The Lake Jackson Geographic Society

       This page is created in honor of my daughters, who work so studiously in the fields of history, geography, literature, music, and sports; and who achieve excellence in their schoolwork.




 Nickname: "Slim"
Favorite color: Light blue
Favorite food: Shrimp
Favorite animal: Tiger
Favorite movie: The Core
Enjoys swimming, volleyball, history, festivals, writing, drawing
Wants to be an artist when she grows up
Favorite saying: "Where's my scythe?"



 Nickname: "Sparky"
Favorite color: purple
Favorite food: Chocolate
Favorite animal: Grey Wolf
Favorite movie: Spider-man
Enjoys tennis, soccer, reading novels & history, camping, drawing
Wants to be a architect when she grows up
Favorite saying: "What the...!"



 Nickname: "Skippy"
Favorite color: black & red
Favorite food: Sour cream on chips
Favorite animal: Snow fox
Favorite movie: Shrek
Enjoys drawing, swimming, playing PS2
Wants to be a artist when she grows up
Favorite saying: "Snap!"

Nov. 2005

Feb 2007

Graduation May 2007

Natasha, Jackie (friend), Kayla (friend), Vickie, Valerie
March 21, 2003



  The Lake Jackson Geographic Society

The 125 country test was held Oct. 24, 1997 at the Brazosport Facts newspaper offices, with journalist Rhonda Moran administering the exam. The results:

Both girls PASSED!

Vickie went first and demonstrated a superb grasp of geography. Then Valerie was up, and she quickly located every country and sea without missing one. The prizes were Silver Centurion certificates, First Place ribbons, and a Sheila Rae the Brave computer game.

After Christmas, study towards 150 countries begins. Now they'll take a break from geography and begin typing lessons.

Send them some congrats! -- Dad

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Vic and Val's mail
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Here's our list of 125+ countries, states, seas, and regions:

United States * North Pole Atlantic Ocean Portugal Australia Turkey
Mexico * South Pole Pacific Ocean Brazil New Guinea Egypt *
Canada Spain Indian Ocean Peru Vietnam Israel *
Texas * South Africa Arctic Ocean Denmark Thailand Madagascar
Alaska Sweden * Greenland Venezuela India * Congo (Zaire)
New Mexico Norway * North America Argentina Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Libya
Arizona Finland South America Chile Japan * South Korea
California Italy * Africa Columbia China * North Korea
Florida Netherlands (Holland) Asia Panama Russia * Mongolia
Maine France * Europe Bolivia Ukraine Ivory Coast
New York England * Equator Cuba Ghana Congo
Belgium Germany * Iceland South Nigeria Liberia
Romania Morocco Switzerland East Mali Jordan
Poland Indonesia Red Sea West Iraq Saudi Arabia
Ireland Ethiopia Black Sea North Iran Syria
Hawaii Hungary Arabian Sea Mediterranean Sea Angola New Zealand
Afghanistan Austria Sea of Japan Algeria Caspian Sea Kenya
Wyoming Philippines * Kazakhastan Victoria Island Gulf of Mexico Antarctica
Nicaragua Honduras El Salvador Belize Guatemala Jamaica
Himalayas Alps Rockies Andes Urals
Mississippi River Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana Virginia

The * (asterisk) indicates we know the capital city of this country.