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30 January 2005

Submarines Will Adapt To Future Needs

Performance in secret mission saved NR1 from the scrapyard

''Training saved our lives'' in ditching at sea

UK copter firm secures US Navy deal

Russia's Baltic Fleet celebrates anniversary of WW2 submarine attack

29 January 2005

Taiwanese sailors refurbishing retired US Navy destroyers


28 January 2005

Technology keeping troops safer at sea

New Game Brings Navy Life To The Desktop

Singapore navy launches locally built Frigate

Nuclear family

General Dynamics Gets Navy Sub Deal

Scientists begin removing bench from Civil War sub

Submarine commander rises from the ranks

Unique Shark picture needs a good home

Navy Releases Photos of Crash Damage to Nuclear Submarine

Navy Assessing Severe Damage To USS San Francisco

27 January 2005

Navy publishes first photos of damaged sub

Photos: Damage to USS San Francisco 1, 2

USS San Francisco dry-docked to assess damage

USS Kennedy won't go without fight

26 January 2005

Iraqi Navy is still not ship shape

Submarine tender deploys to Africa

Nelson box set to have mast appeal

USS San Francisco enters Guam drydock

Japan vows to protect gas fields from China

Ex-commander recalls deadly sub crash

25 January 2005

20 Russian submarine reactor compartments to be shipped for storage

U.S. Deploys Warship to Oil-Rich African Gulf

Arrival of Japanese navy at Aceh raises eyebrows

S. Korean ship to ferry relief items to Sri Lanka

Japan launches largest military operation since WWII

RAN tests to measure crash damage to Navy ship

Photo: Marines of the Iraqi Navy

RPT-U.S. Navy surveying waters near tsunami epicentre

Submarine will help students dive into science

24 January 2005

The Tomcat's final flight

Sea Harriers in dogfight training

DPRK warns S.Korea of serious consequences for battleships' intrusion

USN men check out Russian destroyer

Second Kidd intended for Iranian Navy

Book review: "The Life of a Navy Wife"

Malaysian navy detains Taiwanese ship seized by mutinous crew

Photo: Johnny Carson in the USN

Greek navy chief expected in Turkey on rare visit

US Air Force, Navy to shrink while Army, Marines expand

HMS Scott to investigate tsunami epicenter

Relatives of Kursk victims sue Russian authorities

23 January 2005

Commanders meet to discuss fleet's transformation

Alexandria Brings Home The E

Stamps made from Trafalgar ship

Navy christens new guided missile destroyer Kidd

HMAS Ballarat investigation underway

Aussie frigate runs aground

Monsterous plan upsets Nessie fans

India navy finds tsunami survivor

Photo: Iraqi Navy Academy cadets....

Danger zone wrong in crash of submarine USS San Francisco

22 January 2005

First New Royal Australian Navy patrol boat named

Singapore navy acquires advanced Sikorsky helicopters

British navy to survey seabed close to Dec. 26 quake epicentre

Canadian submarine heads for home

HMS Endurance meets Ellen MacArthur

Brit sailors not used to cold

21 January 2005

Uncharted Waters

Father of the Nuclear Nary -- His Method? Full Steam Ahead!

