World Naval News Archives

30 May 2003

Pakistan Buys Chinese Guided Missile Frigates

Talwar-class ships to boost India's naval power

German Navy invades Ireland

Submariners on "Eternal Patrol" remembered

Guam welcomes San Francisco

Submarine plan torpedoed

29 May 2003

N. Korea warns South over warships

Electric Boat wins $24M Navy contract to upgrade Trident subs

New Tomahawk missile completes testing

Homecoming bittersweet for crew of ship missing two sailors

USS Theodore Roosevelt returns to Hampton

Russian squadron to take part in 2nd phase of Russian-Indian naval exercise soon

China's New Missile Destroyer: the 'Magic Shield of China'

Chinese vessels spotted close to naval exercises

28 May 2003

Russia to have its Ocean Storm

Arabian Sea becomes dangerous arena for Asia’s conflicts

MP to quiz MOD over N-sub crash

27 May 2003

Lockheed Martin Introduces Littoral Combat Ship Web Site,

Navy Awards General Dynamics $24 Million for SSGN Conversion Work

USS COLUMBUS Launches Tomahawks in West Coast Tests

Moscow Times: Neutralize Nuke Subs

Carrier Reagan readying for its acceptance trials

WW II Submarine Vets Pass The Torch On Guarding Nautilus

Group restoring military boats to glory

Memorial Day ceremony conducted from deck of USS Cavalla

26 May 2003

US Submarine Veterans Gather in Muskegon

Mystery surrounds missing USN sailor

HMCS Regina crew happy to be going home

Crude Oil Theft: Nigerian Navy display impounded ships

N.Korean boats cross South's maritime border

Inquiry over damaged sub

Russia tests Yury Dolgoruky submarine

Nato tracks 20 ‘suspect’ ships

HMS Tireless inquiry set up

RN nuclear submarine's underwater collision adds to chapter of accidents

Dismantling Russia's submarines

US Navy searching for second missing sailor

25 May 2003

Russia naval show to display new submarine

Indo-Russian Navy exercise to offset US dominance

RN crash sub heads for repairs

US submarine SPECIAL

Indian Navy protecting oil tankers in Gulf

Flotilla takes anti-nuclear protest to US sub

Event changed parallel paths of World War II US veterans

24 May 2003

Belgrano crew "trigger-happy"

Submarine is not a friendly place, feels Fernandes

Submarine School To Be Featured On ‘Inside Edition'

RN submarine hits iceberg

Info File: Scorpene conventional submarine, Chile

Israel Katz, naval engineer developed submarines; at 85

Indo/Russian warships get some exercise

US Veterans salute lost submarine

23 May 2003

Submariners remain below the sea

The largest international mine clearing operation in the Baltic Sea

Indo-Russian naval exercise begins

Enigma hero relives exploits

Nautilus marks 20 years as official state ship

Fleet sharpens skills with SLAM-ER

US BAMS,Eagle Eyes, and Dragon Eyes

International cooperation on naval clean-up

Israel 'seizes Hezbollah boat'

22 May 2003

A hunt for subs off India's coast

India keeping an eye on Chinese naval activity

Pravda: Russia's military will show the world

Foggy Start For Fleet Week

Royal Navy gets the Gerry Anderson look

Queen to present new colour to Royal Navy

India and Russia war games

Definitive Answer Elusive 35 Years After Scorpion Lost

Hunley Crew to “Rest in Peace, at Last”

21 May 2003

The Russian ballistic missile submarine force in 2015: A future outlook

Crew refused surrender to sea

US Department of the Navy Launches New Website

Clean-up on Russian nuclear subs

Russian Pacific Fleet marks 272nd anniversary

India, Russia naval exercises this week

Funeral Held for Submarine Accident Victims


INS Navy concerned about Chinese interaction in Indian ocean

20 May 2003

USS Scorpion: Unsolved mystery

Submariners to gather at restored Cavalla

Task force calls for sanctions, naval blockaid of N.Korea

'20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' is still a whale of a tale

Fernandes to spend a night in an INS submarine

Indian, Russian naval wargames begin today

Oil spill embarrasses Royal Navy frigate

Russia & India set for wargames first

Indo-Russian naval exercises to send tactical messages

Navy Uses Tragic Tales to Push Safety

19 May 2003

First aquarium submarine launched in Persian Gulf waters

Peace plea for U-boat grave

Royal Navy flagship returns to Portsmouth

Japan to begin dismantling Russian subs

U.S. Must Be Ready to Blockade N.Korea

War delayed India-Russia naval exercises, says Ivanov

Russian nuclear exercises to begin soon

Multi-year Sub Contract Will Save Money, Boost Jobs

RNN "Zeven Provinciën"-class (LCF) Air Defence and Command Frigate

The UAE Baynunah Class light multi-purpose frigate

Sub Action Causes Potential Lawsuit Against Navy

18 May 2003

Weekly Piracy Report

Canada recalls one of three warships in Gulf

Russian-Indian naval exercises to begin soon

Submarine tours in pipeline

Australian Navy launches quest for wreck

17 May 2003

How Al Qaeda might strike the US by sea

British Aircraft Carrier Returns Home

Russia and India to Hold Joint Naval Exercises in Indian Ocean

Nuke sub to join Indo-US seagames

Scientists discover whale sharks act 'like submarines'

