World Naval News Archives

30 October 2004

North Korea Protests US Naval Exercise

Navy may base more subs in Pacific

HSV Swift Demonstrates Sea Basing

Brits knew wiring faulty on subs, navy says

29 October 2004

LPD-17 sea trials to begin soon

U.S. and Sweden to Conduct Anti-Submarine Warfare Training

Navy tests new look

Carrier crews to shrink

European push to ban sonar

North Korea Files Protest With UN Over US-led Naval Exercise

Russia`s latest submarine to enter service in late 2005

Sub collision boosts call for prevention

Graham: U.S. pressure didn't lead to sub purchase

28 October 2004

Sweden to conduct joint submarine exercises with US

Tanker hits Norwegian sub (update)

USS Parche (SSN 683) Decommissions

Carrier Flight Decks Will Have ‘Pit Stops’ for Navy Fighter Jets

Taiwan's first Kidd-class destroyer to be delivered early

Taiwan can't build diesel submarines, says minister

USS Tang: October 24, 1944

U.S. lobbied Canada to buy subs

Sub fire probe investigating emergency breathing system

Submarine repairs will take months

Photo: USS Newport News leaves Crete

Trafalgar sail to go on public display

27 October 2004

Naval version of Prithvi III test-fired successfully

Russian navy to join NATO anti-terror patrols

France seeks to seal sub deal with India

China, Japan discuss sea border

Canadian Navy may ban beards

U.S. Navy Makes Skirts Optional

USA to use new nuclear submarines to battle terrorism

Navy knew of insulation fault on subs

26 October 2004

Efforts underway to save submarine base

Naval drill a message aimed at North Korea

Civil War ship returns to Naval Academy

Raytheon Begins Full Rate Production of MK 54 Torpedoes

Japan Hosts Round of WMD Drills at Sea

Maritime security is possible weak link in fight against terror

NKorea Assails US-Japan Naval Exercise

Plan to mothball ships angers navy

Navy conducts Chicoutimi air quality tests

Sub-fire probe looks at flawed insulation

25 October 2004

US scaring voters with submarines threat: N Korea

Photo: USS Virginia commissioning

France, Italy join to build new frigates

We all live in a Windows submarine...

Denmark to 'Present' Bulgaria with Sub

Russia to show state of the art warships, subs at Euronaval.

Fuel cells for Canadian subs a $12m fizzle

Royal Navy calls in US engineers to curb new sub costs

Stuart leisure submarine maker sets sail for Middle East

Spanish bid for Royal Malaysian Navy submarine base

24 October 2004

Pyongyang claims S.Korea plans to build nuclear subs

Denmark to "Present" Bulgaria with submarine

North Korea says sub report was to influence US voters

Sardinia leader wants US nuke submarine base closed

Gravely, first black U.S. admiral dies at 82

RN approves first ever satanist

The USS Virginia offers it all, minus the periscope

Britain pays dearly for new sub

23 October 2004

Taiwan: Submarine cost threatens to sink weaponry budget

Ottawa battled Britain over sub

Whales have no standing to sue in court

Indian Navy desperate for more ships

22 October 2004

Israel, Germany renew talks on submarine sale

Submarine skills diminished in late 1990s, Canada admits

Seoul seeks S-N submarine hotline

Mexican Navy seizes two tons of cocaine

Speedy response to call for help

Eastern Indian Fleet ships deployed overseas for 45 days

NATO Fleet Visits Quebec City

New Iraqi navy floated: -1- , -2- , video

Indian navy denies nuke submarine deal

India Gets a Nuke sub

SSK Victoria class long-range patrol subs, Canada

21 October 2004

"Do you seriously think a Canadian submarine would sink a Spanish boat?"

Subs crucial to navy, brass says

Canada may foot sub's towing bill

Sub Base Figures Into 2nd District Race

Submarine officer surprised fire was called minor

India to lease N-submarine from Russia

16 October 2004

Submarine decisions show lack of creativity

Sub called 'HMS Leftover'

Sub joke quickly sinks

Outgoing sub fleet chief lauds flexibility

Seoul denies report on N. Korean sub intrusion

Governor discusses strategy to keep sub base open

New chief takes control of Navy submarine fleet

15 October 2004

Video: Sea Flyer experimental ship

Guam still an option for carrier base

Tenders open for destroyers

Russia to join NATO patrols in Mediterranean

Pak Navy inducts second fast patrol craft

THE JINX SUB: Builders recall incredible string of mishaps

Navy confirms events on sub

Mysterious Incident in Korea's East Sea

Submariners deny human error

Malabar 04 Exercises Conclude

14 October 2004


Russia building nuclear subs for India

McHale's Navy star to win 'promotion'

Russia Navy Sends Ships to Help NATO Fight Terrorism

Decision on Pearl Harbor carrier due in ’05

San Diego might be home to Swedish sub

'I am a submariner'

Allied navies use video in anti-sub tactics

Fire sub glitches 'like a domino effect'

