World Naval News Archives

31 May 2004

U.S. Navy dedicates destroyer to WWII cook

Pentagon warns of China's `credible military options'

US Navy to Deploy Carrier Strike Group in Gulf of Guinea

Sub vets' sea stories

29 May 2004

Memorial Day honors US war dead

Putin names new chief of Russian northern fleet

Canadians participate in major US-British naval exercise

British ships converging on Norfolk for war game

28 May 2004

Photo: The US Navy's own 'Yellow Submarine'

The British Are Coming!

The British Have Arrived!

Navy awards Littoral Combat Ship contracts

Navy to test aircraft carrier mass deployments

US Navy Accepts Newest Tomahawk Missile

Navy Shows High-Tech Arsenal

Israel may buy more Dolphin subs

27 May 2004


Navy Commissions New Guided-Missile Destroyer

Strike group to head to Western Pacific

Policy of destroying Russian submarine fleet

Australian Govt Defers Sale Of Submarine Corp

Submarine veterans to honor wives with memorial

26 May 2004

Dole praises troops at submarine keel-laying

Book details history of submarine warfare

Keel Laid for Newest Virginia-class Submarine

NLR Releases Plans to Dock WWII Submarine

Tony Curtis to Reunite With WWII Vets at the US Navy Memorial

Admiral Says Akula Is Facing Extinction

Policy of destroying Russian submarine fleet

24 May 2004

Next Generation Aircraft Carrier Contract Awarded

Bristling With New Gear, USS Pinckney Joins Pacific Fleet

USS Ticonderoga makes final voyage

US Navy set to award design contract for new ship

USS Stennis Strike Group Deploys

History: Service aboard a 'Large Slow Target'

The Chinese submarine building program

Buccaneer’s flagship found in Caribbean

Sailors To Guard Kuwaiti Ports

Indonesia to buy subs from South Korea

Video: Opening new Singapore naval base

Guatemala Navy picks up 200 migrants from sinking ships

Jakarta Navy soon In Brunei

Time running out for US-Taiwan arms deals

23 May 2004

History: Jap sub sunk as she sailed out of Tokyo Bay

Photo: GN anti-terrorism training for the Olympics

Iran begins naval war games

US training ship ends visit to Vladivostok

Upgraded Typhoon preparing for sea trials in June

Book details history of submarine warfare

RMN to deploy three ships in Melaka Straits

Indian Navy calls on Haifa

22 May 2004

Dole praises troops at submarine keel-laying

New sub not stuff of movies

Malaysia to deploy ships in straits

Iran begins naval war games

Upgraded Typhoon preparing for sea trials

UK plans 'mini-nuke' strike force

Navy crew remembers 1967 attack

Next Generation Aircraft Carrier Contract Awarded

USS Tucson Deploys to WESTPAC

US expands defense ties with Taiwan

Normandy's imminent invasion

Fiji Navy nabs illegal fisher

French aircraft carrier returns home

15 personnel of Indian and BSF Navy lost at sea

Photos: Belgium chopper hunts drugs speedboat

SUBMARINES: The Chinese Threat

21 May 2004

Carrier for Hawaii -- a big 'what if?'

PRAVDA: 'NATO is preparing for major war'

Royal Marines to attack Navy ships

Indian Navy wants govt to seal sub deal

Suicide attack is harsh reminder of danger in Gulf

Nuke subs to get better batteries

Security concerns sink sub visit

MP confident of HMAS Brisbane sinking

Submariner is first Bengali on Everest

Indian Navy to visit Seychelles

Indonesian Navy captures 10 illegal fishing vessels

USN vets bring old sub across the Atlantic

Indian Navy faces acute submarine shortage

Subs, Aussie youngster takes the plunge

French Navy rescues stricken sea ferry

20 May 2004

Trafalgar date raises Europe concerns

'Men' dropped from Naval Academy song

Vets to bring 60yr old sub across the Atlantic

Cheney Visits Submariners

US Army tests high-speed catamaran

Carrier Kitty Hawk deployed off Taiwan

Orbital tests new Navy missile

Explosive Evidence Found Aboard The Titanic

Britain Ready to Help Lift Russian Sub

Indian Navy team scales Mt. Everest

Philippine Navy 106th Anniversary

Collins sub dispute ended

Russia in Baltic sea international wargame

Iran's navy to launch 5 war games

19 May 2004

Iranian Navy to Launch 5 War Games in Territorial Waters

Collins sub dispute ended

Singapore opens new Navy base

Dean timber restores HMS Victory

Dolphin skin key to subaquatic speed

Indian Navy ships intercept Pak boat

Germany plays at battleships

China to provide four warships to Pakistan

Catch of the Day…

Spy photo: Sub base Petropavlosk-Kamchatskiy (huge file!)

18 May 2004

Russia to take part in Baltic sea wargames

Indian Navy opens fire on Pak fishermen

China assures Pakistan of better Navy support

Admiral convicted for sub deaths

Korean troop cuts draw Navy focus

Russia plans big military exercise in June

Nelson's Oak Trees to Restore HMS Victory's Glory

USS Kearsarge ordered on unscheduled deployment to Gulf

Divers search for WW2 midget sub

Admiral sentenced for nuke sub sinking

Russian Admiral expected to be sentenced for sunk sub

ThyssenKrupp seizes control of submarine maker

RN submarine simulator open to the public

17 May 2004

RCN forced to build shed for leased submarines

Submariners See Influence Sinking

Salvager lands Navy plane

Canada's Navy forced to build shed for leased subs

Thyssen shipyards agree HDW buy from One Equity

Russia wants faster aid for 'rotting' nuke subs

16 May 2004

Experimental Army fast ship to deploy to support Iraq war

Legislation may fuel Navy's demand for U.S.-made ships

Russia wants faster aid for 'rotting' nuclear subs

US/UK Jet 'too heavy to take off'

Pakistan Navy may get 4 new frigates

Memories of a WWII blimp pilot

15 May 2004

Britain's new US-built jets are 'too heavy to land safely'

Confiscated boats reinforce Georgian Navy

RN nuke sub defect allegations rejected

Pakistan to buy four frigates from China

Australian navy ships dock in Vietnam

Ghana hosts Royal Navy

Zvezdochka received Delta-I sub for dismantling

14 May 2004

Lost sub K-159 to be examined

The British are coming!

