DW Mods: Cold War Orions Repaints

Repaints of the default Dangerous Waters Orion to the Cold War P-3Cs of VP-40, U.S. Navy, 10 and 11 Squadrons, RAAF, and the 6th FAS (Fleet Air Squadron) of the JMSDF.

I’ve used the base textures that I ‘patched over’ from the MSFS2020 repaint done by the very talented Scott Roy – with his very kind permission. The new liveries have been sampled from the great Orion liveries for ‘https://combatace.com/’ by Kevin ‘Wrench’ Stein, in colaboration with Florian Schnieder (aircraft and original skins/template) and Viper63a (upgraded template). Kevin was very kind in giving me permission to use his textures.

Because this is the ‘default’ Orion repainted, it should work with all Mods, and also the ‘Vanilla’ version.

Get ready for a whole new level of realism!