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Originally Posted by Sub Sailor
Hey thank you very much. My next question how can I tell if the mission(S) are for my setup,-SH4 patched to 1.4 and using the TMO modification? I am unclear about the numbering system used. I believe that 1.5 is U-Boat mod but not sure how mine is labeled. I have no interest in installing the U-Boat mod at this time but believe it's great for those who enjoy U-Boats. There is or should be room on this site for everyone.
About the comments, I first started on this site in the 90s, but a computer problem required me to set-up a new account, so I show membership since 2002. In the last couple of years I have seen the level of rudeness and derogatory comments increase. When I started people were glad to help and it was a joy to be on the site. I was able to help people with 688i and SC and it was fun. Now if you still run SC you are dumb, you must run DW-WHY, I thought we were allowed free choice. Beats the hell out of me.

Thank you again,

Ron Banks MMCM(SS), USN(Ret)
About the only way to tell, is to actually try them. This forum has not been kept up to date. There haven't been very many missions added, most of the 'action' is in the MODs. So the ones listed in the "List of Missions" are probably old enough to work with 1.4. I have found I tried to load some SH4 1.4 missions into my 'mission editor' and they crash. So they changed something in the mission editor when they did the U-boat add-on. I bought the add on but I have not even used the U-boat part of it. I was told it did add stuff to the Allied side of the game. I thing the biggest thing it added is that anything 1.4 won't work..
So the way the game is going now, it's getting to the point if you want to use most MODs you eventually will have to upgrade to the Add-on even if you don't use the U-Boat part of it.

As for the TMO question, I haven't used TMO so I don't know what it changes in the game, so I really can't answer that question.

And yes, some people have become rude. But most are ok. It's just the Add-on kind of split the community. That is starting to ease up a bit, so it isn't as bad as it was. I notice a lot of people that give help don't even get a simple 'Thank you'. And there seem to be a lot coming from SH3 that complain things don't work like they did in SH3.


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Here is a Link to Help You All,
Its the First Of Many Meets,
Discuss Missions,Map Making,
Solve Issue Problems in the Game,
Check out this Announcement,
Happy Hunting
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Originally Posted by Hazelwood View Post
Hi Gizzmoe,

I would be pleased to submit a few of my missions. My preference is to make these available as downloads on one of my web sites. That way I can provide a nice description on an introductory page and some images, etc. so other captains can decide if the thing is even worth trying. Would it fit in with your plans simply to list the link? Also, it can be a rar or zip or ace compression, ect. We're not picky on that!

So far I have only one mission for SHIV but I wrote many for SHIII (The "Krokodil" series, especially, when I sailed as Kapitan Ranziger Hinterbacken in the Pacific on behalf of a clandestine enterprise to assist Japan).

best wishes,
Cpt. J. Hazelwood
Note to all, you can use the author submit at
To send in your mission or patrol, add screenshots and description. Once it's approved, you then have a permenent link or like to your usename file list. The only requirements for missions/patrols is that a readme in the misison folder (or in the missions ingame description) be added that says who made it and what exactly it is for. (1.4, 1.5, TMO v??, Jap campaign v?? ect).
__________________ accept all types of Silent hunter mods, utility and tutorial items too.

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Default WDAD


I put together these 4 missions with the idea of writing a med campaign to follow, but JapLance beat me to it and produced an excellent Med campaign that works well within WDAD, written by Lurker.

These 4 missions will need WDADv100 and the patch to work.

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