World Naval News Archives

31 August 2003

Russia pledges to raise nuclear sub

Russian defence minister blames negligence over sub sinking

KEFTACEX a Success

UUV Use In Operation Iraqi Freedom

Russia Orders Halt to Submarine Towing

Russia mourns dead of sub disaster

Radiation normal after Russia sub sinking

Russian navy to salvage sunk sub

Towed Russian sub sinks with crew on board

Australian Navy to escort fugitive trawler

30 August 2003

Authorities confirm 9 dead in Russian submarine tragedy

K-159 Sank: Radiation risks???

Russian naval negligence sinks retired nuke sub in Barents Sea

Search for sailors from Russian submarine sunk in Barents Sea

Hope of other Russian crewmen surviving "very slight"

Indian Navy chief to visit Myanmar for seeking port rights

H.L. Hunley lawsuit delayed by exam

Russian submarine sinks in Arctic

Sri Lankan Navy hands over 47 fisherman to coast guard

Russian submarine sinks, rescue efforts underway

Bodies found after Russian submarine sinks

Two dead, seven missing as Russian submarine sinks

2 Die when Russian nuclear submarine sinks

29 August 2003

Coalition Forces Bring War on Terrorism to the Enemy at Sea

Part of STANAVFORLANT arrives in Aarhus

Danish Task Group enters Aarhus harbour

Hi-tech patrol boats to guard Australia

Aussie ships set for 'war'

Keel Laid for Fourth LPD 17 Class Ship

Navy target practice tests accuracy of C-801 missiles

New missile boat passes a key test

As talks with N. Korea proceed, U.S. considers naval searches

New strike group to embark from Pearl Harbor

India to sell warships to Vietnam

28 August 2003

Enterprise's departure delayed

Bay class auxiliary ships to enter UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary in 2004

HMCS Fredericton returns after six months Middle East

USN holds tankers in Persian Gulf for smuggling Iraqi oil

Rockers in control of nuke sub

Al Qaeda Plans Underwater Attack

Splendid leaves Faslane for the last time

Russian planes observe U.S.-S.K. military exercises

No More Large Submarines to be Built in Russia

Enterprise deployment is a glimpse of the future

Submarine museum prepares for new items

Fire on submarine injures 4 at Portsmouth shipyard

RAN Adelaide class guided missile frigates upgrade starts next month

Submarine Fire Injures 4 in Va. Shipyard

Sonar dome repairs for HMAS Anzac

Sydney welcomes back HMAS Sydney

27 August 2003

Navy Commander Says Russia Will Not Build More Major Warships

Russian cruiser anchors off US sub base at La Maddalena

NASA will seek safety help from Navy's nuclear submarine program

Indian Navy wants Barak anti-missile defence systems

Double success for new patrol vessel

Navy's First Expeditionary Strike Group Deploys from San Diego

Enterprise strike group set to sail for uncertain period

Test of Korean Ship-to-Ship Missile Successful

Russia completes largest military drill in 15 years off Pacific coast

Federal judge silences Navy sonar

Navy Sonar Tests Captured On Videotape

Taiwan debuts "stealth" missile boat

Russian cruiser anchors off Sardinia

26 August 2003

Exercise DANEX 03 kicks off

Russia's navy to protect country's interests

Ambassadors visit "Prowlers of the Deep"

S Korea develops new anti-ship cruise missile

S Korean navy fires shots after N Korean incursion

RN submarine gives up 60-year secret

Russia to build smaller subs

25 August 2003

India, France start naval exercise

Bellona Demands Declassification of Accidents Aboard Soviet Submarines

Submarine might search for South Pole hero

USS Virginia photos

International Cooperation Shines at KEFTACEX

Victoria, your submarine has surfaced

Taiwan can build main body of subs

Foreign submarines detected near Russian Pacific naval exercises

Russia's new nuclear submarines to be smaller than Soviet-era predecessors

HMCS Victoria is first sub on west coast in almost 30 years

Thailand, Myanmar to trade war ship visits

Russia, Japan, South Korea, carry out joint military drill in Pacific

Al Qaeda's 'Navy' - How much of a threat?

