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31 July 2004

First lady christens submarine Texas

RSS Valour? Why not RSS Rajaratnam or Goh Keng Swee?

Collaborative sub rescue efforts focus of working group in Russia

India needs n-submarines, says new Naval Chief

Taiwan President says submarines are 'best weaponry'

USN confronts the threat from below

Tiny Aussie submarine makes big splash

Italian munition: Gives Naval guns Low-Tech, ‘Nonlethal’ precision

NATO Photo of the week

30 July 2004

Submarine Virginia Completes First Voyage

Clean sweep for Virginia sub on first sea trial

Canadian military exercise to assert claim over Arctic

Sub rescue focus of NATO working group in Russia

KKorea Assails "U.S. Attempt to Control Major World Sea Routes"

In pictures: HMS Illustrious

First lady to christen Texas sub

Taiwan pushes for new submarines

Iran building stealthy missile

China predicts war with Taiwan by 2008

Chen joins Taiwan sub exercise

Tiny sub makes big splash

29 July 2004

President Chen boards the Dutch-built Sea Tiger submarine

U.S. nuclear sub catches fire in Sasebo

Photos - President president Chen Shui-bian boards a submarine: -1- , -2- , -3- , -4-

Greek Navy trolls for terror ships

Philippines, US hold joint navy exercise

Indian Navy to get another aircraft carrier

Taiwan president makes rare submarine dive

RAN buys merchant ship

28 July 2004

China to Taiwan: Don't test our resolve

Taiwan holds artillery exercises near China

China shows military muscle in weekend drill

Japan Navy CINC Takes Pulse of Kitty Hawk

Navy Announces Christening of Submarine Texas

Greek navy patrols for 'suspicious' ships

Photo: Portuguese Navy frigate Vasco da Gama off Sao Tome

Malacca Strait nations start coordinated patrols

NZ Warship too worn out to be refitted

France to help police Australian waters

Taiwan president to board submarine in war games

First Lady to christen US submarine Texas

Philippines, US hold joint navy exercise

Subs: For a few dollars more

Move to quell nuclear sub waste fears

Dead whales after NATO exercises

Study to examine World War II shipwrecks

27 July 2004

Crew return to Royal Navy flagship

In pictures: ships facing the axe

China shows military muscle in weekend drill

China Holds Exercises Opposite Taiwan

Australia, France to jointly police territorial seas

China, Taiwan and U.S. Display Military Might

Taiwan's Chen to tour submarine base

Russian Navy chief to inspect Baltic fleet

26 July 2004

Former sailor's sub sank U.S. ship

Aurora hunts USN submarine in RIMPAC

Pentagon Report Examines China's Military

The Virginia, Ready For Sea Trials, Has Set New Standard In Sub Construction

China stages 'invasion' as warning to Taiwan

US not panicking over Chinese war of words on Taiwan

Navy pleased with results of Summer Pulse 04

Navy Covered Up Hotline Failure, Says Defense Chief

South Korea axes general over North Korea leak

Philippine, US navy to launch joint exercises

25 July 2004

Submarine Miami Returns From International Exercise

Navy Ponders Future Of ‘Boomers'

Wide-eyed Young Sailor Reported To The Nautilus A Half-century Ago

Taiwan deploys missiles on island off China

North Korean Patrol Boat Incident In Spotlight Once Again

Russia marking Navy Day

Russia to build new Black Sea naval base

24 July 2004

Sardinians protest plan for US sub base

Russian sub test-launches ballistic missile

Russia's surface fleet won't be downsized

No sunset in sight for USS Kitty Hawk

Where are the aircraft carriers?

Sikorsky wins Canada deal

Debate swirls around choice of helicopter

23 July 2004

RIMPAC Concludes, Offers Lessons

Aircraft carrier celebrates Reagan's life

Taiwan holds live-fire drills

Falklands war almost spread to Gibraltar

Hunley could be on display in four years

Toxic water on Australia's dud subs

'U.S. Reckless Military Racket Denounced'

Indian Navy begins to induct BrahMos missile

Royal Navy to join Rock party

Satellites capture freak ocean waves

Orange Forces Invade Hawaii at RIMPAC

Black Sea training for HMS Newcastle

Aircraft carrier, dhow collide Arabian Gulf

China tells U.S. not to sell arms to Taiwan

Russia hosts NATO sub rescue group

Hero's welcome for Canada's most decorated ship

22 July 2004

China to test sub-launched ICBM


'Sea Hunters' find deadly U-215

NZ frigate too fragile to carry on


Royal Navy facing huge cuts

Proposal Would Send Funding To Virginia Sub

UK defence plans results in loss of 12 ships

Navy demonstrates FRP during Summer Pulse '04

Navy retooling carriers' deployment strategies

Warship is casualty in defence review

HMS Norfolk among naval casualties

21 July 2004

Black Sea Fleet to hold exercises for Russia's "Navy Day"

"USS Rosie the Riveter"?

