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Old 01-12-2014, 09:20 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by August View Post
Not likely to happen either i'm afraid. Revolutions require secrecy to get going and flourish. That will just not be possible in the glare of constant surveillance.

A revolution that remains secret will never last all successful revolutions worked out because they gained popular support of the people.Without popular support a revolution is nothing.Remaining hidden would deny a revolution its most vital asset.

Many revolutions have occurred to say that none will ever happen again in the future simply because of surveillance I disagree with.In the past strict control has caused revolutions and it will do so in the future.

When they read about this time they will probably wonder why we waited so long to rise up.
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Old 01-13-2014, 04:22 AM   #17
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Originally Posted by August View Post
Orwell was wrong. No pig will ever be in charge of anything as long as bacon remains so tasty.

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
Oh my God, not again!!

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Old 01-13-2014, 10:37 AM   #18
Gefallen Engel U-666
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Originally Posted by Tchocky View Post
Yeah I saw a few pigs chatting to each other the other day. Didn't think much of it but I suppose Orwell was right on the money there.
Originally Posted by August View Post
Orwell was wrong. No pig will ever be in charge of anything as long as bacon remains so tasty.
ANIMAL FARM: A Fairy Story- George "Donkey" Orwell 1945.... "All animals are equal but some animals(pigs) are more equal than others"- Napoleon( A Berkshire Pig) ..."life will go on as it always has gone on---badly" Benjamin, a wise donkey As with the seven animal commandments of the anti-communist novel: political dogma, reduced to malleable propaganda...
"Only two things are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity; And I'm not too sure about the Universe..." Philip K. Dick
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Old 01-13-2014, 02:45 PM   #19
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I wonder what Subsim will look like in 200 years from now...

You see my dog don't like people laughing. He gets the crazy idea you're laughing at him. Now if you apologize like I know you're going to, I might convince him that you really didn't mean it.
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Old 01-13-2014, 03:45 PM   #20
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Historians will call it the beginning of the end.

Tomorrow never comes
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Old 01-13-2014, 04:31 PM   #21
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It was a tough one i admit that.

No one will know.

In the danish version, people wrote, from their political standpoint, what they thought a historian would write about Denmark 200 years from now.

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Old 01-13-2014, 10:26 PM   #22
Lucky Jack
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Depends which way we slide really. If we're able to fix some of the problems we face, then we'll probably look on this era in a manner in which we look upon the Victorians. People will laugh at the fears of homosexuality, be confused at how big an issue it was, ponder just how people got on without a certain gadget that makes life really easy that exists in the future but doesn't now, and shake their heads at the consumption of non-renewable resources.

On the other hand, and sadly the more likely option, is that people will look at this as the last time of plenty, when fuel was still cheap enough for most people to buy, when there was a choice in food supplies, when the poor could still walk through the streets of the rich if they so wanted, when people had enough free time that they were able to ponder these questions instead of having to work constantly to provide food for their family. They may wish desperately for the current political system, having overthrown it and unwittingly sleepwalked into a military dictatorship.
They may compare it, those who have the knowledge to, to the last hurrahs of Rome before its decline and destruction.

Either way they will likely wonder why we cared so little for them.
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Old 01-13-2014, 10:46 PM   #23
Ugly American
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If we don't get our population explosion under control 200 years from now will probably more closely resemble the dark ages than anything else.

7 billion and climbing.
"The Best Things In Life,... Aren't Things!"
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Old 01-13-2014, 10:58 PM   #24
Lucky Jack
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It depends, there is talk of 'Peak Child' and that the fast population growth that we are experiencing at the moment is starting to come to an end. Certainly in comparison to fifty years ago, the average number of children per family in the world has halved from 5 to 2.5 and fertility is trending downwards.

Hans Rosling does some good talks on the subject, worth a look at, not so long ago he did a piece for the BBCs website:

So it's not all bad news, but it's what we do with it that could make bad news.
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Old 01-14-2014, 01:15 AM   #25
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i believe, globally anyway, these times will be remembered for :
Terrorism. sure terrorism has being around for awhile under diffrent names etc. but i think 9/11 really redefined it. It was a game changer.

Also, these times will be remembered for digital technology. While not the birth of digital tech. it surely is "post pubesecent", where the understanding and use of it has/is growing exponentially. Remember that cell phone you had 10 years ago?

But like steve said, its all just speculaton really,
whats important now, maybe not so later on...

" An intellectual vacuum so strong that sometime I fear she will soak up the solar system like a black hole. " Skybird
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Old 01-14-2014, 06:35 AM   #26
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Originally Posted by mapuc View Post
How will historian see USA today in 200 years from now?
Its really hard to say whether or not USA Today will still be a news source in 200 years
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Old 01-14-2014, 12:50 PM   #27
Hinrich Schwab
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As a historian, I can state with complete confidence that all conjecture is irrelevant. When one looks at the United States 200 years ago, there was no indication at all that the nation would become as powerful as it is today. 200 years ago, the United States was still in the middle of the extremely foolish War of 1812, which it would have most assuredly lost had it not been for the fact that Britain was distracted with Napoleon.

