World Naval News Archives

31 December 2003

Canada's sub deal faces long delays

Discover maritime Britain

French Navy ships in Angola

Bombs Away, Vieques unearths toxic USN trash

Officer in RSS ship collision trial grilled

Fisherman dies as SLN rams boat

Israel seeks more submarines

Can. mideast deployments delay sub program

30 December 2003

New decoy system is successfully tested

Gorshkov deal to be signed in January

US Sea Shadow remains test platform for stealth

UAE Navy to buy Baynunah class corvettes

The Baynunah class corvettes

Singapore forces patrol Iraqi coastline

Kenya navy vessels visit Tanzania

HMS Belfast restages WWII battle

Aircraft carrier on Ebay

29 December 2003

Al-Qaida targeting cruise ships, aircraft carriers

Dive! Dive! - Aegis destroyer imitates submarine

German naval fleet to return to Strait of Gibraltar

Aircraft carrier Midway begins trip to San Diego

USS City of Corpus Christi Completes First Deployment from Guam

28 December 2003

Scavengers pick apart Russia's navy

'Belgrano' ordered to attack British ships on day before sinking, secret report reveals

27 December 2003

Royal Korean Navy boats visit Fiji

Indonesian Navy Sails Into Brunei

Last call to hit the deck of historic sub

Daewoo wins sub repair order from Indonesia

SUBMARINES: Sloppy Navigation

26 December 2003

Berlin puts Israeli subs on hold

Guam-based sub's first voyage lauded

Last call to hit the deck of historic sub

Court session on K-159 submarine accident to be held behind closed doors

24 December 2003

Holidays find most Navy ships docked

Navy Upgrading Mine Sweeper Helicopters

U.S. beefing up antisub warfare capability in East Asia

'Unrealistic' MoD delaying £2.9bn carriers

Navy Prowler pilot trains to fly Air Force B-2

Last call for U-505

Viking submarine program moves forward

Sea Shadow Still the Navy's Premier Test Platform for Stealth

India's grand strategic vision gets grander

23 December 2003

Spartan Scout deployed on USS Gettysburg

Singapore ship sued for damaging 18 Navy ships

Indo Navy suspends corvette contract with the Netherlands.

USN SSGN conversion paid for and under way

State yacht fetches $275,100 on eBay

Surprise at RN carriers rumour

First MK 41 launcher Delivered to Norwegian Navy

22 December 2003

USS Cole Flies World Trade Center Flag

2003 : Memories and milestones, the year in review

GENERAL Dynamics gets $222 million Navy submarine deal

Indian Navy to add stealth frigates

Royal Navy carrier project in disarray

Former Sheffield sails for Chile

Fewer visitors spend more at Submarine Museum

Union submarine came first, but never saw battle

21 December 2003

Singapore stealth ships named

RAN cleared of Westralia cover-up

Tigers shell Sri Lanka Navy detachment

Corvette ISANDLWANA handed over S.A. Navy

Civil War sub rising from history’s graveyard

Navy Busts More Drug Boats in Arabian Sea

The Virginia-class subs: A costly operation?

20 December 2003

Submarine USS Hartford Severely Damaged During Drill Off Italian Coast

Damage to sub worse than expected

US Navy 'seizes al-Qaeda drugs ship'

19 December 2003

Lake Erie Shoots Down Ballistic Missile

Navy Announces Ohio-class SSGN Conversion Contract Award

BrahMos missile to join Indian Navy

Battle rages off the coast of Scotland

Major acquisitions in 2003 boost Indian Navy

'Alligator' hunt blends mystery, history, science

Lockheed Martin Awarded Contract for Virginia Class Submarine Sonar

18 December 2003

Remora to the Rescue

JFK Rescue at Sea – With a Twist

Former HMS Sheffield now under new masters

Sub museum wins £2m lottery award

Hunley replica moves to Battleship Par

Families Want Another Ehime Maru Investigation

Australian patrol boat details

Russia, India to sign aircraft carrier contract in January

Requiem for the Can. Sea King

Australia to upgrade coast patrols

17 December 2003

Australia's new patrol boats not enough

Enterprise Carrier Strike Group Deploys Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Photo: USS Memphis visits Crete

Electric Boat Giving $10,000 To Sub Museum

Grounded sub USS Hartford Is In For Permanent Repairs

Photo: WWII bomb imploded in Java Sea

Japan and Russia signed contract on one nuclear submarine dismantling

Underwater 'trip wire' targets terrorists

16 December 2003

Royal Navy bows to European Court, suspends all courts martial!

Russia, India to sign aircraft carrier deal in January

Navy Court Martial system 'unfair', say European judges

NAVY Finds Blueprints for First Submarine

Israeli yards building patrol boats to protect Olympics

The Indian Navy in 2003

Waiting for Gorshkov

Nelson show must go on

Search on for sub lost in Civil War

15 December 2003

Canadian navy project to create a deep-sea alarm system

Navy strives for eight carrier battle groups ready to roll

Spanish navy boat escorts tanker

Last Canadian warship back from Gulf

2 to be charged in RN sub grounding

Algeria and Italy hold naval exercises

14 December 2003

Blueprints' Discovery Sparks Search for Historic Sub

Submarine's inclusion in Navy vital achievement : Musharraf

USS San Juan Sailors Recognized For Lengthy Deployment

Amphibious capability central to UK defence blueprint

Taiwan submarine deal on the rocks

ASC buoyed on subs

N Korean boat found in S Korean waters

RN considers creating 'mother' of all ships

Court martial over damaged RN sub

13 December 2003

Morale High on Cole’s Maiden Voyage Since Attack

Virginia to be Commissioned in Namesake State

Kazakhstan wants navy of its own; Russia ready to help

Aussie Collins sub “sinks” US boat

Amphibious capability central to UK Defence blueprint

Photo: President inspects new Pakistan submarine

RN blocks Iraq oil smuggler ship

12 December 2003

USS Cole crew trying out new uniforms that 'blend in better'

Passenger Jets As Submarine Hunters?

