World Naval News Archives

30 April 2005

Sunken submarine restoration efforts continue

29 April 2005

Russian Black Sea Fleet to remain in Sevastopol

Navy shipbuilders benefit from congressional spending blueprint

Submarine keepers honored for preservation effort

New submarine museum to surface soon

EP-3 leftover

Navy Captain Blazes Trail For Women In Military

Electro-Magnetic gun on the brink of fruition

US Navy plans use of fuel cells for ship-board power

Navy, industry celebrate start-up for E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

Orion Replacement Progresses toward Design Phase

Russia to Deliver 2 Boomers in 2006 With New SLBMs

28 April 2005

Kitty Hawk still has slim chance of reprieve

Army helicopter pilots get on board with Navy-style landings

Polish navy sub returns from mission in Mediterranean

Final Developmental Flight For US Navy's Coyote Target Missile Completed

"Battle of the Atlantic" honoured on Canadian postage stamp

Lott asks colleagues for DDX support

Ship en route to Iran tests WMD proliferation deal

"War Blare" of U.S. 7th Fleet Commander under Fire

‘Pimps’ and ‘strippers’ keep Merlin aloft

Navy hopes to expand sea basing

Canada may ban beards on submariners

Rumsfeld: Future Navy will be smaller

27 April 2005

Author 's sleuthing compels Navy to correct 60-year-war record

Physicists to create more stable gyroscope for Navy subs

Nuclear Sub Visits South Florida As Part Of Fleet Week

Life aboard a nuclear sub

Russian Shipyard Blaze Kills Fireman, Damages Chinese Destroyer

Russian navy to get new submarines

26 April 2005

Symbol of submarine base gone

U-505 to reopen in June

Navy Showcases Experimental ‘Sea Fighter’

Portuguese navy orders fuel-cell submarines

Taiwan needs weapons to counter China buildup

25 April 2005

Black Sea Fleet`s future in Sevastopol

Aussies mount a peaceful invasion

Al-Qaeda threat to British fleet

N. Korea to 'bolster' A-weapons

U.S. may seek to quarantine North Korea

24 April 2005

Rescuing the U.S. Navy

South American Submarines Help U.S. Navy Warships Train

23 April 2005

Ocean off Hawaii filled with wreckage

Britain: How we lied our way into the nuclear club

Indian submarine launched in Russia

Oliver North: Save the Battlewagons

22 April 2005

Russian sub surfaces in San Diego

Portuguese navy orders fuel cell submarines

Russia upgrades India's Kilo sub for cruise missiles

Mystery of Sunk Sub Re-examined

Senate blocks Navy from scrapping an aircraft carrier

Indian Navy wary of attempts to scuttle Scorpene deal

Pentagon: Navy’s shipyard plan ‘premature’

Navy Report: San Francisco Crew Was Weak In Navigation

Sonalysts Wins $2.3 Million Contract

21 April 2005

Subs exotic but excess

SUBASE Sailors aim to be CO For The Day

Sailor who performed surgery aboard submarine dies

`The Spy Who Loved Me` submarine for sale on Ebay

20 April 2005

Get early start for 'Smooth Move'

19 April 2005

Photos: Columbian drug submarine - 1, 2, 3

Senator has plan to save carrier

Navy's Fleet of Tomorrow Is Mired in Politics of Yesterday

Committee blames Chrétien for sub woes

Russia offers to dismantle foreign nuclear submarines

American to salvage Japanese sub full of gold, opium sunk in 1944

S.Korean navy regrets over DPRK's accusation

Photo: HMCS Chicoutimi in dry-dock

Oceans getting louder; Effects unclear

Depth gauge could hold clues to Hunley fate

'Bloated' US Navy shipbuilding system boosts costs

18 April 2005

US Navy to continue surveillance of Gulf

US Pacific Command seeks Indian officer

Depth gauge could hold clues to Hunley fate

Raytheon receives USN contract for carrier defense systems

Reburial for Nelson's lost allies

MoD clears RN sub of trawler sinking

German ship makes a date to celebrate in Norfolk

HM Bark Endeavour hits a sandy snag

Trial date set in lawsuit against Sudan for Cole attack

Bangladesh navy detains scores of smuggled worker

Does US need new nuke weapons?

17 April 2005

Tensions mount in East China Sea

17 April 1951: Fears for crew of lost British submarine

On this day: Fears for crew of lost British submarine

China's sub plan menace

16 April 2005

War hero became juggler after losing his hands

MoD clears sub of trawler sinking

If It Sinks, Is It Worth It?

