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Alfred Keitzer
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gear Doenitz Elite Flotilla - {S3T} - SH3 Transformer


This program was developed to support U-Boat Campaign Websites and |DEF| to allow flexibility in how Silent Hunter III, and MODs thereto, operate. SH3 Transformer provides four parameter modification functions and a host of U-Boat crew transfer functions not supported in the standard Silent Hunter III game.

This program REQUIRES that you also have "SH3 Commander" installed.

Parameter Modifications
If you have multiple versions of Silent Hunter III installed on your computer, the parameter modifications will be performed only on the version of SH3 and SH3 Commander whose root path is specified in "SilentHunterIII Home Directory" and "SH3 Commander Home Directory". When you select a parameter modification function, it will make the modification to the current setup; to all MODs; and to all MOD backups in these directory paths.

Increase Starting Renown to 25,000. For those players that do not care about the in-game awards system but want enough renown to acquire whatever equipment they want, whenever they want, this function will increase the starting renown of new captains to 25,000. Not important at the start of the war; but later, having enough renown is very important. For instance, a Type XXI U-Boat will cost you 20,000 renown and some torpedoes as much as 500 renown. Note this only affects the starting renown of a new captain; it does not affect existing captains.

Set Starting Renown Back to 1500. For those players who have used the function above, this function will reset captain starting renown back to 1500, which is the standard starting renown for a captain who has completed training.

Add Type XXI U-Boat to 33. U-Flottille. This function was to support players in the Mediterranean 29. U-Flottille and Black Sea U-Flottille when these U-Flotillen shut down in August 1944. It allows these players to transfer to the 33. U-Flottille in Flensburg, Germany, and take command of a Type XXI U-Boat. This function also changes the Type XXI initial “delay in port” from several months to 28 days.

Set August 1939 U-Boat Availability. This function goes through the "Flotilla.cfg" and "Basic.cfg" files and changes the start dates of the Flotillas and U-Boats originally scheduled for 9/1939 to 8/1939. Will also make the Type VIIB available at the U-Flottille and the IXB available at the 2.nd U-Flottille in August 1939. NOTE: This function has NOT been tested with the LSH3 super MOD, which requires captains to go through the training command before joining an operational Flotilla.

Captain Transfers
This section supports the following types of captain initiations and U-Boat transfers not supported in Silent Hunter III ...
-- New captain commissions a new U-Boat at a port in Germany and sails to his assigned U-Flotilla.
-- Existing captain wants to take command of a different U-Boat {type and/or number} at their existing U-Flottille with his current crew.
-- Existing captain and crew are sent back to Germany to pick up a new U-Boat and sail back to their existing U-Flottille.
-- Existing captain requests transfer and sails to his new U-Flotille using existing U-Boat and crew; instead of using the Silent Hunter III "transporter" method of transfer.

NOTE: Captain Transfers affect the "flotilla.cfg" of the current setup of Silent Hunter III as specified in "SilentHunterIII Home Directory". It does not touch existing MODs or Backups. However, if you have multiple captains running in your current version of Silent Hunter III, do not play these captains until you COMPLETE THE TRANSFER PATROL of the captain you specified; and then rollback the Captain Transfer modification using SH3 Transformer's "Reset My Flotilla Configuration File" at the completion of the transfer patrol. SH3 Transformer only allows one transfer at a time to avoid over-modification of the "flotille.cfg" file.

A typical Captain Transfer involves ...
-- Setup your trasfer in SH3 Transformer; selecting UPDATE will provide you with detailed instructions on how to proceed;
-- Run your transfer patrol (do not run other captains during the transfer process);
-- Yes, you can SAVE in Silent Hunter III during the transfer patrol;
-- When the transfer patrol is completed, enter SH3 Transformer and select "Reset My Flotille Configuration File".
You are now good to run all captains you have defined in your current version of Silent Hunter III.


Program including installer
Current Version: 1.0.19
MD5Sum of the installed EXE-file: d7fbec4a43daca569eb2de42dba64999

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