Submarine Jimmy Carter reaches milestone

Navy Frigate visits Submarine Capital of the World

13 October 2004

USS Truman Carrier Strike Group Deploys

Indian Navy deploys to South China Sea

Typhoon test-launches simulated Bulava missile

Submarine crewman buried in Canada

Pakistan to order U.S. P-3 aircraft

Naval shipyard battle heats up

Sailors bailed-out Canadian sub by hand

SKorean navy stages secret hunt for NKorean subs

USS Virginia formally turned over to Navy

12 October 2004

Malaysia may consider joint strait patrols

Canada Docks Sub Fleet

New firepower on the Euphrates

Sub captain talks about nightmare at sea


Ottawa ponders future of subs

'Foreign Powers' warned on Malacca Strait

Dead sailor wasn't wearing gas mask

Sub crew not ready to return to duty

11 October 2004

Trident sub blocks Downing Street

Navy subs get life extension

Scrapping submarine program a possibility

Submarine survivors tell of ordeal

Windows warfare

Friends and rivals: India, US carry out Naval exercises

Canada's Navy plots future with all-purpose ship

Navy changes how it names aircraft carrier groups

Navy chief has no answers

Canada May Sue Stricken Submarine

Tribute to brave submarine crew

India, US navies to carry out advanced exercises today

Ex-officer claims training inadequate for submariners

10 October 2004

Diver saves submariner's life

Photo: HMCS Chicoutimi reaches port

Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group To Deploy

Ex-British subs 'good products'

Sub base could top list for closures

An 'irresponsible' way to run a navy

China, Australia to hold joint naval exercises

Royal Navy's new battle software unsafe, says designer

Wielding a mighty 'Hammer'

Navy defends subs amid inquiry calls

Students build submarine replica

Canadian Submarine Limps into Naval Base

09 October 2004

Video: HMCS Chicoutimi

Sub faces perilous return trip after fire

Navy ships join Coast Guard

Injured sailor wants back on sub

Sailor's dunking is comic relief for sub's crew

U.S. warship takes over sub tow

Chicoutimi passed test

Sub was 'safe to go to sea'

08 October 2004

Navy launches inquiries into Chicoutimi fire

Experts weigh in on subs

First flight for Navy's Global Hawk

Photo: Northern Eagle 2004

Navy taps Hollywood for Battle Stations 21

US Navy sails to Naples

Row grows in Canada over submarine

We don't need subs, expert says

Canadian submarine not under warranty says British Govt

Anglian Prince battles to rescue stricken sub

Stricken submarine under tow to safety

Navy Retires Phoenix Missile

07 October 2004

Second sub crewman fights for life

Tributes to crew of stranded sub

Fury grows in Canada

Troubling questions after submarine fire

Submarine debacle could help sink Canadian government

Submarine rescue gets under way

Slideshow: HMCS Chicoutimi

Opposition wants inquiry into fire at sea

Sub story big news in Britain

Off the Malabar coast

Crew face third night on fire sub

Russia to launch a fourth-generation diesel-electric submarine

British tug pulls alongside disabled Canadian sub

Stricken sub to be towed to UK base

Canadian submariner dies despite rescue bid

Condition worsens for second crewman from stricken submarine

U.S. ship to help damaged Canadian submarine

06 October 2004

Ottawa defends British sub purchase

Opposition blasts 'obviously inferior' subs

Three sailors airlifted from Canadian sub

FLASH!!! Rescue ship reaches submarine

Canadian sub likely will not be towed before end of week

U.S., Russian Navies Complete Northern Eagle 2004

Sub Jimmy Carter Reaches Milestone

Rough seas hamper Canadian sub rescue

Weather hampers rescue of Canadian submarine

Rescue ships head for submarine

05 October 2004

Leased Canadian submarines have troubled past and uncertain future

Rescue mission for crippled sub

Russia thanks Norway for submarine rescue attempt

Canadian Submarine in Distress off Coast of Ireland (Update)

FLASH!!! British Forces Help Stricken Canadian Submarine

The Newest Navy in the World

FLASH!!! Fire breaks out on Canadian submarine

FLASH!!! Canadian sub in trouble - issues call for help

Navy Accepts Tactical Tomahawk to Fleet

Russia-US Navy manoeuvres ending

Russia's Baltic Fleet to hold sub rescue exercises

04 October 2004

Second phase of Malabar 2004 starts today

Iraqi Navy Casts Off

Joint Indo-US naval exercise

Hearty eating, in Nelson's navy style

Extra costs plague Canada's sub program

Go-ahead to $6bn navy ship project

Houston moving to Guam

Sixth Indo-US joint naval exercises

Guam to be home port for three nuclear subs

S. Korea Navy plans counter-terror team

02 October 2004

Canadian navy takes possession of fourth Victoria-class submarine

USS Forrest Sherman to be christened today

USS Ticonderoga Decommissioned

"Silent Hammer"

Navy's Sea Flyer is no rough rider

24 Hours Under The Sea

Fourth Submarine Joins Canada's Navy

Pentagon Takes Key Step in Missile Defense System

01 October 2004

Inside the Ring: Taiwanese Submarines

U.S. Navy ship to keep eye on N. Korea

Navy pulls plug on Project ELF

Sub plan needs review, official says

Russia joins U.S. in warship training

Celebrating the Nautilus