World Naval News Archives

31 March 2003

Piloting in Hell

Carrier strikes mark heaviest day of bombing against Iraq

Sailors below deck play role in war, too

Navy to move missile launchers to Gulf

Naval terror threat grows

Sub Tender Provides More Than Supplies

5 WWII German mini-subs found

Flying beneath the sea

30 March 2003

Navy Cartoons Target Chicken, Not War

F-14 Tomcat’s Glory Days Numbered

Nuke subs return to action in desert warfare

The Providence Reloads Supplies, Weapons

Aussie mine divers want to stay

Australian Hornets hit elite forces

Navy Risks New Strategy for Prowlers

On The Scene: Through 'The Ditch'

29 March 2003

Mine-Hunting Dolphin AWOL In Iraq?

U.S. suspends Tomahawk firings

Brotherhood of the 'phin

On A Sub, ‘Field Day' Has A Special Meaning

Submariners Eat Well


Last Collins-class submarine commissioned

Sailor sinks hole-in-one with photo

28 March 2003

Defense department funds Hunley project

Iraq's suicide speedboats

Navy Jets Lurk in Iraqi Skies

U.S. Navy brings massive punch to Saddam's doorstep

Japan to refuel warships in Arabian Sea

Norwegian sub gathers intell in Med

Pride of the Royal Navy

Latvia's WW2 Navy becomes news

27 March 2003

Coalition forces clear mines from waterway

UK Frigate prevents Iraqi break-out

Shock and Awesome; Truman Planes Rule the Night

Submarine Crew on Point for the Nation

Sub Skipper Makes History

Submariners' Traditions

For Crew Of Sub, Medals Arrived

Sub's ‘Nukes' Get No Publicity, But Plenty Of Work

Drills Keep Sub's Crew Ready For The Worst

USS Florida sailors build homes with Habitat for Humanity

Navy chopper ditches into sea

Navy League announces Sailors of the Year

Navy sub adopts Nevada Wolf Pack as mascot

26 March 2003

'Flipper' Fights Saddam


US enlists sea mammals to detect Iraq mines

Iraq stance will burn Canada

25 March 2003

Denmark says it is at war with Iraq

Polish Navy in the Gulf

Denmark offers Navy corvette, sub, & troops.


Navy alert to suicide attacks after speedboat bomb intercepted

24 March 2003

Cavalla project gets $250K grant

It's ‘Wake Up Time for Freedom'

A big 48 hours for the Australian navy

Navy divers begin mine-clearing

Harriers zero in on Iraqi navy

HMS Chatham outflanks Iraqis

Truman launches largest strike yet

Submarine-Launched Tomahawk ‘Looks Different In Daylight'

22 March 2003

Constellation's fliers take it 'downtown'

Bunkers feel the power of the navy's big guns

Navy SEALs Capture Key Iraqi Offshore Oil Terminals

U.S. Navy Pilots Hunt Moving Targets in Iraq

Tactical Tomahawk Penetrates Test Range Target

Coalition Forces Continue Tomahawk Launches

Pentagon: 500 Cruise Missiles Hit Iraq

Tomahawk Cruise Missile Crashes Into Sea

NATO escorts ships through Strait of Gibraltar

North Korea denounces U.S. naval exercise

‘Way To Go, Men': USS Providence Joins The Fray

Some fly from carrier; others impatiently wait

The carrier Truman roars to war

21 March 2003

Navy launches 320 Tomahawk cruise missiles

Navy ships seize boats carrying mines in Iraqi port

USS Providence Launches Tomahawk Missiles

Australia's navy searching for fleeing Iraqi officials

Denmark Debates Navy Escorts to Iraq

The sailor who pressed the button to start the war

Navy More Than AAA Trip Tics

Worry Stalks Submariners' Families

British subs fired Cruise missiles on Baghdad


Denmark Debates Navy Escorts to Iraq

20 March 2003

British navy joins missile bombardment

American Navy Launches Cruise Missile Strikes

Video: Missiles launch from destroyer Donald Cook

Missile Launch Provokes Shock and Awe on Warships

Saddam's navy: Rusting on the Italian Riviera


Submariners Practice For ‘game Day'