Restoration of hull of USS Alabama nearing completion

24 August 2003

Freedom award for sub's crew

Pakistan to provide facilities to US navy

Indo-French naval exercise begins Wednesday

INS Sea Harrier crashes off Goa coast

23 August 2003

1:1 replica submarine for sale at Ebay

Flying incident aboard HMCS Calgary

Taiwan sub deal delayed a decade?

Two French Navy ships to visit Mumbai

Russia launches military phase of major exercises in Pacific far east

22 August 2003

Preventing submarine collisions

CAN Submarine project progressing

INS warship arrives on friendly visit to Nigeria

Submarine tours off Pattaya will begin next year

5,000 US marines, sailors ship out

Navy to launch beefed-up Expeditionary Strike Group

Disaster overshadows Russian war games

Pakistan: Strong Navy Can Reassure Security Of Shipping Lanes

Military deploying new-look strike force

Hawaii ships joining new military strike force

Canada's newest sub will arrive to fanfare

LandingShipTank crew completes voyage up Mississippi

Argentine sail training ship ARA Libertad visits UK

Sea-based platform picked soon for US boost-phase interceptor

21 August 2003

India prepares for undersea battle

Tour Canada's Victoria sub

India working on underwater surveillance vehicle

The best defense is a good upgrade

'Presence With A Purpose'

ROC Navy estimates submarine budget

South African corvette SAS Amatola on trials

USN Christens PCU Virginia

Drug-busting RN frigate returns to Portsmouth

Sonsub signs up for U-boat wreck site expedition

20 August 2003

Witness to U-boat capture dies

SALPG project draws flak from Indian Navy

Russian Black Sea Fleet to visit Italy, Greece

Drug-sub defendant gets new trial

Kremlin not satisfied with Russian military's level of combat readiness

USS Ronald Reagan Flies to Certification

Brahmos missile showcased in Russian airshow

North Korea Denounces Russian Naval Exercises

News from the U.K., Italy, France, Australia, Russia, India, Canada, and China.

19 August 2003

Russian K-438 dismantled

Brit sub makes final journey

Navy's Intranet crippled by worm outbreak

Pyongyang's allies grow anxious

Australia blinks on stopping NKorean ships

Navy Should Bolster Crisis Planning for Theater ASW

Virginia-Class Decision Has Far-Reaching Implications

The Royal Navy Handbook

German navy to patrol Gulf of Oman

Navy exercises may upset N. Korea

Russian Navy stages exercises in Pacific

U.S. to test new sub-hunting technology in Sea of Japan

18 August 2003

SSGN: Dominating the Littoral Battlespace

Corny way to commemorate Nelson

Navy exercise seeks to pressure N. Korea

South Korean Navy Fires at NK Boat

Russia to Hold Large-Scale Naval Exercises

Russia Holds Large-scale Naval Exercise in Far East

Despite hardships, submarines draw those in search of unique Navy duty

Taiwan to select type of 8 subs guaranteed by US

Building of 3rd Pak Navy sub heads toward self-reliance

17 August 2003

First U.S. Officer Finishes Vaunted Dutch Sub Course

Electric Boat rolls out technology-packed USS Virginia

First in its class

Virginia-class 'only game in town'

Virginia Ushers In New Era For Subs

Admirals Call For More Subs

Happy 50th birthday to the Albacore submarine

16 August 2003

Photo: Virginia afloat

USS Ohio in drydock for SSGN conversion

Submarine christened in Groton

A welcome spectacle

Navy jobs on e-bay?

China modernizes military forces

Hawaii carrier decision not expected soon

Details on Virginia-class sub contract award

15 August 2003

Waller scents prey in Arafura Sea

China sees value in pre-emptive strike strategy

Wargame to tackle real-world issues

Albacore’s birthday bash

U.S. Navy developing plans to deploy with foreign fleets

Kursk monument is unveiled

New Attack Submarine Virginia to be Christened

USS Virginia Puts EB Back In The Christening Business

Pentagon awards contracts for six Virginia subs

14 August 2003

Whale flatulence stuns scientists!