Sub wreck could reveal Japanese peace offer

American plans expedition to salvage gold-laden Japanese WWII submarine

US plans Indian navy liaison officer in Pacific Command

RN sub was in base when French trawler sank

Indian BrahMos test-fired off west coast

15 April 2005

Malaysia summons Indonesia envoy over sea dispute

Can. Navy dismisses ex-sailor's concerns about defects on submarines

Swimming Briton killed in Navy boat crash

Naval clash feared in row with China

14 April 2005

South American Submarines Enhance U.S. Navy’s Fleet Readiness

Japan, U.S. to research stealth vessel technology

Raytheon Awarded Contract for Next Generation Aircraft Carrier

Russian Navy C-in-C, WWII vets to honour memory of seamen

USS Albuquerque to return to SUBASE following deployment

Marker to honor submarine history

China angered by Japan's search for gas in China Sea

13 April 2005

Video: Launch of the USS Texas (SSN 775)

Intruder on visiting US ship sparks Navy inquiry

Don't punish sub's captain, Can. navy urges

Chinese navy commander hails relations with Indian navy

Philippine Navy gunboat secures Negros

S. Korea asks North to return boat

Germany takes over SNMG1 from the Netherlands

Russian warship on Memory Cruise

British bodies of 1798 naval battle found in Egypt

General Dynamics offers alternate plan for new warship

History Channel Presents DEEP SEA DETECTIVES

Japan defies China in search of oil

Navy chief urges new ship-buying strategy

Senate subcommittee weighs new Navy procurement strategy

Shipyard, Navy battle over destroyers

US offers to train Indian Navy for Adm Gorshkov

Canadian Navy turns over sub report

Plagued sub buoys import data

Don't punish sub's captain, navy urges

12 April 2005

Chinese navy commander hails relations with Indian navy

MiG-29s for Admiral Gorshkov to start arriving this year

Iraqi Navy joins Arabian Gauntlet 2005

Russian Navy to receive new ships

Russia declassifies WW2 fleet history

Senate Challenges U.S. Navy’s DD(X) Plan

Shipbuilding Rivals Agree to Join Forces

India's new aircraft carrier project

Taiwan to mass produce anti-ship missiles

Video: Launch of Virginia-class submarine Texas

Second Virginia-Class Submarine Texas Launched : (Photo)

Russia commemorates first nuclear submarine loss

11 April 2005

Subs could be 'strategic orphans'

Chinese, Australian ships in joint exercise

Formula 1 legend tries life on a submarine

Moroccan Frigates Lead Kearsarge Strike Group Through Strait of Gibraltar

India begins building aircraft carrier

Ex-crews hope to honor the America

10 April 2005

JFK Rolls Out Red Carpet for South American Submariners

Canada's subs face huge bills for upkeep

Japan sub part of Hawaii ocean 'junkyard'

India to acquire sub-rescue vessels

You, Too, Can Be a Submarine Base CO

Thresher tragedy remembered

USS Thresher crew remembered

Availability Is Key For Subs To Keep Up With Demand

Submarine Force Celebrates Birthday At Groton Memorial

Groton Submarine Vet Recalls ‘We Wanted To Hit Back'

Simulators Have Growing Role In Submarine Training

09 April 2005

Navy Faults navigational procedures In crash Of Sub

USS Thresher: Long remembered, never forgotten

Russia to test new submarine St. Petersburg soon

Victor-III nuclear submarine to be scrapped

Veterans remember submarine inventor

08 April 2005

Destroyed 'US Navy' submarine just a dive boat

South Africa Navy Festival 2005

HMS Nottingham home from deployment

Chinese Navy buildup gives Pentagon new worries

USS America will be sunk

Northrop Grumman gets contract to support USN ASW technology

07 April 2005

China to transfer sophisticated frigate technology to Pakistan

New technology for navigating without GPS

Royal Navy's patrols sail out of Ulster waters

06 April 2005

Singapore Navy news online

Tight squeeze for troops on board Falklands patrol ship

Black box recovered from crashed Australian navy helicopter

Photo: RAS in heavy seas

05 April 2005

Submariners to Honor Shipmates at U.S. Navy Memorial

Tamil Tigers 'attack navy boat'

Rope needed for replica Victory

Declassified document unveils truth of WWII shipwreck

Upgrades to Canada's troubled subs could cost $465M

Floating missile defence radar for U.S.

Major milestone' reached in missile defense system

Video: U.S. Navy Up Periscope program

BlackSeaFor exercises held off Turkish coast

Germany offers subs to Indonesia

04 April 2005

Japan sub info allegedly leaked to China

Australian Navy grounds aging helicopter fleet after deadly crash

China to build frigates for Pakistan

Two fires in same day on prototype Navy sub

West's submarine nuclear warheads flawed, say scientists

03 April 2005

Sailors say goodbye to Vincennes

Naval aviation moves to a whole new plane

Hornet squadron edges Tomcats out of the nest

Carrier's fate launches political battle

Indian Navy hopes to acquire "blue water capability"

India's Karwar naval base getting ready to float

Russian ships to participate in Black Sea exercises

Sub Vets Commemorate 105 Years Of U.S. Submarines

02 April 2005

Navy scrubs repair work for USS Kennedy

Submarine mimics great white shark

01 April 2005

SECNAV Nominated as Next Deputy Secretary of Defense

England's foes

Black Sea Naval Forces to conduct exercise soon

South Korea Navy planning new, major base

Submarine Force Tests UAV Technology