World Naval News Archives

30 April 2004

Crew in nuclear sub are cleared of mutiny

Navy test could lead to deep cut in ships

America's Oldest Active Warship Turns 43, Still Going Strong

PLA navy ready to `deal with Taiwan'

Photos: Chinese warships visit Hong Kong

Chinese conduct HK defence exercise

29 April 2004

New Chinese Stealthy Fast Attack Craft

Kiwis to update fleet

The buck stops here

Sub at centre of navy's rocky horror show

Admiral Faces 4 Years in Sinking of K-159

Hunley exhibit to open


UK to block BAE submarine yard sale

28 April 2004


Greenpeace Urges Safety Checks on UK's Nuclear Subs

Russian shipyard launches new destroyer for Chinese navy

HDW launches fuel cell submarine for Greece

Germany to build fuel-cell subs for Portugal

$500K missing from Russian Northern Fleet's flagship

Safety fears see sailors quit sub

Royal Navy denies submarine mutiny

Singapore Navy takes steps to combat terror

Perilous Service - Submariners salute absent friends

27 April 2004

Malaysia rejects US navy patrols

Royal Navy divers step up port security

Sunken K-159 submarine to be salvaged in 2005

Russian Pacific Fleet exercise ends

Navy Will Seek $1.6 Billion for Iraq

U.S. to Change Tactics After Suicide Boat Attacks

Old ship stirs World War II mystery

Navy considers Hawaii for carrier

Queen visits HMS Invincible

26 April 2004

U.S. Navy Failed to Stop Boat Attack

Royal Navy on watch for suicide boats

Al Qaeda Statement Claims Iraq Boat Attack

Security gaps put Malacca Straits at risk

Guam bids for carrier strike group

New Zealand Navy may buy French torpedoes

Stress tests for UK submariners


Combined Marine, Navy strike group may become more routine

Finnish Navy Upgrades Sub Surveillence

WWII sub veteran remembers his 'greatest adventure'

Was Hunley the Victim of Bad Weather?

25 April 2004

First lady boss for Royal Navy subs

Indian Navy publishes maritime strategy

India's Navy chief fears reduction in force

Cheaper to sink Navy ships than scrap them

India's Navy mulls buying warships from abroad

Third American sailor dies from Iraq boat attack

Navy planning on downsizing

Bid Interest in BAE Systems Warships Division

24 April 2004

Suicide bomber boats explode in attack on Basra oil terminal

2 U.S. Sailors Killed in Suicide Boat Attack


BAE Systems considers offers for warships division

Royal Navy Ship Back at Sea after Hitting Rocks

Navy may cut dozens of ships, thousands of sailors

Museum's sub eased into its new berth

23 April 2004

Exercise Clever Sentinel Ends with Major Operation

Navy outlines plans to base more clout at sea

Royal Navy's new generation destroyers begin to take shape

DDG 100 To Honor Pearl Harbor Hero

Indian Navy to change its colors

US Navy to order Russian flying saucer

Training exercise on HMS Trafalgar goes bad

Remembering the Battle of Midway

22 April 2004

Expeditionary Strike Group touted as future of the Navy

A Tribute to the Naval "Cold War"

CNO paints picture of future Navy

North Pole football match cancelled due to ice

UK orders Tactical Tomahawks

Portugal to buy German subs

Tanker terror: Gulf's oil routes under threat

USS Thresher (SSN 593) 129 Men Lost April 10, 1963

Honoring submarine Sailors

21 April 2004

K-159 inspection planned

Senator wants new destroyer

HMS Nottingham to Return to Sea

Court Rejects Appeal to Re-Examine Kursk Case

Sub group fights battle of Hastings

UK MoD to buy 64 Tomahawk missiles

Russian cruiser's nuclear reactor is OK, discipline is bad

20 April 2004

USS Hampton Surfaces on “Top of the World”

Hampton phones home

Pyotr Veliky cruiser in dock for repairs

Nuclear sub surfaces in Arctic

Submarines meet at the North Pole

North Pole football with only two subs and diving

Critics say 'Law of the Sea' would cripple defense

Submariners welcome new firefighting gear

19 April 2004

A New Role For Old Subs: Undersea Battlegroup Command Centers

Royal Navy Sub Surfaces at Pole

Indian vessel sails around the world

Indian Navy gets Russian frigate

Indian Navy inducts fast attack craft

Taiwan may buy Spruance destroyers

Big Trouble for Law of the Sea

UK and U.S. submariners to play North Pole soccer

18 April 2004

Malaysia offers navy escorts through Malacca Straits

Cold War luminary gets his own destroyer

Hunley crewmen, RIP

Memories abound at sub memorial

17 April 2004

Funeral For A Civil War Sub Crew

Canada's frigates need $2B upgrade

Pakistan's Navy to join US-led coalition

Diving into uncharted waters-The World's first Fuel Cell-Powered Submarine

Taiwan seeking to replace aging Knox frigates

16 April 2004

American midshipman wins French naval award

Japanese sub movie in the works

Delivery of MiGs for India's Gorshkov carrier may be delayed

Netherlands to build navy ship for New Zealand

Finnish Coast Guard finds submarine report credible

Malaysia's submarine programme on track

Indo-British naval exercises begin Saturday

A civil farewell to a time gone by

Identities of Hunley crew taking shape

15 April 2004

Russian Navy Refutes Information on Subs in Finnish Waters

WWII Navy Cross Recipient Visits Pacific Fleet Submariners

Joint Task Force Exercise Challenging for All Hands

Northrop to work on radar upgrade for DD(X)