Submariners' Hotel

On North Korean Freighter, a Hidden Missile Factory

Indian navy on peace offensive

Norman Hancock, UK sub designer

Kursk's lessons unlearned

13 August 2003

US praises Taiwan for intercepting NKorean ship

Chinese 'spy ship' spotted ahead of Taiwan's war drills

Raytheon rolls out SeaRAM

Japan tests fuel-cell sub

Sea Harriers join Flying Fish

Last Groton-based subs return home after OIF

Ship's seizure sends message to North Korea

Swift delivery impresses US Navy

India has packed war-games' schedule

12 August 2003

Monument to Kursk Sailors Unveiled

Sub's "uneventful" journey is over

INS Talwar is a potent addition to Indian Navy

Navy Researches High-Tech Spy Blimp

Kursk sub tragedy: questions remain

Kursk Tragedy: Navy Commander-in-Chief Called to Account

Three Years after Kursk Tragedy

11 August 2003

Does the Navy Have a Carrier Crisis?

Navy Dolphins Used As Sentinels in Gulf

Kursk families demand new inquiry

Hunley sub still holds mysteries

Ironclad Virginia still a mystery despite plans

A greener future for yellowing submarines

10 August 2003

Students' subs diving for dollars

Russia builds world's deepest-diving nuclear submarine

Sailors sworn in as US citizens

Crew fights major blaze in frigate's engine room

Submarine museum is big splash

ROK Navy fires warning shots at N.Korean boats

USS Providence returns home

Submarine terror fear for North Sea oil rigs

Collins subs cleared to return to sea

09 August 2003

Chinese spy ship off Taiwan

Last war sub due home Monday

NASCAR racers on Navy sub

Russia's Pacific Fleet readies for exercises

Hunley researchers probe mystery of time

Russia scraps "The Widowmaker"

U.S. Navy looks to blimps as anti-terror tool

Australian navy recalls Collins subs

Navy honors submarine rescue pioneer

07 August 2003

N. Korea next to hear U.S. war drum

US war scenario assailed

“Sea Raiders” Chronicles Three Leaders of Continental Navy

Navy frees Al Quaida terrorist :-)

RN's damaged warship refloated

Has Navy settled on sub deal?

Indian Navy's Russian subs will soon fire missiles

Farewell ceremony for K-19 "Widowmaker"

06 August 2003

Sole survivor remembers WWII sub

Indian submarine upgrades

Retiring America's Flagship

Cyclone Ships May Find New Life in War on Terrorism

Photo: USS Virginia (SSN 774)

Messin' with Texans

Russian ships take part in Black Sea exercise

Navy Christens Guided-Missile Destroyer Momsen

Unfilled order for subs casts doubt on Taiwan's defense posture

05 August 2003

U.S. Navy to put rapid strike force at Sasebo

Littoral Combat Ship field reduced to three

Cost concerns force UK to consider smaller carrier

Team to return to sunken Pearl Harbor mini-sub

John F. Kennedy coming back to life

Glitches send carrier Reagan back to port

North Korea threat has Russia rearming

US calls on S.Korea to join in interdiction against North

Lead Virginia-class Submarine Prepares for Aug. 16 Christening

04 August 2003

Canada's sub project progressing despite delays

Sea mammals join Russia's navy

Canine submariner honored

Canadian Navy's defence of sub program as leaky as the boats are

Super Hornets for Kitty Hawk

Joint India-France Naval Exercise in September

Subvets Honor Crew of USS Tullibee

Did Australia sink US sub?

03 August 2003

New Sub A Step Closer To Christening

US initiates plan to activate four Kidd destroyers for Taiwan

Daring submarine raid remembered

EB gets ready to send off new sub

‘Deep Sea Detectives' Look For Clues In Sub School Mystery

Silent service memorialized

Book by the author of "K-19: The Widowmaker

Swedish dive team discover rare WW1 Russian submarine

First of Virginia class ready for christening

01 August 2003

Russia Tests Yury Dolgoruky Submarine

India's "Grand Old Sub" bows out

Russian 19th century battleship found in Gulf of Finland

New system to find, fight enemy boats

China Denounces U.S. Report on Missiles

U.S. Warships to Reach Liberia Coast by Saturday

Development of Dolphin Insignia

Divers study long-sunken Civil War ship

Birthday planned for USS Albacore