World Naval News Archives

30 September 2003

Congress gives $2 billion for Navy shipbuilding plan

Navy Names New Amphibious Assault Ship Makin Island

After 66 years, Navy vet gives Uncle Sam notice

Sneak peek at SA Navy's new corvettes

Manufacturers puzzled by navy's errant torpedo

US fleet commander arrives in Vladivostok

Lack Of Subs Could Slow Pace Of Technology, Admiral Warns

29 September 2003

Budget Constraints Tug at New "plug and play" Virginia-class subs

Blackbeard was the real pirate of the Caribbean

Why do Russian planes crash and submarines sink?

Iran launches Caspian Sea missile boat

France takes command of maritime task force in Red Sea / IO

Norway considers purchasing long-range rockets

India, US to hold biggest joint naval exercise

No threat from Russian submerged nuke submarine

15-ship mystery al-Qaida navy

Russia to retrieve sunken sub

Bofors plans regional navy gun centre in Malaysia

28 September 2003

UK yard completes Canadian sub work

Submariners make points with photos of targets

Sunken sub will be retrieved - Russian Navy commander

HMS Edinburgh 'leads' the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race

USN ship towed in for repair

Plan to allow Hunley crew to lie in state stirs controversy

27 September 2003

Al-Qaeda ‘planned to attack US ships’

Canadian Navy looks to privatize sea patrol

Novorossiisk naval base to be finished by 2010

Yard completes Canadian submarine work

First MEKO corvette for South African Navy

Details of the MEKO class corvettes and frigates

Portugal favours HDW for submarine order

Indonesia to buy two submarines

UK allows transit of US toxic 'ghost fleet'

26 September 2003

Two submarines of Type 641 for sale

Coalition forces board seven oil tankers

UK approves passage of polluted US 'Ghost Fleet'

Taiwan to seek tech transfers in submarine procurement

60th anniversary of WWII raids on Japanese ships

Malaysian Navy gets five more patrol vessels

60-year-old sub diesel engines came through during blackout

Portugal favours Germany's HDW for submarine order

Australia serves and protects

Aussies ridin’ shotgun in the Gulf

25 September 2003

Congress strips 2 of 7 subs over the next 5 years

Corroded valve cause of Canadian torpedo misfire

Pakistan, China to hold naval exercise

Navy plan to build five subs advances

Taiwan eyes technology transfers in purchase of subs from US

India buying Russian carrier Admiral Gorshkov

Hearing will explore effects of US Navy sonar on marine life

Belgium F912 Wandelaar fights against drugs

Singapore, Malaysia hold naval exercise

Indonesia considers purchase of two S.Korean subs

Indonesian navy to buy four submarines from S.Korea

24 September 2003

Surviving gun from ironclad Virginia goes on display

Indian navy commando's to fight pirates in Andamans

Virginia-class decision has far-reaching implications

Australian Navy ship may be scrapped

Australian Sub Corp seals 25-year deal

Keeping the Navy unpredictable

'Dud' subs defeat US in exercise

'Nuked' Russian workers fine

Another 'stealth' warship arrives in India

Hyundai opens new Ulsan (SK) submarine plant

'Launch' of Dutch Falcon class design

New ships to tilt balance towards India

Malaysia and Singapore participate in exercise MALAPURA

Pakistan submarine SAAD completes depth trials

Russian goes for smaller is better

Launch of Swedish sub HMS Södermanland after major upgrade

The Norwegian Skjold class missile fast patrol boat

Norwegian sub ready for "Active Endeavour"

Construction of Spanish Navy biggest ship starts

23 September 2003

Collins subs star in naval exercises

Collins subs a lethal force

Report warns container ships pose WMD terror threat

Photo: INS Trishul arrives in Bombay

US Nuclear Submarine To Take Part In Indian Exercise

USS Ramage Tests Self-Defense System


Gorshkov deal likely to be finalised by year-end

Navy rounds up ships in oil inquiry

U.S. Navy guided missile ships visit China

Daewoo to build South Korean warship

22 September 2003

Unsung heroes in midget subs

DDG Mustin Commissioned in U.S. Pacific Fleet

In The War On Iraq, USS Toledo Rose To The Challenge

Australian Navy begins frigate upgrades

USS Pittsburgh Paved The Way For Submarines To Fire On Iraq

Spanish Navy Blamed for Giant Squid Deaths

Indonesia to buy subs and other warships

Congress set to approve multiyear submarine contract

New Pak sub completes depth trials

18 September 2003

US extends Pacific navy build-up

Taiwan Navy recovers, defuses torpedo

Canadian Navy hushed up submarine leak

17 September 2003

Indian navy to strengthen ties with France

Kursk dismantling "nearly complete"