Anger over warships axe

Canada's plan for navy ships proceeding quickly

Russian Baltic Fleet to hold naval exercise

China demands US clarify report on arms sales to Taiwan

Wreath Laying Honors Sacrifice of Submarine Sailors

Finnish passenger ferry reports sighting of two submarines

14 April 2004

Navy to Christen New Guided-Missile Destroyer Nitze

Operation Narwhal: Defending Canada's North from Denmark

‘Osama Slipped Out by Sea’

US Navy offers to help police Asian waters

Funeral to send off revered sub's crew

Hunley second-in-command an experienced sailor

13 April 2004

Indian Navy Looks Beyond Varuna


Truman Wins East Coast Battle ‘E’

Finland Investigates Submarine Incursion

Photos: China's Navy conducts drills

U.S. stalls on UN's Law of the Sea

Apache helicopter sea-trials end in success

Ottawa ready to open purse to buy new ships, helicopters

Canada's Sea Kings will have to fly longer

Australia govt stands by submarine corp sale plan

12 April 2004

Navy Yet to Decide How Many Subs to Build

Aussie PM to delay sale of submarine firm

New Command to Integrate Navy’s ASW Mission

Indo-UK joint naval exercises this week

US initiative in Malacca Strait 'baseless': Indonesian navy

Last rites set for Hunley crew

Hunley Findings Put Faces on Civil War Submarine Crew

10 April 2004

USS Greeneville Wins High Praise

U.S. asked to train Indonesian Navy to secure Malacca Strait

Navy officers fined for engineroom sauna

'Dangerous Waters' for New Navy Ship

USS Cushing Earns ASW "Bloodhound" Award

Report from Indo-French Naval Exercise

09 April 2004

CNO Paints Picture of Future Navy

HSV-2 proving to be prototype for LCS program

Navy moves full speed ahead to develop new ships

Remains from Civil War submariners to be buried


Indo-French joint naval exercise

The year to fear for Taiwan: 2006

Navy debates Pacific carrier

Successful Joint Task Force Exercise for Stennis Carrier Strike Group

Sub taking its first voyage in 50 years

08 April 2004

East Coast aircraft carrier may not be sacrificed

Part of Nelson's Victory going home

History made with the launch of the...LAST ANZAC

Navy Sues For Salvaged Corsair

Timmy, British Navy tortoise, dead at 160

US military spreads its wings in Asia

City prepares nuclear sub drill

New navy unit takes aim at threat of subs in shallow water

07 April 2004

Kennedy Strike Group Now Surge-Ready

US builds up Guam to project power into Asia

Borrowed warship may solve navy's training headache

New command renews Navy focus on subhunting

New submarine squadron stands-up

06 April 2004

U-505 Readies For Another Dive

Website launched for Nelson anniversary

Elecromagnetic catapult for Navy's next aircraft carrier

Submarine story stirs memories

Black Sea navy commanders discuss joint exercise program

Big India-France naval exercise begins today

New device invented to clean air for stranded submariners

DD(X) destroyer slips past faux enemy

10-Day Biggest-Ever India-France Naval Exercise Begins

05 April 2004


India, France to stage major naval war games

Crack US troops to flush out terrorists in key SE Asian waterway

Najib: No need for US to patrol strait

Military bolsters maritime security role

04 April 2004

US Marines bound for Malacca Straits?

Malaysia rejects US sea patrols

S. Korea to Host Submarine Rescue Exercise

03 April 2004

Bush plans missile defence system for Asia

Japan Support of Missile Shield Could Tilt Asia Power Balance

US Navy Deployment Plan Causes Stir in Japan

Sea Basing Key Element of Navy 2020

BAE to cut submarine jobs

Remains from Civil War submariners to be buried

02 April 2004

Reagan Feared Falklands War Might Go Nuclear

Navy Shows Off Next-Generation Vessel

In Photos: New Navy Vessel's Revolutionary IT

Model shipbuilding: A sinking ship?

Why Taiwan's subs are not even paper tigers

Presence in the Pacific deterring China, U.S. Navy says

China extends sea control 200 miles

Chapter closes for Harrier squadron

Diamond day for wartime destroyer

Kitty Hawk successor to be nuclear-powered

Navy To Lead Military Transformation

Navy relieves patrol boat CO

Marine leads Navy strike force

Oscar-class subs to be dismantled

01 April 2004

Sea Basing Key Element of Navy 2020

Guam still eyed for carrier group

Navy closes 'Rosie Roads'

N.Korea Says It Will Boost Nuclear Deterrent if Aegis Deployed

Japan's attempt to control Diaoyu Islands 'illegal', claims China

Vietnam accuses Taiwan of Spratlys violation

Court hearing about sinking K-159 submarine

Pak to buy frigates, choppers from China

Review: Hearts of Oak