World Naval News Archives

30 June 2004

Exclusive Photo: US Navy's New Top Secret Jet

Carrier Strike Groups Feel the Pulse

Carriers Surge During Summer Pulse '04

Naval war games target terrorism

Battle reenactment to feature Hunley replica

U.S. plans huge show of force in Pacific

Saving a sunken sub from salvage

Sub price can be cut, Taiwan MND says

29 June 2004

Skinny Dragons Tune Up for RIMPAC with “Silent Fury”

HMS Invincible to visit NYC

Turkey deploys navy to secure summit

Task Force 150 on patrol

Perils on the sea

SE Asia acts on maritime security

US lobbying Taiwan to buy weapons

Ballistic missile successfully fired from Russia submarine

100th anniversary of first Russian submarine's wreck marked in St. Petersburg

Court Throws Out Fresh Kursk Enquiry

28 June 2004

Israeli General Staff Defers Navy-Proposed Carrier Purchase

Taiwan requests new price for subs

Navy readies for RIMPAC exercise

Navy super carrier takes center stage in war games

Chen defends massive arms deal

27 June 2004

Nelson's Flagship Restored to Former Glory

Restoring HMS Victory

Decision to build subs in Taiwan unchanged: gov't

Watery secrets of the U-Who


Report Details How USS Hartford Failed To Steer Clear Of Danger

Subs Find Friend In Maryland Lawmaker

Naval war games days away

Taiwan denies Russian sub claim

26 June 2004

RSS Centurion is latest submarine to join Singapore Navy

USS Ronald Reagan Navigates Straits of Magellan

Former commander says he is against reducing subs

Answers to Hunley mystery may lie in craft's valves

Singapore boosts maritime defences

New warship commissioned in Australia

25 June 2004

Russian Admiral says Typhoon's facing extinction

Kilos to Taiwan?

Arms talks leave Taiwan's Wang unsatisfied

Indian Navy announces ‘nuclear doctrine’

China Stockpiling Massive Fireworks Arsenal

Israel to ID all ships electronically

So much for the Spratly Islands accord

China: US arms sales to Taiwan sparks tension

More US ships and planes heading their way to Asia

Where there is war, there are zeppelins

24 June 2004

Hollywood Joins Navy Carrier to Film 'Stealth'

India's Navy to focus on projecting power ashore

USS Yorktown to be retired

NAVAIR working aircraft integration for LCS

Taiwan lawmakers demand better deal for subs

23 June 2004

U.S. to Boost Naval, Air Presence in Asia-Pacific

Taiwan set to freeze plan to buy US submarines

Indian Navy issues maritime doctrine

China's 'Assassin's Mace' meets the Taiwanese "Scorpion"

Navy Takes Over Security of Iraqi Oil Terminals

China under pressure to boost Malacca Strait safety

Iran Frees British Sailors

India's new naval doctrine urges nuclear triad

Submarine Virginia Reaches Milestone


22 June 2004

China to display military might off Taiwan coast

Iran power tussle over UK sailors

Arms Race Looms in Taiwan Strait


US Navy tests mini-bot

Iran to Prosecute Captured British Sailors

India to build 6 new Scorpene subs

21 June 2004

"We Are Prepared To Protect Our Sovereign Territory": Iran Navy

Three RN vessels seized in Iran: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 - - 4 - , - 5 - , - 6 - , - 7 -

Serbia-Montenegro reforms Navy

Indian Navy to buy two aircraft carriers

Navy drill to combat suicide attacks

Russia to dismantle nuclear submarines by 2010

Ideas welcomed for maritime campaign

Guam Might Prove To Be A Threat To Groton Sub Base

Enterprise Carrier Strike Group To Join NATO Exercise

NATO exercises with partners in the Black Sea

Taiwan Plans Military Exercise

Photos Kieler Woche

Sino-British maritime exercise

India Navy was neglected

Russia stepping up nuclear submarine dismantlement

Witness says "Gaul not sunk by sub"

