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Book Details Tragic Loss Of Russia's Kursk Submarine

SSGN Provides Powerful Tool for Navy SEALs

Periscope Reunited with WWII German U-boat

Midshipmen, Staff Re-Create Turtle Submersible

Roosevelt battle group heads out for Middle East

PGA Golfers Swing by Submarines

U.S. Warships Cross Suez Canal for Gulf

USS Key West Deploys

Navy has new mission for old class of subs

Subs in high demand, force commander says

JDS Kirishima Deploys To the War on Terrorism

Ark Royal heads for Gulf

High School Students To Recreate First U.S. Sub

Russian navy to scrap one-fifth of its ships due to shortage of funds

Russia seeks more money from U.S. to fund scrapping of  nuclear subs

Roosevelt group to prepare to deploy

South Carolina memorial comm-emorates Cold War submariners

Ukrainian navy hopes to put sole submarine to use

Next-generation aircraft carrier on course for construction in 2007



Typhoons being repaired to operate until 2010

Interview with Captain Edward L. Beach

SSGN sub programs win funds

Submarine Sailors Get Games From Game Industry

Old Becomes New as Navy Names Newest Destroyer

UK Navy taskforce to set sail

Groton shipyard may once again be building diesel-electric vessels

Albanian government to turn old subs into floating museums

EB sends Navy its biggest proposal ever

US warship named after Bush Sr

Ex-U.S. Sub Chief Apologizes for Accident




U.S. destroyer docks in China

Submarine trips ahoy

Japan Sends Ships to Aid Terror War

Sea-based Ballistic Missile Defense Test Successful

Spain Sends Submarine to Site of Sunken Tanker

U.S. to deploy Aegis destroyer to guard Israel from Iraqi Scuds

Navy to limit sonar thought to hurt whales

Jets in alert at submarine base

EB marks a milestone in Virginia class sub building



USS Constellation heads for Persian Gulf

Navy may leapfrog to newer carrier design

All aboard the new carrier Ronald Reagan

Japan may send destroyer, surveillance planes to Iraq

Pentagon agrees to Navy's new generation of carriers

Albania submarine  museum

Contents of Hunley museum could be an issue

United States Sending Another Carrier to Gulf

USS Constitution Closing to Public

Springfield teaches/learns during COMPTUEX

Northrop Plans To Sell German Subs To Taiwan-Handelsblatt

U.S. Kidd-class destroyers a hard sell in Taiwan

New Evidence Shows U.S. Almost Triggered Nuclear War

Navy Tests High Tech Stealth Boat

U.S. submarine force is probably already in place in Gulf region

Shipyard gets new submarine work

Soviet-era sub in Providence popular with U.S. sailors



Russia says its rusting fleet could poison Arctic

Canada has led naval search for al-Qaeda

China Ends 1st World Military Cruise

Chinese patrol aircraft harass USS Bowditch

Aussie Govt. to replace submarine combat systems with US gear

Carrier Washington observes anniversary, ready for war

U.S. Fifth Fleet on highest alert

Sonalysts to help design theme-park ship trainer

Russians blow up Kursk remnants

Japan raises mystery 'spy ship'

V-J Day Commemorated on Battleship Missouri

Harrison Ford defends sub drama

U.S. inspects Russian nuclear fleet

1941 Japanese sub found at Pearl Harbor

Nuclear submarine emergency in floating dock during decommissioning

Navy SEALs go ashore in new mini-submarine

Pakistan launches Agosta submarine

Putin presides at ceremony supporting Russia's Pacific Fleet

U.S. subs ride video game wave

AUGUST  2002

U.S. Navy Tests a Norwegian-Built Stealth Boat

Pakistan's second submarine built with French assistance

Royal Navy search for 'hijacked ship'

Canadian Chef becomes honorary submariner on USS Columbia

Interactive Great Battles: The Battle of the Nile

Navy's only diesel submarine came within 75 seconds of sinking

Israel to help U.S. build Taiwan's subs

Raising the Monitor

Tugs to drag damaged British warship back to Australia for repairs

HMS Death Star? Almost certainly not

Israel to help U.S. build Taiwan's subs

Cause of Kursk Tragedy Is Confirmed

K-19 sailors attack 'inaccurate' film

Secrecy Surrounds V.P. Cheney's Submarine Trip

U.S. Offers Taiwan Israeli Submarines

JULY  2002

Russian Experts Pan 'K-19' Movie

Britain Acts to Protect Warship That Once Humbled Royal Navy

First Lady Authenticates Keel of Submarine Texas

Russia Says Rockets Removed from Kursk Bow

USS John F. Kennedy Battle Group Relieved of Watch, USS George Washington Takes Over

