You've discovered the Subsim 2008 April Fool's Easter Egg!

To claim your ping prize, you must do the following, in this order:

Send an e-mail to Subsim, claiming you have found the Easter Egg...   Make sure you include your name and address, my carrier pigeon is in the shop. The first person to claim the prize and follow both steps will win a
Subsim Ping Prize-- a 2008 SUBSIM calendar!
This prize has been awarded.


Want to discuss this April Fool joke? Make a post in the SUBSIM General Topics forum, US Mans Two Subs with Women topic 


 Bonus Prizes! The first three people to post a link to the US Navy Mans Two Nuclear Subs with Women story on 5 other forums, blogs, and new sites wins a Subsim Mug. Make sure you post it like a serious topic--fooling people is what April Fool's day is all about!

Hey Subsim, here is where I have posted links to
"US Mans Two Subs with Women" topic
(include links to your posts)



Offer ends Apr 12, 2008.. Only one prize is being given out per winner.
Rules and judgments are up to the admin.





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