World Naval News Archives

30 November 2004

US Invites Indonesian Navy to Establish Maritime Cooperation

US Navy, India work on sub-rescue agreement

Canada needs new warships

India likely to clinch French submarine deal early next year

India Tests Anti-Submarine Version Of Advanced Helicopter

29 November 2004

Chinese sub highlights underseas rivalries

Chicoutimi crew told to plug leaks

Video: Life on the Kuznetsov

USS Yorktown to be decommissioned

Dud subs no more

Canadian fleet 'verging on obsolescence'

Rust has Canada's navy in its sights

Russian subs to receive new long-range missile

India's Karwar naval base ready for first ship

Multi-dimensional Naval base `Project Seabird' ready

Karwar naval base taking shape

Japan uses submarine incident to whip up anti-Chinese nationalism

28 November 2004

HMAS Sydney readies for sea

Iran starts naval exercises in Persian Gulf

Historic Yorktown joins sister ship Tico on inactive warship list

Navy experiment on Yorktown paid off

27 November 2004

Naval war games a serious business

Singapore navy begins Iraq support mission

Navy Chief: U.K. Must Cut Commitments

Indian Navy building aircraft carrier

USS Greeneville’s Former Skipper Wins High U.S. Navy Award

Taiwan `regrets' Japan's stance on sub

Sevmash to dispose of second Akula submarine

Submarine fire inquiry panel given more time

26 November 2004

Boeing arms 737 for maritime missions

Air Force bomber sinks Navy ship

No Tomahawks - yet - for Dutch

Taiwan regrets Japan's denial of sub intelligence offer

Minister won't comment on Chicoutimi problems

25 November 2004

Resultant Fury tests were successful, service says

Washington hosts military exercise in Caribbean on navy ‘interdiction’

Naval hero's crypt gets spit and polish

Royal Navy pledges curbs on sonar to avoid harming dolphins

Chinese submarines for underwater tourism

Open hatches linked to sub disaster

24 November 2004

New Protection For Sunken Military Vessels And Aircraft

Concern sonar equipment could harm marine life

Chicoutimi refit didn't catch all problems

New sonar protection for RN warships

Cash backing for submarine museum

Russian submarine accident caused by mechanical error

Second submarine for Chilean Navy

Russian Navy denies report on sale of diesel-electric sub to India

Black Sea navies to practice sub rescues

Drebbel still vanished !

23 November 2004

Russian sub to launch Cosmos 1 solar sail mission

New Pacific Fleet sub chief named

Dutch company may help raise Russian sub

Canada orders insulation replaced on all Upholder-class subs

Rumsfeld asked to keep Groton sub base off closing list

HMNZS Te Kaha and Endeavour Heading Home

Photo: An inflatable boat of the USN patrols the harbor in Cartagena

HMS Gloucester deploys to S-Atlantic

Australia rules under the waves

Jimmy Carter Returns From Alpha Trials

22 November 2004

Truman Relieves Kennedy in Arabian Gulf

Sunny the parrot returns to duty

Anti-swimmer Dolphins Remain Ready to Defend

B-52s gain a new mission

Pakistan navy ship to make 4-day port call in Doha

Pranab Mukherjee visits INS Mysore

India Govt clears all hurdles in ship-building project

False alarms angers Fiji navy

USN transport christened

India admiral fears sub production delay

21 November 2004

Book review: "Gallant Lady"

Towering windmills to cut costs for US Navy

How Russia keeps China armed

World War II-era US sub could stay docked in Muskegon

Photo: Navy soldiers patrol Cartagena

Russia's commission completes probe into submarine accident

Explosion aboard Russian nuclear submarine kills one and elicits sceptical responses

20 November 2004

Russia investigates submarine blast

Chen claims Taipei told Japan about Chinese submarine

Can. Navy forced to use private helicopters

Nigerian navy officers bribed as oil tanker shiponed

We need to build subs to counter Pakistan

Smooth sailing for new US sub

Trident missiles make USS Kentucky threat that cannot be ignored

Portland leads way in submarine navigation tests

US Navy pays credit to dolphin sentinels

Video: 24 year old RAN ship

The Israel Navy is well prepared

Photo: MCMFORNORTH visits Flensburg

19 November 2004

U.S. Navy Admiral: Single-Ship Sub Buys ‘Stupid’

India's Navy Chief: We need to build subs to counter Pakistan

Russian Submarine Blast Kills 1

Submarine Jimmy Carter Completes First Voyage

Veterans Group Transfers Ownership of Sub Memorial To Navy

Australia, US sign new sub deal

Joint Multinational Exercise Concludes

Indian Navy keen to get more Israeli Baraks

Australia, US to share submarine technology

18 November 2004

Two ships sunk in Navy target practice

INS Viraat to set sail after repairs

Royal Navy Parrot Goes Back to Sea

USS Kentucky Always Poised To Strike

New sub to be named after New Mexico

Sub rife with post-handover problems

Military requests more time for sub fire probe

16 November 2004

Photo: Israeli submarine "Dolphin" reaches the surface

Russian jet turns back US spy plane

Israel: Sub was likely from NATO

Pakistan navy ships on training cruise to Sri Lanka

RNZN frigate sold for $1

Report says fewer submarines to be part of USN fleet

China expresses regret (or not?) over submarine intrusion into Japanese waters: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 -

