs recreated

Northrop tests Global Hawk for naval missions

Subs draw varying views

Flagging Submarine Design System Called Dangerous Problem For U.S.

Officials gather for hearing on submarine fleet

New Zealand Navy pays first visit to Vladivostok, Russia

Italy and Malta air-navy dril in Sicily

US navy sets up Microsoft license for overseas bases

Suspected Tamil rebels fire at Sri Lankan navy's road patrol

Financial difficulties for Russian nuke subs

13 June 2005

Propoganda Images Dusted Off After Six Decades

Submarine force commander warns against cuts

Photos: Submarine found

in Panama

US WWII submarine hero, Capt. Cutter, dies

Strategic master plan for nuclear vessel decommissioning

Fishermen snare

yellow submarine

India, Pakistan navies can cooperate

Boeing eyes high-flying torpedo

Photos: "Completion" of German

corvette Braunschweig

12 June 2005

Navy begins charting high-tech course

141 Jahre altes U-Boot könnte "Nautilus"-Vorbild sein

Book review: Shadow Voyage, how WWII German liner evaded capture

Photos: Peruvian frigate

Elias Aguirre commicioned

Book review: Dangerous Ground

Malaysia's Scorpene's ready by 2009

WWII in the Pacific was costly

Salute to US merchant mariners

Soviet-era sub finds new home in Rhode Island

Fishermen net RN's sub now they're holding it to ransom

11 June 2005

Sub-hunter squadron arrives in Japan

Buoyancy lessons

Yuan class submarine

A surprise ?

Pride of India docks in Cape Town

Cancer alert for children born close to UK dockyard

Russia's abandoned submarines pose threat

Life in fast lane of ocean's depths

10 June 2005

Indian Warships visit South Africa

Oil/Gas/Submarine sounds hurting marine life

Russian Navy chief plans improvements to fleet

U.S. Navy destroyer foils pirate attack in Indian Ocean

Lawmaker Says sub Force May Be Underutilized

USS Virginia may Deploy well Ahead Of Schedule

Chinese submariners are different

US analysts missed Chinese buildup

Sweden taking part in radiation safety program at navy shipyards

Das Boot has Georgia connection

Vladivostok welcomes Royal New Zealand Navy

Photo: Portsmouth US Naval Shipyard

09 June 2005

Soviet Sub Now Calls U.S. Home

Indian Navy plans to boost its fleet

Pentagon offers another plan for destroyer competition

Multinational Anti-sub Exercise Shark Hunt Kicks Off

Will glasses of cordiale be raised to maritime entente?

Guam, Hawaii Lobby for Aircraft Carrier

U.S. Aegis ship trains with Korean Navy

EB, Newport News Say Numbers Are Shrinking For Virginia-class Boats

Ex-Navy Brass Attack Plan To Close Sub Base

Russia, Finland, Estonia hold joint exercise at sea

Submarine numbers shrinking gradually

Admiral Says Submarine Force Not Getting Its Full Due

Bow section for RN type 45

destroyer completed

Pirates raid oil tanker at Basra

No need to worry about radiation at U.S. Submarine Base

Indian Navy to induct indigenously built aircraft carrier by 2012

Launch date set for solar sailing ship

08 June 2005

Mighty battleship Yamato

comes back in movie

Russis to scrap 8 Victor III subs

Spring 2005 Undersea Warfare Magazine

Report: BRAC reloacation a threat to whales

Jutland veteran turns 109

Oz's Magnetic Sub-Hunter

Chicago museum launches new home for WWII German sub

Singapore Navy successfully conducts 2 missile firings in drill

Crew safe after Halifax RCN frigate fire

New RAN destroyers too expensive?

USN probes machine gun fire incident

India to supply spares to Vietnamese navy

UK Nuclear sub base commander rejects anti-war protest claims

(Royal) Navy Radio

Lithuanian F-11 Žemaitis to attend BALTOPS 05

07 June 2005

Fire cripples Canadian warship

Sub returns to Halifax

Museum unveils captured

U-boat exhibit

Shadow Divers, authors talk about adventures on German sub

Russia urges G8 partners to step up aid for submarine utilization

Aid sought to dismantle Russian nukes

India opens major naval base at Karwar

Sub-hunter stumbles on real-life Nautilus

Australia's MAGSAFE offers new ASW options

06 June 2005

Norwegian frigate F-311 Roald Amundsen launched

Four Indian navy ships visit SA as a goodwill gesture

Taiwan Test-Fires Cruise Missile

INS Mumbai on a historic voyage

Rumsfeld calls for cooperation in fighting pirates

Admiral Sir Gordon Tait, 83

61 years ago, The Longest Day

American Civil War submarine found

Japanese destroyer pays visit to Vladivostok

Russian submarine now hosts kids' birthday parties

You have to see Uboat to believe it, museum says

Busiest RN weekend of the year on the Clyde

Many replacements for the periscope

05 June 2005

Majestic Royal Navy display in Faslane

Report: Mystery sub was spying for the US

No Military Value? Are They Kidding?

You have to see it to believe it, museum says

Cold War leftover lives in LA

USN offers new strategy for building destroyers

Lawsuit: Reveal effects of military sonar on whales

U.S. begins high-seas anti-terrorism games

French shipyards may build new Royal Navy aircraft carriers

04 June 2005

Museum unveils captured German submarine

Australian Submarine Co. wins navy ship tender

Dive In to SETT - RN Submarine Escape Training Tank

New U-505 Submarine Exhibit

Beijing, We Have A Problem…

The actions of the USS Essex in the War of 1812.e

History of the Belgium Navy

03 June 2005

India, France begin joint naval exercises

Indian Navy gets a new torpedo

Congressional hearing on submarine fleet set for June 13

Financial difficulties for Russian strategic nuclear submarines

INS Kadamba: Future of Indian Navy

Canadian sub departs on training mission

Russian Pacific fleet looking good: Kuroyedov

Keel laid for U.S. Navy's first littoral combat ship

Russian-Japanese submarine disposal agreement

Green Submarine

02 June 2005

Boeing Eyes High-Flying Torpedo

SUBPAC Honors WWII Submariners, Commando Missions

U.S., Japan plan new ABM test

First of Halifax subs back in service

Museum unveils exhibit to showcase captured German submarine

Swedish Navy submarine HMS Gotland on Lease to US Navy

Our (USA) incredible shrinking navy

Australia seeks missiles for warships

Photos of French Carrier Charles de Gaulle at Norfolk Virginia: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 - , - 4 - , - 5 -

Chinese submarine raises concern over security data

Photo's: Mexico's Navy Day

Multipurpose Akula submarine under repairs in Severodvinsk

Secret US WWII Philippine missions "continue to inspire" submarine force

Photo: NATO Sea Sparrow test

01 June 2005

The Royal Navy Day by Day

Man builds model subs with all the bells and klaxons

When will the Russian fleet pull out of Ukraine?

Chinese Navy conducts largest-ever exercises

More Royal Navy frigates for Chile

Kilos Headed for China in a Hurry

HDW Submarine Resurfaces

US to sell Australia SM-2 missiles

Secret Falklands fleet revealed

Royal Navy gets robot submarines for mine defence

Groton sub base cleanup will cost millions