Royal Navy ships facing the axe

USS Reagan to get presidential welcome

China, U.S. Hold Major War Exercises

North Korea Navy communique

US Navy looking for an 'added edge'

Anti-piracy campaign in Malacca Straits

Navy crises keep aging carrier at sea

Russia Scraps 101 Nuclear Submarines

20 July 2004

Malacca Strait pirates will sail into choppier waters

Atlantic Fleet’s top submariner tapped to lead nuclear program

Taiwan watching China war games

Peoples' Daily on Chinese Military Exercises

Kitty Hawk Underway for Summer Pulse '04

UK MOD delays decision on aircraft carriers

Navy chief plays down Malacca Strait threats

Taiwan to hold military drills

Taiwan's submarine debate still unresolved

Laura Bush to christen submarine Texas

19 July 2004

Former head CSBC reaffirms co's submarine-building capability

Indonesian navy chief sees foreign interests behind sea piracy accusations

Indonesia being tested over Malacca Strait-report

China builds new type of submarine

Burmese frigate fires at fishing boats

Book review: Three submarine books

HMS Turbulent returns to her homeport

The “New China Submarine”

17 July 2004

Sailors recoup lost beer day

N Korea denies border intrusion

China begins invasion exercises, eyes Taiwan by 2020

Black submariners gather to recall breaking barriers

Coast Guard must modernize ships faster, commandant says

New Program Allows Sailors to Join Army

Midshipmen Experience Life Aboard Subs

Canadian warships in Gulf hamstrung by hypocrisy

New ships in works for Canada's Atlantic fleet

U.S. plans 2nd flattop in Pacific

Navy Opts for Speed, Innovation in LCS Design

16 July 2004

Captain whose ship hit UK frigate will keep command

US destroyers to keep tabs on Pyongyang

US plays cross-strait war games

Deep gold: Excavating the Sussex

Sailing Toward a Storm in China

War Game Based on China Threat to Taiwan

Time running out for AEGIS deal

New Chinese sub catches US off-guard

15 July 2004

Canada's tired navy to take a year off for rest

After six decades, historic Razorback comes home

Navy evaluating novel airship for force protection missions

UK Warships return from American exercises

HMNZS Te Mana races to the aid of a merchant ship

RAN frigates to have $550m missile upgrade

India's Exide to enter Russian market for submarine batteries

U-boat remains found off Canada

Photo report: Submarines-Russian underwater shield

Video: Commissioning of HMAS Ballarat

Who has what kind of nuclear attack submarines

Turkey launches its first indigenous coastal minesweeper

China and Taiwan: flashpoint for a war

14 July 2004

Majestic Eagle Moves Into 'Free Play' Phase

Canadian Navy shopping for new, midsized patrol vessels

Navy shows off experimental catamaran

ROK Navy Fires Warning Shots at NK Patrol Boat

US Says Taiwan Arms Sales Will Continue

British sub Tireless leaves Gibraltar

Wreck U-215 discovered: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 - , - 4 - , - 5 -

Divers discover ammunition on WWI hospital ship

Malaysia, US hold joint naval exercise

Aussie ship sinking won't be rushed

Russian navy to take part in NATO exercises in 2005

Angolan Navy to train Namibian marines

Indian Navy rapped for delay in upgrading subs

USN sonar exercises under fire.

13 July 2004

U.S. Scheme of Naval Blockage Flailed

Navy sets new pace during Summer Pulse ’04 exercise

Indian subs inoperable until 2005

Russia to join NATO in submarine rescue exercise

Terror 'navy' raises alarm

Nelson medal back in mint condition

SSGN Conversion Will Boost Offensive Power of the Fleet

US hints at navy deployment to secure oil-rich Gulf of Guinea

Navy shows off speedy new vessel at RIMPAC

Photos: The German Kieler Woche

Government to take possession of RAN ship

PLA to hold drill in Fujian

Answers sought on trawler tragedy

Cambodian fisherman claims Vietnamese navy killed two colleagues

German WWII parachute mine destroyed

RAN submarine spills soot into SA river

Submarine treat for u-boot veteran

U.S. to look for first navy sub

12 July 2004

Stennis Strike Group Rolls Into RIMPAC Full Speed Ahead

USS Enterprise Kicks Off Majestic Eagle

Navy Introduces LCS to the Fleet

Chinese Navy plans major invasion exercise

‘Silent Hammer’ Will Test SSGN as Clandestine Sea Base

Newest issue of the Singapore Navy magazine "Navy News"

240 photos of the Belgium Navy Days: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 - , - 4 - , - 5 - ,

New NATO sub rescue system

Will Russia & UK sign submarine safety agreement?

