World Naval News Archives

31 January 2004

Schwarzenegger welcomes sailors, Marines as citizens

Northrop Grumman, GD to split $8.4B submarine contract

Russia readies forces for war-game exercise

30 January 2004

Russia Planning Nuclear Forces Exercise

Farewell to the Island class

Remembering the USS Pueblo

Lloyd Bucher, Commander Of USS Pueblo, Dead At 76

Singapore's Silent Hunters

Collins subs 'play top-secret role'

Navy signs five-year submarine contract

29 January 2004

Enterprise Takes Part in Exercise Sea Saber

Australia's subs chief calls for cruise missile strike power

Russian, French subs to conduct joint maneuvers

France facing big bill in Taiwan frigate deal

China's defense advances due to some friendly help

First woman takes charge of a Royal Navy warship


Canada's submarines $60M over budget

28 January 2004

Concorde Converted Into Supersonic Sub

27 January 2004

Another Sub Captain Relieved Of His Command

MOD calls on industry to ‘raise game’

Seoul denies report over nuclear submarine plan

Nuclear Submarine Project Surfaces Despite Gov't Denial

26 January 2004

South Korea may deploy nuclear-powered subs

Japan Govt outlines new view on self-defense to include attacks on US forces

Russian paper ponders strategic bomber, nuclear submarine sales to India

South Korea Hasn't Decided Whether to Build Nuclear Subs

South Korea plans to build 3,500-tonne submarines

U.S. Navy cuts personnel to keep pace with changes

Awards Presented For Most ‘combat-ready' Subs

New Minehunting System Will Provide Effective Defense for Ships, Sailors

Navy subs hitch a ride to Singapore

24 January 2004

USS George Washington Rejoins War on Terrorism


Indian naval power grows in the Arabian Sea

USS New Jersey has big plans

23 January 2004

Pacific Submarine Force: A New Era of Warfare

Sub 'was close' to trawler before it sank

Sub surrenders her treasures

22 January 2004

USS Philadelphia Joins Rare Club

Navy Marks Birth Of The Nuclear Sub

Gorshkov: India's protector-to-be

Electric Boat workers built technical wonder

Quiet diesel subs surface as new threat

TIGER Submarine Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

21 January 2004

50 Years Ago, Atomic Age Launched On New Course

USS Nautilus anniversary (w/video)

Welcome to a golden year!

Navy 'wasting money' on warships

Submarine museum set to expand

New ship bodes well for future growth of Navy, official says

India's nuclear wishlist is heart of carrier deal

Tiger Submarine Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

19 January 2004

India, Russia aircraft carrier deal

New Subs Won't Bring Profit Margin Once Expected

Electric Boat gets $9M submarine work contract upgrade

2 dead as cargo ship capsizes

18 January 2004

Virginia submarine program reaches a milestone

First Virginia Submarine to Launch Career from Norfolk

USS Philadelphia Is First L.A. Class Sub To Do 1,000 Dives

Royal Navy U-boat hunter to come home

The Hunt for the Alligator

Russian admiral in court over sub sinking

Smaller battle groups bound for Persian Gulf

RN's nuclear submarines to have extended life

Son of a sub gives SBS frogmen new weapon

17 January 2004

Sub recovers Red Sea 'black box'

Mission to bring USS Des Moines to Milwaukee

Judge rules sonar tests on deep-sea whales can go on

CCS clears Gorshkov deal


14 January 2004


N. Charleston likely to secure sub

"Deepsea Dawn" maps the ocean floor

Cassias to relieve Talbot as Commander Submarine Group 10

11 January 2004

For internet sale: aircraft carrier, only three owners

Samuel B. Roberts Intercepts 7,000-lb. Drug Shipment

Radar did not detect cargo ship steering towards RSS Courageous

MI6 to explain loss of 'spy' supertrawler

10 January 2004

Dutch Navy rescues 265 Liberian refugees
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Singapore unveils stealth warship

New anti-sinking technology for subs

RAN nabs Indon boat

Typhoon captain relieved of command

RN to get world-class navigation system

Australians send a frigate for Nelson

South Korean Navy sailors visit Saipan

India, Russia to sign Gorshkov deal during Ivanov's visit

France to lend submarines and robots for plane search

Aircraft carrier on Ebay disappeared

HMCS Toronto to gulf without Sea King

09 January 2004

Operation Apollo: The Golden Age of the Canadian Navy in the War Against Terrorism

Royal Navy to get new navigation system for warships

Calls for spectacular to mark 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar

Greenpeace: UK admits nukes were on Falklands warships

08 January 2004

Do not feed the bears - Part 2

Navy tests new submarine escape suit

Another Russian sub sinks during tow

S'pore's first stealth ship launched

New navy robot en route to Egypt crash search

Ship picks up signal from failed Japanese rocket

Final development order for Sirius infrared sensor

Israel is looking for more new subs

Should we (India) buy the Gorshkov?

07 January 2004

UK warships plans 'still in infancy'

In volatile area, Israeli submarines are unseen sentinels

Do not feed the bears

Indonesian Navy signs contracts to buy two Dutch corvettes

UK dockyard subs storage rejected

HMS Mersey gets ready to join the fleet

RN warships plans 'still in infancy'

Elusive, high-tech RSN warship packs a formidable punch

Indian Navy orders 23 ships in next 10 years

British Navy 'sinks behind France'

French vessels in Cape Town on training

HMS Liverpool escapes mothballs

D-day for UK sub museum bid

Raytheon missile successfully fired from Royal Netherlands Navy frigate

French frigate joins Egyptian search

06 January 2004

Navy to curtail sub production in favor of DD(X)

Chicago's most famous submarine closing

RN is to lose at least four destroyers

Spain reinforces patrol off Gibraltar

Churchill sent frigate to foil 1953 'invasion'

Royal Navy’s smallest ship

Third Talwar frigate for Indian Navy

USN LFA survives the court room

Robot sub used in Red Sea search

05 January 2004

USS Midway to Become San Diego Museum

U.S. Navy to Close Base in Puerto Rico

Royal Navy blues

Russian guest to seal Gorshkov deal

Chicago's most famous submarine closes

New ships will allow Navy to fight littoral-ly

Civil War Sub Put to Canvas

Russia plans to raise sunken sub K-159 in 2005

Navy boosting emphasis on strike group readiness

04 January 2004

Navy contract pits Boeing, Lockheed

India, Russia clear decks for sale of aircraft carrier

Now we can all live in a two-bedroom submarine

03 January 2004

Taiwan Navy looking for a replacement for its Knox-class frigates

Navy nets another boatload of drugs linked to al Qaeda

Museum's sub ready to lie low for a while

02 January 2004

Spain reinforces patrol in disputed Gibraltar waters

‘Extraordinary year’ for the Royal Navy

Has Cook's Endeavour been found?

Russia to raise sunken nuke sub

Upgrade to improve warships' effectiveness against small gunboats

Canada's 'used subs' ready in '04

Israel's ability to provide sub technology to India doubted

01 January 2004

USS Greeneville Has Been Busy In Western Pacific, Arabian Gulf

Israel seeking more submarines for 'strategic depth'

"Master and Commander" is "Das Boot"

India aggressively developing submarine-based delivery system

Blueprint for Finding the USS Alligator?