World Naval News Archives

30 June 2003

Canadian navy taking 'pause' until 2004

Quicker and stronger: US Navy's new battle plan

Pentagon balking at historic ships funding

India, US to kick off naval exercise in July

Navy to Defend Sonar in Court

Putin, Kwasniewski Board Warship to View Exercises

HMCS Corner Brook commissioned

Submarine fish threat denied

29 June 2003

US seeking alliance to block weapons exports by North Korea, Iran

USS Hartford Set Hectic Pace After Sept. 11 Attacks

Nautilus Fan Gets Another Visit With A Winning Essay

Call to arms on naval blockade

John Paul Jones hardly the hero of legend

Canada's Navy to put first lease-to-own sub into service

28 June 2003

Revolutionary War-Era Swivel Gun Reveals Its Secrets

Japan to help Russia dismantle nuclear subs

Gorshkov deal finalised

Russian, Polish presidents view navy exercises

27 June 2003

Guam, Hawaii make pitches for Kittyhawk replacement

SEALs give glimpse of missions in Iraq

U.S. Navy Takes Delivery of Advanced SEAL Delivery System

Aussie sailors' drunken sex romp

Henderson Field repulses Japanese assault

Too early to decide on carrier transfer

India, China plan joint naval exercises

26 June 2003

US Navy christens new destroyer

Indian navy orders three Vikrant carriers

5-Year deal for subs hits snag

Taiwan's sub purchase plan put on back burner

Russia has exported over 2,000 ships, subs and boats

Navy Presses For Multiyear Sub-buying Schedule

25 June 2003

USS Cavalla Memorial Plans

USS Cincinnati won't dock on Ohio River

Memories flood in as mini-sub plans are announced

British Navy gives Russian Baltic Fleet sloop as 300th anniversary present

Russia to Pay for Delays in Building Indian Frigates

Realignment of Navy ships likely to affect bases in Pacific region

Russian warship casts anchor near London

Guam, Hawaii are rivals for Navy aircraft carrier

24 June 2003

Indian navy to induct second 'stealth' frigate

US Joint Forces Command, Navy start preparations for co-sponsored wargame

NATO rescue sub will be based at Faslane

23 June 2003

Destroyer's female captain avoids feminine touch

NATO hunting 20 'suspect' ships

"U.S. sea blockade can never frighten North Korea"

"US moves for sea blockade against North Korea denounced"

Joint Submarine Rescue System based in the UK

Greeks stop explosives-laden ship

RN minehunters return from record-breaking deployement

Send RN warships to fight pirates, urges union

$ Indian problems with Russian design

US trains Kenyan Navy to enhance counter-terror abilities

22 June 2003

Canadian Sea King crash inquiry finds fault with navy, air force emergency training

Argentinean Warship Joins Enterprise Strike Group in Exercise

House to decide on multiyear sub deal

Navy is moving to flex muscle at fleet speed

HMS Grimsby: ACTION STATIONS! and there's no peace for a brave crew

Lankan Navy followed rules of engagement in sinking LTTE vessel

Norwegian anti-submarine system for South Korean Navy

Shipyard workers in Russian spy plan

21 June 2003

Secret submarine program faces major problems

Navy Accepts Delivery of Ronald Reagan

New Aegis Destroyer Set for Christening

New U.S. Strategy Will Use Navy for In-and-Out, Quick-Strike Warfare

Submarines Australasia placed in liquidation

U.S. may move Pacific navy spy base to Japan

Australia lobbying US for submarine facility

20 June 2003

BAE selects Northrop Grumman to supply navigation system for Sting Ray torpedo

Dhow and out

WWII Submariners Honored at Navy Memorial

NATO exercise 'Co-operative Partner 2003' begins in Black Sea

Navy considering Hawaii for carrier strike force

Singapore files charges in naval/merchant ship collision

American warships dock at Kochi

19 June 2003

Task Force 12 Brings New Technology to Undersea Warfare

Below the Baltic

New Australian patrol fleet on order

Stoush could torpedo sale Australian Submarine Corporation

Gorshkov deal for India likely soon

Missile misses target, officials call it a success

India's new torpedo to undergo sea trials in November

Russia in stormy waters over Indian frigates

Bluefin UUV Tested in Texas Waters

Princess Royal welcomes warship into RN fleet

These visitors have real firepower

US navy missile defence test misses target

China hunts for taiwans unbuilt supersubs

India gets first 'stealth' warship

18 June 2003

Submarine Piano Part of New Museum Exhibit

Aegis ballistic missile defense test scheduled for tonight

Russia's Ivanov proposes naval exercises with U.S.

Royal Navy base stages open weekend

EU won't rule out interdicting NKorean weapons shipments

North Korea threatens retaliation if shipping exports stopped

Russia looking east to counter US

Indian navy takes possession of new Russian-built warship

Sub program's woes surface

India receives 'stealth' warship

Bulgarian minister denies rumours of shipyard's takeover by Nato

Danish submarine going home aboard surface vessel

17 June 2003

Russian Helix lands on US cruiser

Photos of firing exercise during Baltops 2003

After two rejects: India to receive two Russian-made frigates

NZ frigate to return from Gulf

Conflicting reports of Sri Lankan ship incident

ARRAY Inc. delivers sonar equipment to the Swedish Navy

Naval warfare at the speed of light

Iraqi navy trapped by embargo for 17 years

Taiwanese Navy beefs up security after bank robbery

Dragnet to seize NKorean weapons

Sonar Issue Heads for Federal Court Showdown

Russia Builds Frigates for Indian Navy

HMS Sutherland sails for the Gulf

USN assessing potential submarine fuel cell technology

Remote sub can patrol shores

US to conduct sea-base missile test

Is sound of USN sonar deadly in San Juans?