Spain Sends War Vessels to Enclaves

Navy divers rescue Monitor turret

Shipyard prepares for USS Texas sub's  keel laying

Keel Laying Ceremony To Be Held For Texas (SSN 775)

Navy Says Boat Wreckage Likely Kennedy's PT-109

Battle to save stricken warship

Navy divers finally descend on Monitor

China, Taiwan Building Sub Fleets in Race

Submarine took inland route to west coast

Royal Navy’s new subs will be based at the Clyde


JUNE   2002

Russia scraps Typhoons

Pakistan's submarine program is continuing with French help

Book discloses harrowing hunt for Soviet subs

USS Monitor Recovery Project to Begin This Month

Northrop to Build 12 Navy Ships

Missile Worries Focus Israel on Navy

Torpedo Sank Kursk, Not Mystery Vessel, Russia Says

Part of Kursk's Bow Lifted From Sea

Israel Has Sub-Based Atomic Arms Capability

Submarine deals drive naval arms race in Asia

Submarines no longer the Silent Service

50 Years Ago, A New Era Took To The Sea

India moves warships away from Pakistan

Gold Watch Recovered From Civil War Submarine

German navy frigates visit eastern China port

Malaysia to purchase three French-made submarines

Northrop to Take Stake in Submarine Maker

Battle of Midway: Veterans mark 60th anniversary

Search for Kennedy's patrol boat looks 'promising'

Sub rescuers briefly gripped by danger oceans away

Frigate escorts American experimental ship

USS Dolphin Back At Point Loma

Russia navy plans to blow up the mangled bow of Kursk

U.S. submarine skipper disciplined, not removed for sub's 3rd incident


MAY  2002

Fleetweek 2002 kicks off with Parade of Ships

Navy's Fleet Week under tight security

Fleet Week Begins In New York

Operation to retrieve fragments from Kursk submarine delayed by weather

Indian Warships Sail Toward Pakistan

Navy Research Sub Catches Fire; Crew Rescued

Indian, French navies to hold joint exercise

A restored Nautilus opens at Sub Museum

USS Stark Victims Remembered 15 Years After Attack

Iran's missile boats

Authors signing Submarine books

Navy Ship Takes Early Dive

Taiwanese lawmakers urge military to pass on four used US destroyers

Chinese navy's first global voyage

Brothel story outrages Navy wives

New carrier won't be as advanced as once planned

Mighty Mo live on the Internet

Canada upset over leaky subs

'Remember the USS Cole' License Plate Realized

Virginia subs may get boost

Georgia Worries Over Submarine Departure

HMS Tireless, makes unexpected return to home port

Navy calls for speedy development of littoral catamarans

War stress wears out prostitutes

Russians to formally withdraw from naval base to Vietnam

Japan begins inspecting suspected North Korean spy ship

U.S. approves sale of Aegis anti-aircraft system to Japan

Submarine Warfare Head Outlines Priorities

Navy to sign Taiwan-Kidd deal

APRIL  2002

Submarines have long history of
adapting to new challenges

Ship Ahoy in Tampa Bay

Navy's aging air force needs aid, admiral says

5 ships have overcome Mideast battle scars to rejoin active duty

At last, the homecoming missed by 17 Cole sailors

Wreckage of Kursk begins journey to dismantling plant

Canada Might Ask Britain to Pay to Fix Dented Sub

USS Cavalla Reunion in Galveston, TX

China Lifts Latest U.S. Warship Ban

Electric Boat may buy a stake in Australian Submarine Corp

U.S. plans meetings with Taiwan on submarine design

Kursk disaster prompts Navy to develop new emergency communications system

Malaysia "agrees to buy French submarines"

Yemen, U.S. reach agreement on U.S. warships refueling in Aden

Navy to reduce number of aircraft carriers in Arabian Sea to one

Vivid memories of danger at sea

39 years later, warnings about ill-fated USS Thresher persist

U.S. Agrees to Pay for Japanese Boat Sunk by Sub

Thumbs up for Aussie submarine

The 20th anniversary of the Falklands War

The Argentine military's lost cause

WTC flag flown by Navy ships raised in New York

Report says Pentagon wants to buy subs

KL to acquire submarine capability similar to S'pore

Ships of the TR battle group

Trawler catches torpedo warhead

Secret Navy program was not a failure

Bath Iron Works, partners announce plan to build new, smaller warship


MARCH  2002

'Mystery ship' better left sunk?

