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Default few questions

I use the mods:


and have some questions;
Why do I see with my binoculars much earlier ships than my crew?
Why do I hear the ships much earlier than the sonarman?
when I ask for soundcontact he heard nothing.
After firing my last torpedo I sent a statusreport,after that I get the message"continue with your current objective ", with no torpedoes? (Type IIB with AA gun),second mission.

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See it as a way to force the player to actually "man the stations" himself from time to time. Kind of forced immersion that may give you an advantage.
Situation #1:
You patrol in a certain area on time compression and just await for the programm to trigger an detection event and automatically return to 1:1 time compression. You can go through hours and days of "game time" in minutes of real time and may find a target "to play with".
Situation #2:
You patrol in a certain area and you decide that every one hour "game time" you drop put of time compression and "man" the radar/hydrophone stations yourself and do a sweep or two just if there is anything out there with the knowledge that you might pick something ineresting your virtual radar/sonar man wouldn't report (actually if you have radar you should always have it on until it detects something).

The real question then is which of the two situations appeals to you as a simulator player.

I'm certain that people here with better knowledge of how the programm works may advise you about if you can change the way the game "auto"reports contacts.

The orders from BDU you can more or less ignore if you choose so.
- Oh God! They're all over the place! CRASH DIVE!!!
- Ehm... we can't honey. We're in the car right now.
- What?... er right... Doesn't matter! We'll give it a try anyway!
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Old 07-30-2016, 10:23 AM   #3
Rockin Robbins
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It's the way Lurker chose to set up his sensors. It's very difficult to have the AI detection and human detection be the same. When it is, it only works that way for a single set of circumstances. Change the weather or sea conditions and the relationship changes.

I think it's worse if the AI detects things before you can. I like the idea that if I go to the hydrophone station I might develop a contact that t he AI wouldn't. I like the idea that it might be worthwhile to go up on deck and take a binocular scan. Otherwise, why would you do it?
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I think you are right regarding the binocular scan,but the radar/sonar man must report first I think,he is trained for this.

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