World Naval News Archives

30 September 2004

Israel lobbying for Taiwan sub buy

U.S. Hands Over Iraq Waters

Next-generation Korean Destroyer “Moon Mu Dae Wang”

Northern Fleet wants Russian-American naval training

Navy to Christen New Destroyer

U.S. to deploy 3rd nuclear-powered sub to Guam

Taiwan sub builder not chosen yet

Navy Chief Welcomes Cole Verdict

New International Submarine Rescue Coordination Center Opens

First steel cut on HMS Dauntless

Submarine School's high-risk trainers bring realism to training

South Korea Tests Lightweight Torpedo

Navy chief hints fewer new ships needed

29 September 2004

Britain plans big bash for Trafalgar's 200th

Tomahawk Block IV joins Fleet

Russian-French naval exercise ends

Hi-tech warship could track 100 targets until it became one

Sub hunters strike gold beneath the waves

US to send nuke submarine for exercise with India

Two sentenced to death for USS Cole attack

NATO answers call for sub SOS service

U.S., Russia conduct navy exercise

Trafalgar Bicentenary Commemorations Unveiled

USS The Sullivans Gains from Sharing with Russian Navy

Ferry damaged by Royal Navy ship

Australia, India urged to co-operate at sea

Pak naval fleet PNS "Muhafiz" to dock at Kuwait

Defence deals: India, Russia to take fresh look

A submarine for X-mas

U.S. to build 8 subs in deal with Taiwan

RCN Sub has no torpedoes

India, Singapore joint naval exercise in South China Sea

28 September 2004

Thales live firing trials German F124 AAW suite highly successful

NATO answers call for sub SOS service

Bounty mutineer kin in sex trial

Nigerian navy arrests 8 officers over missing ship

New Commander for Israeli Navy

New evidence on Gaul 'sub sinking' claim

27 September 2004

How 1930s Nazi youth was raised on nursery war games

Iranian Navy prepared to defend country's maritime borders

NATO to help reform Ukrainian Navy

U.S. wants to lease Swedish submarine

USN to turn off ELF radio system

26 September 2004

US Navy to shut down sub transmitters

Some details about Project ELF

7th Fleet on mission to keep Asia stable

RN sub refit fails to save the whale

Zvezdochka shipyard to repair “presidential yacht” – Delta-IV submarine

INS Sindhudurg decommissioned in Mumbai

HDW delivers the german frigate Hamburg 3 months early

Missing tanker found in Nigeria

25 September 2004

Last Sturgeon-class sub, USS Parche, to be decommissioned

Ticonderoga to say goodbye

Thyssen about to sign HDW submarine deal

Submarine rescue pod on world mission

Photos: US naval vessel visits Qingdao: - 1 - , - 2 -

Confederate Hunley submarine crewman identified

USN moves to counter N. Korean threat

Nigeria Navy finds missing oil tanker

HMS Valiant WWII survivors meet on ‘attacker’s ship’

24 September 2004

DNA identifies Hunley crewman

U.S. Navy to deploy ships near N. Korea

Swan song for Navy's ugly-duckling copter

Navy turns down appeal for Purple Heart

After 6 years, Canada is finally ready to show off its new subs

Noise harming dolphins and whales

Taiwan Straits may be next flash point

Iranian navy intercepts five Iraqi fishing boats

South Korean naval vessels visit Vladivostok

23 September 2004

Russian sub launches missile

China's new submarines caught U.S. intelligence off guard

'Sex war & drinking woes' on Australian warship

Don't maul the enemy, destroy it

Russian shipwreck rumored to be loaded with $124 billion in gold bars

The deafening sound of the seas

Indonesia Navy patrol boat harasses scuba divers

History: Sub designed to beat WWI blockade

Midget sub moved to new home

Historic flag won't 'give up the ship'

SEAL teams will enjoy use of Navy's newest tool: the SSGN

Indian Navy mulls joint patrol with Singapore, Malaysia

22 September 2004

Russia Northern Fleet warships to set out for Atlantic exercises

Russian nuke sub makes first ever visit to foreign port: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 -

Taiwan intends to ask for anti-submarine help from Japan

Taiwan intends to buy from America INS Dolphin

HMS Östergötland launched after extensive upgrade

Kochi shipyard to begin production of warships

New issue of 'Singapore Navy News'

History of the Belgium Navy

HMS Bulwark starts training

Embarrassment as Nigerian navy 'loses' impounded tanker

E-cards against terrorism ?!?

USN ship hunting science instead of subs

21 September 2004

Taiwan urges citizens to drink less tea to help pay for new subs

Russian, French warships have anti-terrorist drill in Atlantic

Russian Black Sea Fleet visits Malta

Royal Navy Takes Command of Task Force 150

Russel Crowe can't shoot down the Royal Australian Navy!

