World Naval News Archives

28 February 2003

Remembering the Greeneville

USS Nimitz Carrier Battle Group to Deploy

Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group to Begin Deployment

Navy Chief Backs Multi-Year Sub Buy

27 February 2003

Canadian Gulf-Bound Warship Heads Home After Crash

EB Working With Great Britain On New Nuclear Sub

26 February 2003

More changes OKd for Seawolf

Navy awards contract for X-craft

British men honoured for Kursk work

Attack subs may be in too deep

Australian government says sub fleet is seaworthy

25 February 2003

Are leaky Collins class subs all washed up?

Israeli Navy eyes two new Dolphin submarines


Former defense chief says Australian subs unseaworthy

24 February 2003

Civil War Sub Wallet Provides No Clues to Crewman’s Identity

Navy's airpower has evolved since last Gulf War

23 February 2003

We're raring to do some damage, says US carrier crew

U.S. Navy Concludes ‘Crew Swap’ in Australia

On Edge in the Suez: Along shortcut, Navy ships keep guard

Choke points are concern for Persian Gulf-bound ships

Submariners Brief Students On War Preparations

Iraqi Oil Smugglers Turn to Wooden Boats

22 February 2003

Three Saudis jailed for 'al-Qaeda' plot to attack Navy ships

Iraq war could spur al Qaeda sea attacks in Gulf

Seawolf-class subs get combat system upgrade

Sailing-Round the World In... No, Forget It

Navy Secretary: Iraq Attacks Would Be Precise

Defense minister: Russian navy's deployment to Indian Ocean unrelated to Iraq

Taiwan president alarmed by China's rapid naval build-up

21 February 2003

Sub sailors deliver thanks for e-mails

Canada takes delivery of Brit sub

20 February 2003

Royal Navy to get new, world-class torpedo

DESRON 7 shuts down one-third of Iraqi oil smuggling

Delay blow to submarine order

Submarine chef plans to cook up a storm in Persian Gulf

US Navy boards ships in hunt for Iraqi arms

Electric Boat gets $16.3M submarine upgrade contract

19 February 2003

Iraqi 'terror ships' at sea

Submarine stems sunken tanker's oil leaks

18 February 2003

Israeli Navy eyes two new Dolphin submarines

Trident commander ready for new challenge

Sea lions deployed as Gulf guardians

Coast Guard ship hunts smugglers in Gulf

Russians finish unloading Kursk

17 February 2003

French aircraft carrier heads home

China expands naval power

Navy prepares to navigate with wireless LANs

USS Stark remembered

Scientists excavating wallet found on Hunley

Emerging from the shadows

7,000 Marines start heading ashore

Subs in port as burst reviewed

Australian submarines placed on restricted duty

16 February 2003

Fearless at sea, fearful in port

Submarines restricted after tonnes of water pour in

15 February 2003

NATO to hold anti-submarine exercise in Med

Aboard Fortress America

Call to Action - A sub CO's account of the first hours of war on terror

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles - Beneath the wave of the future

Seawolf at sea

Focusing on ASW in RIMPAC 2000

USS Texas construction

Lincoln's sailors getting homesick

India test fires another cruise missile

14 February 2003

German crew scuttled Bismarck

Sea Lions Join War Effort

Canada to take delivery of third British sub

Memorial honors Cold War submariners

Destroyer turbine demo ready to roll

13 February 2003

US carrier group commander dismissed over affair

Navy asked to name sub after New Mexico

Navy hires civilian ship to carry cargo

Carriers Give U.S. Options for Attack

India Tests Cruise Missile

19th century submarines 'remodeled'

12 February 2003

'Nose artist' paintings grace US Navy fighter jets

Navy seals guard US ships in Gulf

U.S. Carrier 'Abe' Rejoins Iraq Patrols

Unit intends to make sure 'Cole never happens again'

11 February 2003

The Truman in the Eastern Med

NATO, Russia sign submarine rescue agreement

Submarine Crash Report Stays Secret

Canadian to command allied warships in the Gulf

Ex-Submarine Commander Charts New Course

US Navy moving ahead with littoral combat ship

War On Terror Changes Mission of Navy Submarines

Ehime Maru Dead Remembered

10 February 2003

Norfolk sub, Beach SEALs part of anti-terrorism experiment

Hairy Buffalo Provides Network for Sea Strike

NATO, Russia sign submarine rescue agreement