Keel-laying of the 3rd submarine for the SAN

Memories of HMS Belfast to go into print

15 November 2004

USS Los Angeles Deploys to Western Pacific

Ceremony remembers German submariners

Submarine entered Israeli waters (update)

Submarine penetrated Israeli waters: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 - , - 4 - , - 5 -

Pranab Mukherjee to witness Indian Naval drill

Familygrams: Reality in 28 words or less

Photo: USS Bainbridge christened

Lankan Navy fire, fisherman hurt

Manual planned to deal with submarine incursions

14 November 2004

Website warns of attack on US Fifth Fleet

Writer on a search for clues to an early US Submarine's obscure past

Japanese minister links sub intrusion with China's gas project

US warship is fifth to be named for 1812 commander

Israeli Navy acquires three new fast-class ships

B-52s to bomb ship in test off Kauai

13 November 2004

Japanese press lashes out at China

Chinese sub intrusion considered an act of provocation

Civil War gunship found in Mississippi River

USS Indianapolis survivor tells tale at Glendale

Japan demands apology over Chinese submarine intrusion

Tattoo pays tribute to Trafalgar victory

HMS Campbeltown comes to aid of drifting merchant

Chinese Envoy Urges Calm After Sub Flap

History: U.S. Battleships Avenge Pearl Harbor attack at Surigao Strait

12 November 2004

USS New Jersey opens historic decks for sleepovers

A strategically important area for China

Japan calls off hunt for suspicious submarine

Northrop ships new destroyer

Sub hunter recalls chasing U-boats

Ship breaking firm 'vindicated'

Global Marine to investigate Spanish galleons

Japan summons Chinese diplomat after submarine intrusion

Japan says mystery sub Chinese

11 November 2004

P-3C role in sub chase may force Japan to rethink downsizing

'China may have been flaunting its power'

Bainbridge, a hallowed name in U.S. Navy's history

Plans take shape for year of maritime celebration

UNITAS exercise begins in South Atlantic

Japan still chasing mystery sub

Beef up MSDF's ability to patrol nation's waters

S.Korea builds Aegis-equipped destroyers

RN urged to scrap ships in UK

History: Korean coast challenged Canadian navy

China 'no clues' over mystery sub

‘New, improved’ HMS Nottingham put through her paces

10 November 2004

Chinese Navy held maneuvers near area where sub detected

Russian sub to launch solar sail

Sea border breach irks South Korea

‘New, improved’ Nottingham put through her paces

Japan on alert after sub scare

RN sailors hurt as navy crane falls

Japan Navy mobilized after mystery submarine spotted

Victoria shipyard gets contract for six Canadian navy vessels

Israeli Navy unveils new Dabura patrol boat

IZAR will built Strategic projection ship for the RAN

Video: RAN Adelaide boarding parties

Turning SSNs into SSBNs

Safety inspections for RN submarines

09 November 2004

Eritrea, France begin naval cooperation programme

Israeli Navy unveils new patrol boat

Destroyers Full Ahead

Japan plans detecting system in East China Sea

08 November 2004

Navy Drops First 500-Pound JDAM in Combat

Canadian sub will miss NATO exercise

Smuggled shipmate was beloved mascot

Naval Exercise Displays Japan's Ambitions

Excavated Civil War sub is a wonder

New corvettes give SA navy unprecedented reach and firepower

07 November 2004

Navy Admiral Takes Over NORAD

Sub crew to blame for lethal fire

Indian Navy test fires 'Dhanush' missile

India's Navy chief stresses need for undersea nuke deterrent capability

06 November 2004

'Indian Navy will become leaner and meaner'

Indian Navy to augment its 'eyes in the sky'

UNITAS naval exercise in Uruguayan waters

Fire submarine to leave Faslane

Navy reflects India's strategic ambitions

Windows for Warships safe for Royal Navy

Australia looks to replace Orions

04 November 2004

New Wind in Ship's Sails

Durban Harbour to host pride of SA Navy

Authorization act funds aircraft, missile defense

France presses India for submarine deal

03 November 2004

Candle likely caused second sub fire

A warship with a point to prove

Friend becomes foe in war games

U.S. Sinister Plot Denounced

Crew swaps could extend to Marine amphib groups

India test fires BrahMos missile from ship

02 November 2004

Tomcats End WestPac Era

North Korea Says South's Navy Staged Provocation

Russia test-launches two ballistic missiles

Russian nuclear submarine fires ballistic missile

01 November 2004

Russian Ships Join NATO Anti-Terror Patrol

"No One Can Resist Cheering When a Torpedo Strikes Home"

Navy crews shrinking on cruisers and carriers

S. Korean Navy Fires on N. Korean Boats

French submarine deal under consideration: Pranab

Inquiry after submarine hits tanker in the Minch

More Submarines Needed

Scientist Hopes Hunley Technology Can Preserve Civil War-Era Sub

Renovation of WWII German submarine, U-505

Carrier Group Returns From 5-Month Deployment