French frigate lands in Vladivostok


Russia Northern Fleet on cruise to Atlantic

Russian naval squadron to call at Brest, France

Taiwan to ask for anti-submarine help from Japan

20 September 2004

Indian Navy's chance to exercise with US carriers delayed

Russian nuclear sub to arrive in France

PRC's new cruise missile will pose threat to Taiwan

Sonar on Knox-Class frigates helps Taiwan Navy keep a close watch

Taiwan to buy Dolphin subs from US

Sub vet recalls Pearl Harbor experience

19 September 2004

USS Chung-Hoon goes on duty

18 September 2004

Baltic Fleet tests new missile attack system

Legislators pick at submarine purchase plan

Navy will shut down ELF stations

17 September 2004

Online game provides gritty glimpse of Kerry's Vietnam

USS Cole trial concludes, prosecution seeks death penalty

Pak Navy to get latest Ships, Anti-Submarine Aircraft

Submarines return to Disneyland!

Yellow submarine to track elusive Pacific octopus

Damage Control Trainer dedicated to submarine hero

Sub vets recall good - and bad - Navy food

15 September 2004

Russia, France in joint Atlantic naval exercises

North Korea 'blasts' Aegis deployment

Video: The Littoral Combat Ship

Video: The Silent Service Stands Watch 24/7

Navy To Commission Destroyer Chung-Hoon

Pakistan to boost war fleet

Kings Bay to lose two Trident subs

Admiral Ushakov (ex-Kirov) leaves Russian Navy service

Navy heroes save trapped whale

'Those that are crazy last 30 years'

HDW has signed contracts for 16 fuel cell submarines

14 September 2004

Stennis Fighters Go Head-to-Head with MiG 29s in the Pacific

Fleet ASW Command Focuses on Training

Navy commits to building 9 warships

House OKs Posthumous Honor for Pueblo commander

Taiwan to get US warships ahead of schedule

Photo: U33 at naming ceremony

Ships shape up to fight killer waves

First chance to glimpse the future

HMS Turbulent tours the world

13 September 2004

Navy surveillance ship to be converted into ocean explorer

Pakistan to launch state-of-the-art missile boat

12 September 2004

China: US-Taiwan military moves lead nowhere

India deploys warships in Persian Gulf

10 September 2004

Navy names two ships after 9/11 crash sites

Berlin backs new subs for Israel

USS Connecticut Returns From Historic Deployment

It Was A Superman's Life in Cromwell's Navy

USS Portsmouth Ends 21-year Career

Scandinavian countries suffer from 'periscope syndrome'

Canadian Submariners to Receive Upgraded Combat Trainer

Russian submarine launches ballistic missile

08 September 2004

Bush Rocks the Casbah!

07 September 2004

Film of Soviet sub accident grossly unfair, court rules

Navy Plans to Buy Fewer Ships

06 September 2004

From ‘Top Gun’ to ‘Meals on Keels’

USS Lincoln faces early deployment to Pacific

Germany offers to upgrade Indian Navy subs

Royal Navy will run on Windows for Warships

05 September 2004

Singapore pushing for guards on ships

Book review: 'Dark Voyage' by Alan Furst

Japanese Naval Code cracker dies

Thai Navy stopes mutiny

Japanese official inspected nuclear sub decommissioning in Russia

Tonkin Gulf Reappraisal: 40 Years Later

Advanced turbine services keeps the USN moving

US sub puts down anchor as museum centerpiece

A USN carrier that’s home to 5,000 crew

New home for the Yellow Submarine

04 September 2004

Navy plans underwater drones for inhospitable ports

U.S. begins experimental swap program for Fifth Fleet crews

Wreck of HMS Victoria stands vertical like a tombstone

Canadian navy says thank you and goodbye

Report questions timetable for Navy’s new ship

S.Korean navy changes Rules of Engagement

Chinese navy holds landing exercise

BMT's High Mobility Submarine Concept

03 September 2004

US Navy wants more cooperation with allies

USN probes Gulf helicopter crash

Torpedoes in Use Today

02 September 2004

Russian sub to launch inflatable spaceship

Shipbuilding lobby raises concerns over Navy cuts

Royal Navy gets embarrassing reminder

Submarine force moves forward in IP Connectivity for fleet

Scientists make progress in locating lost submarine

ROK loosens rules over DPRK ships' crossing of NLL

Governor signs off on third USN Virginia class sub

USN changes claim on sonar use

USN wary of giving offensive weapons to Pakistan navy

HMS Coventry transferred to Romanian Navy

Death of RN sub captain cuts link with great WWII spy hoax

Indian Navy to give thrust to submarine building

01 September 2004

USS Connecticut to return home from 6-month deployment

HMS Illustrious prepares to return to action

Russian squadron leaves for exercise with Italy

Indian Navy to build more subs

Russia's Pacific fleet holds joint exercises with foreign navies

USN use of sonar suspected in near-stranding of whales

Online auction of Russian submarine: - 1 - , - 2 -

'Coyote' supersonic sea-skimming missile successfully Launched for USN

Hull construction of Russian Alexander Nevsky nuke sub completed

Nigerian Navy seals off rivers waterways