NKorea assails U.S.-led naval blockade exercises

US nuke sub to exercise with India

Hyundai dedicates automated submarine factory

16 September 2003

HMCS Victoria is just like subs seen in movies

Navy Begins Sending Ships to Sea

Navy Awards General Dynamics $34 Million for SSGN Conversion Work

Juneau Resident Builds Submarine

N. Korea denounces US-led naval drill as "prelude to nuclear war"

Swedish navy launches upgraded sub

A sub in the sky

Navy considers sending Atlantic Fleet to sea to ride out hurricane

A museum in an old submarine

15 September 2003

Overhaul to stop another 'Collins-class' blow-out

Defence minister blames loss of sub on failure to follow regulations

India, US to hold joint naval exercise in Arabian Sea

14 September 2003

Naval allies in show of force

Dolphins help Navy steer clear in Gulf

Maritime maneuvers demonstrate allies' efforts to protect against WMD

Taiwan Navy searching for missing torpedo

U.S. leads naval exercises

13 September 2003

Russian fleet chief suspended

Maritime exercise tests interdiction of illegal shipments

N. Korea brands exercise a 'provocation'

Report on errant torpedo made public

Navy seeks to match technology, sailors

Sub training must keep up with speed of technology

'Connie' leaves San Diego for the last time

12 September 2003

Pacific weapons hunt drill begins

Courts Martial verdicts on grounded destroyer

High Speed Vessel Breaks Record

U.S., allies in military exercise

What China Is Doing

Taiwan defense ministry defends faulty exercise

11 September 2003

China lashes out at Pentagon's "distorted view" of military might

Navy fighter crashes on Carrier George Washington

Submarine training reaches virtual level

Sub fleet welcomes new leader

Israel offers state-of-the-art submarine to India

Navy officers admit blunders

Putin sacks Naval chief

Sunken sub to be raised next year

10 September 2003

Navy commanders needed for TV battle

Navy exercise aims to inhibit North Korean arms trade

Navy hopes blimp can be eye in the sky

US officials: NKorea has new, more capable missile

Russian official: Sunk sub is no risk

U.S. Must Keep Eye on China Military Build-Up

Commodore contributed to sub collision, report says

Trident missile delivered to Navy Museum

MoD criticised over sub refit overspend

Anger at sub work transfer

09 September 2003

Terror on the High Seas?

US nuclear sub to exercise with India

Australian ship visits Pearl Harbor

Australia sends envoy to China on Coral Sea wargame

U.S. deploys dolphins to protect Fifth Fleet in Persian Gulf

North Korea: too many holes in the net?

Royal Navy asked to keep subs away

The Royal Navy's future fleet is taking shape

New-look submarine is pride of Royal Navy

08 September 2003

Naval Reservists Enhance PC-Based Flight Trainer

World Trade Center steel to be in Navy ship

India, US to hold biggest joint naval exercise

Concern over nuclear sub disposal

Harriers work up with HMS Invincible

Worse Than The Kursk?

Truth and Lies About K-159 Sub

07 September 2003

Royal Navy has 'too few ships to protect sea lanes from terrorists'

CNO: Accelerate your life!

Photo: Greeneville Goodbye

Bush signs off on aircraft carrier

New Book: Sub Sonar Began On Musical Note

06 September 2003

US to search ships for WMD

Pentagon OKs digital bugles for military funerals

Former president leads carrier's keel-laying

Inside the Ring - Operation Pacific Protector

HMS Sheffield becomes Chile's “Almirante Williams”

Tang calls torpedo miss 'valuable' lesson

05 September 2003

Nations gather for Northern Light '03

India's indigenously built aircraft carrier to be ready in few years

Submariners given the bird

US Navy to test ASW Airship technology

US, Allies step up plans to intercept North Korean ships

Taiwan's navy says it is moving full speed ahead on Kidds

France and Germany in row over sub maker

Rumors surface on sunk sub

Chen satisfied with live-fire war games

Largest wargames pass with hitches

Submariner sees more potential

Russia's August curse

04 September 2003

A toast to the warriors

Taiwan holds massive wargames

Japanese destroyers arrive in Vladivostok

New technology for undersea warfare

British boatmobile makes a splash

Sub crew died on the order of the command

Visit the home of submarine force history

India delays French submarine deal, arms warships

03 September 2003

K-19 "Widowmaker" to be scrapped soon

Royal Navy brings back "press gang"

Ship commander faces courts martial

SSN Virginia Sailors Take "Old Ironsides" to Sea

USS Greeneville Deploys with Expeditionary Strike Group

Coming clean with submarines

International Submarine Conference Opens in Kiel

France's Thales in bid for German sub maker

Taiwan Navy speaks on sub-rescue pact

02 September 2003

Australia orders 12 new patrol boats

Leak caused Russian sub to founder

Russo-Italian naval exercises underway in Tyrrhenian Sea

Russian sub tests intercontinental missile

Russian sub search widens

Taiwan eyes submarines, anti-missile system

Photo: Kiev in China-1

Photo: Kiev in China-2

Putin Keeps Navy's Flag Flying in Italy

Never mind about the submarines, what about our condom factory?

NK accuses SK navy of violating sea border

01 September 2003

Sub sinking reflects sorry state of the Russian Navy

U-boats with entombed crews found off Yorkshire

U-27 open to the public

UK RV Triton trimaran research ship

US extends help to Saudi navy

Russian sub force commander suspended over tragedy

Crew of K-159 submarine not at fault

Sunken russian sub will not be raised until 2004

Russian submarine search goes on