USN searches for its first sub

20 June 2004

World War II submarine to become Arkansas museum

Navy searches for first sub, The USS Alligator, lost in 1863

US urges Taiwan to boost defence capabilities against China

US commander stays up worrying about the Strait

Sino-British maritime exercise concludes

SLN acquires decommissioned USCG vessel

Book review: The Submarine, a history: - 1 - , - 2 -

UK and China in joint navy drills: - 1 - , - 2 -

Video: Aboard German Submarine:
low - med - high

Thales Netherlands sells 3 GoalKeepers to Korea

Iranian Navy prepared to protect their sovereign territory

19 June 2004

NATO, Russia to hold terrorism-at-sea war game

BALTOPS '04 Wraps Up

US arms sales to Taiwan harm Straits peace: China

Israel, Russia arms sales to China concern U.S.

China told to use nukes if Taiwan attacks

China general threatens war

USS Virginia To Be Homeported In Groton

Recent spike in CO firings incites Navy investigation

We Are Prepared To Protect Our Sovereign Territory: Iran's Navy Commander

18 June 2004

BALTOPS '04 Concludes Training Phase, Begins Wargames

CNO Says Speed, Agility, Stealth Critical to Future Naval Operations

Hawaii's Governor to sponsor sub

U.S. Military Exercise Raises Cuban Invasion Fears

Taiwan Lawmakers Shopping for Advanced US Weapons

Sailors rescued by RAN after three days on raft

USPS commemorate warship

China slams US-Taiwan exchanges

Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia to form Malacca Straits task force

NZ safety concerns on nuclear-powered vessels persist

British royal navy fleet visits China

17 June 2004

Chinese, British navies to hold maritime exercises

Navy shipbuilding program heads into wave of criticism

Navy Fires Skipper Of Newest Destroyer

SA's new subs 'just the ticket'

Germany to end navy patrols in Strait of Gibraltar

No mercy for armed pirates in Indon waters, navy chief says

Indonesia, Singapore to conduct exercise in Oct.

Sending Hawaii Six-0-0

Top Navy Officials Say Submarines Still Critical To U.S. Defense

Army Pilots Practice Landing on Navy Ships

German-built sub to make waves for South Africa's navy

16 June 2004

Austria on the High Seas

Swiss Navy sinks Colombian coke boat

USS Ronald Reagan in South Atlantic

New unit to guard Straits of Malacca

Going for the jugular

Video: Naval gun or army artillery ?

Corvette MENDI named and handed over to SAN

Austria on the high seas

Nuclear RN-waste train derailed

Book review: "Twilight of the U-Boat"

15 June 2004

Order placed for submarine rescue system

Boeing to Develop Navy's Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft

DoD Briefing on Boeing MMA

US basing plans shape up for speed and flexibility

New worldwide sub rescue unit based on Clyde

All hands on deck as RAN frigate gets shipshape

SAN submarine named at HDW also check out this photo.

Taiwan's Defense Minister threatens to quit over sub budget

14 June 2004

Boeing's 737 to replace P-3 Orion

New SA sub to be launched

Iranian fisherman killed by Qatari navy

Tension rise between Tigers and Sri Lanka navy

Indo navy kills three suspected hijackers

UK/Fr/No to receive new sub rescue system

USN robotic seaglider stalks the ocean

Faslane base for UK/Fr/No sub rescue craft

Koreas establish first naval radio contact

WW II-Era Sub Returns Home

Inquiry after frigates crash during training

13 June 2004

Hull to pay as ships crash

USS Virginia Setting New Standards

Analyst Says Subs Underutilized

Heavy Traffic In Sub OpAreas

Texas oceanographers help locate long-lost WWII subs

High cancer rates worry Australia's submariners

11 June 2004

Biggest U.S. Navy Exercise since the Cold War

Nancy To Receive USS Ronald Reagan Flag

Navy may shrink fleet of attack subs

Lawmakers Vow To Fight potential Submarine Cuts

U.S. Sub Fleet Cannot Keep Up With Demand

U.S., Singapore Navies Take Combined Operations to New Level

U.S. Sailors Visit Russian Warship

Sister ships meet off American coast

Final Goodbye to the S-3

10 June 2004

Strike Group Sails with Reagan

New Israeli Missile May Act As Deterrent

War skirmishes between Beijing and Taipei

China to attack Taiwan in 2006?

