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Actually it's an SP GS-3 Class 4-8-4. I'm building it for one of the best railway games ever, and if someone had original Drawings for Japanese locomotives and rolling stock, I'd build them for one of these silent hunter mods.
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Ahhh, the SP, the railroad my former employer should have made a bid on, instead of just the Gold Coast routes... good road.

It would be nice to have a "railway equipment" mod, with a couple of Japanese locomotives and some rolling stock of theirs, and something like an FRA 0-6-0 and US rolling stock for around a few of the US Naval Bases. You can see railroad stuff around the Eastern area of Pearl, and around a lot of the Mainland US bases. All we'd have to figure out is how to build the "railway" itself... There really aren't even "roads" in the game...

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Default modding sub ranges and/or fuel usage

I've been using silent 3editor to mod sim files for boats in sh3 with much success, but for some reason I don't have the expected results from modding sub ranges (surface and subsurface) in sh4.

anyone have a good idea how to properly mod a sub to reduce fuel consumption/battery consumption (thus increasing range)?

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