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Default (TWOS) Ideas for improvements keeping historical gameplay

Hi all,

Again i wanted to thanks Vecko and all others moders who are making this TWOS so beautiful and interesting
It is still the best ever VII types U-Boat experience around IMHO.

Maybe we could think about some ideas that could make it even better, according to historical datas first, but to improve gameplay also

So here are mine at first draft. Don’t know obviously if they are doable or not (due to game limitations) but here they are (excuse my English speaking)

1) Adding mine layer missions, according to historical dates.
When Dönitz got his first serious setback, he decided to send few subs to drop some mines. Those U-Boats were carrying mines instead of torpedoes.

2) Ability to use the binoculars when decks awash

3) Blur periscope view at underwater high speed to simulate periscope vibrations

4) A random damage for diesels if using for too long time flank speed

5) Adding real ships names to the destroyed marks for the ships sunk.
In RL, U-Boat captains had to either ask survivors in life boats for their ship’s name or closing the ship to read the name before he sunk...
Could be an idea to have to close a life boat to get the name!

6) Fix the destroyed marks bug

7) Ability to turn off hydro man reports, using the officer icon

8) Adding a « clear all map » button on nav map (of course deleting all we have drawn)

9) Inside sub light slightly less brighter, maybe as an add-on mod? (For the clear light only)

10) Adding a teleporting button to the command room!
Actually, if teleporting somewhere inside sub, only choice is radio/hydro room...

11) Ability to raise/down flag by hot key or icon

12) Change some ships behavior in convoys, to avoid the « ship on rail » behavior.
In real, they tried to match the leader speed/heading, but it was not that easy, and some noticeable differences happened to the point some ships were lost alone (furthermore in bad seas/weather)
Little speed/heading differences could make it harder for the player to get 100% hits...
Maybe just making some ships zig zagging inside convoy could do the trick.
(On side note about this, i was amazed how HanSolo recreated this behavior in SH3 WAC5 convoys )

13) Fix the ships wake we can see through waves, and sometime on the horizon before seeing the ship itself.

14) in the briefing map, the little cross to exit the screen is hiden by the plastic overlay reflection. Would be nice to fix this.

What do you all think?

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