Vietnam Says Handover of Russian Base Underway

Northrop touts partly U.S.-built submarines for Taiwan

Lloyd's List will refer to all vessels as "it"

N. Korea gunboat shipment helps Iran expand military

Some on Kursk Likely Survived Days

Officer at sub base training to become Islamic chaplain

Officer at sub base training to become Islamic chaplain

Veterans hope to save a bit of sub history

US prepares arms deal with Seoul

114 Kursk Submariners Identified

Japanese Warships to Visit China

U.S. Navy mulls robot submarines

Threat From Below

Navy report shows polar cap is shrinking fast

Navy may speed up purchase of new subs

Leak cuts short new sub's sea trial

Submariner Trades the Deep Blue Sea For the "Wild Blue Yonder"

Navy Takes Delivery of Destroyer McCampbell

Plan to raise Kursk bow unveiled

Trafalgar home from Middle East

Courageous moved to new dry dock for public display

SSGN moving forward fast

China takes delivery of aircraft carrier
Russia couldn't afford

TR ends record run at sea

Navy Almost Ran Out of Bombs

New destroyers named

UK Submarine memorial unveiled

Russia to Retire Volatile Torpedo Model
Used on Kursk


Navy to unveil mothballed nuclear sub

SSGN - A Transformational Force

Nothing hit Kursk, Russians concede

Model secrets are revealed

Carrier Kennedy moves out to relieve Roosevelt

The First Soviet Giants

Officials: Navy doesn't need two subs a year

Roosevelt could be home for Easter

Navy moves to develop a novel type of warship

Memorial Honors Sub Collision Dead

No Connecticut Yankee on Sub

Canada Seizes Tanker in Arabian Sea

Kursk Investigators Give Up Hope

Secret nuclear base plan revealed

India, Russia to talk N-sub lease

Three battle-hardened carriers

Chinese sub test

India's Advanced Technology Vessel

Huge defense budget has everything but more shipbuilding

India's PROJECT 75

U.S. Warship, Submarine Greeneville Collide Off Oman




Analysis: Kursk cover-up

Navy ship-launched missile hits mark

Sea patrols stop hundreds of ships

British and Spanish navy spar in Gibraltar stand-off

Northrop to bid on subs for Taiwan

Budget woes started spiral for carrier Kennedy

Polmar updates book on Thresher

Nautilus Steams 'Home' With Some Help

Roosevelt return may be delayed by Kennedy

Four-and-a-half acres of sovereign U.S. territory

Secret documents pulled from Kursk

China buys two more Project 956EM ships


Canadian Navy VICTORIA Class Submarine Trainers to relocate

Navy chief: U.S. needs bigger fleet

Swastikas Invade Video Combat Games

U.S. carrier puts crew through drill for chemical attack at sea

U.S. sailors take out the garbage

CNO to boost buying of ships

Commandos Raid Ship

Veteran Subculture

Versatility and Victory: rN sUBS

German navy ships set off to patrol Horn of Africa

Japanese warship returns home from war

Pakistan to put nukes on subs

Terror plot on US carrier foiled


Airman who fell off Roosevelt recalls rescue

Artifact from ill-fated Thresher surfaces in Pennsylvania attic

Boat sinks after gunbattle with Japanese coast guard

Russia launches production of first newly designed warship in 10 years

RN submarines are to get new, advanced reactor core

Nuclear Waste Vessel, Russian Sub Collide

Navy Sonar Likely Killed Whales

stealth submarines" that have no propellers"

new jet-powered ship aims to cross  Atlantic in just three days

Federal lawsuit entangles final Seawolf sub

$2 billion more for the fourth Virginia-class attack submarine


UK Nuclear submarine could open to the public

Submarine bomb hero dies

Women still kept off subs

Joint Indo-US naval exercises to begin on Dec 15

Excavation of Hunley Complete

In shadow of new war, survivors mark 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Ship Returns From Afghanistan


Putin unveils sub after Kursk purge

Commander says carriers' success leaves no doubt about value

Post holiday wishes to Theodore Roosevelt battle group

Brother, sister on Roosevelt keep eye on each other

US Commander Urges Nations on Terror

Submarine refit dock officially opened

When The Going Was Rough ...