Admiral Urges Submarine Vets To Visit Memorial

3,000 hours to create WWII-style sub

US And France In A Race To Supply Submarines To India

Dead porpoises found near sonar test site

Golden Oldie: Submarine found in Colombian Andes mountains

Bug didn't scare off British navy

The gloom lifts as RN Ark Royal comes home

16 May 2003

10,000 expected for Hunley funeral procession

Navy re-thinking deployment strategy

A cross between The Twilight Zone and Das Boot

Russian exercise to practice nuclear attacks on U.S, Britain

New Officer At Helm Of Nautilus Museum

Australia's newest frigate launched

Monument will be dedicated to deeds of U.S. submariners

Hellcats of the Navy

Multi-sub purchase plan progresses

15 May 2003

'Sea Change' for US Navy

Two USS Cole bombers charged.

Typhoon Subs to Ship Oil and Gas

'Oil subs' plan alarms Norway

Norway to fund decommisioning of two Russian nuclear subs

New Device for Underwater Communication Developed in Russia

Will Demise of Chinese Submarine Give Hope to Russian Shipbuilders?

US and Russia exchanged submarine inspections

Eastern Sea Exercise "Blue Game" well underway

US Navy confirms using sonar in Haro Strait

14 May 2003

Ronald Reagan Sailors Certified for Underway Operations

Hunley Crew Burial Delayed Until 2004

Soviet Nuclear Subs Might Be Refitted as Tankers

The World's Most Extreme Submarine

13 May 2003

Bear Attacks Sub

‘Tailhook scandal’ finds congressmen in same boat

India to hold naval exercises with Russia May 22-23

INS Vikrant may end up in a scrapyard

India to begin building aircraft carrier

Remembering the special crew on 'eternal patrol'

Russia seeks bilateral agreements on submarine rescues

12 May 2003

Navy starts work on new class of carriers

Saddam's Navy in La Spezia - 'We stopped getting orders from Iraq a long time ago.'

Royal Navy raid torpedoes Atlantic drugs gang

11 May 2003

Navy seeks environmental exemption to operate sonar

WWII gunner awarded medals 59 years after last battle

US sailors drink pubs dry

10 May 2003

The Cause of Chinese Sub Crew Deaths

Future of Indian Navy bright

Navy may look back to the future with seaplanes, blimps

The Value of Submarines

Destroyer Briscoe's final deployment a vivid one

Tactical Tomahawk Presses on with 1st Live Warhead Test

09 May 2003

Fourth Canadian sub to be nearly 3 years late

Russian, Indian Navies to Conduct Joint Exercise

Whales to Navy - Turn it down!

Subs hold their own in Congressional Defense Reviews

Tech firm developing micro sub detectors

USN Carrier Ronald Reagan Completes Builder's Trials

08 May 2003

Indo-Russian naval exercises a message to the U.S.

The Ming: China's 'obsolete sub'

Navy sonar incident alarms experts

Australia's troubled submarine plant for sale

House panel considers multiyear sub deal

Piracy attacks in regional waters up sharply

07 May 2003

Royal Navy excelled at ‘kicking Saddam’s door down’

Lincoln Carrier Group Returns Home

Ehime Maru Sails Again

Delta-I class nuclear submarine decommissioned in Severodvinsk

Electric Boat needs hundreds for submarine work

Chinese navy did not know submarine was missing

06 May 2003

Russian ships cross Suez Canal for exercises with India

Navy's newest carrier begins trials

Kitty Hawk returns home

In the Gulf, the mission continues

Human error being examined in China submarine disaster

China Airs Details of Submarine Disaster


05 May 2003

Carrier Enterprise to go on sea trials

China sub victims 'suffocated'

Heads may roll in China sub probe

04 May 2003

Engine Trouble Suspected in China Submarine Disaster

The battle that made the Royal Canadian Navy

Turning green with famous Blue Angels

Merrimack ruins in historians' sights

Russian ships set for exercises with India

China sub deaths 'must rouse Navy'

03 May 2003

N.Korea Patrol Boat Crosses Maritime Border - South

Reason for China Submarine Disaster a Mystery

China sub deaths baffle experts

Nautilus Reopens May 15, Museum Opens May 10

02 May 2003

China Submarine Accident Kills 70 - Xinhua

China says sub disaster killed 70

UK submarine back from record-breaking deployment

Sailors Take Citizenship Oath

Bush Experiences Aircraft Carrier Landing

USS Abraham Lincoln Returns to Port After Nine Months at Sea

All 70 sailors aboard China sub die in mystery accident

01 May 2003

President Bush to address nation from aircraft carrier

USS Cole bombing suspect caught

Bush continues seagoing tradition

Navy Roars: Sea Lions, Dolphins Did Great Job In Gulf