I also disagree vehemently with Sailor Steve's allegation that all historians are propagandists and liars. Unfortunately, his argument is not without some merit due to previous definitions of history throughout the ages. Likewise, with negative revisionists twisting things for their own personal and political benefit, American liberal academia warping things to their own bizarre form of social engineering and the British school of Historiography bringing the Whigs vs Tories argument into everything, it is very easy to mistake history as being all lies all the time. I have been fighting very hard over the past decade to try and establish a new objectivism to the subject to dispel the hostility towards history. It is very difficult to make progress when the general public hates your guts on principle while fighting the legitimately biased sources. If anyone wants to see a blatant example of bias, read the works of James Stokesbury. However, such bad apples are not indicative of the whole of historical academia.

All of the other posts I am seeing are simply expressions of fears over the current crises of our age. The loss of privacy, overpopulation and growing concerns of government oppression are obviously dominant. However, the same thing occurred during the 1950's during the McCarthy era and the infamous Red Scare. America survived it. I am concerned, but not worried.

The only thing that I can suppose is that the United States will still be around in 200 years. Any other suppositions would be pure fantasy.
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Old 01-14-2014, 03:22 PM   #28
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Originally Posted by Hinrich Schwab View Post
[...] I also disagree vehemently with Sailor Steve's allegation that all historians are propagandists and liars.
Maybe not the historians, but the people who wrote their stuff down and called it history. The 'history' and reasons for WW1, as it is still taught in school still is, basically, a lie.
But don't sweat it, i bet the archives will not be opened and all history will remain the same as it was.
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Old 01-14-2014, 04:10 PM   #29
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I won't conjecture what history books will say about the US in the future, but I will conjecture that these are historic times in which we live. It's my belief that we are at the precipice of major precipice events that have yet to transpire. I will further conjecture that these series of events, within the era of study in future history books, will probably start with Sept 11, 2001.
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Old 01-17-2014, 06:48 PM   #30
Mr Quatro
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Two hundred (200) years from now?

There will still be 800 years left, give or take a few years, of peace subtracted from the promised 1,000 years of peace in the Book of Revelations.

I suspect any historian of the USA would say, "Blame it on the Jews"

Just kidding ... well lets look back at what the USA and the world for that matter had for tools.

The year is 1814, right?

War between the states had not occurred yet
Slaves were in vogue
Horses and wagons were still being used to go west
Trains were the main transportation of goods and people
Sailing ships had to go around the Horn
No automobiles or trucks were available yet
People were farmers

March 27th
Battle at Horseshoe Bend: General Andrew Jackson defeats the Red Sticks, part of the Creek Indian tribe near Dadeville, Alabama

May 5th
British attack Ft Ontario, Oswego, NY

May 11th
Americans defeat British at Battle of Plattsburgh

July 3rd
Americans capture Fort Erie Canada

July 5th
Americans defeat British & Canadians at Chippewa, Ontario

July 18th
British capture Prairie du Chien (Wisc)

Battle of Niagara Falls (Lundy's Lane); Americans defeat British

July 25th
George Stephenson introduced the 1st steam locomotive (according to this USA didn't have trains yet)

September 11th
Battle of Lake Champlain, NY; American Navy defeats British

September 12th
Battle of North Point fought near Baltimore during War of 1812

September 14th
Francis Scott Key inspired to write "Star-Spangled Banner"

December 24th
Treaty of Ghent (end of US-Britain War of 1812) signed

December 27th
Destruction of schooner Carolina, the last of Commodore Daniel Patterson's make-shift fleet that fought a series of delaying actions that contributed to Andrew Jackson's victory at the Battle of New Orleans.


I think two hundred (200) years from now the USA will have learned how to vote by then and we will have a better society of politicians that are really for the people.

ACA will have saved many lives and people born in 2114 will still be alive in 2214 on life support of course lol

The food chain will have to improve or selective breeding will have already occurred.

The president will be Hispanic and the vice president will be oriental with 100 billion/trillion owed on the national debt to China or we could have a war over what we owe with the results of no more nuclear weapons being allowed in any country of the world with the new ISS safe guarding the USA from any quick launch by zapping the offending party with the new death ray that is only allowed to be in outer space.

Mars will have been colonized with children that have never even seen earth yet and may never see earth.

Bottom line: I like to think positive and that the good ole USA will be a better place ... remember it's up to your children's, children, children, to vote properly in a free society in order for their children to benefit from a better world.
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