Iraq Accuses U.S. Navy of Sinking Ship in Gulf

French carrier to aid terror war

Seven firms interested in building Taiwan subs

PLA navy vessel concludes visit to Vietnam

China protests against U.S. submarine sales to Taiwan

U.S. fleet blocks bin Ladens escape route


Japanese end search for last Ehime Maru victim

Submarine Providence back from war

Salvaged Russia Sub to Be Scrapped

Navy veteran and rap star MC Hammer visits area base

Soviet Submarine Aground in 1981 Was Lost

Unidentified remains of Kursk sailors to be buried in common grave

USS Stennis will provide relief to USS Carl Vinson

Enterprise air wing returns; ship follows

Japan to dispatch warships to assist in U.S.-led war

Russian nuclear sub's sinking remains a mystery

Government likely to have EB overhaul older Trident subs

Navy will base new carrier Reagan in San Diego

Denmark’s most modern submarine

U.S. Makes Amends to Japan for Sinking of Ship

USS Roosevelt launches another round of strikes

Risks From Disused Russian Subs

Japan firms may assist Aegis production-source

Kursk Probe Stalled Over Explosives

U.S. mulls building submarines for Taiwan

Attack Submarines: Spies Of The Deep

Engineless aircraft carrier breaks lose from tugboat, drifts in Aegean

Crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt takes break

U.S. Navy to Build Family of New Warships

Navy chief visits the USS Theodore Roosevelt


Kursk was flooded in 8 hours

Doomed Crewman's Note Found in Bottle Aboard Kursk

Japan military support bill approved

U.S. Navy Plans To Go Forward With Next Generation Destroyer

In pictures: Kursk on the surface

Indonesian warships hunt for boat hijackers

German warship LUTJENS (D185) honors USA

Russian Investigators Search Kursk

Kursk yields 12 'heroes'

Typhoon conversion sub for metal transport in Arctic

Carriers Roosevelt, Enterprise rendezvous in Arabian Sea

Russian Investigators Search Kursk

Carriers Roosevelt, Enterprise rendezvous in Arabian Sea

Kursk investigators examine sub

Kin of Japanese to Visit Ship Site

Kursk investigators prepare to board sub

Australian warship sails for gulf

Navy Pays Respect in Recovery Effort

USS Howard DDG-83 commissioned

Collins class submarine refits for ASC

Russia  test-fired two ICBM  missiles from submarine

Hush surrounds role of submarines in attack

Canadian navy force departs for Middle East

UK seeks to replenish its Tomahawk cruise missiles

Mangled compartment of Russian sub to be raised next summer

Raising the Monitor

UK seeks to replenish its Tomahawk cruise missiles

USS Kitty Hawk fully loaded for combat

Mangled compartment of Russian sub to be raised next summer

Raising the Monitor

Three destroyers depart Norfolk

Taiwan to take delivery of U.S. subs from 2010

Two more bodies discovered in sunken  Japanese fishing vessel

The Kursk will be on the surface after docking operation

City Readies To Receive Kursk Crew

Victims' names ring out at Cole memorial dedication

Warriors on land and sea

Navy deployments longer than 6 months likely

Cole memorial dedicated

sunken Japanese vessel continues underwater journey



Kursk bow sawn off

Cole seaworthy again

Navy carriers sent to patrol off New York, D.C.

UK evaluates torpedo defence bids

Putin briefed on Kursk salvage

Israel to sell used submarines to Thailand

US, Australia agree to cooperate on submarines


Taiwan Corrects Anti-Ship Missile, But Brass Loses Confidence

U-boat wreckage found in Gulf of Mexico

Russians Test Super-Quiet Sub

Russia Modernizing Indian Subs

Harpoon Block II missile tested by US Navy

USN AQS-22 dipping sonar trials successful

Navy midget sub settles into new home at Nautilus museum

French Nuke Sub Blocked from Port

‘Pearl Harbor’ movie premiere to be on USS Stennis

Singapore, Indian navies in anti-submarine drill

Putin to Detail Kursk Salvage Plans

US carrier docks in Singapore for the first time

Hunley Remains Discovered

Civilian Guests on Greeneville Tell Their Stories

Broken UK sub may leave Gibraltar in May

Court of Inquiry Report Submitted on USS Greeneville

ROYAL Navy nukes back in service

ROYAL Mail pays tribute to RN Submarine Service

Brit Subs Clear of Tireless Defect

No Top Guns Need Apply


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