Dave "LeoVampire" Bunnell

He was our friend, our comrade, and our inspiration.
We look back with quiet satisfaction on the moments we shared,
the laughs we had, and the things we achieved.
We Subsim skippers ask God to grant Dave fair winds and following seas on his final journey.
Salute, shipmate.

You can make a donation in honor of Subsim member Dave "LeoVampire" Bunnell

Donation to American Heart Foundation.

Donations will be used to make a memorial plaque with a world clock honoring Dave.
The plaque will be presented to his partner Francisco in Waterbury, CT.
All donations in excess of the cost of the plaque will be bequeathed to the American Heart Foundation.





List of donors

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Total: $457

skwas $15 Front Runner $20 ATR-42 $25
Mika Huotari $7 Nicholas Mazzei $10 Stephen Kalb $10
Gerald "silent killer" Coutlee $20 Digital_Trucker $10 Panthercules $20
Baxter $25 reallydedpoet $20 Torplexed $50
Sonya Davis $5 JREX53 $10 Cappy70 $10
David Parton $25 jimimadrid $10 elanaiba $30
Dominik "hyperion2206" Schulte $15 Herb"399nkov"Janak $25 TDK1044 $20
Taurolas $40 William Hall $5 Gerald Rockey $20

January 12, 2008

American Heart Foundation donors

Total: $510

GWX Team

Mr. Dan Steinbakk



Bill "billko" Ko




Richard Perkins


Merrick "tater" Burkhardt


Neal Stevens