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June 2001 - Silent Hunter II & Destroyer Command Screenshots

May 2001 - Silent Hunter II & Destroyer 20 Q & A

April 2001 - Silent Hunter II & Destroyer Command Screenshots

March  2001 - CONVOY REPORT: A Day in the Life of a Destroyer Captain,
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February 2001 - Destroyer Command - Silent Hunter II Interoperability Report



Destroyer Command       It's been a long time since we've seen a decent sim based on the destroyer. Task Force 1942 was the last one that springs to mind. If you feel the same way, get ready for Destroyer Command. The latest title from the shop that built Panzer Command sim will put you in the captain's chair of a US Navy destroyer or destroyer-escort. Start off in command of a single hull and if you're successful you will receive promotions and work your way up to a squadron or division of tin cans. The sim will let you play in the Atlantic or Pacific. A career mode should enable you to play through the entire war. Mission objectives include hunting U-boats, escorting convoys, support marine landings, shore bombardments, and naval engagements with other destroyers. 


  wpe11.jpg (45172 bytes)     For Fighting Steel players, you will be happy to learn that aircraft will be featured in abundance in Destroyer Command. Fighter planes, torpedo bombers, and the deadly kamikaze will prove tough foes for your DC crew. A lot of flexibility is planned into the role you play in Destroyer Command. You may choose to delegate orders from above or jump into the gunner's seat and pour 40mm lead into the strafing planes. Other weapons at your disposal should include the 5-inch, 38 cal. guns, 40mm & 20mm AA, MK 14 torpedoes, and every U-boat commander's nightmare, the depth charge.


       Other features include a scenario editor so you can script your own missions and a 3D camera view to watch your vessel from an outside angle. The biggest and potentially most attractive feature is the special multiplay link with Silent Hunter II. This type of interoperability between two sims has been touted for a long time but has yet to appear in a naval sim. Jane's 688(I) was originally said Mk 38 5-inch gun turrent to have a companion sim in the wings, an Aegis sim. Then it was Fleet Command. Electronic Arts hinted 688(I) would get an Under the Ice expansion pack that would allow 688(I) to connect to Fleet Command but we were never convinced they were serious--Fleet Command was a third person strategy-sim while 688(I) was first person study sim all the way. I never saw the similarities. Recently, M1 Tank Platoon 3 was scheduled for release after Gunship! and they would connect for an e-battlefield between tanks and helos. Didn't pan out. For current details, read the Silent Hunter II - Destroyer Command Interop Report.


Sonar panel       Should Mattel Interactive/Mindscape/SSI and Ultimation make it to the finish line with a relatively bug-free (note to dev team:  QA with a users group) destroyer sim that has the graphics represented in the screenshots, the variety of missions and platforms, a random battle generator and fully dynamic campaign mode, and multiplay with Silent Hunter II, there should be cause for much celebrating in the land of naval sims.  

Anticipated release date: November  2001.
Release dates subject to change at any time

COMPANY: Ultimation/SSI
Requirements: 266 MHz/64MB RAM/8 MB 3D card

Destroyer Command Screenshots

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