Next carrier to focus on cutting costs

19 March 2003

Admiral vows fastest, most powerful campaign in history

Tomahawk to be spearhead

Sinking of Belgrano remains controversial

Submariner's rotten sneaker deemed weapon of mass destruction

Reports from the USS PROVIDENCE

Breathing The Right Air Is Critical Aboard Submarine

Submarine Crew On Station For War

First shots fired at sea

U.S. Navy Wary That Saddam Might Strike First

Gulf stand-off for ship

Navy cruiser is loaded for war

On The Scene: Sailors At The Ready

Aboard Subs, All Jobs Take On Added Importance

Through 'The Ditch' And Closer To War

Russian Warships Ready to Set Sail within 10 Days

F-14 Tomcat may see final mission in Iraq

18 March 2003

Tomahawk missiles ready for first wave of attack

U.S. Navy Warns Iraq May Lay Mines in Gulf Waters

U.S. Gulf Carriers Hold Pre-War Drills

Navy maintains solid presence in South Korea

High seas, lack of data stymied Belgrano search

Navy Doesn’t Secure Russia’s Interests at Sea

Blur song explores 'Navy needs'

16 March 2003

Navy's newest strike fighters deliver a lethal sting

USS Houston to make Guam its homeport

A Unique Perspective On A Potential War Zone

Providence A Mixture Of Modern, Mature

‘The Shack' Brings The World To Boat

15 March 2003

Reactors keep Abe steaming along Persian Gulf

Sometimes, Butterfingers Can Be The Best Medicine

Aboard Sub, Practice Makes Perfect

Warships pass through Suez

Powerful Carrier Groups Prepare for Iraq

Boosting a homesick crew’s morale

14 March 2003

'We are ready to do our duty'

USS Providence: Men On A Mission

Three hours over Iraq, then home for a cheeseburger

U.S. Carrier Arrives Off S. Korea's Coast

U.S. warships transit Suez Canal en route to Gulf

The destroyer Radford to see a new life

Search for Sunken Falklands Warship Belgrano Fails

Run Silent, Run Cheap

13 March 2003

Tribute to Capt. Edward L. Beach Planned

Iraq equips 'naval martyrs'

USS Milius prospers under optimal-manning program

U.S. sending missile-firing ships to Red Sea

Tomahawk's journey begins in ball of flame from US warship

Pentagon: Sub builders over charge

Destroyer Plays The Waiting Game

Japan Deploys Ship Amid Missile Reports

Iraqi showdown seen aiding aircraft-carrier future

North Korea reacts angrily to US aircraft carrier deployment

Navy outlines plans for ‘lightning quick’ strike against Iraq

Sailors in Gulf Prepare Cruise Missiles

Navy vessels in Persian Gulf are veterans of anti-smuggling campaigns

Japan to refuel ships in Arabian Sea

Singapore navy ship fires torpedo in anti-submarine exercise

Germany smashes US Fancy of Submarine Sale to Taiwan

Demise of U-166

11 March 2003

'America's Big Stick' ready to strike

U.S. Military Tight on Space in Gulf

Let slip the sea lions of war

Carrier's detour wins tax break

Corner Brook arrives, but problems with submarine program continue

Canada takes possession of third British sub after series of problems

Indian navy to get first stealth frigate

Engineering students make sub simulator

10 March 2003

Anxious sailors await word on war

U.S. Navy confident of power against Iraq

Shirts tell tales of life on an aircraft carrier

Kitty Hawk shows its bombmakers

Al-Qaeda 'biggest threat' to navy

Indian Navy to escort ships in case of war

India, Iran in navy games

Two killed in torpedo explosion

09 March 2003

Doctors of U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Ready

The Story Of One Sailor's Suffering In The Service Of His Country

08 March 2003

Nuclear submarine on fire

Kitty Hawk Crew Holds 'Steel Beach Party'

North Korea set to test anti-ship missile

07 March 2003

New mine disposal system for Royal Navy

Scientists Open Watch from Civil War Sub

Mine Watch: The First Line of Defense

Sindbad Lives Again, Smuggling Iraqi Oil

06 March 2003

NATO escorts ships past Gibraltar

‘Harrier Carrier’ On Station, Ready for Action

05 March 2003

Namesake Sub Crew Surfaces in SLC

Defuelled Kursk will join submarine graveyard

Submariners Find a Way to Pay

Iwo Jima group ''rolls'' toward possible war

Admiral: Iraq to Face More Smart Bombs

Fire Damages Russian Nuclear Submarine

04 March 2003

USS Hyman G. Rickover returns early to the Fleet

Video Games No Match for Fighter Pilot's Reality

Confederate Sub Captain's Gold Pocket Watch to be Examined

03 March 2003

Nimitz ships out for gulf duty

National Geographic launches search for Argentine ship sunk in 1982 Falklands War

Al Qaeda Planned to Target Pearl Harbor Submarines

02 March 2003

Smokeboats Or Glowboats? Submariners Plan To Open Debate

01 March 2003

USS Nimitz commits unprecedented firepower to Middle East

One Man's Bid To Save Old Subs Fuels Online Memorabilia Auction

Hunt for Falklands Wreck Opens Old Wounds