New RN warship heads for home port

Taking robotics below sea level

HMS Tireless in Gibraltar amidst growing protest

U-boat veteran tours nuclear sub

RCN shops around for new patrol vessels

Barrow shipyard hands over Bulwark to Royal Navy

11 July 2004

Virginia Class subs' costs increase, schedules slip

Australia's Cabinet split on warships

Threat Against Korean Ships Highlights Problem of Maritime Terrorism

Shipping threat is new worry for South Korea's troop plans

Navy Increases Submarine Duty Pay

Photos: German anti-mine divers training

Book review: Shadow Divers

US Submarine industry Going under?

US Sonar suspected in whale distress: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 - , - 4 -

10 July 2004

Submarine Stealth Serves New Purpose In Terror War

Photo: HMAS Rankin submerged (Excellent!)

Divers find new damage to USS Monitor

Fleet exercise showcases a more nimble Navy

Virginia's commissioning is scheduled for Oct. 23

Photo: HMS Tireless arrived in Gibraltar - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 - , - 4 - , - 5 -

Fears for the future of UK Rosyth Dockyard

Royal Stirling Navy

09 July 2004

U.S. finds Chinese vehement on Taiwan

Submarine industry In dire Straits, experts Say

New War Brings New Debate Over Size Of Submarine Fleet

Flaws seen in US sub-launched nuclear warhead

Photo: Cadets of Taiwan's navy academy take a group picture

Malaysian naval fleet concludes Shanghai tour

Lat years US Sub grounding, over 9 million $ damage

Book reviews: Shadow divers and Monturiol's dream

Spain calls British nuke submarine visit unfriendly

Spain not planning action against RN nuke sub

Cutting the cost of nuclear submarine combat

08 July 2004

China, Russia plan to hold military drill next year

Chinese Navy tests 'D-Day invasion' of Taiwan

US Navy tests new Asia-Pacific strategy

USS Greeneville Receives Navy Unit Commendation

US-India naval exercises to continue

Experts: Costs threaten Submarine industry

Spain chides Britain for nuke sub's Gibraltar stop

Photo: Fishing for different fish

Navy drama hits the small screen

US donates second patrol boat to Malta

Flaws seen in US sub-launched nuclear warhead

French Navy seizes cocaine aboard Togolese vessel

Malaysian and Chinese naval forces joint exercise

Warship INS Betwa commissioned into Indian Navy

Indian naval ship makes a stop in Cape Town

Riddle of unmanned mini-sub

Chinese, ROK ships collide, one missing

Photo: HMS Tireless in dock in Gibraltar

US submarine industry In dire straits

Chinese navy ship spotted in Japan's EEZ waters

Indian president calls for open source in defense

Spain chides Britain for nuke sub's Gibraltar stop

07 July 2004

Repaired RN warship back in service

German 'invasion' of 1942 spawned military tribunals

Taiwan wants sub repair, technology transfer

German submarine sunk here 62 years ago today

US to build subs for Taiwan without CSBC

Ballistic missile successfully fired from a Russian nuke sub

Russian most powerful submarine

A new doctrine for Indian Navy

'Open deur' days for Belgium Navy

Spanish/French Scorpenes sneak up on sub market

Welding led to uk nuclear subs fires

Italian Commandante class light combatant ships

Operation Neptune - 1944

05 July 2004

In worldwide exercise, U.S. Navy tests out flexible new military plan

04 July 2004

Medshark exercise to begin soon

Navy deploys 3 aircraft carriers to Europe

Russia's Akula-class sub marks 20-years of sercice

03 July 2004

Stealthy, sleek and made in Singapore

Book recalls sub's wild side

Taiwan Wants U.S. to Hurry Arms Delivery

Taiwan asks U.S. to cut price of new subs

Enterprise surges through its deployment

Deck-mounted guns to drive home fishing laws

RAPID RESPONSE: U.S. Navy tests flexible new military plan

Navy searches for first sub, USS Alligator, lost in 1863

02 July 2004

Global maritime anti-terror measures come into effect

U.S. hero John Paul Jones served in Russian Navy

U.S., UK, Russia Hold First Ever Joint Naval Exercises

Allied Countries Join Forces in MEDSHARK/Majestic Eagle '04

RIMPAC off Hawaii includes 7 nations

Osprey makes emergency landing on Navy ship

Ports still face terror risk, Coast Guard says

Taiwan lawmakers aim to halve sub budget

01 July 2004

UK demands return of navy boats

Iran accused of forcing Naval crew over border

Australia gives a big up-tick to new destroyers

RN exercises with Chinese in Yellow Sea

Former Navy warship honored with stamp

Royal Navy to help celebrate 4th of July