New Ehime Maru arrives in Honolulu today

Gun accident aboatd USS Dallas

16 June 2003

'RoboLobster' was here

US fears terrorist attack in the Straits of Malacca

India's naval chief heads to Moscow to take delivery of warship

Sri Lanka plays down consequences of sea clash between navy, Tamil rebels

11 Nations to block North Korean ships

Russian frigates hit a block

Soviets depth-charged RN submarines during Cold War chases

Italy shoot-to-kill order

The eyes of the world are focused on Swedish submarine technology

Time for vessel number two of the Swedish Visby series

China's Song submarine succeeds slowly

China's CSBC hoping to win parts of submarine deals

Dutch submarine damages rudder

15 June 2003

Taiwan subs deal has become problematic for White House

US ballistic missile fleet rebalanced to reflect new threats

India helps in tracking escaped LTTE boat

HMCS Calgary to leave for Arabian Sea

San Diego To Lose Part Of Sub Command

Russian vessels' call in Malaysia not connected to Iraq conflict

Taiwan sub deal has become problematic for White House

Ulsterman recalls RN underwater epic

Small secret US sub with big public problems

14 June 2003

Norway and Russia fail to sign submarine deal

NLR Turkisch submarine plan delayed but not sunk

Yemen buys patrol boats

Trouble in the path of subs Bush promised Taiwan

Russian destroyers dock at Port Klang for five-day stay

Sri Lankan navy sinks rebel ship

13 June 2003

Lawmaker balks at sub buying plan

Homeland Security Submarine

Royal Navy divers go in search of Bounty treasures

Plan to cut off N.Korea takes shape

US Navy Search and Seizure team boards Russian destroyer

Japanese destroyers coming to Auckland

Welcoming festivities to greet new Japanese Ehime Maru

US sub technology that won the war will improve for future conflicts

Russian battleships arrive in Malaysia on a friendly visit

HMS Tireless awaits repair

Indian Navy refuses to take delivery of stealth warships from Russia

New German AIP technology heads to sea

NZ Navy fobbed off again with second best

China replaces top navy commanders after submarine accident

US submarine cost-cutting plan hits snag

12 June 2003

Russian-built "stealth frigates" to be commissioned this month

North Korea warns South over sea border

China names new navy commander

Shipyard’s record US submarine refueling may be BRAC antidote

Goodrich awarded contracts for US sonar domes and acoustic windows

US Sub Admirals: Changes must happen faster

11 June 2003

Marine gives birth while deployed on Navy ship in Persian Gulf

Threat to North Korea's secret navy

Students who helped keep Nautilus in CT finally get recognition, 20 years later

AL RIYADH class multipurpose aaw frigate, Saudi Arabia

Second Italian Bigliani class patrol boat launched

Russia moves forward with new SSBN

Belgian Naval Days

Australian Govt may be drawn Into IP battle over submarines

Australian Navy may block suspect North Korean vessels

Peruvian submarine crew owed Survival to Croatian's intercession

Tour submarine arrives in Phuket

Submarine used in search for NY water leaks

AL RIYADH class multipurpose aaw frigate, Saudi Arabia

A USN skipper fails forward

10 June 2003

USS Columbia Returns from Operation Iraqi Freedom

US Navy ups anti-terror patrols off Horn of Africa

Australia's Navy flagged to help police NKorea

Fishing boat catches sub

BALTOPS 2003 Kicks Off In The Baltic

09 June 2003

San Diego to lose part of sub command

Submarine to leave Halifax for B.C.

K-19: Truth and Lies

USS Ronald Reagan commissioning

Small Submarines Increasingly Appeal to Terrorists, Criminals

China's plans to sink Aegis ships

NKorean cargo ship equipped with military sonar

Pentagon eyes Indian bases

Baltic naval exercise starts

Delay in Gorshkov deal will hamper India's navy

Rowers embarrassed by Navy rescue

08 June 2003

BAE's aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy

Navy could move carrier to bolster Pacific Fleet

Commemorating the Loss of the "Dakar" Submarine

Secrets of a German U-boat

Japan-funded dismantling of Russian nuclear sub begins

07 June 2003

Anthropologist tells of Hunley bones

Submarine Crew Owed Survival to Croatian's Intercession

A model shipbuilding operation

06 June 2003

Navy plans to expand its Special Forces

Chinese presence in Indian Ocean rings alarm bells

New destroyer's female captain avoids feminine touch

UK minehunters exercise with Saudis

US, Allies agree to interdict N. Korean ships

Taiwan to build sub-launched missile

US Navy's Starfish program

Nun credited with sub miracle

05 June 2003

Storm over wind farm plan at site of Nelson's last battle

Navy Takes New Approach to Ship Rotation

'Build-it-yourself' cruise missiles

France wants to sell 10 more Scorpene subs to India

Russian warships heading for Baltic exercises

Sub vet recalls Battle of Midway

Turkish Navy set for manoeuvres in Aegean, Mediterranean

EB-Navy pact yielding better sub maintenance

04 June 2003

UK rowers rescued by Australian navy

Bush visits USS Truman

Five years late, $1 Billion out of depth

Indian sailors have high opinion of Russian equipment

03 June 2003


N. Korea says South intent on sparking sea clash

Miss Russian Pacific Fleet

Australia's Navy "in hot water"

Naval drama breaks new ground

Sub Commander's Reign Spanned Many Changes

Ronald Reagan to call San Diego home

S. Korea fires at boat from North

N. Korea warns South on naval skirmish

02 June 2003

Canada needs aircraft carriers

N. Korean sea incidents appear planned

Spy Boat Reminds Japan of N. Korea Threat

01 June 2003

USS Memphis Skipper To Receive Dolphin Award


South Korean navy fires warning shots

Navy's mini-sub completes sea tests