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Raven Morpheus
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Default Getting U-Boats to be more, German...

Hey all

I'm kind of swapping between versions of Silent Hunter at the moment, having got a bit fed up with SH 5 crashing on me, going between 3 and 5, trying to get them all set up nicely, to how I like to play, and whilst I think I have my US stuff how I'd like it I'd like to make the U-Boats in SH IV more German.

To me they seem to still be American, basically it feels as though Ubisoft took the main US content and stuck a U-Boat shell around it without removing some of the US content (like the voices). The same I guess could be said of SH III as the voices are American, at times it feels like I'm actually playing U-571 rather than Das Boot...

I guess one problem is that I can read a little German, but not much and I don't speak German fluently, I only know a few select words, so ideally text has to be in English and voices have to be English also, but I'd be more than happy with voices similar to SH 5 German accented English voices (if such a mod exists). Ambient/background voices in German are no problem though.

I've got Operation Monsun installed.
I've also installed OMEGU - although I've had to make a second install of SH IV because OMEGU is not compatible with the OTC mod I have installed for my US Subs, so it seems I can't use it and play both German and US subs in the same game install. I've also had to remove the speech files as they're in German and I have no idea what my crew are saying to me...

What other mods can I install to de-USify the U-Boats in SH IV?

Also Is there a mod for Operation Monsun, like OTC, which adds the ship lengths to the recognition manual? EDIT - nevermind, I had OTC installed and that caused the RM to not show the lengths for ships on the U-Boats. I uninstalled it and OM actually does have the lengths displayed in the RM.

And, also, I noticed that once I installed Operation Monsun the map contacts when you zoom in on them on the map, rather than showing me a boat shape just show a dot. As I'm not Otto Kretschmer I don't find that at all helpful, it makes lining myself up on a ship very difficult (for me), and I'd like to change that back to the default way of showing map contacts - please could someone point me to the files which would need to be changed to do that - just need the filenames, assuming it's all dds controlled, I am capable enough to do the rest? Or is there a mod already which does this?

EDIT - I've found the files that change the map ship icons myself, although obviously I need to make new files for the ships added by Operation Monsun, the others I have deleted and that's returned the ship icons to normal, rather than a dot...

Thanks in advance.

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Grey Wolf
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Install U boat dynamics mod
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Sailor Steve
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One option for German voices is the Das Boot Sound Mod:
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