Israeli-German submarine deal hits snag

Indian Navy planning expedition to Antarctica

North Korea warns of potential naval skirmishes with South Korea

INS Tarangini, Mt Everest expedition Navy's themes in R Day

Kursk appeal in Strasbourg court

HMS Victorious arrives in Devonport for refit

20 January 2005

Indonesian Navy to develop guided missiles

North Korea allows South to conduct sea search

U.S. Navy uses Cyprus as base

Navy to Christen New Guided-Missile Destroyer Kidd

Russia scraps two Soviet-era subs

Two diesel subs built for China to be launched soon

Nautilus celebrates first underway's 50th anniversary

Relatives of Kursk submarine crew appeal to European Court

USS San Francisco CO reassigned pending investigation

Indian Navy to undertake hydrographic studies

Jap. response upgrade in works against intruding subs

Historian rips away Adm. Nelson's eye patch

19 January 2005

TN portable gunnery simulator

Russia gives priority to new generation nuclear subs

Japan to repond immediately to sub intrusions

USS Oklahoma City circumnavigates North America

High School gets sub simulator

U.S. Navy May Adjust UAV Plans

Coast Guard Unveils New Security Boat

U.S. Naval ship surveying Malacca Straits

Navy runs silent on damage report from USS San Francisco

USN pilot writes about tsunami effort

'Death flight' captain says Argentine navy is hiding horrors

Red October to be sold for scrap

Japan to dispatch MSDF without hesitation for sub intrusions

US Navy 2005 Almanac

18 January 2005

Northrop launches UAV from USS Georgia

Italy to help Russia scrap nuclear sub

Book review: "U.S. subs down under"

Aboard the Lanka Destroyer

Turkey: Hazardous cargo transits Bosporous Straits every hour

Russia to scrap Typhoon submarines

Carrier strike group leaves for exercises

Sufforlk's Warship Sets Sail

China's "String of pearls" military plan to protect oil

Norway to scrap another Russian sub

Nautilus Charted New Course For Submarines 50 Years Ago

Build (US) destroyers for the sake of security

US Marine, Navy Engineers Making a Difference in Sri Lanka

History: Thrill of a Lifetime

Malaysian navy to re-chart Malacca Straits after tsunami

17 January 2005

French frigate arrives in Maladives

Under Way on Nuclear Power

US Navy acts on whale deaths

Run Silent, Run Nuke

Indonesian Navy hunts down RP fishing boat

Can. only supply ship out of refit - late and over budget

Hundreds attend Guam service for sailor killed in US submarine accident

USS Nautilus 'changed everything'

HMS Invincible deploys for Med exercises

Russia to sell strategic bombers to China

The Mount Whitney charts a new course

USNS Mercy to Aid in Tsunami Relief Efforts

Navy carrier takes action in rescue call

Bush Is Told of Carrier's Value

US military pondered love not war

AOL acquires Nuclear Capability

16 January 2005

Hundreds attend service for sailor killed in submarine accident

‘Underway On Nuclear Power'

Japan maps plan to defend southern islands against Chinese attack

Scientist shares insights about Hunley

NORAD may turn its eyes to sea defense

USN to chart ocean floor after tsunami

Nuclear submarine celebrates 50th anniversary

RN N-sub heading to yard for refit

Book review: The Confident Hope of a Miracle: The true story of the Spanish Armada

15 January 2005

Crippled Sub Challenged Crew's Skills

Old navigation charts led to US submarine crash

USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of Aceh province, Indonesia

Argentine ex-navy officer on genocide, torture trial in Spain

South Atlantic rendezvous with RN

14 January 2005

USS Ike to keep idling

Encapsulation Technology Enables New Submarine Capability

Russian submarine will launch missile carrying satellite

Wind farm takes off at former Soviet nuke sub base

Terrorism Fears Divert Navy Supply Ships From Suez Canal

7th Fleet team on Guam to investigate sub accident

Navy carrier group's deployment extended indefinitely

Moscow hails Tokyo's decision to fund recycling of 5 subs

US Submarine Crash Investigations Begin

Iran launches submarine in 5 years

Photo: USNS Mercy moored in Pearl Harbor

Photo: USS San Francisco (SSN 711) passes the Orote cliff line

The American Mystery Sub

Galicia class LPD for Spain

French naval ships to arrive in Aceh with aid

Latest issue Singapore Navy News magazine

13 January 2005

Exxon Valdez skipper blamed for sub grounding ;)

Canadian frigate leaves for NATO exercise

Navy Moves To Prevent Whale Deaths

RN destroyer escort for yachtswoman's record bid

Kollmorgen, Lockheed-Martin & Sonalysts win Navy sub contract

Russia, Japan to scrap five nuclear submarines in 2005

Exercise Reliant Mermaid Kicks Off

Shipmates says farewell to fallen USS San Francisco sailor

Fire-hit submarine heading home

12 January 2005

Russia scrapped 17 nuclear subs in 2004

Russia and NATO to patrol Mediterranean coasts

U.S., Turkey, Israel begin naval exercise

Nuclear submarine impact was "incredibly hard"