Russia, Canada sign agreement on sub disposal

Britain developing new submarines

Belgium A960 Godetia back home

SAS Spioenkop in South Africa

09 June 2004

N.Korea Says South's 'Reckless' Navy May Spark Clash

U.S., British ships collide during exercise

Report: Israel's 1st land-attack cruise missile

China may attack, says Taiwan official

Secret plans for RN Trident replacement

D-Day: 'The landings were worth it'

In pictures: RN Visby corvette

Koreas clash over naval border

Indian warships protect WEF meet

First Norwegian F-130 frigate launched

Chinese technology surprise

Submarine takes trippers to wreck

Trawler might be sunk by nuke sub

08 June 2004

Protecting Japan: China winning undersea war

US Plans Pacific Fleet buildup to counter China threat

New ASW System Ready for Fleet Testing

Terror threat swells at sea

Jimmy Carter Comes Home

China blasts Taiwan's weapons purchase

Taiwan rejects arms cut for Chinese missile pullout

French carrier visits Portsmouth

Israel Navy wants to procure huge amphibious attack ship

No German Aid for Israel Sub Purchase

RIMPAC brings dozens of ships, lots of business to Hawaii

07 June 2004

India plans nuclear-armed submarine

BALTOPS '04 Sets Sail

Brain-mimicking circuits to run navy robot

King of Norway unveils monument to D-Day sailors

First Aegis-Equipped Norwegian Frigate Launched

Collectables firm helps UK build sub

USS Cole attack trial halted

USS Pinckney Comes To Life

Stealth fleet sneaks onto Royal Navy's horizon

Mystery shipwreck to see light again

Australian ships head to RimPac wargames

Israel planning super, high-tech attack ship

06 June 2004

Reagan Intervention Saved Navy's Battleships

Fishy Close Encounter With a U.S. President

8-pound sub boosts harbor security

Remembering Ronald Reagan: Hellcats of the Navy

05 June 2004

Photos: USS Jimmy Carter

Carriers help demonstrate new deployment concept

Seven Carrier Strike Groups Underway for “Summer Pulse 04”

US navy 'plans W Africa exercise'

Indian Navy launches stealth warship

Cost of Taiwan's new subs still TBD

Navy faults commodore in sub grounding

04 June 2004

Perryville veteran attends dedication of World War II memorial

03 June 2004

Midway Anniversary Commemorated at Navy Memorial

Keel laid for newest Virginia-class submarine

Now hear this: Sub vets sought for national convention

Goodrich Corporation to Supply Sonar Domes for Virginia Class

Navy to Christen Submarine

02 June 2004

China war games seen as 'message'

Taiwan seeks budget for new subs, ASW aircraft, missiles

USS Harry S Truman Deploys to Test Navy's Surge Capabilities

France Takes Command of Multinational Task Force

USS Constellation Stamp to Launch 150th Anniversary 'Sailabration'

Retired Russian captain visits British submarine

01 June 2004

At-Sea Southeast Asia Anti-terrorism Exercise Concludes

Singapore Navy unveils new firepower to fight terror at sea

Third and Final Seawolf to be Christened

PRC military exercise to 'control the Taiwan Strait'

India to get Russian Akula sub in 2006

Bellona Wins Case on Sub Secrets

U.S. push for Asian maritime security

US, Singapore joint naval exercise

Razorback submariner rides again

Galveston Subvets honor veterans