Dock accident moves up "floating" of nuclear sub

Trafalgar 200 commemorations announced

Swede in Hot Water for Towing Russian Submarine

NATO Ships will visit Mauritania

Bigger bang for RN warships

Royal Navy faces 'hard choices'

Iran conducts sub manoeuvre in Gulf

Swede in hot water for towing Russian sub

Royal Navy to celebrate Trafalgar

Photo's: Completion of new Russian sub Tula

Northrop Grumman, Kockums / HDW enhanced cooperation

13 May 2004

Iranian navy conducts submarine manoeuvre in Persian Gulf

USS Columbia Returns from Surge Deployment to WestPac

Israeli Navy said firing into Gaza city

New Russian strategic nuclear submarine laid down

The future of naval warfare may just be Swedish

Northrop in talks to provide Israeli patrol boat

Photos: Chines warships in Hong Kong

Writer defiant over Gaul source

Air-independent fuel cell propulsion enters service

Underwater civilizations

Signals intelligence vessel launched for CNN

USS Ronald Reagan Certified Battle Ready

12 May 2004

Royal Navy to celebrate Trafalgar

Study calls for cut in submarine fleet

Royal Navy to borrow ships

Norway Proves Unlucky for Submarines

Part of USS Jimmy Carter's dry dock collapses

US Navy eyes slashing submarine force by a third

Royal Navy expecting drastic cuts

New strategic nuclear submarine laid down in Russia

The Persian Gulf's "Forgotten Fleet"

Cold War Foes Are Now On A Friendlier Footing

Indian Navy sees stealth frigates as 'ships of future'

11 May 2004

Taiwan appoints admiral as defense minister amid naval buildup

Runaway U.S. mini-sub found on Norwegian beach

Hoping to cut costs, Navy experiments with civilians on warship

Thieves steal 14 tons of titanium from Russian subs

Metal Storm wins work with US Navy

Greek Fuel Cell Submarine Launch

Work Begins on Battle Stations 21

Panama to Let U.S. Board Ships Under Its Flag

Apache helicopter moves closer to sea service

10 May 2004

Submarine Jimmy Carter Christening June 5

Submariner Has a "Devil" of a Time Reenlisting

French trawler sunk by sub?

Danish trawler nets German sub

Experimental vessel returns from Gulf

Royal Navy ships head for the USA

Reality TV sets sail in Aussie submarine

Video: HMAS Rankin sets sail

Sea Sparrows find a new nest

Taiwan urged to cope with China's rising naval threat

U.S. Navy launches vast maritime security plan

08 May 2004

Anti-sub plane starts a war of words

Senate panel agrees to fund 9 new ships

This mum's in charge

Admiral: U.S. Navy will streamline fleet

Pakistan to get four warships from China

Bush picks submariner to command 7th Fleet

Search for missing mini-sub called off

07 May 2004

Security tightened around Iraqi oil terminals

Indian Military Bolstered by Foreign Purchases

Trawler sunk by submarine, claims journalist

Rendezvous at Pole was unforgettable

Nostalgic sailor saves sub destined for the scrap pile

Taiwan: No farewell to arms

Dutch navy: submarine did not hit French fishing boat

Operation submarine

06 May 2004

HMS Invincible sets sail for US

Dolphins hunting new sub

Pole to goal

Display of Warships Signal Hong Kong of China's Resolve

Singapore’s dangerous shipping lanes

US Navy threatens to fire on vessels breaching security zone

Navy's DD(X) funds cut

No sign of PLA Navy endangering Taiwan security, ministry says

05 May 2004

First Iraqi Coastal Defense Forces Ships Delivered

PLA Navy task group leaves Hong Kong

Taiwan keeping watch on China's military moves

Coast Guard assessing threat of suicide attacks on ships

Black Duke’s stirring deeds in the Caribbean

Safety fear sub crew face probe

Photo: USS Hampton at the North Pole

U.S. Marines to Protect Iraqi Oil Terminals After Attacks

Unmanned US sub missing off the Norwegian coast

04 May 2004

Secretary of the Navy Honors Naval Heroes with New Ships

Sailors Investigated after Sub Safety Row

Royal Navy ships sail into Paris

Navy destroyer to go out in blaze of RIMPAC glory

US remembers Soviet submarine K-77

03 May 2004

USS Reagan ready to sail for West Coast home port

HMCS Windsor Completes First Dive in Nearly Two Years

HMCS Ottawa Arrives for Anti-Sub War Games with U.S. Navy

Navy’s Newest Amphibious Ship Named in Honor of San Diego

BAE plays down carrier rumors

China uses navy to whip up patriotism

1982: British sub sinks Argentine cruiser

Submarine rescue drill begins off S.Korean coast

01 May 2004

Boat bombings herald new style of fighting in Iraq

801 Naval Air Squadron fights on