Wasp group prepares to test its sting

Bravo Zulu Springfield

Israel to Assist India in Submarine Project

Virginia to be commissioned in namesake state

Forgotten heroes of the Cold War

Russian nuclear submarine test-fires ballistic missile

Pakistan commissions 3rd Agosta sub

VIRGINIA Submarine Program Reaches Another Milestone

SUBMARINE Veterans Donate $8000 to Submariners for Holidays

LIVING legends inducted into Holland Club

Israel offers to help India with nuclear sub project

Passenger Jets As Submarine Hunters?

Pakistan denies deploying subs off Gujarat

Judge blocks US 'ghost fleet' project

Russian submarine test-fires ballistic missile

11 December 2003

Cannon shots fired for new born Dutch princess

Pakistani, Chinese Navies may hold joint exercise

Pakistan deploys submarines off India

Israel helps India in submarine project

Nigerian Navy denies hijack

EBay to auction former Canadian warship

Tripartite agreement on submarine rescue

Pakistan submarine commissioned tomorrow

UK nuclear sub scrap plan fears

Periscope simulator for Royal Danish Navy

World's first ESSM and SM2 Block III Firing tests. Click HERE for a photo.

USNS Soderman gets its orders

10 December 2003

Thieves plunder Russian Navy

Submarine USS Texas Reaches Another Milestone

Queen to miss carrier’s big day

UK continues Soviet Navy cleanup

London denies leaving nuclear weapons in waters near Argentina

India: No threat in Chinese-Pakistani joint naval exercise

Israel agrees to help India in submarine project

09 December 2003

Clyde chosen as sub rescue base

Germany withdraws ships on anti-terror patrol off Gibraltar

U.S. Navy to slash P-3 fleet by half

Spartan USV Deployed On USS Gettysburg

How NOT to build an aircraft carrier

Harrier launch record claimed by HMS Invincible

08 December 2003

Portugal joins Spain in Russian oil tanker alert

Deal For Scorpene Submarines Likely To Be Inked Soon

India's BrahMos anti-ship Cruise Missile

Strike group flexible, but in harm's way

Major changes foreseen for Australia's navy

Royal Navy seeks private cash for Trafalgar day

Iron Maiden Meets Heavy Metal

Australian government sets sail with $3.5b submarine deal

07 December 2003

Argentine president seeks London's apology for Falklands war nukes

Subs service deal calms troubled waters

U.S. Remembers Pearl Harbor Attack

MoD denies Trafalgar party snub


Ex-commander of Latvia's first submarine turns 100

ASW Program Sees Advances In Hunt For Quiet Sub

Submarine Sailor Recalls Kinder, Gentler Navy

Debate Over Medals Stirs Criticism, Support

Civil War mystique remains ironclad

06 December 2003

USS Springfield Takes Top Award

MoD scuppers bicentenary of Trafalgar

Navy expects No 10 to do its duty

Sea recons readied - NRO to bolster space-based ocean surveillance to track suspicious ships

Osprey Successful at Sea

Successful Testing Highlights Capabilities of ADS for ASW

Canada's navy a fleet apart

Delegation Pushes For Sub To Be Named After New Mexico

Navy finds Swift lives up to its name

Discovery of Japanese sub brings what-ifs to surface

Flying sub aims to make big market splash

Argentina worries British nukes sunk in Falklands War

04 December 2003

Spanish Navy on alert

It’s about sea power

Bearing Reminders of Terror, USS Cole Returns to Action

Tactical Tomahawk Steps Up to OPEVAL

Navy subs used chat rooms as tool in Iraq war

Living legends inducted into Holland Club

Anzac frigates to be upgraded

And now the ‘BrahMos’

03 December 2003

Kitty Hawk Underway for Fall Cruise

Gorshkov sinks navy’s pride

Three Sub Commanders Awarded Bronze Star

Scout Gives Thanks to Submariners

Price negotiations for Gorshkov complete

Biggest little ship in the Royal Navy

Arctic Convoy Heroes Who Boosted Russian War Effort

'Pakistan no match for Indian navy'

Russia denies finalisation of 'Gorshkov' deal

20 years to buy 20-year Gorshkov

Navy sets stage with 10-day test

02 December 2003

U.S. to seize WMD on high seas

India nears Russian warship deal

French sub maker sees India contract signed soon

Earlier, Less Known Nautilus Also Attempted Polar Trip

All hands on deck as `warrior' sets sail

Aircraft Carrier Program Garners Attention

Russia and NATO Announce Joint Exercises

First Aegis system delivered to the Royal Norwegian Navy

Q&A with Indian Navy Chief

North Cape veterans meet for last time

The Shape of Things to Come: Northrop Grumman's Advanced Submarine Concept Model

Navy Goes Virtual

India plans 23 new warships

01 December 2003

Negotiations for Gorshkov complete