A walkthrough of an SSBN

Sleek, black and rarely seen; the submarine is without doubt the most powerful weapons carrier man has ever devised, nothing comes close to it for fire power not even the mighty American aircraft carriers.
For over half a century these dark menacing machines have been prowling the depths of every ocean on earth awaiting the order that we all hope never comes.

Today they still prowl our depth but, in less numbers,, only six countries have nuclear powered submarines armed with submarine launched ballistic missiles, they are the United States, Russia, France, China, United Kingdom and the newest member India.

Each has a varying level of capability and arsenal’s and joint top of that list numerically is the United States and Russia.

Located just 40km from the D day beach Utah, is the city of Cherbourg. This city has lots of maritime and military history. In 1912 Titanic called here, on June 6th 1944, the American 4th infantry division landed on the Cherbourg peninsular and today Cherbourg houses the Le Redoutable; the first of her class and the first French built nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine and, the first ballistic missile submarine on public display.

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