Impact of nuke sub crash hurt 60 in crew

Details of US sub accident become clearer

11 January 2005

Give to the Red Cross International Response Fund

Sub return delayed again

New details on San Francisco grounding

U.S. Navy joins Israel, Turkey in Search and Rescue Exercise

PRAVDA: Accident aboard the U.S. sub bears stunning resemblance to the "Kursk" tragedy

History is hiding beneath gulf sands

Memorial set for sailor

Nuclear sub hit undersea mountain at high speed

10 January 2005

Photo: San Francisco returns to Guam

Join the Indian Navy!

Submarine bow damaged

U.S. submarine hit undersea mountain

Damaged US Nuclear Sub Returns to Guam

09 January 2005

Aussie sub set for scrap heap

30 Nations to attend International Fleet Review

Submarine Crew Member Dies

Weather delays crippled sub's return

Bad weather delays return of Canada's submarine from Scotland

Russian navy Command pledges to complete Kursk's replica Belgorod nuclear submarine

News Flash: U.S. sailor dies in submarine accident

08 January 2005

Breaking News: 20 Hurt on US sub, 1 critically

Breaking News: Navy expects San Francisco to reach port Monday

Watching us from the depths

French documentary blames U.S. Navy for Kursk disaster

Breaking News: U.S. nuclear sub runs aground off Guam

07 January 2005

U.S. sailor on board same ship that rescued her from disaster as a child

Submariners pitch in for Extreme Makeover

USS Stennis arrives at new homeport

USS Hawaii to be based at Pearl

Warship Houston finds its 'perfect match'

Fire-Hit Submarine Sets off from Naval Base

U.S. Navy looks to consolidate its operations

Navy delays overhaul bids on JFK

U.S. to Share Intelligence on N. Korean Submarines

06 January 2005

Give to the Red Cross International Response Fund

Battle begins over carrier Kennedy

Maritime spectacular will be focus of attention

Lawmakers vow to protect USS Kennedy

Hospital Ship Mercy Sails for Indian Ocean

Weather postpones sealift of crippled submarine

05 January 2005

‘America’s Big Stick’ is Good as New

USS Mason Patrols Persian Gulf

Taiwan strategy triggers reshuffle in Chinese navy

US eyes greater military clout in Asia following tsunami tragedy

Plan to trim shipbuilding raises alarm

Fight to Keep JFK Begins in Washington

Forced to sea with no safety checks

Navy 'Top Guns' Take Rear Seat to Copter Pilots

North Korea Issues Wartime Guidelines

A Salute to the USS Abraham Lincoln

‘Loyal and worthy of trust’

04 January 2005

Give to the Red Cross International Response Fund

Submarine Wreck Given Protection

Sea Harriers still in business

Defense trims Navy funds for destroyers

Russia to build frigate for Navy

Proposed cuts create possible carrier fight

Thresher’s ‘luckiest man’ dies

03 January 2005

Give to the Red Cross International Response Fund

North Korea tried to export small submarine vessels

Bangladesh Navy ships, BAF planes off to Sri Lanka & Maldives

US Hunley is memorialized in Civil War art

Underwater Earthquakes

Navy heroes stinking ship

Surviving a sub attack

Sunken mystery

02 January 2005

USN helicopters airlift disaster survivors from Indonesian coast

Sub pilot's sea skills saved lives

'Submarines everywhere' during World War II here

Tsunami did not wreck our navy: LTTE

01 January 2005

Navy improperly tested sub's wiring, papers say

Israeli Navy's plans to procure new vessels frozen

Navy 'Angels' Delivering Relief Supplies to Indonesia

Nuclear subs planned for Belfast

Gerald C. McLees, submarine disaster survivor, dies at 90

Can. Navy launching campaign to fix battered image